Farming & Fighting

by Firepower

The point is the MINO Machine (BIGov, USG, etc) IS run by MINOs.

Be assured it is fully:

  • Of the mino
  • By the MINO
  • FOR the MINO

Few white male faces control the daily operations of USG now. The only authority they have anymore is in the STEM realm where they need an engineer, pilot or accountant etc. to do the real work while the MultiMINOs punch in late and attend “Diversity Awareness” meetings. Every State and Federal building in the country is ….….stuffed with colored bitches on the phone in cubicles, filing their nails while some emasculated white fuck does the work for fifteen colored female Affirmative Action queens.

Hell, even the head of NASA is colored now.

Jews surely lust for can do much of the accounting/financial operations.

White Men once controlled the Government, Military, Science and Education. Now, much of that is blatantly controlled by coloreds and feminists – and more desirous to the LN – both. Many of these czars are jewish males and they don’t count as White. Whatever “white males” remain are are liberals and tokens now, just like coloreds once were. If you have a Jon Stewart type running an agency, it doesn’t do much for your NRA brothers.

Plainly stated, liberal nazis don’t need white males any more:

[for the] election… gun-control measures are popular, especially with the coalition of swing-state Latinos, African Americans, and young and suburban women the Democratic nominee would need to win the White House.

“There is no more powerful force in an election than the suburban mother, and you don’t find a lot of suburban mothers that are against … gun control,” said Mo ­Elleithee, a former Clinton adviser and Democratic strategist who now directs the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service”

Look up Mo. See what a mysterymeat vibrant he is. Note the remaining tech work sphere of white influence is now also deliberately replaced by colored Miggers via H-1B visas.

There is really no “shortage” of domestic white STEMers here.  It’s a fakeout. There’s actually a surplus: The LN/MMM simply wants to eradicate these remaining influential positions also to neutralize their power, while simultaneously replacing them with coloreds.

Once colored Miggers replace this White STEM Class, coloreds will have conquered all remaining influential US institutions. This leaves whites’ power reduced to only farming and fighting – and be aware the LN/MMM has plans on how to eradicate that, too.

These dynamics are clearly illustrated in the LA/NYC Media Axis via movies, TV and news.

Once the right kind of LN billionaires (like Soros and Gates) corner the market on farmland, it’s a short stretch to predict the same results as today’s car plant: Massive 10,000 acre farms, that once employed thousands, now run by fifteen desperate wage slaves exporting the product elsewhere as they maintain the robot harvesters nations like RED China already cultivate.

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32 Responses to “Farming & Fighting”

  1. Reblogged this on The Active Skeptic and commented:
    Walk into any state or fed admin building and what do you see?
    Glossary of terms at linked page.

    • Not only have Rural Whites abandoned the use of their own teens’ picking crops
      – and ‘farmed out’ the job to Miggers –

      they’ve also abandoned the mundane operations of their Government to yet another mercenary class: Coloreds and MINOs.

  2. Small farms are going fast too. Gone are the 100 – 200 acre farms I knew as a kid in the ’70s

  3. Yes, and I hate to inject the Manhattan discussion. The MINOs are the new butlers for the 3Fers in NYC. They even clean their under wears, after a fornicating session. I’m serious, there is a business that caters to this. Wheaties don’t clean up after their mess, and other wheaties don’t want to clean the bodily fluids of other wheaties, no, not at all, you leave that for Tyrone.

    • The white herd was victoriously instructed by BIGov Propaganda (on many levels) to transform from placated luxury to willing cattle.

    • Here’s the business I was talking about:

      Founded by a Jew, and he employs an array of coloreds to handwash wheaties’ undie-stains. The same kind of Jew, who fattens his wallet, by renting his subpar apartment, so wheatie can play in NYC.

      • Now FP: Who’s to blame for all of this? Jews love money and wheatie loves all kinds of frivolous consumption. Your story of a wealthy wheatie who owns horses and hires coloreds to clean up after the mess, is reflective of this. The Jew is a savvy middleman who capitalizes on this arrangement.

      • Who’s more to blame?
        The enterprising jew profiting from sinful debauched human nature,
        Or white sheep who choose wasting their lives fff’g instead of learning, preparing, ACTING and remedying?

  4. Firepower,

    Although I agree with you that moving to buttfuck nowhere to worm farm will not defeat the US gov’t, learning to garden in an urban/suburban area is a viable skill. Russian writer Dmitry Orlov who witnessed the collapse of the Soviet Union talks about how gardening skills helped to supplement nutritional needs because of the notoriously inefficient Soviet agriculture system.

    • Murka’s food supply is more than enough to feast on. It’s quite efficient, but is now manned mostly by coloreds. The proletariat and coloreds stuff their faces with an abundance of junkfood, and the well to do just fine wine and dine, like there is no tomorrow. The worship of money and pleasure, has brought us to our current state of affairs.

