Manhattan Hovels

by Firepower


[hat tip JS:]

All in fun. Don’t huff off madd…

Looks like it is true – from a real, live Man-Hattanite’s mansperience: Manhattan is the Land O’ The Pewr infested with colored filth for miles around. Just not from the 2nd floor up. It’s not Brazil, where crawling colored filth stink up the place a short trip across ……Ocean View Street.

I’m sure gazing from your 2-story windows with a fab view of Central Park, where even a colored Manhattan plastic surgeon qualifies as a “niqqer”.

Poor Manhatties are stuck paying $1 MILLION for a lousy parking space

All I can say is, JS’ house is tres splendide. Invite Ryu and me up to the penthouse one day. Share those $7600 a night CUNY cunts trickin’ on the side to make tuition lol.

Future Chefs are forced to live in 100 sq.ft. apartments for a measly $13,200 per year. That’s not a typo: A real, live one hundred square foot room.

Yep. Manhattan is just another Ferguson, Missouri.

37 Comments to “Manhattan Hovels”

  1. That’s correct FP: It’s great to be wealthy in Maaanhatan, living on the 100th floor, as they say. With no Tyrone in sight.

    My apartment wasn’t anything of the sort like that of the picture. But I paid $800 for a ~ 1,500 square ft living quarter where playboys are abound, with a 5 minute walking distance to Whole Foods and the other highly desired amenities of those 3Fers. There’s probably more envy stemming from my living situation, than the mansion pig who lives in his isolated fortress in billionaire mile, Porky Avenue, for those idiots who pay and arm n leg to be in a (see the next sentence).

    I never said your enchanted isle was a Ferguson.But it’s a cesspool, allrite!

    • hah. I know your bi-weekly safaris to Whole Foodz is fraught with danger as you fight off Ubangis hungering for your TriBecaBerry Frappocinos.

      Still, if you paid $800 for a ~ 1,500 square ft living quarter where playboys abound, I suspect for that discount, you’re a modern giggollo – the Spaniard version of Rudolf Valentin0 stickin’ it to the craggy old jewess landlady lol.

      btw, this post is your monthly opportunity to vent about all things colored and manhatty.

      • Haha. I lived in a building with a doorman, with mostly 3Fer neighbors, owned by a 2 Jew bros, not an old hag. Discounted rent, which was a prize that I won years ago post 9-11, when the billionaire Jewberg mayor was afraid that the middle class citizens would leave after the a bunch of muzzies attacked the enchanted isle, and so he enacted a lottery system of getting middle income individuals to stay in apartments intended for upper middle income earners and above. The real estate moguls would then get a generous tax break in return. This sort of arrangement still exists due to our corrupt NYC politics, but the discounted manhatty apartments are all occupied, because of their highly desired positions. Worse, today, there seems to be a preference for colored scum in these programs, because of our LN mayor, dumboreo wants them there. Coloreds usually don’t qualify, because Tyrones in the world are deadbeats with a poor credit score. I’m sure the selection process is more lenient now, as with all LNfied programs. Furthermore, he has already put in place new housing projects for them in the South Bronx and Queens, to name a few locations.

        I had to prove I was poor enough to pay it. I since then earned a substantial amount of money over the years, working for myself, and structured my business, as to be an employee making pittance wages, so I can still stay in it for dirt cheap. And this was way before, Manhatty has become the enchanted isle today, although, when I was first moved in, the process was beginning to take hold.

      • a lottery system of getting middle income individuals to stay in apartments intended for upper middle income earners and above.

        these are the kind of things unique to manhattys but SO ALIEN to flyover country clodhoppers – that i want you inhabitants of The Greatest City in the World!™ to snitch on.

    • Dude… $800 for 1500 sq ft???

      You couldn’t get that in the WORST parts of San Diego. That would rent a 120 sq ft ROOM in a 2-3 bedroom house with no amenities or off street parking in the main beach areas.

      • TD: In my opinion, Manhattan sucks when comparing to San Diego. Too many niggas running around. You wouldn’t want to be living in La Jolly, San Diego, and see nigels in your neck of the woods. And that’s my opinion!

      • And I tell you this, since you’re a bouncer. Just about every damn club and bar in NYC, is staffed by nigel guards, regardless of the demographic of the patrons.

      • JS…

        I imagine it’s a strictly business decision. Big, black bouncer should keep 99% of the lilies in line while avoiding any violent “racist” incidents with a savage nigger that could sink the business in a heart beat.

