Invasive Species

by Firepower

The real question one should beg to ask is: Why aren’t the liberal scum pimping still more colored/Migger interbreeding.

Miggers live in closer proximity to coloreds than whites. They actually “identify” with whites more than coloreds, which is why they kill far more coloreds than whites.

Whenever Miggers migrate to Murka, then inevitably move into colored areas and…kill the Christfuck out of blacks; they eradicate them so fiercely they are now the only known antidote to black mold, which is the real reason why the Ballwasher Media censors this real race war. I’ve written a few articles on this activity.

The LN is smart. They understand they cannot keep control with (and over) an entirely colored rabble. They seek to spickify it with…..….. Migger seeds so it also interbreeds with both white and black. This creates an indistinguishable miggerized brown Brazilified mass prone to subjugation. They stay on the wrong side of Beachfront Avenue and keep stoned in their favélas and The Elite party sumptuously in their oceanfront penthouses. This mix finally eradicates any remnants of White SO76. This also negates the Slavery Card if each new generation of Wicaninnies is increasingly halfrican-mexican. It also eliminates the racism Mexi-Miggers inherently feel toward coloreds. Ever see a nigger in Mehicco? Thought not…

The LN requires coloreds to eradicate whites and control them like a shepherd dog and then, requires Miggers in turn to keep colored populations down and control them as a “new” sheepdog.

It’s like introducing a non-native invasive species that causes vast problems, so The Leaders then introduce predators to control the pest. Australia did this with Cane Toads. Pacific islands infested with non-native rats from cargo ships then introduced poisonous snakes to eat the rats – then those snakes also became a pest invader with neither problem solved.

The Ocean of Blood
It IS intentional. they want YOU browned:How Illegals Will KILL You:
White vs Colored vs Migger vs White

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  1. Yes, cucaracha beaners, curry dots and rice gookers hate the black mold with a passion, and vice versa. Don’t forget that Mohammedans don’t consider a blackie as a true brother.

  2. Yeah – third time lucky -eh?

  3. Good article. Almost like a summary of what you’ve been doing.

    • Thanks.
      The LN is not stupid, it is greedy and evil; a big difference the average schmoe fails to get.

      The LN/FFOL don’t want too much Spickificaton for Murka.
      They want a generalized, brown mass of dumb cattle stripped of loyalties to both Africa and Mexico – a combined blend of dumbasses who don’t even think about Cinco de Mayo, slavery grievances – and especially July 4th. The LN wants these slobs’ loyalty to Feudal Manhattan – and all other future Murkan Feudal Capitals.

      • This article might be of interest to you.

        It’s about Roosh V, and the writer is tell us that White men have become “Miggas”.

        Do you believe wheaties have descended into greedy/petty materialists, like the lower races, namely, Jews, Gookers, Dots, and Nigs? Notice colleges are infested with these groups, especially when it comes to business schools.

      • Race surely matters to Rooshy – when it comes to what race of girl he wants to fuck. White only.

        Roosh knows all about race. He knows most of his readers are white, and all the girls he wants are white. He just doesn’t want WN to get in the way of his penis.

      • Race surely matters to Rooshy

        I second that. Rooshi is all about teh rayce.
        Why else would his persh dad move here to stupid USA instead of Turkey, Pakistan or any other Muzz nation. That laconic turd never fucks negro bitches – and DC is loaded with them.

        That faggot never “does pick-up” in a black hood 5 miles away, but travels 5000 miles away to land white tail.

        Roosh is a goddamned hypocrite. He condemns WNs for supporting Whites, but will never condemn his colored pets’ respective race activist groups.

        He’s just lucky his readership are stupid, propagandized self-hating GENBrandons led around by their boners.

      • What do you make in Injuns as a mino group, FP?

        One doesn’t hear anything from them anymore. I hear the women want to get out of da rez and marry up. The boys want to either get a good job in the big city, or live on welfare.

      • What do you make in Injuns as a mino group, FP?

        Injuns were the second “magic native” phase of a series best illustrated by the Magic Negro cliche/meme popularized from the 70s to early 00s. The 70s were full of similar Injun Imagery in Propaganda Media, reaching its height in the insipid 90s. Natural Born Killers comes to mind.