    • @ aryaningoyistan


      Although I agree with you that moving to buttfuck nowhere to worm farm will not defeat the US gov’t,

      That’s the wn/conservo variant of the Liberal turning burned-out ghetto lots into salad bars.
      Better make sure the monkeys don’t come and steal your lettuce at night – or a Raider, as I would be, to seize it all in daylight.

      Any hungry KGB kadre in the Soviet Union would also take your daughters.
      I’d leave their tender bits alone, but I’d conscript every one in sight to fight UncleBEAST.
      And that garden, would go fallow…

      ps saw your blog, it looks good

  5. It seems that the point of no return must occur within the next 2 generations. If the USG can only hold things together for the next 40 years, they’ll win forever. It is their game to lose.

    • Point of no return occurs when the demand of colored/MINO populations (both as the public and as BIGov employees) overwhelm those Necessary Whiteboi resources.

      The ratio of one White accountant/cop/engineer is unable to support 100 Welfare Queens or 100 Migger parolees etc.
      Whatever precise number the ratio will be when it falls I leave to your prediction.
      But, it will happen.

      Neither shall even one multi-billionaire Manhattan Trumpite type be able to support one million parasite coloreds or MINO faggots seeking combination sex change surgery and simultaneous poopchute tightening.

      • No no, let’s guess-timate it, FP. We have the tools. Various countries have already done this experiement.

        Look at Rhodesia. The point was passed there. 13 million total population, 30K whites. Hopeless.

        South Africa. Not quite yet, but close. 52 million. Whites, 5.2 million.

        USA, not close. 320 mil. Whites are 62% of the pop.

        I “feel” that it’s right about 10 minos:1 white. Every year, the white pop falls 1% and the mino pop rises 1%. Should take about 57 years. Joy.

      • Should take about 57 years. Joy.

        Do you remember your great-grandfather? No? Do you think he thought of your future welfare back in 1940?
        He was likely worshiping Benny Goodman and trying to bang bobbysoxers before joining the usmc to kill Japs.

        Same now. There’s even fewer reasons to care for FutureGEN. Perhaps you caught the MTV VMA’s; ugly, sleazy shit perfect for today’s decadent retard. They have severed the bond of citizenship to pursue degenerate pleasures among the monkeys.

        I plan on being quite dead in 60 years. Future GENJustin can go sit in a dump and recycle the used condoms I so generously bequeath him. I will PoolSide...

    • I’ll say, give it another 4 years, instead of 40 years, as the determining factor, whether Murka will last another decade. We’ll see if the GenBrandons and GenBritneys will continue to smile and laugh, as if they’re forever naive and young.

      I look at the college system, as a broken entity already. Who has the money pay for 4 years of tuition, equivalent to almost a down payment for a house? Not even upper middle class Whites are so eager to drop the money, with no guarantee return in investment. Furthermore, there is more and more of a preference for MINOs in any job industry, except the very elite, parasitical positions. MINOS are cheaper and work harder. Many young wheaties today are lazy, slothful, and are all about fun, fun, fun.

      • You must not let your hatred cause you to overestimate things – or exaggerate them lest you become seen as temperamental, irrational and just plain wrong.

        Each, is fatal if you hope to influence people beyond Eradica, years from now.
        I will not be with you always…

      • Maybe it’s because I was living in Manhatty, centered around the 3Fers and their MINO servants!

        Could you assume they are an atypical demographic, when comparing to the rest of Murka, because liberal centers are usually infested with spoiled brats?

        Your White college kid today has more condoms and beer bottles found in the dorm room, than books. This wasn’t the case, 20 years ago.

        There is only way to this problem, either home grown extremism will finish off Murka’s degeneracy in one blow or a powerful non-Western nation, wages war upon us.

      • Your White college kid today has more condoms and beer bottles found in the dorm room, than books.

        That is why I assert there is no great social change coming from GenerationWASTE – much less any “revolution.”
        Youth once were the engine of social change and spirit. Even the filthy hippies must be admired for their spirit.

        Do you expect an El Greco painting from chimps? GIGO: garbage in, garbage out.
        Nor will improvement come from their successive generation; what kind of scum will Millennials spawn?

        It can only improve when such an animalistic, atavistic generation of Troglodytes arise to grunt and smash their way through the ivory walls of Palace Manhattan et al.

      • They are kids. Social change demands a certain energy. A young man doesn’t feel the hunger for books or knowledge. Sex and comrades will do it. All soldiers want both.

        Books. Modern books are a joke. If I want the real scoop on a subject, I usually have to find the really old ones from the 60s or 50s.

