Freelance Fascists

by Firepower

Look up freelance: It comes from a knight selling his mercenary services to any nobleman willing to pay for thug service. Knights were not chivalrous good guys; they were actually thugs with the weaponry to intimidate and coerce unarmed peasants into serving The Evil Lord.

The chivalrous legend came later as the Church sought to contain their thuggery for their own use against government. Church had the money like BIGov. Because Monks and scribes were the few who could write, they disseminated the “chivalry” propaganda.

Gunslingers did the same in the Wild West. Today, off-duty cops outside of uniformed authority arrest citizens in record numbers.

Virginia is home to DC – the richest, most evil place on the planet next to Riyadh – and a portal to Hell. The court scribes and court of Royalty need protection from….…. the coloreds they set upon White America to dominate and coerce it. As coloreds and MINOs encroach on fresh housing because they destroyed all of theirs in successive waves, Elite Rulers will need small Motte & Bailey until they retire, to dispense law and fuck things up. They can’t-won’t move 50 miles away from the nearest colored and commute to their 900 sq.ft. mahogany-paneled office with solid walnut desk to write laws glorifying “Diversity”

14 Comments to “Freelance Fascists”

  1. Interestingly, I remember watching a TV show, by Michael Palin (ex Monty Python comic). On the subject of the Medieval Church. He said it was the greatest Medieval industry, As there wasn’t much of industry in those days. The product was eternal salvation. And they sold it to different people at different prices.
    As a consequence they became filthy rich in the process. He showed us diagrams of monks private houses, which were a lot better than anything the peasants had, and an ideal pad for bringing the girls round for a mead or two.
    Whilst to some this might sound like a vulgar portrayal. It was also one of those hours of television, you never forget.

    • I also recommend another Python player’s works on “Medieval Lives” and another one called Barbarians.
      Can’t recall his name. I hate most python stuff except Holy Grail.

      In one episode on Rome, he stated when the Visigoths came as only the second invaders ever to the gates of Rome, they mostly wanted “in” so they could live the good life: baths, plumbing and hamburgers. The jaded Romans were so carelessly apathetic, they didn’t bother to leave the games at the Colosseum. The goths came in and messed up the place – kind of like Glastonbury or OWS – because there wasn’t anything good left to loot. He said all that stuff about histrionic rape n’ plunder were exaggeration. Like our “HEROCops saving our 9/11 SacredVICTIMS”.

      Like Texans blustering about “aliens” but not getting off their fat asses to leave the Dallas Cowboys game and stop the Miggers from spraypainting the Palace in Dallas.

      • Yeah, I think the one I watched was part of the “Medieval Lives” series. Funny how the Python’s humour didn’t stand the test of time. The only one that I find classically timeless is John Cleese’s “Fawlty Towers”. I can only take one episode at a time.

  2. The funny thing is they will hire a lot of die-versity and the die-versity will turn on them. Always fun to learn of these things.

  3. At least the knights and church of old fought for a higher ideal. A sense of order, structured properly from the top down. A king and nobility whose main interest was to leave their heir with a kingdom as good if not better than they inherited. These knights because they actually owned hereditary lands had an intimate stake in their kingdom.

    Fast forward to the modern day. The peasant and merchant classes have taken power through the great American and French Revolutions. The merchants exercise an oligarchy by pitting the peasants against each other every four years. The peasants and their descendants being genetically and spiritually what they are cannot be bothered to govern properly, being more distracted with internet pussy, cheap booze, and feetsball.

    Modern day jordies and herocops are as far removed from knighthood as a beagle is to a wolf. Cops and jordies simply fight for whoever is wealthiest and most politically connected at the moment. Michael Jackson diddling kids is A-OK, but those pesky people complaining about their pensions being stolen must be tear gassed and billy clubbed. At least knights fought for a higher ideal god and king.

    • Modern people are biased to view Knights through rosy-tinted glasses because of glamorized propaganda – as in how we perceive HEROJordies.

      Knights imposed order in the Medieval mercantile/slave economy that was based on trade and agriculture. Lords owned the land. Royalty owned the trade routes.

      To me, Feudalism was not far removed from all ancient societies based on hereditary rulers, their upperclass henchmen, a military class, a religion class to spread dopey bullshit to pacify the masses – and those stupid masses.

      I hold no illusions: The masses are not noble. All they want is to drink, sleep and fuck. Watch any Jerry Springer Show.

      The only time in history where progress is made is when Whites are in charge and those whites rule with a benevolent dictatorship. Once they become tyrants, even White Western Civilization ends up like Africa. Stalin is a good witness.

      • It’s a funny thing. The truly noble people one doesn’t hear about. Just like all the real heros of our race today are villains.

        Most “heros” just get good press because the media wings them. Chris Kyle is an assassin who kills 200 in Iraq – he’s a hero. The DC Area sniper is an assassin who kills 10 in DC – he’s a villain. The nobility of the act depends on what side you’re on. The acts are the same.

        The only interesting people are the working class and the criminal class. I found a little motto in a book opening:

        “Nabat books is a series dedicated to reprinting forgotten memoirs by various misfits, outsiders, and rebels. We believe that the truly interesting and meaningful lives are only to be had by dropouts, dissidents, renegades and revolutionaries, against the grain and between the cracks. The Nabat Series offers a little something to set against the crushed hopes, banal lives, and commodification of everything.”

  4. “Watch any Jerry Springer Show.” Too much TV. What do you see in your own family and circle of friends. What are your own children doing (do you have any children?)? Did you keep your children away from bad influences?

    You actually contribute to the degeneracy with your photos. What ARE you trying to accomplish. If you want to attract the best people you must put out better bait. Something to think about.

    [ed note: despite many trailerparks full of relatives you have not brought even one single disciple to Eradica so I will not listen to a single of your bitchy suggestions]

  5. Ugh. Sorry about my poor punctuation.

  6. Americans will forgive anything as long as a man’s “working”.

    Maybe WNs should create a police force. Then we’ll be on our way to being tyrants just like the USG. You only need 3 things: money, soldiers, and balls.

  7. JT Ready used to talk of his exploits on Facebook and ask for donations. Just to give an idea.

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