Replacing white Soldiers with Coloreds

by Firepower

I follow(ed) the robotization of war only so far as it explains my core beliefs.

The FFL/MMM know full well (even far better than we) they have decomposed whites to the point of imminent failure. White jordies will likely end with the last of them enlisting as the only possible job alternative to cutting grass. There appears no end to their stupidity in rushing to volunteer to ‘invade isis’ or invade Iran under the blatant command of a Negrobama – or Killary. Such stupidity deserves plastic legs. These stupids are the type to end up as groundpounders and posterbois for Wounded Worriers. Smart whites with a taste for blood-combat become pilots, etc.

Smart whites will engineer and lessers will farm and utter morons will soldier. Still, the FFL knows this supply of gullible white cannonfodder will be exhausted somewhere in ….….the next 30 years. The only replacements will be the even stupider, undisciplined colored scum who’ll have a built-in resistance – and excuse – to fighting typical “White Man’s War.” Even a Hispanic-African-American-Feminist Prezeedint holding that highest hand of Race Poker won’t get no coloreds to fight Muzz for jews. They’ll never get spicks to fight other spicks at our border over drugs. The only way you’ll get coloreds to enlist is if they’re tricked into “doin’ it fo Afreeka” – but not, the near total absence of coloreds getting on troop planes to wipe nigger asses of bloody Ebola during Negrobama’s recent charitable African Orgasm. Like most coloreds, Negrobama only heps dem afreekans when it’s white skin in the game.

Obviously, STEM type fighter pilots etc. will still be white and they will heap glorious glories upon them to keep their egos inflated. Bitches can fly planes too, but drones that can pull 13 G’s will take their place, thus ending in the automation of pilots.

Coloreds can’t even work in mass jobs like auto or aircraft plants without causing trouble and loafing; imagine the fucked-up mess they’ll make with guns and grenades.

Thus, there is an urgent rush to use robots and be rid of coloreds in key war jobs just as there was need to be rid of them in US TV factories.

Rome fell when traditional Romans were bred with mongrels and the only muscle left were mercenaries from inferior stock – Goths, Gauls and Spaniards; same here.

They’re already showing you what they will do by eradicating the Confederate Flag. One day, they’ll sandblast and decapitate every George Washington statue in a public square and glue a Martin Luther King head on it. Then they’ll rename every city and road for “famous” coloreds and Miggers.

28 Comments to “Replacing white Soldiers with Coloreds”

  1. FP: All your posts about Murka means only ONE THING:

    And here’s the story I told you about in Manhatty, that happened this past Friday:

    White Government worker shoots up his workplace and kills a nigga immigrant, before killing himself. He complained about government wastefulness, which mostly likely refers to the large contingent of blackies in our parasitic workforce, which led to a loss of his job.

    His beloved neighbor was a gooker. Of course, most gookers who live in this country, are useless, cold, credulous souls, like many wheaties, who are in the same category!

    • And here’s more detail about his complaint:Downing alleged he was actually fired because he criticized the bureau’s New York office for being an overstaffed group of loafers, said Bonner, and for complaining to members of Congress that the bureau’s decision to open an office in Mountainside, in Union County, was “expensive and unnecessary,” according to a petition sent last year by Downing’s supporters asking Labor Secretary Thomas Perez to reinstate him.

      Loafers, of course, means niggas. Anyone who has an opportunity to work with blacks will know this for a fact.

      [OFF topic…]

      • And again, FP: Manhatty is full of niggas everywhere.

        Of course, 3Fer, GenBrandon, and GenBritney lives off the subsistence of their parents, so why do they care?

      • On Topic, as with all your posts..blackies will fill all comfy USG workstations, at the expense of wheaties tax money, before they become any cannon fodder.

      • As Murka declines into “MRKA” – or whatever ultimate debasement lies in its future – it will be apparent that whites are no longer needed for anything.

        Not mercenaries – colored cannonfodder is the ideal surplus crop for the Future Ruling Class seeking to reduce numbers of rioting parasites. They’ll need to: Coloreds breed like rats.

        Jews can run the stock market. Hell, they want WASPs eradicated so they can have it all to themselves.
        Brazil – and yes, even Mayhhicco – are loaded with farms and the people to run them, so Jethro on a Tractor won’t be needed either.

