3 Ideas That Will Change Your WN Today

by Ryu

1) Direct action activists (DAAs) do it for themselves.

Eradcia is not the first site to reach the wn finish line. There will be no mass awakening for the forseeable future. Everything dictates against the forming of groups in modern Murka.

Tim McVeigh, Kaczynski, Brevik, and Roofie knew this too. But they felt compelled to act regardless.

2) Technology will not save the white race

“Modern technology” has been a disaster for the white man. First world farmers feed third world populations and fueled their explosion in numbers. White technologists built the police states which pervade most Western nations now.

“Human” technology may save us. Like the fact whites make…….. the best soldiers and killers, regardless of the weapon you put in their hands.

3) White lack of criminality is no virtue.

The white race is the best group of slaves today. They have reasoned themselves into enjoying their servitude.

Often it is easier to con a smart person than a dumb one. The uneducated believe the evidence of their senses. Its easier to fool the mind than the body.

37 Comments to “3 Ideas That Will Change Your WN Today”

  1. So technology is anti-white Ryu? Would you say technology is a nigger or a jew? Or what the fuck is it?

    • Technology built the surveillance state which prevents WN from going public.

      Technology led the third world population to massive increases.

      Technology is the entertainment which distracts the vast majority of whites today on their Iphone, computer, ipad….

      The promises of technology have not been fulfilled. The 1900s were a disaster for the white race. This is largely due to technology.

      What “technology” is coming to save Ireland, Colin?

      • Technology has no face Ryu, It has no politics, neither right or left. It doesn’t know if a nigger, jew or white (or an alien from outer space for that matter), is using it.
        It is neither good or bad, as it doesn’t have ethics.
        It is what you make of it, or don’t make of it for that matter. It neither hates you or loves you, it doesn’t do emotions.

        It is up to an individual to use it as best as they can, or a lazily as they can, or not at all for that matter, because technology doesn’t give a shit whether you use it or not.

        The fact that you feel beaten or abused by a concept, that you believe your enemies can use more effectively than you, is your problem. Your defeatism! Your whining!

        Now let me deal with your question “What “technology” is coming to save Ireland, Colin?”. No technology is coming to save Ireland Ryu. Technology doesn’t do saving countries. It doesn’t know shit about Ireland, And if it does it wouldn’t fucking care. Coz it doesn’t do caring.

        There hope I explained that comprehensively.

      • I am a student of Kaczynski’s, Colin.

        He devoted himself to technology, as I once did. We both thought science was it. It was the pinnacle of human experience, and that a man ought to devote himself to it body and soul.

        The continued development of technology will worsen the situation. It will certainly subject human beings to greater indignities and inflict greater damage on the natural world, it will probably lead to greater social disruption and psychological suffering, and it may lead to increased physical suffering even in “advanced” countries. Ted said all of that.

        ” Never forget that a human being with technology is exactly like an alcoholic with a barrel of wine”
        – Ted Kaczynski

      • I can see where you are coming from Ryu, You have been seduced by Luddite notions. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite
        The major problem with this approach is that those who seek to oppress you, aren’t, despite their often vaunted claims that they are well into hippy dippy shit and all that, natch. That’s just one of their sales approaches, to the Guardian reader demographic.
        Would you choose to fight a man with a (state of the art) gun with a stone axe?

        In choosing an unthinking concept, as one of your enemies, you confuse your sense of purpose. When you are up to your arse in alligators, remember your job is to drain the swamp.

    • It certainly could be… You have a new innovation that could wipe the white race out… Is that anti-white technology if you bring it to the fore? What if you merely built Betty Boop 3.0 while a secret shadow organization set about to annihilate all white females? If you didn’t know of this group, define the “neutrality” of your white female-like AI? If you did know, would you then be part of the annihilation of all whites?

      NO ONE innovates “neutral” technology so “neutral” technologies cannot exist.

  2. The easy enslavement of whites is endemic to all western white societies now; it is not limited to Murka. It’s what propels african Miggers invading Europe: Decades of FREE Food for Mbutu encouraged increased breeding when this brown vermin should* have been starved and its numbers reduced.

    The Murkan tech problem is explained as success because it was/is easier to enslave today’s 200 million whites than 5 million darkies in 1855.

