Forensic Files 10×22 A Clean Getaway

by Ryu

Today’s study is 22 minutes long. It covers the death of a dry cleaning shop employee.

“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone impossible to catch and track
unsup – unknown suspect
ME – Medical Examiner
vic – victim
POI – person of interest
“Make a square” – take 2 right turns
CI – confidential informant
Types of Fingerprints: latent/visible/plastic
PC – probable cause
Common evidence: fingerprints, DNA, fibers, soil, blood

Capture Points
1) Print on payphone
2) Keeping the pantyhose
3) Palmprint on garbage bag

This story takes place in Heron, Illinois at a dry cleaning store. The 911 call was traced to a local pay phone. Police cut the receiver and sent it to the crime lab.

A piece of pantyhose was found outside the…..…… store. 2 wits. One saw the man who made the phone call. Another saw the man inside the store.

“Non-secreters” do not secrete their ABO blood type into their blood. About 20% of the population is like this.

Superglue fuming was used. R drops was the dye used. Prints will appear yellow. One print was found on the receiver. Sometimes powder can “cut” prints so it was not used in this case. “Like chocolate over ice cream” is how the ident described fuming.

An anonymous tip came in. They said that the victim got a phone call asking what color toenail polish she wore. Police traced all phone records.

Yet another tip came in. They said to check out Paul Taylor. Taylor was just released from a LA prison for sexual assault. He worked at Hardees.

When asked “what should happen to the killer?” the proper response is severe. The American public is always out for blood. A “guilty” man is supposed to be vague, maybe say that’s for the jury to decide.

The police asked Taylor if they could search his home. He consents. They find pantyhose under the mattress.

They used a comparison microscope to check if the hose came from the same material. They did an edge test. Knit pattern was the same. Same amount of TiO2 or titanium dioxide in them. A positive ID was made.

Also, police found a palm print on a yellow bag near the crime scene. It matched Taylor’s.

Taylor confessed when confronted with the forensics. He was sentenced to 1st degree murder and got life in prison. Without forensic evidence, they would not have had PC to make the arrest.

Forensics made this case. Witnesses and their positive IDs were completely off. He should not have called in the murder. The TTD was very low, as in minutes. The killer did not use that time to eliminate evidence. He kept one part of the pantyhose and then dropped the other part at the crime scene.

The anonymous tip is interesting. Someone had a beef against Taylor. Without that tip, the police would have taken a long time to make the connection to Taylor. The prints did not show up in state databases. However, it would have show up in AIFIS if done today in a full FBI search.

“The narrative” is always the same….police use it to scare the public and to generate tips. “There’s a killer out there. We’ve got to get him off the streets and protect the public. We need YOUR help today. Call 1-800-…”

Important Names
Mark Brown – Homicide Investigator
Eric Frattini – Homicide Investigator
Charles Garnati- Prosecuter
Mike Pittman – Latent Print Examiner

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  1. I think people are justifiably leery about commenting on these, but this is very good information. That’s all I’ll say.

    [ed note: you must learn to love the chains and whip more, if UncleBEAST frightens you so much…]

    • Only dangerous information is worth learning, MKP.

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        Did you previously post at Slate’s ‘The Fray’ comment board, discussing different (but related) issues, under the same name?

      • This and maybe 1 or 2 WN sites are all I post at. Too busy for anything else.

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