        Whites will serve as a Priest/Guild Class acting as foremen to jew owners of 99% of the capital.
        Future MRKA can survive on (I estimate) a mere 5% of the population as white: These will be PajamaBoi whites.

        The one thing the FFL/MMM MUST DO is eradicate SO76~NRA Whites with Wetdreams of American Revolutions. Guns scare the christfuck out of LNs. It is impossible for the LN to confiscate guns, but they can change the color and ethos of those brown mongrels (the future Miguels and D’Vontaviuses) inheriting their white grandpappy’s safe full of AR15s.

        If I foresee it, thousands of “Council On Foreign Relations” types running the LN do also.

      • That’s good, FP.

        The South Africans have figured out the minimum number of whites they need to sustain their standard of living. I think they learned from Rhodesia not to kill them all, but to leave a few alive.

      • FP, are there any “primitive” white cultures/peoples left? Like untouched by modern culture?

      • None of any significance.

        So much research was done on primitives that you can learn all you need by reading research done 40 years ago and older. That’s the only way now, to see how Man lived in his natural state.

      • Your trajectory is too distant to be a reality, before this country turns into Baltimore.
        [ednote: nope. if 50 years ago, you’d have told a texan or LAngelino their White Jewels would turn spick, they’d have laffed you off as unreal. same with me. one day, all will know my veracity]

        MINOing in Murka’s parasitic institutions, will be staffed by ~100% coloreds, who aren’t anything, but rude, rowdy and unproductive. Instead of getting Mary Jane on the IRS hotline, or at the DMV, you’ll get a darkie speaking in ebonics, coming down hard on you. wheaties will take the abuse. but then we maybe wrong about blacks hating on wheatie in some parts of the nation. They seem to love groveling the wealthy leftist types, like they do with the wheatie sluts.

      • I see that he still wanted to get that job back, though. He must not have been too offended. I don’t think this dude is a big player for us. He barely got in the door before he offed himself.

      • FP: The evolution of Murka is this. Coloreds taking over the backbone, the gov’t, or at least they will be in equal numbers with wheatie in certain sectors, with the exception of certain industries, where only the inherently, more evolved specimens can perform, such as engineering feats. I say give it about 20 years.

        2035, who knows if Murka will last that long. wheaties are known to flee, when coloreds become too much to handle.

    • We don’t need stinking “Lady Liberty”. Democracy can die. I can’t wait.

  2. I wish I could disagree with you, FP. But everything I’ve learned from the US military types agrees.

    Even if the military were all colored, whites today would still support them. I don’t know if whites are just stupid, or if they are too tired from driving the forklift to do some thinking.

    As the economic depression get worse, more whites look to the military. And the money they get earns their loyalty.

    • don’t know if whites are just stupid, or

      Well, the sad answer is: They are too stupid – too far gone, as well.
      That was the plan of 1970s LNs: Stupefy that era’s youth – and all next generations – with a deliberate program of dis-education in BIGov Publik Skoolz. The unexpected bonus and the dawn of the MINO and colored only accelerated the degeneration and bolstered their audacious plan.

      The LN knows it requires a bare minimum of white pawns in traditional positions where whites are more economically effective than other races. As time passes, even these will be made obsolete.

    • Ryu: It’s sad. I’m just a spectator as of now. Most Murkan wheaties don’t care about their demise. They just want to make money, and take it from there. They’re also incredibly boring people, with the same old, tired out patterns. No vision for the future. In Montreal, the French Whites, at least try to put on cultural festivals, celebrating their holidays and historic moments. It takes place weekly. We have nothing of this sort. Murkan Whites care ONLY about money, and the next fix of consumption, that comes along with it. Just a boring rat race, to attain more money.

      • Do people ever go to those festivals, JS? Or is it just for show?

        I’ve heard that your PIGS countries actually have a life outside of work. They take a siesta during the day. They take their vacations. Totally different from the US.

  3. One must learn from other cultures who have survived what we are currently living. Mindweapons in Ragnarok had a fetish for Chechen culture, I am inclined to agree with him that their culture has many noble elements we must emulate.

