Declining Rural Population

by Firepower

Wurm Wranch Fer Sale, Ya’ll!

Bad nooz fer ya’ll  Flyy Farmoorz.

Even the encroaching, advancing horde of coloreds isn’t enough to force Brave Whitey to flee his decaying suburban ranch house surrounded by darkies and into “God’s Country.”

Besides: It looks like God is a Nigger.

Now, UncleBEAST and all his little vassal BIGov State nazis and local SWATZIGov are worried; who gonna man dem tractors??? Ever see a coon in a John Deere?

The LN’s program to eradicate whites is like any “grand plan” in that it comes with unforseen…unintended consequences.

Few whites can now afford to move with their mortgages underwater, thanks to the Wall Street jew mortgage scam.

With fewer white sheep to plow fields like dumb oxen, there’ll be less food. ConAgra and the other congloms (who own most of the farms now) will need to rely on thieving Miggers who send their money back to mexico.

BIGov wants white escape routes cut off, so they stay in urban areas and …..… their daughters bring home a new pickaninny every year.

This reduces the number of NRA/SO76 Whites with guns, but also lowers the number of white hick cannonfodder supply ready to Serve-Muh Kuntry!™ be it for BushOil, BushDaddi, ObamAfrica or whatever crony Hillary sets up in a makeshift Benghazi mansion.

The FFL is apparently, ready to take that risk as one threat clearly outweighs the other in their mind.

To make a Liberal Socialist/LN state, you gotta break a few eggs…

34 Comments to “Declining Rural Population”

  1. From the linked article:

    “Some analysts argue that simple math keeps rural college students from going home: Is there a job for me that will pay my student loans, or enough income from a small-town business or farm to support a family? Often the answer is no.”

    For most, college is a terrible waste of time & fortune.

    It is very possible to live a comfortable life in rural areas. I see nice homes (~1500 sq. ft. on very large lots) in lily White small towns in my area for sale for $20,000 to $40,000 regularly. It would be very easy to make a go of it with one of the easy to find $15/hour jobs in this area. Most Whites are simply too degenerate at this point though. Most of the men and women are too lazy to work and just want to drink and have fun. I don’t know what the hell is going on – it’s like “The Night of the Living Dead” everywhere in the midwest. My family and our friends even talk about it – it seems like our heirloom White families are under siege. Everywhere you look the only thing you see are obese, tattoo ridden female zombies; lazy, tattoo ridden male zombies who can only talk about sports or deer hunting; and their misbehaved, mean and obese children zombies. The older people give all their time and money to churches to help zombies who don’t even care to fake trying and Africans. It is literally impossible to have an intelligent conversation with ANYONE about ANYTHING outside of work at this point.

    Now the beaners are coming in increasing numbers and displacing the White zombies. Pretty fucking pathetic when the beaners can eat their lunch.

    I know it sounds stupid, but I really do believe something evil is at work here. I do believe it is all for the best though, all of this dead weight needs to be killed off. I believe the future will be glorious for our future progeny and kin as they leave the northern strongholds and reconquer the world. Perhaps the future won’t even be that bleak if some “black swan” White man unleashes some sort of biological/genetic weapon to eliminate our enemies, White and non-White. Whatever happens, I’ll continue to ride the tiger, raising weaponized and awake White children and disseminating pro-White propaganda. It IS going to get a HELL OF A LOT WORSE!

    • The big cities are the same. I call the urban White zombies, as the 3Fers (three fers) wheaties (wheetees).

      • I’ve noticed the recent wheaties designation. Can you kindly elaborate on the meaning of 3Fers?

      • 3Fers basically means fussing, feasting and fucking (a term I borrowed from FP), which is pretty much what well to do degenerates live a life for, who are mostly found in the big cities, especially the expensive liberal towns, like NYC, LA and San Francisco.

        Urban White Zombies have a phony career that pays well, shuffling papers around and sitting at a comfy workstation, or they live off their parents money, with a sole intention of pleasuring themselves to death, centered around city life, of much ado about nothing hedonism, involving petty activities, eating out and having random sex with gold digging, wheatie women.

    • Welcome, Woodman. Haven’t seen you for awhile.

      I too have seen those things. The local rich brought in spics to work on the farms. Then a number of welfare niggers come from the big cities to collect the freebies. And of course, the city government tries to “eliminate blight” by dozing all those $20-40K homes.

