Gun Firing Drone Created by White Engineer

by Ryu

Whites are still the leaders in engineering; even though the often serve the wrong master. One white engineer scared the USG a bit.

He made a drone that shoots bullets, before they did. That’s the way it is though. Amateurs make most of the progress in science. It was this way the early days in radio, cars, computers, electronics, and drones also.

The FAA has cooked up a set of rules, of course. You already know them: if you work for the USG, you can do whatever. HOWEVER, no civilian drone can have a gun on it.

The recoil on this gun directs the drone down and back mainly.

9 Comments to “Gun Firing Drone Created by White Engineer”

  1. There is the drone (structural mechanics), the application (utility beyond “flying object”) and then its power source. There is nerd action in all three area… Of course, anti-drone technology should be right around the corner (personal EMPs, drone hacking, conventional projectile/web net/solidifying foam to seize operable drones). If the default assumption is inevitable drone abuse then fashioning an aggressive manifesto NOW seems necessary.. A “state drone harrassment” lawsuit seems imminent. Pushing to the craft the narrative while UncleBeast is attempting to craft the narrative all in his favor is crucial.

  2. So Ryu has finally posted on this topic. A smart thing is to not broadcast anything of that sort. People have been fired for posting on youtube, let alone authorities arresting them.

    • There are ways to be anonymous JS. The USG is not infallible. The IRS can’t even keep the hackers out. This revolution is not being televised but It’s happening. Pissed off White men are not to be trifled with.

  3. What that thing needs is one of the old rocket guns, which fired ‘mini Rockets’ instead of regular ammo. That would take care of the recoil problems.

  4. The universe is approximately 13.8 billion years old.
    The maximum amount of hate in that time exists in my brain right now.
    All that put together is infinitely less effective than one drone pointed in the right direction.

  5. The best battery on your $500 commercial drone gives you about 10-15 min fly time with NO LOAD. Like all other technologies, both the innovating and FINANCING must be extracted from the masses. In the case of drones, an essentially open source media EXAGGERATES a new and upcoming technology TO SPUR the productive inclinations of the masses. So here “we” can get a glimpse of reality versus science fiction… Armed drones sounds peachy until one realizes you MIGHT have 5-10 minutes flight time per charged battery. What kind of offensive could you pull off with that? Remember, such an armed drone will also require targeting and gps equipment. Now you are down to 3-8 minutes flight time with a $500 drone and another $500-1000 in “utility apps.” So the nerds, spurred on by YouTube videos will make that better battery and help finance this inevitable drone army.

    • The primary use of a drone is intel and escape. All one needs is a bird’s eye view for 10 seconds. One might say it is the most reliable lookout-man there is.

      I’ve found an interesting man, TD. Geoff Thompson. Some kind of famous London doorman.

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