        Earlier silly examples of this symbolic need for White Majesty to lie down with inferiors and get The REAL Lesson In REEEELY How TO LIVE! were the Magic Mick of the cinematic 30s & 40s where every filthy mick was the kind-hearted-loving wise Leprechaun who held the secret to Life.

        I’ve always been interested in Propaganda Tech, which is why I liked that idiot WN with the media site – the one who blew it. I wanted to tell him that this has the basis in Shakespeare all the way back to Greek Tragedy where the harbinger (the true meaning of “avatar”) was often a blind man, nutcase, beggar, jester or fool. In any way, it was often the lowest human on the social ladder “speaking truth” to power and kings.

        As each of these ridiculous, phony and self-debasing stereotypes were pushed by jewmedia, they fell under the pretentiousness of their own weight. For a shorter time, “The Children Shall LEAD Them!” stereotype was prevalent in 80s sitcoms and up to even a certain extent, today: That’s the one where the 8-year-old has more “wordly wisdom” than Stupid Dad.

        The Magic Redskin fell even swifter into extinction by the passage of time and the sudden not-so-in-tune-with-nature bullshit was revealed with their typical Murkan Greed for their newly emerging casino empires. Big Chief would fuck his tribe out of CashinoCASH and leave them on the Rez sucking Lysol and Cheyenne Champagne just like Evil Custer or some Eastern Railroad Tycoon.

        When the redskins got them a taste of Murkan Munny, they were as greedy as Fork-Tongued White DEVIL and it made it impossibly hard for jewmedia to keep up the lie, so they swiftly erased it, skulked away and hoped everybody forgot and stopped mocking them anymore over it.

        I remember.

      • Why were injuns inferior, FP? Whites had a technological advantage, and their population kept growing.

        I think that white pioneers and Indians were just about even, in terms of living off the land. They might have coexisted, if more whites didn’t keep streaming in.

        What happened to the Indian happened to us. If they had fought whites early, they’d have kept North America. They kept waiting and BSing themselves. By the 1880s it was too late. Probably for us, it is getting too late.

        Probably the last free white man will be paraded around, like Sitting Bull was taken to carnivals and junk. I can easily see the last band of white raiders being chased like Geronimo.

      • I also see the similarity between whites and MINOs today and how Indians let whites get a foothold.

        Indians had all the free resources they wanted; land, food, meat and time.
        They were only inferior in that they never advanced past the stone age. But, they didn’t have to. Whites owed their tech advances to their depleting nearly every natural resource – especially food. That is why they invented farming and ranching

        I respect the Indians for fighting the White advance – especially the Apache and Comanche; it was their duty to defend their home. Whites, since the 50s just retreat.

      • Speaking as an average schmoe – have you any proof of your assertions?

      • Speaking as an average schmoe – have

        Averagers do not read Eradica.
        They read ‘grecycled TDO bloggz, where the central issue is to Niggerspickike and vent their frustration with the past fifty years of MRKN decay. Fifty years. Fifty fucking years.

        This is because few – if any – have irl friends who support racism.
        Few even support opening their PC eyes.
        Thus, the frustrated and isolated discovered the internet provides relief.
        The FFOL learned it defuses anger. If there were an internet in 1776 there woulda been NO revolution.

        There has been too much of that, even here.

        Eradica explains MINOs in a new context bearing that in mind and takes the next steps as illustrated by the above enlightened examples.

        If you seek proof of the other – Feudal Manhattan Syndrome – I invite you to live as a guest in Detroit, LA or Ferguson and watch only the Jebbush/Hillary Presidential campaign.

      • Roosh V isn’t White, but a Migga Caucasoid from Iran and other nearby regions. He’s no different from the elder Kardashian, the Dan Blizzard face, and the other ethnics from that part of the world, who’ll fuck and chuck many wheatie women while hey can, befriends token blacks and make sure wheatie men, are put in their place, because that way, they will have unlimited access to white poon.

