Ashley Madison SEX Scandal

by Firepower

Biderman – and TWO Shiksa Goddesses!

Hey! The scumbag who runs Asheley Madison is a jew.

Maybe his uncles in the pornobiz couldn’t get him on the A Team…

Let’s hope his remaining uncles, grandparents and brothers in the plain old media (that doesn’t show pussy, cocks and cumshots) will feel obliged to make some money and cover it fully.

It shows (as I state irl) just how many wonderful contributions jews have made to Murkan Kultur since – as Hollywood tells us – “World War Two was fought to save these wonderful people from The Holocaust.”

Good thing they all moved to Manhattan after the war.

15 Responses to “Ashley Madison SEX Scandal”

  1. Haha! FP is kiking again. And it’s Manhatty related. Jews and Manhattan, like hand and glove. Besides Ferguson and Baltimore, which are colored scum wastelands of poverty, you have the other spectrum of gluttonous wealth and degeneracy of Jew York and Hollywood. I really blame the witey for allowing the Jew neuro-parasite to take control of his brain.

    [ed note: if ONLY we could say “kike” just one more time, the Magic of Niggerspickikery will make them disappear and we’ll be ruled by benevolent WASPs]

    • And it’s rather sad “Shiksas”, which really means White Aryan women, who are a lot more beautiful than any kikess, ape-woman, mamacita or gooker lady, are viewed as trophy prizes by Jews and all colored men. I have been seeing a lot of rice gookers trying to game witey women on the streets of Manhatty, recently, and they’re probably jealous of the fact, that Tyrone has beat them to the punch, now that the black parasites are with the witey girls in droves.

  2. A kike running Ashley Madison, you say. Well make my week end.

  3. It is odd that the media decides to obsess over this particular story. It’s not the most interesting thing going on today. Adultery must be extremely common today.

    • Yah it’s silly. Most young people don’t even marry anymore. I guess the FFOL just wants to put the last nail in the coffin of marriage and monogamy.

      • the FFOL just wants to put the last nail in the coffin of marriage and monogamy.

        No guessing; that’s precisely what they seek.

        Serial Monogamy (liufy), the way the black does it, is the best way to make nigger factories for the future nigger warehouses that feed the BIGov Prison Industrial Complex.

        Career politician slime hold up The Boogey Man and scare taxpaying suburban whiteys into forking over all their TAXBUX$$$ so the Mrs. doesn’t get gang-raped up her fat ass while hubbee’s away working his third minimum wage Wal-Mart greeter job.

        Thus, one fine future day, all Murkans of every shade of brown (cuzz that’s all that’ll remain)
        …will be as Democrat Dependent as today’s colored on Section 8, ObongoCare and SNAP.

        All over

  4. Supposedly 95% of the members are men, which means this is just another hooker service.

    • Most of our entire existence
      is just another …
      hooker service

    • Seems about right. In Murka, everything is commodified to serve the agenda of capitalism for $$$. Sex in Murka is no doubt, tied with money, and so is the access to women, agreeable food, safe housing. Anything which would seem normal in other 1st world nations, are considered a privilege in Murka, for those who have the means.

      • Anything which would seem normal in other 1st world nations, are considered a privilege in Murka,

        It’s just another facet of the Economic Law of Diminishing Returns: liufy

  5. Speaking of white boy engineers, one thing not yet on the horizon but maybe beyond it, is virtual reality sex.
    Someday the legions of nerds and beta gamma would-be providers who can’t get laid because the ladies are riding the cockcarousel with Biker Joe, Thug Tyrone, Illegal Jose, Bad Boy Jim, and Mobutu Musume Mugabe may invest their paychecks in pseudo-relations with 3-D, ultra-res, digi-simulated fembots.
    TD said some clever things about radical autonomy.
    If this is possible, they will think it is the best thing to ever happen to them.


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