      The spics keep to themselves, or they’d be deported. The nigs usually find some fat white girl to knock up. And the whites are mostly asleep.

    • 2the woodsman

      Most jobs in rural areas were once White.
      First, conglomerates (i.e. ConAgra), bought up farms and pumped out product the way gooks do TVs and cars, reducing the number of independent farms by putting them out of biz.

      Then, Miggers invaded and now do the tomato pickin’ jobs that farm kids and their 13 brothers and sisters once did.

      The FFOL ended Big White Families and only supports HUGE Colored Broods. They get rid of their enemy from both ends.

      Even midwest “farm country” is now more for MethHead waste case white youth.

      There is no more Ma & Pa Kettle, Grapes of Wrath and Green Acres
      Population of rural America continues to fall
      Armed White Rural Vigilantes
      Bug Farmers & Fly Factories
      Civilized Sanity: Prepper Reppin’

  2. There is no money and no jobs in flyover country.

    That alone is no problem. It’s when one is young, he wants money and women, so he goes to the big city. Then one gets hooked on the money and the lifestyle. Young whites leave their hometown.

    Maybe, when one is 50+, one finally moves back to the country.

    Most people in rural areas make between 9 to 15 bucks an hour. That’s reality. The only people getting rich are some gov jobs, a few divorce lawyers, and a few doctors.

    • Well, there are rural areas and population centers in flyover country. You are correct that jobs in the rural areas are $9-$15 per hour. The rich would include most farmers. The farmers gather their riches slowly. For instance, my parents started out with nothing – we fed ourselves entirely, owned nothing, relied on hunting/trapping/fishing and only “went to town” 2-3 times per year. Now they are worth around $6 million – not fantastically rich but but not too shabby either, no matter where you live in murika. The first farm they bought in the early 1980’s was at the peak of land prices and their loan was at 22% interest. They still made it. It is definitely possible.

      I live near a population center (~250,000 people), but on a farm. There is money to be made. Pretty much any small businessman can easily make $250,000/year. Tradesmen, like HVAC and electricians, can make an easy $80,000/year. Things are booming at population centers here in the middle of White flight country. Whites are moving from everywhere to the midwest population centers. Life is generally good (except for the strong distaste for living in modern ‘murika with the hordes of White zombies). My 30 minute commute allows me to live on a farm where I can sit naked in the hot tub and shoot a buck. However, the rural and small town areas are ridden with truly bottom of the barrel White zombies and beginning to see the beaner invasion. Absolutely no intelligent life, but minimal risk for violence. The farmers are pretty much jews though and motherfuckers in general. 99% of the farmers and turncoats, traitors and money grubbers. No blood and soil ideology left, the people are totally willing to rape the land for short term gain, despite the Farm Bureau propaganda of the “good farmer feeding the world”. Was a hard thing for a farm boy like me to learn and accept.

      • Yes, it is strange. You remind me a bit of Bob Matthews.

        Many farmers today are in it for the money, and if the price is right they will eagerly sell. It is rare to find a family who keeps it for generations.

        Have you seen the big push to bring in spics to re-populate the country, near you? Some places really have a hard-on for it. Like this story:

      • Jews in farming seems unbelievable. Most Jews don’t get their hands dirty, except when counting money.

      • And I have to say this, beaners are more valuable than Jews in a civilization context. I don’t think a Jew can make a tasty slice of pizza. All pizza shops in NYC are manned by beaners.

        Now, many wheaties have become like Jews. Just shuffling papers at best, and not producing anything. Worse, Jews are good with money, wheaties just consume and consume.

  3. JS – I meant that the farmers are like jews. They are not genetically jewish, but they are definitely morally jewish.

  4. Ryu – that link leads to some really sick shit from a bunch of sick anti-White Whites. The spics moving to my area are working for individual farmers. These greedy ass farmers are exploiting the spics for cheap labor while at the same time exploiting the White communities who have to bear the various welfare aspects associated with the spics.