  4. Holy shit, did you see the video (YouTube link) where a white woman was attacked outside a Milwaukee gas station? The black guy stomps her head full force into the concrete ground!

    Wrong hood, bitch! the attacker screams as he stomps on her head, via stuffblackpeopledontlike.

    That’s a good video to keep around and show to anyone starting up with white guilt.

    btw. a good tool to save videos from YouTube and similar sites is the FreeRapid Downloader

    It can mass download and you can even set what quality stream to save, 420p mobile or 720p HD.

    Like Vox Day said, “So lock and load, ladies and gentlemen. Lock and fucking load.”.

  5. And this one, it was in the related videos: White woman beaten by savage Negro (home invasion) in front of her kid! I almost can’t believe my eyes.

    • Get over it. There are millions of vids like that, and millions of WN sites crying over it. Been the same for 15 years.

      We have the why. The how is missing. Do you support Joe Paul Franklin?

  6. The migger just doesn’t have a hate for the “gringo” that can’t ultimately be bought…. AND a deal stuck to. This is no can do for the nigger. His hate for whitey cannot be bought. That’s why niggers never waste time talking reparations. The nigger KNOWS he is a slave to sin and debauchery. The nigger REVELS in his extreme anti-social and anti-white nature. The nigger knows he lives by the nigger and dies by the nigger. The nigger KNOWS it’s separation or eradication as it relates to white man. The nigger is the most prolific serial killer in all of MRKA.

    • TD: Nigels are dependent, sociopathic, self annihilators. Period and Paragraph!

      • JS…

        “Blacks,” nigels and niggers.. Let us make distinctions so that none can act with invisibility. Let us make connections so that “we” may tie them together with a single thread. Let us pit them against each other so that “we” can see the dominate face. Let us call into question each one’s manhood and conception thereof so that the line between “black intellectual” and “savage nigger” does not exist AS IT RELATES to white Supremacy.

        FP understands that he is conducting mind war on a certain white male demographic who only responds to relentless critique, its whining protestations notwithstanding. I conduct mind war on the same demographic by shaping that enemy who facilitates their symbiotic self-annihilation.

        [ed note: nigels is silly. they’re black. nigger is deflationary venting. call them Coloreds; they hate it]

      • Editor…

        I disagree on “nigels,” but agree that the use of “coloreds” is welcomed especially if they hate it…

        On the word “nigel,” its use is ultimately meant to show that “we” may not identify “blacks” in any manner AT ALL and not suffer some consequence for its use. All labels that “we” attempt to use to identify those understood to be modern “blacks” are to be transformed into expressions of “our” “racism” EACH AND EVERY TIME.

        [on the contrary, “nigels” is a euphemism – and a too cute one – used at nutless sites where coloreds scare them and they over worry “about being sued” by colored ACLU members…there are TWO kinds of sites: one that uses “nigels” and “African-American” – and the other that never stfus with its niggerniggerniggerniggering…]

      • Editor…

        “nigel” is part euphemism, part literal and part slang.
        [sorry, ‘nigels’ is Grade D and… stupid – like some faggot British actor. i’d even prefer nigger, but that smacks of impotent venting when done online amidst preaching to the choir/gang. they are blacks. if you want to take the time to type out ‘african-americans’ fine. coloreds is A-]

        It is different than “coloreds” because there is no unspoken dogma that then informs one’s reaction upon hearing the label. “They” know how to “act” when the magic incantation of “nigger” and “colored” are invoked. “They” know that they are to play outrageously indignant. With “nigel,” not so much. BUT, they are FORCED the reveal a hidden face nonetheless BECAUSE all labels used to identify “blacks” are fundamentally oppressive and a tool of “white privilege.” The wS doesn’t aim to use words that the enemy doesn’t like so much as he use an array of labels to describe the enemy exactly in all his cloaks.

      • Lol…

        What “we” call *them* is only as important as the freedom we experience in speaking freely. So if one feels like being a little Sean Connery and refers to “blacks” as nigels, so be it.

        What “we” call *them* to make them act like Pavlonian dogs barking with vicious hatred is only as important as to the degree to which we are willing to muzzle, mute and perhaps put down that vicious dog.

