The Cop Con

by Ryu

…only WE can keep you safe!

The cops and the military both run a protection racket. In third world countries, the police and the military are actually the same; some clever wn should cook up a good name for that.

In America today, there is no practical difference between cops and soldiers; not in how…..…. they dress, not in how they act. One wages war abroad, one wages war at home.

The essense of a protection racket is “give us money or something bad will happen.”

Naturally, it helps if you control the bad guys too. You can tell them to do a few “favors” so you have plausible deniability. Then, you can swoop in and save the day.

The USG does that. Most major enemies of the US government has been created by the USG itself, from Osama to crack babies to the Cartels to Red China, including both Communist Cuba and Venezuala.

Cops claim that “criminals” will come and get you if you don’t pay up. The average working man does not have anything that the criminal wants. He has no money, no property, and no weapons. Most of you have absolutely nothing to fear from the criminal classes.

8 Comments to “The Cop Con”

  1. The cop/soldier archetype is just another executive role to fill thereby allowing the TPTB to shape the environment based on recruitment aims that leave the “default elite” several levels away from accountability and liability. You want a Ferguson Riot? Hire naive, good hearted white boys just bleeding at the aorta over the idea of fine black folk being victimized by the savage nigger amongst them. Or, hire some juiced up, chip-on-they-shoulder nigel to run routes in a lily white neighborhood so that a conditioning of groveling acceptance unnaturally manifests. Cops and soldiers DESIRE radical autonomy… Consequence-free action… All “we” can do is set about to push those memes that go directly to the mind of the white male and the questioning of his manhood as he seeks to join the cop/soldier cult. These wannbe cops and soldiers think they are real white men ONLY BECAUSE they will lie to themselves about the extent to which they must serve a malevolent “default elite.” “We” already know that blacks and females will work for lower standards and less pay thus fundamentally degrading the entire cop/soldier profession. The trend towards a Mad Max type scenario will put white cops and the (white) men they serve in a more intimate and thus more accountable position if they just so happen to attempt to operate above the law? At the same time, black cops will be forced into areas of black mold and be free to annihilate the parasites within without degenerate “white” liberals voicing their hollow “moral” objections.

  2. some clever wn should cook up a good name for that.

    The Word of the Day is: Junta

    The Protection Racket was perfected by the usa whop mafia in the early 20th century.
    The scam runs like this: Scary hood confronts storeowner and tippytoes around the legality of a veiled threat and warns him that some criminal element’s been busting up shit around the area and he – and his “associates” – are willing to look out for the storeowner and his property for a monthly fee.

    If refused, they come back another time and bust up the place and smack around the owner and make a quick escape.

    wns could do this to LN businesses around town

    • The average liberal business owner is much too psychologically comfy with the Profile State to fall victim to this pressure. One would have to go to a business with owners that actually distrusted or plain hated the police. This worked back in the day only because of a “no snitch” mentality, general aversion for cops getting in one’s business and a real threat of losing your business to local parasites. This just isn’t the case for SWPL businesses in general. Then again, “we” are talking now and not tomorrow… So???

      • Situations probably arise from time to time. There’s a prominent business owner in my area. He owns a pub and the cops don’t like him because of some initiatives he’s working on or something (can’t quite remember) Anyway, they punish him by making sure there’s a cop parked outside his establishment so no one wants to drink there for fear of getting a dui. A business owner like that might, at some point be open to such an arrangement.

        [ed note: understand, THIS IS why coloreds hate pigs. an enterprising sort might tell the local #BlackLivesSplatter/BlackkkPanthers there’s two distracted pork dinners at a regular spot…]

      • DUIs make the system alot of money. Many cities would go bankrupt without them. A DUI case will cost the drunk 5-10K by the time the just-us system is done with him. A good officer can make is year’s pay in a weekend.

  3. Gotta keep your ear to the ground to find the situations.

  4. Traffic tickets are a great entry level scam. Fees have a way of accumulating forever.
    Once a judgment or lien has been attached to your name you have become a new type of property.
    Worse even than undischargeable student loan debt.
    Alimony/palimony might as well be a death sentence.

    • @thejokerisi Yes. A minimum wage worker may never recover from a dui. Drinking and driving is a really bad idea. But you missed the point of my post.

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