    For instance, in the small community where my kids go to school, the school district has been raising money for years(!!!) to build a new playground at the elementary school. My kids are roped into doing fundraisers to do this. In the meantime, some traitorous White farmers and business owners hire spics for cheap labor. The spic kids don’t speak english and the law requires english learning programs and interpreter’s for these worthless beaner spawn. The interpreter costs $80,000/year in salary & benefits! Easily enough to pay for a playground every year. And yet the traitorous Whites make it so that my kids are pressured by the school to participate in fundraisers to raise shekels! And when my kids ask friends & family to buy the crappy fundraiser products they do it! So, my family and all the other families with kids in the school are basically laboring and paying for the cheap labor these traitorous whores bring into the community. All so these motherfuckers can earn an extra shekel to give to their fucking presbyterian/lutheran/methodist/baptist/etc. church to buy a fucking goat for some miserable nigger in Africa! These traitors should be executed, beheaded and their fucking head displayed on a pike on main street. Yet, if I even try to describe this in the most mild of terms to the locals they have literally called me a “white supremacist”, “nazi”, etc. and shun me. No shit, this has happened. I am not some toothless neo-nazi, but a “millionaire” successful businessman and this is still the response!

    I am absolutely at the point where I believe that 99% of the Whites deserve eradication. The only people capable of stopping “White nationalists”, aka previously normal Whites, are other Whites. As you can probably tell, my agitation level is maxed out. It is really like living in an “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” world. Like at the end of that movie, if you even voice a smidgen of racial awareness, the pod people point and shriek “racist” at you.

    • It’s not really the lack of racial awareness that bothers me. Many wheaties are materialistic like the jews, and want to have perpetual fun like the niggas.

    • the woodsman

      These greedy ass farmers are exploiting the spics for cheap labor

      Remember, white farmers are responsible for bringing Miggers here, just as they did nigras as slaves.

      I’ve explained Murkan Biz on Eradica thusly:
      Before China, “The American Way!” was for an american businessman to make a pair of pants in Anytown, USA for $10 and sell it to a “fellow american” for $30.
      Now, with China, the rich businessman has the pants made in his gook factory for $1 and charges $35.

      I find it a simply a version of wn laziness that you claim impotence in defending your way of life.
      There must be something you can do.

      I’ve had a long-written post titled Farming & Fighting awaiting publishing, but Ryu and I write far more gems in a week than there are weeks in a day. Have him tell you about it. There’s a backlog of finished works that long predict whatever current shit we’re in…

      maybe i’ll pub it 2morrow

      • Seems to me that the only way forward is a coming together of like minded Whites for genetic survival. Blood needs to become our religion for this to work out. The White zombies and pod people cannot be “woken up”. There is no way I can become a White zombie to ease this burden and succumb to the darkness. I must fight to remain in the light and strive to become what we are destined to become.

      • 2the woodsman

        I must fight to remain in the light

        What do you do to fight? Are your kids of your mind?

        You cannot have such justified hate for MINOs and the FFL
        …yet still sip cider with them at the PTA…

        I’ve had – and have – readers here for years who’ve not even brought one single new reader to share ideas or even link up irl.

        Murkans are angry at their LN Police State BIGov, but too scared to fight.
        Thus, it is pointless to even write for such an audience.

      • Essentially, you’re saying the general White populace in Murka isn’t worth fighting for. They sold out this country, and it was their undoing.

      • Disappointingly, the realist must increasingly now answer yes.

        The decay has turned to rot, and as I’ve explained to you all many times…it’s not limited to Murka, but all Western Societies – most in Europe. That should* prove to you that it is structural. It’s an epidemic infection not limited to one limb called america that can be amputated to solve the problem.

        And, despite what most here think, Russians are not like us. They just “look” like us. They and their values are as almost far away from ours as Chinese.

  5. What really bothers me is the ignorance of Whites of what’s at stake and the fact that they are willing and thoughtlessly taking me and mine down into the mud pit with them. We will need collective identity and action to survive the increasingly dark times ahead. Evolutionary bottleneck is the polite term.

  6. Farmoorz incomes halved:

    lol, MEBBE YA’LL kin try a-farmin’ wormz for Erin?

  7. “What do you do to fight?”

    – Teach my kids & wife how the FFL manipulates Whites and genocides Whites before our very eyes. For instance, it is a family sport to watch TV programs and actually deconstruct the propaganda. This has been very effective – its very fun, full of comedic value and builds an ingroup/outgroup awareness. My young children are very much inoculated.

    – Own a small business and accumulate wealth. No need to state ant/grasshopper analogy for hard times.

    – Read/learn/teach history within the family whenever possible.

    – Use the FFL/Zombies for our own means/purposes. No favors for zombies and anti-Whites, only taking from them. Dehumanize them.