        But, there are always new waters to be tested SO AS TO SHOW the fundamental face of the “black” anti-white Supremacist. “Dindu Nuffins” is such an example. It shows that the schism is unbridgeable. Separation or eradication are the only options.

        [dindu is a mocking term combining goofy African names with Murkan colored names and a play on the black mom community swearing the “innocence” of their 13 times convicted sons; it is a combination that is effective on several levels. whereas nigel is a watered-down, tentative lessening of nigger. that should be apparent to you but you bury it in needless, prolix complexity. you have the greatest knack for discussing issues a full 180 away from a topic]

      • Editor…

        I disagree… One aim of the human-like parasite is to be invisibly “in your face.” The phenomenon of dead and decisively damaged “white” liberals at the grimy claws of savage nigger IS STILL A PERPETUAL SHOCK to the “white” liberal collective. Nigger is invisibly in “white” liberal’s face.


        A nigel is not equal to a nigger as its concerns raw hatred for whitey. A nigel is the “black” archetype that encompasses the Carltons and Erkels or the race… A more sophisticated face possessing what reads like an intellectual rebuttal of “white Supremacy,” but is merely “black” “conservative” theatrics.

        My game is to create the archetypes that individual liberals then find confront in cloaking themselves in and thus making their future actions much more predictable. In other words, if I have a hundred coloreds before me, the best I can say is that they are anti-white Supremacy. But, if I know that 38 are niggers, 9 are nigels, 47 are coloreds and 6 are “blacks” then I know not only their anti-white Supremacy, but how they uniquely justify it and the relative degree of hatred each possesses. There no real evidence that modern “blacks” really “invade” in the white Supremacist conception of the term. ” Invasive species” doesn’t quite speak to the phenomenon that is modern “black.”

      • Invasive species” doesn’t quite speak to the phenomenon that is modern “black.”

        Trust me: Invasive Species as descriptor of Today’s Coloreds is a far more fitting diagnosis than this stuff you’re stretching to fit your “nigel” justification…

      • You watching that Chicago manhunt, FP?

        I think they are doing well, because they are staying out of the big cities. Too many cameras, too many witnesses. When I look at successful escapes, I see rural or small town locations.

        Storm Roof was actually followed by a concerned citizen. I couldn’t believe it. Don’t these people have lives? Americans just want to get in on the action too.

      • You watching that Chicago manhunt, FP?

        I began to watch it when it started differing from the usual HEROCop! narrative when they apparently made good their escape.

        It’s fitting Mr. HEROCop! has a buzzcut/bootcamp hairdo. wtf, isn’t that Gomer like, 50? Way too fucking old for that goofy shit.
        Beware ANYBODY sportin’ that look at that age who’s also cop.

        Looks like he paratrooped in on the wrong badasses.
        I’ve often wondered why today’s criminals – with their own MOG – instead of firing back, suddenly put their hands up and meekly go to prison for 40 years when Ranger Rickie shouts “freeze! It’s the po-lice!!!”

        Most crims today got nothing to lose now; no jobs and no future. I’ve long over-expected them to go back to the Wild West Days when Real Men shot back. Even Timmay McV meekly surrendered like a Leetle Lamb; look at the mercy HE got.

        Even Donald The Trump better use caution around coloreds. Whites are placated cattle fixated on videogames and Miley Cyrus. It seems coloreds have awakened and shoot back.

        As I stated long ago, The Black Begins The Final Revolution

      • The system’s desperate already.

        They formed a task force and are asking for public help. I think this case will be solved by Joe Public making the ID.

      • Cops are lazy first, then stupid. Real Superman fans are the ones who get off on the badge and haircut – like that dopey Bozo Lt. Lieutenants don’t “bust badguys” in car stops. They push paper. He musta been looking for action. It must be satisfying to die for lakefront property and the SWPLs who move there…to flee coloreds lol.

        Being THE HIGHEST PAID BIGov workers, cops are professional excuse machines and buckpassers who 99% of the time rely on citizens to do their work. It’s the way it usually ends. Masks are a good thing.

      • That dead pig’s nickname was GI Joe. He must have been a total hardass, hooah type.