    • I do not think the white man can “technoligize” his way out of his problems. People keep looking for the risk-free, magical method that will make revolution easy. It does not exist.

      Drones won’t do it. They are as traceable as bombs are. I’ve watched vids of the ATF blowing up a car. Then they put it back together again. The explosion doesn’t destroy anything, it just scatters it.

      Hacking doesn’t work either. It’s traceable. It always comes down to guts.

      • I suppose everything is ultimately traceable, IF you put in enough effort. Make them get out of their office chair and actually work. They hate that. Make them spend tons of money. They REALLY hate that. I would wager, if you made it hard enough and expensive enough they might decide it’s easier and cheaper to just ‘ignore’ you and hope you eventually go away. Never underestimate the ability of beurocrats to white wash over something if it’s convenient for them. The only other possibilites I see is to make it too dangerous to come after you somehow, or to overwhelm the system’s resources. The ATF isn’t putting back together every car bomb in Iraq to help trace the bombers. It would overwhelm their resources.

      • The ATF isn’t putting back together every car bomb in Iraq to help trace the bombers. It would overwhelm their resources.

        This is true; the only reason for BIGFED’s perceived “effectiveness” is its seemingly limitless supply of its slaves TAX money.
        This is not the case, as one day, UncleBEAST’s playpen will run out as surely as Rome’s.

        You see it now; there’s no more NASA space dream. You cannot have both wetdreams of moon landings and keep nigger pets.

    • Agricultural technology improved the production of food, It did not say, to those who developed it, now you must give this food to Africans, to help them breed.
      Medical technology has improved. It did not say, to those who developed it. You must now prevent disease amongst fast breeding niggers!
      [ed note: yes, but G-Ziss told you to. so, obey G-Ziss, wade thruough the resulting Sea of Niggers – then “live forever with G-Ziss in paradise!”]

      If I developed a technology for mining gold, in my back yard. The option to give this gold away to the filthy brown hoard would be mine.
      Until, of course, the tax man found out. The pertinent question (to the thinking man) is to find out who the tax man was working for. You probably know the answer to that one.

      Enough of your bullshit. You’ll be worrying about Percy the Polar Bear and using kerosene to power your heating furnace next!

    • FP: In LoftB, there’s talk about wheaties going to a Jew field like law, and wanting to hit the jackpot, so they can live in Manhatty and other 3Fer region.

      Meanwhile, much of our backbone is MINOing. I see nigs, SPICs, even dots and gookers, in construction work, electrical stuff, food preparation, waste management and other important careers.

      So who really deserves total eradication, remains a very good question!

      • FP: In LoftB, there’s talk about wheaties going to a Jew field like law

        Every indication for the past decade is law school is a waste. There is excess supply of lawyers. One stat is: There are more lawyers in Murka than short-order cooks.

        Most of today’s Murkan lawyers can’t find work. google it.
        Jew lawyers are all related, so Sonny-Boy gets work with Uncle Hymie and makes a fortune. Alas, it’s the opposite for Sonny-Goy – unless he also has a rich daddy’s clientele to inherit.

        It is the jew that has co-opted yet another institution in its insatiable greed to fully control Murka. Jews now run the Legal System.

        Coloreds abound in construction through their native India, China and elsewhere; they are not useless, as are the blacks.
        Yet, only in your Manhattan do you see construction, for it sucked all the building cash out of every other Murkan city.

        You see NO construction booms in Kansas City or LA.

      • Return of kings and many PUA sites have also gone through this.

        These kids go to law school with big dreams of getting rich. Maybe a very small amount do, but they’ll move to NYC and work 100 hours a week to get it, after 20 years.

        The rest will be lucky to find work as paralegals or temps. It’s not like those movies 20 years ago such as The Firm.

      • The rest will be lucky to find work as paralegals or temps

        You may wish to investigate/research recent ConservoClaims that, in regards to Migger visas, the majority of Murkan STEM grands also must settle for work beneath them – and not even in their field of education…

      • I have done that research already.

        There are too many STEM grads today. TV and the media push STEM as a magical field for geniuses. Join us and you too will be a brilliant creator. You’ll get rich by using your brain.

        There are only two types of jobs available in the US today: Well paying but you have no life. Or, crap pay and no advancement but you get a life.