  2. 100 sq ft. Dear me I almost reached for my calculator, to press the square root. What’s become of me?

    • If a foreign STEMguy, just say you’re a Muzz Paki from Dooblin and get a quick HB1 visa to work for Microsof.

      Overstay your welcome, get Obamnesty – then teach us yanks how to rly drink while youre on the lifetime Dole.

  3. “Cuckservative” Radio speak, is of course useless and futile, especially if it is manned by sellout Jews in the likes of Michael Savage and Mark Levin, with their hypocritical diatribe.

    Speaking of Manhattan in this context, the Savage guy has recently broadcasting out of Manhatty, instead of his usual SF base. He praises the cesspool, how wonderful and exciting NYC is, with its coloreds. This is the same guy who complains about immigrants taking away jobs from Whites and destroying White Cultcha.

    • I honestly see Trumpites as not expecting him to share his lucre, nor Melania’s perfectly sculpted snatch.

      Levin is an execrable kike. He is like all NeoCons including the once loved Kraut Hammer: They’ll toss off every coon on welfare and ship back every spick to Spixico – provided they have enough white cannonfodder Jordies to die for Israel.

      TIP: you will always sniff them out by their slobbering devotion to fight for Isreal to the last drop of your white blood.

  4. FP: And since Manhatty is so open, with its wealthy neighborhoods without gates, they’re not immune to colored miscreants.

    This website details the police report of any neighborhood. Gramercy Park is a posh neighborhood with townhouses, which isn’t free from colored crimes. There’s plenty of it.

    I say colored: What is the likelihood that the majority of these crimes are committed by Whites against witey.

    This is an old article, from 2 years ago:

    It’s gotten worse, now that we have dumboreo LN mayor in full force.

    All you focus on, is the high tower luxury fortresses, which doesn’t concern the average 3Fer in Manhatty.

    [ed note: no doubt a purse-snatching once in the 21st century is enough to mar the Mona Lisa of manhattan, thus causin’ crime to jump “100%”]

    • I’m looking at that report, which has descriptions of black males, stealing of hookah pipes (muzzie cigarillos), and names like Mohammad. Sounds about right!

      Just remember, in vibrant degenerate holes, a symbiotic process involves Whites playing and coloreds stealing!!!!!

  5. And this is related to everything on this site:

    Gunfire opens in a Federal Building in Manhatty, where a person is dead.

    Don’t you love these MINO cops? All witey in Manhatty does, is fuss, feast and fuck, while coloreds are increasingly becoming the new law givers and backbone of our society.

    It’s sad…..

  6. For you FP:

    Poor witey chump from flyover Wisconsin, enchanted by your enchanted isle, is on a budget.

    Pays $1,100 for 100 Sq ft apt, owned by a Jew, where he puts up with its jailhouse conditions, so he can be in this shithole they call Manhattan. Works as a chef, to serve those fine, wining, dining, parasite 3Fers and LNs, whose apts are 10 times as big. I feel sorry for him!

    • As I said, Manhattan is The Enchanted Isle – for the one tenth of the 1% who get their gold-plated caviar luncheon discounted for $400 instead of $500 – because they force the chef to live like a slob.

      It’s not an enchanted isle…for the likes of you.

    • JS, what do the Montreal elite do to earn their $$$? I suppose it is the same as NYC – the stock market, real estate, and phat .gov jobs. Probably the same everywhere now.

      • They salaries are slightly lower, perhaps about 1K less/per month than what you would make in NYC. But the chef guy, would pay about $600-1000 for a 1 bed room in Montreal, and live better. Compared to NYC, for $1,500 to 3,500, for the same amount of space. Also, I do not spot as many niggas per day. I see about 8 niggas per day in Montreal, compared to Manhattan, where I can spot 10 niggas within 5 minutes.

    • That’s not bad. He just needs to put a desk in there and put the fridge up on the desk. Stack all that crap up. Then could fit a chair in there. I lived in a similar area for years.

      It is criminal to charge 1100 per month for that though. He probably makes 10-15 bucks an hour, putting in two jobs to keep that spot. That’s what I consider nefarious.

      • Ryu: He’s a loser by NYC standards. Not many girls will find him attractive, because of his living situation. He will eventually stop smiling and give up on Manhattan, and fly back to flyover.

        So yes, FP is correct. Manhattan is for the rich, and also COLOREDS, but not the average witey guy, unless he has a high paying job. Chefs generally make very little money, unless they own the restaurant, where they serve meals to the gluttonous parasites, who work on wall st or some other jew industry.