        This has been astonishing to me, the Murkan public solving crimes for them. I have a case in drafts. There was a missing bullet in the woods. Cops couldn’t find it. A citizen goes out there with a metal detector for like 2 months. Nothing. He does ballistics experiments with a slingshot and balls. He finally gets it. I think he may have gotten an “attaboy” from the detectives.

        Blew my mind. Murkans need to get a life and be selfish pigs like they want to be.

      • Murka has long overflowed with glory hounds.
        More accurately, that is based on fame – the stock in trade in Murkan life back to the 1850s.

        Everybody wanted to be Paul Revere. Clark Gable. JFK. Brad Pitt. Beyonce…
        Today, for the Screamy Eagle/Lone Wolf morons who can’t stomach being MileyJENNER, they opt for being Junior Detective AllStars for their safe 15 minutes…

        That ideal which you are not –
        Exaggerate & lie.
        IOW in pua terms: fake it till u make it

      • I have learned much since watching Frein’s manhunt.

        Apparantly, it is tradition to beat the suspect if they catch him. One can clearly see the fist marks on Eric’s face in pictures. I have read that worse awaits the cop killer in jail. America’s best act just like third world cops.

        The initial decision is to contain or pursue. Points of entry and exit are very important. When tracking, one man tracks and the rest work security. One can only track during the day, but IR from the helo works at night.

        There are WAY too many pigs running around in that swamp. I don’t think they’ll find them that way. The ruckus must be incredible.

        I will bet you FP that the suspects make it through Labor Day. But if one gets caught, he’ll talk and turn in the safehouse of the others. There’s some great pix in this article. Looks like a war zone.

      • There’s some great pix in this article. Looks like a war zone.

        G–Ziss Khrist.
        Exmil white bois dressing up in camo for The Hunt.
        Note how Conservitard NEOCons “hate” the militarization of police except when it serves their agenda. Thus, their hypocrisy is made abundantly aware to their enemies who wisely beat them with it.

        I’ve seen those nazis kill coloreds. Shoot ’em in the back when they’re defenseless. Now, I don’t give a shit about them and every dead one is the only good one, but the HypCOPricy of “we lurv coloreds” and we “protect an serve!!!” is infuriating…the same SWATZI who laffs when he shoots a jiggaboo in the head in his Cleveland car will do (and did) the same to Whites at WACO and Ruby Ridge. They yearn to do it again because Whites are the only win/win target they can freely shoot for a boner infusion.

        btw That sniper on the rooftop would be easy prey for a counter sniper. He’d catch a pill from even a mediocre one at 400 yds., hangin right on the roof peak, rifle out in front.

      • Watching that migrant crisis in Europe FP?

        You’re right, Austria and Germany are dead. They WANT the migrants. I saw some pictures from Hungary. It looked like a human tidal wave.

      • Watching that migrant crisis in Europe FP?

        As decadent, wussified Western nations of Europe fight each other over WHO gets to take in the most sand niggers filthy Muzz, it is obvious the future – where they kill the Christfuck out of each other – shall be as entertaining as when BIGov here runs out of dollars to placate coloreds and Miggers.

        Stock up on ammo for those LULZ

      • Ha! They love dressing up like that. Like a teenage girl for prom. It’s like, who can wear the most tactical shit? I think I may have seen ONE mino in the whole series.

        Police snipers do get away with a lot of bad technique. They do sit right up in the frame or on the edge. The Americans don’t have a lot of experience with counter-snipers.

      • TD: Correct, the term black intellectual is an oxymoron. Nigels are just a lower form of human.

      • They are all invasive, but the gookers to me are what I call truly invasive, because they are the most capable of settling in wheatie turf. And it’s rather sad, how these so call peaceful, yet parasitical non-wheaties, don’t want to return to their Chiney land, because wheatie town is a lot nicer. Worse, they seem like an almost sterile group, who lack passion in anything. Murkan elitists love gookers, because they are walking ATMs, and they are willing to grind for lower paying STEM jobs.