        Virtually all the upper and middle class work the well paying jobs that require mega-hours. No life outside of work. This is why WN has very few members in either class. Someone working 60+ hours a week doesn’t have time for anything else.

        The U.S. Census Bureau reported today that 74 percent of those who have a bachelor’s degree in science, technology, engineering and math — commonly referred to as STEM — are not employed in STEM occupations.

      • Virtually all the upper and middle class work the well paying jobs that require mega-hours. This is why WN has very few members in either class.

        This is a facet of the LN Program to dominate Whites: Craft, then play a win/win situation strangling frightening political activism that simultaneously profits the economy – and their fabulous Wall St. stock portfolios. A race too busy making money to buy crap (or just survive) has no time to read about John Adams and dust off its gun safe.

        Periodically, the FFL BIGFed tests the waters. The most recent test was Bundy Ranch. It proved still too dangerous to openly confiscate guns from whites, so the LN retreats back to its default position of “getting” guns by its perfected frogboiling methods.
        Note the establishment’s “work hard, get a degree in Computers, and you’ll be RICH LIKE US!”
        is the same LIE used on past generations: Work hard, finish high school, obey the law and slap tires on cars at Chrysler and YOU’LL BE RICH LIKE US.”

      • I think adults lose their balls as they age. They want the risk-free guaranteed path. They begin to value safety over profit.

        But modern whites aren’t even greedy enough…

        If they were truly greedy, they’d reject paying such high taxes, which go to other people. They aren’t as selfish as they ought to be.

        I think greed would be enough to save America, if taken far enough. You have to be able to put yourself above all others. A WN shouldn’t settle for anything less than he thinks he deserves.

      • males literally lose their balls: Testosterone levels begin to plummet past age 27.

        By 50, males have less than half their manjuice left.

      • FP, I have a question.

        As briefly as possible, why did the USA change so much after WW2?

        Was it that all the jews came here? The idea of European AMericans killing Europeans?

        Clearly ww2 was a watershed moment for our civilization. It was probably the most important even of all in white history.

      • @Ryu:

        FP, I have a question.

        As briefly as possible, why did the USA change so much after WW2?

        Here are facts you can espouse as the purest of Truth:
        Victory can be a double-edged sword.
        Often, it can corrupt.

        The willing importation of swarms of useless Eurojews indeed negatively impacted the soon-decadent nation.

        That decadence played into the hands of the Hollywood jew-corrupters and their Wall St. counterparts: Destroying two major pre-war importing/economical competitors’ factories made the USA the only economic superpower. Its people decayed into libertines without thought.

        Truman was as bad a President as Carter; his desegregation programs played upon the White Guilt of having caused so much foreign destruction and transformed it into Programs For Coloreds that dumb whites could see with their own eyes, here. Think of Truman as the bridge from the FDR New Deal Welfare State to LBJ’s completion of it in The Great Society.

        For decades America bragged of its hollow success, as if willpower and ingenuity alone determined our wealth – much as Texans brag about their resoluteness, as Miggers invade there more than California.

      • Hey FP, I found a guy both “cold blooded and cowardly!” He must be really badass.

        Something is changing. People are beginning to see who the real enemy is.

      • All coloreds are useless in Murka, and most coloreds in their native homelands are less remarkable than the average wheatie.

        I find gookers in particular, a parasitic race, who emulate the pettiness of wheatie, but can’t go further than that. And you know I dislike them, for this one specific reason.

        So why are wheatie elitists importing many of them? It’s a good question. It only brings down the quality of a Western nation.

      • Q: Why are wheatie elitists importing many dinks?
        A: duh. It brings down the quality of a Western nation.

        As I’ve said, the WASP/jew Elite Nexus program is to undermine and eliminate the power of Whites by any means necessary.
        Fewer White Engineers/STEMs mean less money, income and resources for them and their families and less input in how things operate.

      • Either what FP said, or they are buying their way in.

        Many universities are inundated with Asians. This is because they pay out of state tuition gladly and make large contributions. Unis can also get away with paying Asian grad students less and treating them as slaves.

        I have seen many, many “smart” Asian grad students who could barely speak English. They basically hang with other gooks and speak Chinese.