    – Do not back out of society, but live & operate within the hive. Your writings on how the FFL is peeling us off for eradication is correct. Infiltrate and thrive. The hardest part is accepting Western civilization is dead and most things you knew were lies. This will become less of a problem for future generations as they are taught fewer falsehoods.

    – Develop a blood based ideology & spirituality. This has been maliciously purged from our tradition & history. This is very painful as the virus mutation that modern Christianity has become is either corrected or purged. I don’t have much guidance on this as I am just starting to be aware of it. Modern Christianity is pure poison. Even the most politically-incorrect churches are pozzed out.

    • the woodsman

      Teach my kids & wife how the FFL manipulates Whites and genocides Whites before our very eyes.

      Then you do much.
      All you need do is find other families like yours and become friends the same way you befriend others with similar interests like golf.

      This will somewhat ease the discomfort as the LN grows stronger.

      I also, am skeptical of church as a way out; xtians are mewling sheep longing for the knife.
      Political parties attract many people you can relate to – Presidential election cycles offer the most opportunities.


      That assertion is that The Perfect Man walked earth not as myth, but as EMPIRICAL FACT. The residual effect in a physical world is incredibly profound. BUT… The acceptance or rejection of the Christian Assertion IS WHAT IS MOST PROFOUND FOR YOU!!!

      THE PERFECT MAN, logically speaking, sets the hierarchy of man in motion… The Perfect Man logically necessitates a Father of Inequality. The Perfect Man FALSIFIES “equality” at the UNIVERSAL level.

      [ed note: dude, i am not entertaining another distracting, off-topic discussion about that useless shit here today. i made a special post for you]

      When you claim Christianity to be “pure poison” you are telling all who can “see” that you are still with the zeitgeist and the “Equalists.”

      A blood and spiritual “ideology” is white Supremacy… White men who worship Perfection as a matter of self-evident logic AND PURELY INTUITIVE PRACTICE. The illogic of self-annihilating for The Perfect Man who already suffered the perfect pain to save man from total annihilation is a self-evident truth that escapes the ignorant anti-white Supremacist…

      Your false ideas have you embrace The Perfect Man as an impositional construct instead of the great reprieve that His empirical existence actually grants you. Your enemy wants to annihilate you. Psychologically, this only requires him to persuade you to embrace “equality” at the most fundamental level… That being your rejection of The Perfect Man, both empirically and conceptually.

      IF you reject The Perfect Man as the universal ordering principle THEN you are simply a “white” self-annihilator… Just slower on the trigger than others.

      • Christianity and egalitarianism have run their course to their logical conclusion. It is time to start anew the course of White evolution and history. Either we become masters or sink into the muddy morass. It is literally all in the blood. A simple eyes-wide-open inspection of White history shows this. We are seeing with our very eyes the rapid turning of America into another “India”. Our enemies are hoping to do this to our homeland, Europe, and are succeeding.

  8. I’ve had – and have – readers here for years who’ve not even brought one single new reader to share ideas or even link up irl.

    FP: Let’s put it this way, LoftB is linked up with your site, and practically, none of his incessant readers come here to comment, at least once.

    If outliers on his site, don’t come here and comment, what does that tell you of the 99% in the real world?

    • FP: Let’s put it this way, LoftB is linked up with your site,

      I respect Lion. I offered to help him when he switched names and publishers so he shows gratitude in blogrolling me.
      He does not comment here; take that for what it’s worth.

      He is smart and observant, but his readers view Eradica versus LOTB as they would the choice of a TParty protest march versus an evening in the $3000 leather chair sipping a snifter of Courvoissier: They prefer the easy comfort. They do not want work. They want entertainment.

      • LOL…Maybe if you asked his readers to become warriors in training, that might fuel something.

        The T PeeWee Boomers have proven to be a futile movement, as with the one, involving their children, Occupy GenBrandon and GenBritney.

      • The T PeeWee Boomers have proven to be a futile movement,

        Remember, rural types are the most likely to join the Tparty.
        Texans bragBragBRAG!!! about how gawldurn tuff they are – that “don’t mess with TEXAS!” horseshit – yet Texas gets flooded with more miggers everyday everywhere except California …as their guns grow ever more dustier.

        The Tparty, for all IT’S brag, ran like a scared bitch with its tail between its legs at the first sign the IRS and Lois Lernerjew and her boss jew fired a shot a them.

        The Empire WILL Strike Back…

  9. We need to learn from the Nigerians whose stolen wealth is used to fund Boko Haram (a terrorist group)

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