        My college president became wealthier, because of them, as with many other college presidents. Our higher institutions are invaded by gookers, because our elitists know that gook commies, will inflate the value of anything that is commodified, and that includes our shoddy education system.

      • The Asians are an enigma to me, JS. I’ve seen them at unis too.

        They don’t do anything but work. Maybe play video games too. They remind me of the Mexicans, in how slavish they are. I think FP is right when he says only whites have So76.

      • The “hustle” of the radical “black” autonomist is to have no face AND many faces. He can then invoke his blackness or revoke his blackness at will to his singular benefit. BUT THE SITUATION always requires the white Supremacist to put a concrete “face” on the RBA at the point of contact. Is he invoking or revoking his blackness to his advantage? There is the thread of anti-white Supremacy that runs through ALL coloreds AND THEN there is the distinct degrees of hatred for white Supremacists that may require a more diverse lexicon to describe the variant array of “black” anti-white Supremacists. The Carltons and Erkels… The ones who are SUPPOSED TO GIVE credibility to the “black” collective ARE STILL anti-white Supremacists, but not niggers and more than just coloreds. These nigels BELIEVE they possess an intellectual rebuttal to white Supremacy. And IF they are met and matched by one who can “show” them otherwise then their reaction will either be a “chimp out” and a show of nigger face or further conversion and alienation from the “black” collective.

      • Asians are very calculated… Very self-aware of their not whiteness in an all white environment… Very deferential, but only out of advantageous mindset… Skilled at playing to the positive stereotypes… But scratch the surface and “see” a mind that is very much chaotic and intemperate… To go from a place where an imposed self-control is the cultural norm to a place where showing no self-control is lauded can be an earth-shattering experience in a multitude of ways… This only sees Asians in general and doesn’t break down even to males versus females and that explosive dynamic.

      • Gookers are not an enigma. They are just the opposite of the primal coloreds, who are rowdy and undisciplined. Our Murkan elites have found very sinister and effective ways to exploit different groups and enrich themselves along the way. They know Asians are docile, obedient, materialistic, and thus they submit to the status quo, quite easily. Their homelands are also 3rd world dumps, perhaps with the exception of Japan, which is why they flood Western Nations in equally large numbers, like the dark faces, whom they despise more than wheatie.

      • The default assumption should be false flag as attempt to equalize the targeting of cops and pigs amongst “blacks” and “whites.” Specifically, this individual was at “retirement” age and thus a good time to be disappeared. It’s hard for the dull masses to think such pillars of law and order can be bought for ideological purposes all the same. Most suburban modern GI Joes are absolutely deracinated. Many suburbanized modern GI joes look at the massmedia and “see” racism with its disproportionate coverage of “blacks” snuffing out cops and pigs. It’s crazy.

  7. FP: I’m asserting your readers, don’t live in a colored majority town like Ferguson or Baltimore. In fact, none of your readers even live in a city like Manhattan, where masa brings a truckload of beer and condoms to Brandon and Britney, the same fucking dark faces and dumb ass wheaties, whom I hate seeing with a passion, when I was in your enchanted isle.

    [this post is not about manhattan]

    • Where I live is just like Manhattan, JS. Total segregation. Rich whites on one side, minos on the other. Minos are only allowed to come over to mow the grass, take out the trash, or work construction on the roads. You’ll never see a mino after 6pm in the rich side of town.

      If you live in a big city today, and there’s no minos living there, it is on purpose. They have been priced out of it. A rich white can buy a form of WN.

      The system is not unique to NYC. It occurs in Chicago, LA, Portland, DC, Miami, Houston, Dallas, New Orleans…anywhere.

    • Why do I see the word manhattan in some of your comments, and this was before I wrote “manhattan”? Lol…

      [i do it to lure you out…]

      • We should give you a NYC nickname or something. Tony Manhattan? Hyme? I’ll think about it.

      • It must be strange to be super-rich, FP.

        They know the situation is unequal. They know the poor have less and less to lose by turning to crime. But they keep pushing for MORE.

        They would not be shocked by revolution. But they know that the only way this is possible is by violence. Only a certain mind can see that clearly. Every step they take, they step closer to the end.