      • FP: Correct, and it appears the GenBrandons/Britneys, are money hungry as their predecessors, but are more entitled, lazy and not as aggressive, when pursuing their riches to accumulate crap. This being said, there are plenty who are in the rat race or rodent wheel, while others are just milking from their parents or Uncle Beast.

        Many wheaties in the white collar field, are in fact more parasitic than the low skilled MINO, who cooks for them and cleans up after their mess. Essentially, wheaties have degenerated into the New Jews, who don’t get their hands dirty, and live a life of hedonistic extravagance and consumption. The elites love this arrangement, because it gives the sheep a sense of purpose, while controlling their entire population. You have a lethargic group (wheatie) who only pursues money and accumulate crap, and similarly with the MINOs, who are just doing it, relatively to their lower paying jobs.

      • Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.

        “Earning it” is boring. It feels like slavery. One really has to get on his knees and pucker up today to keep a job.

        I like FP’s raider mentality. That’s the way to go for a certain subset of white people. Lots of rest, punctuated by short periods of high stress.

      • Ryu…

        At the meta-war level was a white Germanic head divided. The most influential blood spilled on both sides was the white Germanic… The paradox being a white racialist Christianity bringing a “Hellstorm” to white German socialism. There are those that get so close SO AS TO NOT SEE the bigger picture. WWII was the most prolific act of self-annihilation known to modern man. White Germanics slaughtering white Germanics with each side enlisting allies who just plain benefit from the slaughter of white Germanics. If WWII is to tell us anything, it’s to tell us about white Germanics separated at “birth” making final amends and rejecting self-annihilation in whole.

      • Certainly I could not see going to Germany to kill my brothers because a jew (FDR) said so. Race has to be more important than nationality.

      • Ryu…

        Of course… But “we” have 20/20 hindsight and cannot fathom a separation “at birth.” At SOME POINT, the white Germanic head divided on the subject/object of Supremacy. It’s been all out mind war ever since.

  3. “We” must convert the high IQ jewhite to Supremacism… HIS HIGH IQ mandates the conversion… All that is “stopping” his conversion WHETHER REAL OR LIP SERVICE (both are victories) is a matter of reverting mass perception BACK TO NORMAL… White supremacists are the “white ELITE…” The “white ELITE” are “white” supremacists… Deny being a “white” supremacist and you deny being the “white elite” just as you deny being a white Christian.

    White Supremacy is the nexus between all things liberated.

  4. 1. One man show…. What’s your act? An explosion or an epic?

    2. Technology is no substitute for spirit, but the spirit can innovate beneficial technologies. It’s not either/or. White man innovates… If he does, best he be of right mind and solid spirit. Existing technologies can facilitate exactly this ethos.

    3. Whites’ lack of criminality shouid signify desire for freedom within a healthy society… Many have not reframed… They simply do not recognize that they flow frictionless with the degeneracy… There is still a lot of space in America still relatively untouched by the die-verity to the degree that “we” each seem to live amongst… Liberalism and conservatism are just words them slick city folk say. They are into the local business and politics. This is not a bad thing… It should be a thing that lasts in America for as long as America lasts.

  5. FP: Did you hear the news about a Jew kid (just love his last name Verbitsky), who “accidently” shot one of dumboreo’s guard in the back, right where the LN mayor lives?

    Pellet guns are good practice guns. By no means, this guy is a good guy aiming at a demographic, that his tribe is known to love and support repeatedly.


    • What a loathsome cunt this Verbitsky kid is. That being said, I’ve got a sneaking admiration for his crime.

    • Awesome! I like that story. Maybe I’ll write something on it.

      Bad mistakes. Sounds like the room was lit up, so he ghosted himself. And the moving curtain was bad. He should have opened the window and sat way back in the room. It’s only amatuers who get right up in the window to shoot.

      Even a little pellot gun is noisy. It’s something a real sniper has to think about.

      Some kids today are badass.

  6. . A race too busy making money to buy crap (or just survive) has no time to read about John Adams and dust off its gun safe.

    It’s worse: I have a friend who is married to a wheatie woman, who is a professional chef. She does really know how to whip a good meal. I think he’s a lucky bastard.

    Most Murkan bitches know only make-work, and spend much of their money or their boyfriend/husband’s money on restaurant bills and food prepared by MINOs. They can’t even boil a few hot dogs in hot water, to save the life of them. That’s how fucking sad, we’ve become.

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