Crime Stories: Lone Fugitive

by Ryu

Today’s study is 43 minutes long. This is a cool story about a desert rat who eluded the pigs for a long time. Cops don’t do well in the desert, alone.

This is now my favorite story. George Robert Johnson was a truly exceptional man. I salute him.

You’ll actually see a tinge of regret from the police. That in itself is noteworthy. This episode reveals alot of American cop psychology. Notice the change in attitude by the last 10 minutes, and the contradictions. American cops do not understand freedom.

“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone….…… impossible to catch and track
unsup – unknown suspect
ME – Medical Examiner
vic – victim
POI – person of interest
“Make a square” – take 2 right turns
find fix flank finish

Capture Points
1) Unsup did not go quiet for long enough after escape
2) Unsup did not change MO
3) He ran out of food, water and gas eventually.
ARAB RLH – arson robbery assault burglary rape larceny homicide. All UCR crimes,

In Death Valley, CA, there is a string of burglaries. This is strange because the take is usually small. A drifter is attached to these crimes. He lives and hides in the desert. Sometimes the closest pig is 3 hours away.

The Ballarat Bandit camped near the road. Usually, these were dirt roads in rural areas. For 4 months, the police had no new leads. He camoflauged his stuff to neural and green, which are desert colors. The Barker Ranch is an old Manson hideout.

If law enforcement has a chance, they will usually think the worst. They ***love*** to scare themselves and especially the public. Scaring the American public gets the police alot of money.

Initially they thought he was exmil. This did not turn out to be true. LE’s plan was to have a ground unit find him. They thought he’d do the usual which is run uphill. Then they wanted a helo up there, to insert the assualt team.

This plan failed. They spent one day all huddled up looking for him. Then the “assault team” left.

New people just stand out in small comunities, they don’t blend in. Use secondary fighting positions that overlook the campsite. The pigs sent up 30 people to keep looking for him. He made markers with rocks.

In areas with no cell phone service, officers must leave the scene to call and get back up. Something to remember.

The Bandit makes another escape. He moves north into Nevada. But he crosses some government land and camps close to Area 51, which causes the Americans to call him a “terrorist.”

Then, as usual, a task force was created, composed of FBI, DHS, Nevada and California BLM rangers. Eventually the cops get lucky and catch him. He’s moving pretty slow and has no supplies.

Rather than be taken alive, he shot himself in the head. But they still didn’t have an ID on him. He was labeled John Doe 39-04. Means the 39th John Doe in 2004.

They run prints. First through state of California, then the Western states, then the whole US. No match, no criminal records. A suggestion is made to try Canadians. Then a hit is made.

His name is George Robert Johnson. He was a family man who grew MJ when times got tough. The gov threw him in prison and it messed him up. He went to the desert to clear his head.

“An abundance” of guns tells the police that someone is up to no good. Therefore, when they have an abundance of guns, they too are up to no good. Especially ordering 1 billion rounds, as they have done several times.

It is interesting that the unsup outran the police many times. This quite disappointed the pigs.

18 months in prison turned George into an animal. Prison changes a man. Its rules are far different than the rules of society. From society’s POV, it makes a man worse.

Oh, the cops’ voice changes near the end. Last 5 minutes we actually hear a little regret from the pigs:( Music changes too.

Important Names
Dave Brenner – BLM Ranger
Jason Kersten – Author
Ken Guthridge – Nye County Detective

6 Comments to “Crime Stories: Lone Fugitive”

  1. Good stuff Ryu and thanks for the highlights.

  2. There are like 100 episodes of this “Crime Stories” TV show on YouTube!

  3. This shows a true hero is made, not born.

    • Think so? He was attracted to the desert area. He was born with that inside of him. Prison turned him into an animal and he didn’t want to tarnish his family with it. That’s why he left.

  4. One of the hardest things to achieve in this world is to be left alone. Sometimes someone’s weakness can become their strength.

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