        This story is about their little hideaways.

      • Yep, my latest draft discusses that very article.

        The rich are of two mindsets based on their origin: The largest set inherited great riches and thus, views itself as deserving rule – the same as pre-Revolution monarchies like King George III.

        The other, much smaller set, “earned” their money like Bill Gates.
        Both see themselves as apart from all other classes and vastly superior.

      • Ryu: FP injects Manhattan themes in his posts, when it’s not even necessary. This being said, Manhattan is what sets the tone for the nation, in terms of money, status, hierarchy, race and others things that are the most relevant to Murka. This does not mean I should be derailing the topic with Manhattan.

        [all one need do is mention America’s Most Fabulous City and a certain ‘lil Topo Gigio emerges to begin the next volume of encyclopaedic ire for The Greatest City in America]

      • Yes, invasive species doesn’t apply to the nigels. It’s more like gookers, and less so, the cucarachas. I just went back to my old college, and looked around, and the school has more gookers than wheaties, about 1000% more, and this was 15 years ago. Our elites love selling out this country for as much as they can. They just want their homes to be untouchable.

    • FP: Here’s why Murka is already a dead corpse.

      And yes, it’s about the Rooshy Migga and his travel fantasies in Manhatty. Everything on that site, including those by his readers, was addressed by me, except the PUA stuff and niggas.

      • I read that one, JS. Roosh likes NYC! Must be some ez white pussy there. Strange though, that women would respond to an Arab-looking guy. Might remind them of Osama.

  8. It will be interesting to see how long this “careful” formula holds up. Mestizos are hard-core anti-tribe. Mexico was conquered by Cortez during the Spanish Inquisition. Most Catholicism in Central and South America has not gone far downriver from Torquemada. The tribe seems to have missed the Entire History of the Conquistadores, which is White Nationalism 1.0. I find it amusing to hear Mestizos claiming that Spanish is not the language of White Supremacy! LOL! If only Cortez and King Ferdinand were here to hear that! Oh, they would laugh! This crazy quilt “Empire” building being played out in White Nations is not well coordinated or controlled from what I see and observe. With the Dollars running out, the slaves and serfs are beginning to leave the reservation. That horrible “tragedy” with the shooting of two reporters from the Dinosaur Media seems to suggest blowback from the ethnic cleansing campaign of White Policing. Oh, those poor little reporters. Do they seem like tribe to you? All of them are at least married to tribe members you know.

    • The social dynamics of Hispanic societies are completely different from those of the Anglosphere. For example, mulattos are classified as Whites in certain segments of Latin America, because of their one drop rule of White.

      Murka remains to be most over policed state of all the 1st world nations, with a strong classist and racially, hierarchal caste system.

      There’s only 2 reasons as to why you want to remain a Murkan citizen. You are born with wealth, or you are a sociopath, either trying to emulate the wealthy or wanting to challenge them.

      • I am curious why you didn’t move to South America, JS. Like Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. South America is largely run by a rich white overclass. And they don’t mix with the help.

    • @Joshua Sinistar

      The tribe seems to have missed the Entire History of the Conquistadores, which is White Nationalism 1.0.

      Indeed, but most people fail to see even this apparent truth; people today truly are that stupid – The LN/Publik Skool Teachaz saw to that. Perhaps the only North American Ghetto Class less educated than our ghetto colored scum are Mexican peones. As a side note, the only more illiterate are Muzz, then EbolAfricans…

      Remember though: Today’s Migger does not identify with 1500’s European Spaniards. They have as much akin with them as Today’s Murkans do with 1500’s Elizabethan Nobility, so there is a severance of identity.

    • The Mexicans don’t seem to mind having a white ruling class in Mexico. Most Mex I see just want “the American dream.” They’re too busy mowing lawns and cleaning toilet for revolution, or education.

  9. Ryu: I’m not ready for Latin America yet. And most probably, I’ll be in Spain, after my Montreal stay. Right now, I can tell you that I hate Murkans even more, especially the wheaties who live in it. To come think of it, Murka is a boring place. People only talk about money and how they can use it cheaply.

  10. the land maybe but not the stuff in it


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