Cops and Domestic Violence

by Ryu

Who is more dangerous to the policeman’s family? The criminal or the cop himself?

A cop is more abusive to his family than the average man is. To a man with a hammer, everything needs to be nailed. To a man who is paid to use violence, everything appears to have a violent solution.

The use of force spectrum proceeds upward: compliance, passive resistance, active resistance, nonlethal force, lethal force. The law allows cops to use the level above the level of offender resistance.

There are many times when the average man does not gain compliance from his family. Because he is just average, he is not given special rights. Cops are different though. “The law” allows them to use force. And so, the cop who hears “no” from his family is inclined to use violence as a first resort.

Life has its own set of rules. They aren’t always intuitive:
The most dangerous gun to a cop is his own (suicide).
The most dangerous threat to his family is himself (domestic violence).

8 Comments to “Cops and Domestic Violence”

  1. Cops are liars.
    They always justify their overpaid existence with the bullshit line: “ONLY WE stand between you and chaos!!!”

    That’s just subterfuge to keep getting Mr. & Mrs. Whitebread voting for those “public safety” millage increases that really result in Chief Wiggum buying MOAR MRAPs and shiny new SWATZI machine gun toys on the taxpayer sheep’ dime.

    Many people will rather AR15 a gang of looting niggers themselves than watch a bunch of PC, overfed, wageslave porkers stand by and watch with their thumb up their ass simply becuzz Boss Lady NiggaMayor told’ em to “stand down, ya’ll!”

    For your files:

    Now these whining, overpaid BIGov donutmunchers bitch about petty stuff in their $69,300 a year jobs. Impressing the waitresses from Denny’s on the first date is not enuff anymore…

    Even a “level one” call is 8 min. I suppose nefarious types could actually go to a colored hood and snipe niggers then hop in the car back to the burbs with a 10 min. window of escape.

    That’s even if darkies immunized to the sound of rifle fire would even call.

  2. In my opinion, White law enforcement is the second largest obstacle to White survival, the first being a lack of collective White will. It seems there is nothing to be done about creating a collective White will to survive short of the slow road of propaganda and the slow increase of White victimization by anti-Whites. The elite’s main weakness is the need for White law enforcement. There is the opportunity for infiltration and subversion.

    • White LEOs are nothing but mercenaries, the same with the unsuspecting Jordies, whose sole objective is also money, masked as being patriotic and loyal to Murka. Then you could say the same about the White engineer, who creates all kinds of fascinating ingenuity to enable Uncle Beast further. What’s really sad, is that these guys have become hosts, at the mercy of their parasitic masters, namely the Liberal Nazis and Coloreds, who are significantly less talented and capable. Last but not least, wheatie women have reduced themselves to goldie whores, by offering themselves as cum receptacles for many bankable, corrupt men, and now undeserving coloreds. Hence, the mighty downfall of Murka.

    • Well, they surely need whites to fill the uniforms. But I would not try to convert a cop.

      They have a choice – the certain payment of narcing on you, or the uncertain payment of learning from you. Most cops would love to make a terrorist case and get a promo.

  3. The difference between liberals and cops is that one is a Marxist and the other a Minion.
    To cops might makes right, liberals believe the opposite.

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