    Aleksander Solzhenitsyn, author of the Gulag Archipelago and Nobel Peace Prize winner, has told about Chechens the following:

    “There was one nation that would not give in (after Stalin had deported the entire nation to Siberia), would not acquire the mental habits of submission — and not just individual rebels among them, but the whole nation to a man. These were the Chechens. They were capable of rustling cattle, robbing a house, or sometimes simply taking what they wanted by force. They respected only rebels. And here is an extraordinary thing — everyone was afraid of them. No one could stop them from living as they did. The Soviet regime which had ruled the land for thirty years could not force them to respect its laws.”

    • One must learn from other cultures who have survived

      The lesson is most do not survive. Chechens are a rare example.

      When civilization came to Mankind, two more basic groups emerged from the original Hunter-Gatherers: Farmers and Nomads.

      Chechens are nomads – the most difficult group to control because of their mobility. Mongols and Huns were nomads. So were Comanches and Apaches.
      Indians: America’s First Nationalists

      Chechens are Muzz. They are ascendant as Xtianity declined into the abyss.

      Whites are farmers now. There are no colored farmers, only nomadic Welfare Looters. These cyclically rise during times of collapse.

      Murka has sown the seeds of its own end by spreading coloreds and Miggers around to grow, then sat idly by as they flourish, to the demise of the fading white population.

      I now seriously suspect Whites, as the world’s greatest, most advanced culture, have thus reached this end quicker.

  4. If one were savvy and disciplined then all things related to the dmv and driving couid be usurped without detection. One could easily drive without license, registration, and insurance and with enough discipline and some luck, ride free until death. IF one were to be stopped by police THEN one must make his case for radical autonomy… The Law of the Land.

    What does this have to do with “good white boy” jordies? Breaking that pointless subservience to the lovey-govey before “they” cross the Rube-n-con.

    [ed note: they are simply trained by propaganda to serve The Military State and they obey. they are too stupid to question authority. that’s it.]

    • Some quick estimates…

      16 –> 75 = 59 years of driving

      — Driver’s education = 500 estimate

      –Insurance @ 65 per month = 698 per year

      –Registration estimate 150 per year

      — Licensing = 100 per lifetime…

      About 51k in a lifetime saved/earned…

  5. If you’re a “white” jordie in MRKA then you more than likely possess a desire for some degree of self-annihilation. In the minimum, one will be defaced and openly disrespected in the most personal sense AS A MATTER OF military PROTOCOL. And at the extreme, one must tolerate this procedural dehumanization with obedient ideological fervor ALL UNDER THE DIRECT ORDER of a very perverted cabal. Most are simply soulless. The Law of Diminishing Returns says put your resources into white boys with souls.

  6. Jews can run the stock market. Hell, they want WASPs eradicated so they can have it all to themselves.
    Brazil – and yes, even Mayhhicco – are loaded with farms and the people to run them, so Jethro on a Tractor won’t be needed either.

    Jews haven’t really eradicated WASPs in the conventional way. Intermarriage between the Northeastern Elites, which includes Wealthy Gentiles and Jews, gave the parasitic kikey the upperhand. WASPs were 1st and Jews were 2nd, now Jews share that privilege with WASPs and are ALSO in 2nd behind them.

    Donald Trump’s in law is a WASP/KIKE hybrid, and so his brother, and they both love well polished, token niggas.

    Meanwhile, all the Southern Hicks who nigkikspic will be voting for this Trump. It’s sad, sad, sad. End of wheatie!

    • Meanwhile, all the Southern Hicks who nigkikspic will be voting for this Trump

      The jew intermarries with WASPs in alliances as did European monarchy and Ancient governments.

      Any WASP who overspends his dad’s cash and goes bankrupt (like Trump) eventually needs jew money. In swoops the jew with a deal from the Devil.

      Note Trumpy is an israel lover who’ll defend Tel Aviv to the last drop of ANYBODY ELSE’S son’s blood.

    • And FP: Yes, I don’t belong in Manhatty, but these 3 guys do!!!!!

      • And the middle Tyrone guy, loves slaying all the GenBritneys he can, while the poor wheatie brandon rents a box to become an aspiring chef in Manhatty, serving meals to the blackie and his wheatie sluts.

        I’ll say this over again, because this is the state of affairs we are in. And wheatie liberal sluts love colored men with stash of cash, which even better, for them.

        [ed note: white colored-fucking sluts take the deal because they get a premium for their skin color. women are golddiggers who seek to maximize their PU$$Y worth. even a warpig gets her value maximized when she sexes a buck]

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