        As I’ve said before, WNs should visit NYC and study the place, it’s fascinating to see your enemies that close!!!

    • You forget Manhattan once had a Harlem full of Ubangis.
      Manhattan once had a Bowery full of drunks and low down white trash.
      Hell’s Kitchen full of filthy whops and scummy Micks.

      Manhattan’s wealth is constant, its sociological fortunes, cyclical – because it has money. Generations pass where shitty hoods are long forgotten by The Stupid.

      All the rest of Murka – St. Louis, Buffalo – Detroit – fall permanently because all their TAXBUX$$$ sent to BIGov end up remodeling Manhattan.

      • Yes, and I want to bring more bad news about Manhattan.
        [ed note: as stated THIS is your monthly thread to Manhattan-yourself silly]

        Not just niggas litter the streets, they are beginning to litter the good schools in droves as much as gookers, and many of the romantic couples, involve a black parasite and witey girl. Its seems like whitey guy has become a eunuch or a homo erotica. Many witey guys look like single loserish guys or with their boyfriends!
        [the black is the dominant force in Murka today – NOT whites. Miggers even are second]

        So FP: Perhaps these blackies have money, and witey do not. I can count at least 5 blackie guy/whitey girl just by walking in Manhatty in any given day.

        It’s quite sad these witey has been dispossessed of his status.
        [get used to it. in a liberal city, liberals rule. in YOUR ULTIMATE LIB CITY where Liberals ARE THE SUPREME Rulers, they rule even more]

  7. New York New York if I can mache it there I’ll mache it anywhere.

  8. the black is the dominant force in Murka today – NOT whites. Miggers even are second

    And yet, you discount my black theory in Manhatty. LOL…..

    The ghetto Tyrone gets to live in the housing projects in Manhattan, for free.

    The other, more polished, Tyrone sleeps with GenBritney, in a $3K/per month apartment in Manhattan, for free.

    Mean, the poor witey brandon rents a 100 sq ft studio for $1,100 in Manhattan, at the mercy of his jew master!

  9. maybe JS can bunk with JayZ in Feudal Manhattan West’s version: $1800 a month – for a bunkbed. not even an apartment…

    • The Bay of Pigs in SF, are trying to emulate the cramped conditions of NYC’s jailbirds.

      FP: Murka is a dead corpse, not that Canucki Land is a lot better, or the Quebecois are doing it better than us. Just the stagnation, which includes our lifeless youths in Murka, is beyond hope of any redemption. At least, I see quite a number of Canadian wheaties, who are STEM workers. Murkan wheaties are bumtards, either in a parasitic field or not working, because the wages are too low, taken up by Jose, Tyrone, Dot Singh or Gooker Lee.

      • BOP [good one, btw] is not su much emulating as in copying, but behaving the way any normal Feudal Caste City does when the rich and ultrarich have long since carved up the spoils and selected the choicest morsels for themselves and their greedy spawn.

        It’s the same in London and Stockholm – and your Madrid.
        Which, I wonder, WHY you left; surely there’s far less coloreds/MINOs there than even Sweden.

      • I left Manhattan, because it symbolizes, what greater Murka has become, on a smaller scale (I’ve said this repeatedly). One thing for sure, there is no quality of life in any Murkan hole, unless one is aristocrat living the high life, with poor chumps around you, many of whom are coloreds, who will never assimilate into the wheatie sphere.

        wheaties towns in flyover Murka, could offer a glimmer of hope for disenfranchised wheaties. But they don’t, because conservatards have been circle jerking, the same BS over and over, for the 1 millionth time.

      • The problem with flyover is that minos make WNs. They are clueless. Only heavy exposure to minos makes one radical. Virtually all WNs live in diverse areas.

      • @Ryu

        Virtually all WNs live in diverse areas.

        It is Lnazis who live in lily white suburban enclaves safe from Black Mold – and MINOs.
        An effective Argument Tool and accusation I regularly hurl at – and smash them with – is:

        “You haven’t lived within 20 miles of a colored making less than $300,000 a year since 1999.”

        Change the figures to suit your enemy. Works every time.

      • This is something that concerns me, should WN ever succeed.

        It takes exposure to minos to make a WN. I myself was not racially aware until I moved to the big city. My first 20 years of life, I did not see any minos. And I was a liberal, like all stupid kids.

    • 2K a month for a bed and communal living? Jesus. A sucker really is born every minute. But today it’s more like every second.

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