        If you look at a book from the 1800s versus a modern book, you’d think people today are retarded. There is a lot of degradation that took place. A grade school education in 1890 was worth about 2 PhDs in 1990. I’d bet you’ve seen this, FP.

      • I myself would not have gone to college, if I could take it back. The best things I’ve learned I did not learn in a classroom. The student has to do all the work in any case. No teacher can “pour” his knowledge right into the student.

        There are MRA who advocate the trades, and I now agree with them.

  6. There is no coming back from what murika has become. The so called white people are pretty much completely lost. For instance, I was talking with a friend Saturday night, one of those farmer types who was raised politically incorrect and doesn’t have any problem with me talking about niggers, jews, race, etc., etc. I would say he is pretty much typical for my area.

    Somehow the subject of a beaner who was in my daughter’s class came up. This beaner kid has been held back for 2 years! This friend says “Diego is a good kid, he’s on the soccer team that I coach. He’s quiet and respectful.” I said that he was quiet because he doesn’t know english and is respectful because there aren’t enough beaners in our area yet. I also mentioned that I’ve seen this kid, his younger siblings & their parents in the local Walmart several times at 1am! Who the hell takes their kids to Walmart at 1am on a school night? No shit, my friend says that at least beaners spend time with their kids! He can actually rationalize the worthlessness of these beaners into something good and desirable. I think he is absolutely typical of must whites.

    I now firmly believe that 99% of white males in murika deserve to be enslaved or shot, and that 99% of white women in ‘murika deserve to be shot or tied to trees and used as breeders. Barring some unforeseen event, instead of getting what they deserve, they are going to mix their lines out of existence and turn this place into some sort of hybrid Brazil/India. It could have been a paradise.

    • I’ll agree that beans are good slaves. Nice, quiet, and obedient – just like a slave should be.

      I’d want my farm staffed by them too. There will be no revolution in Mexico, even though it is jointly run by cartel thugs and gov thugs.

      A young boy should be full of hellfire. He should want to get into trouble and stir shit up. We need more bad kids.

      I like the way you think, Woodman. It must have taken you quite a while to get there. You have given up on the mass awakening model, which is a dream of most WNs today.

      • beans are good slaves. Nice, quiet, and obedient – just like a slave should be.

        For long periods, yes – but they cyclically revolt in bloody revolutions.
        Mehiccco has had like, 30 of them.

        One of which, US General Pershing invaded Mehiccco in the early decade of the 20th century.

      • thewoodsman – Murka is pretty much a lost entity. It’s like a company in dissolution mode, yet the owner still thinks that he’s in business, as it gradually winds down. This what it has become!

  7. Ryu: You’re missing the point. The kids today play more than the previous generation. And they don’t have any significant ideals. I still find a lot of young people buying books in bookstores. However, it seems like the college environment has evolved into an all fuck fest. Worse, there are a lot more coloreds in the mix as well!

  8. For being first time hear I found myself a bit lost with these specific jargon, but your glossary page helped. Very resourceful comments, nothing to disagree. However, as an older European WN, Race Realist (Racist to Libretards) I would add something from personal experience.

    Aside of lost Millennials there are some untouched potential from various categories of people, predominantly older then Millennials, that didn’t experienced “benefits” of diversity, and due to the way of life never paid much attention to this problem. I am talking about other EU countries, not infested yet with Third World vermin like UK, France, Belgian, Sweden and Germany, which are facing or will get blown with this problem now.

    People that I talked to, and offered them some insights in a Multicultural crap, started paying attention to something they totally ignored previously, for whatever reasons they might had. My point is that not enough shit happened yet to the famous “silent majority”. Whoever they might be, and once they get enough exposed to “peaceful” diversity, chances are that they will react.

    Logic is simple, as any living organism reacts at mortal threat, so should the sort of potential first responders react too. Momentarily they are presumably undisturbed still in a nap mode, until their asses are being kicked. Of course, if surviving mechanism would fail, White Race is gone, in a similar pattern as ancient Rome has been self-destructed. In that case, we just earned it.

    • @lewgc

      People that I talked to, and offered them some insights in a Multicultural

      As the responsibility for Actual Action passes from the old generation to Youth, the only thing is to ram home the seriousness of the situation.

      Youth grew up in PC fantasy land. They did NOT live through or see the transformation of Europe/USA from great White Nations to filthy MINO scum holes. They never knew freedom and Capitalism – only Liberal Socialism. They don’t even know they’re supposed to eradicate mortal enemies – or how to kill with joy.

      They’ve been mis-educated to get in bed with inferiors instead of eradicating them.

    • My experience is that the old are goody-goody boy scouts and narcs.

      They love the rules, even when the rules don’t serve them. I have only known a handful of 60+ white men who could be called WNs. I will write about a famous one shortly.

  9. Reblogged this on eradica2015 and commented:
    conserve the power of farm deliberation.


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