White LNs – FOR Hillary 2016!

by Firepower

Pandering to coloreds may buy the cunt MINO votes, but do coloreds actually work for Her Majesty – and does Her Majesty share “the wealth” of Diversity Wonderments!™ and in turn, hire coloreds?

Shucks. Even these Harvard/Ivy Elite scum scions scurrying in das kubicles don’t even think to notice the absence of that Darker Shade of Shale…

The pure Fascism Supreme Ruler Hillary shall bring to Murka will make Obamao’s look like Jimmy Carter.

Killary’s Kampaign Kommand Kubicles: Mainly white and SWPL

38 Comments to “White LNs – FOR Hillary 2016!”

  1. These softies who work for her are stupid, and that is ALL.

    So why aren’t they being eradicated, remains a good question.

  2. Anyway I can send you a picture of her majesty?

  3. What’s you problem here FP? She only wants niggers to vote for her. Why the fuck would she want to hire a spade? this crowd look like they can polish their shoes.

    • Colin: If you follow the news, many of these LNs have sort of distance away from the black plague, after all these riots and killings with the police. By no means, they have jumped ship on them. Liberals love creating a mess, and they’ll move on to the next area and defecate, when the old thrill fades away.

      LNs operate out of emotion and irrationality, like their fucking peon constituents, the same way, the conservatards and theirs, but the leftist crowd is more dangerous.

      • Of course I follow the news JS. Do you think I’m some sort of patronising mindless cunt from Manhattan 🙂

        Sure if you are a rich liberal why the fuck would you want to put up with niggers and their mindless nigging?
        That sort of crap is for the little people. And being made to tolerate niggers is good enough for them.
        Tell them some of your best friends are black, nice n’ sleazy does it.

        Don’t you Americans hypocrisy at all m8?

      • Colin: Killary doesn’t care about the nigga votes, because she finds them of no use anymore, and they see her as the same. That’s how liberals operate, they jump from one spot to another, after taking a shit.

      • Then again JS: It would be wrong to imply that I get detailed US news. I merely get brief versions.

        [ed note: use the “news media” links on Eradica’s homepage for anti-propaganda]

  4. note Killary Klinton has attained such a level of traditional worship, that
    she now has Royal Power to determine the status
    of what type of Little People may worship her.

  5. Lotta white in that picture, FP. Looks like Starbucks.

    Obviously, Killary needs some intellect working for her. Minos don’t have it, and they are useless for that purpose.

    Whites seem to leap at this sort of assignment, even when it is not working to their long term purpose. The military is like this too. I guess everyone likes to feel smart and important. Looks good on the resume.

    Sort of like the Secret Service. Lotta white there too. You’ll notice that they don’t worry about diversity there either.

    Strange that there’s no old people there. It’s like a college campus.

    • Strange that there’s no old people there.

      Even old white liberal nazis have too much life experience to believe in the LN Propaganda bullshit; they’re there only for the same jaded, cynical reasons Ms. Killary is.

      Indeed, the resume-polishing is another goodie sought by the youthful pre-elite sons n’ daughters of Our Ruling Class: “smart badge” is a favorite term once used where “prestige” and “trophy” once sufficed.

      The fact ModernBlogggerzz need to keep re-inventing new memes for long extant cliches shows the basic marketing trick of re-packaging the same old shit in flashy newNewNEW! packaging!!!. It is required to bait the same old deer.

      It’s a facet of your paal Baal’s “leader as entertainer.”

      New ERADICA!
      NOW WITH Pepitol 5000!!!

      • Nothing ever changes. And there is nothing modern about our age. Gay rights, feminism and multiculturalism is an old game.

        I’m not deceived by computers or iphones. Our time is exactly the same in human reality as Rome or Athens fall. We speak English in the USA, but may as well be in 500 AD.

      • Ryu: In 500 AD, niggas were not elevated to become leaders to oversee Whites.

    • Old People. I think its a creativity thing. If you look at musicians a lot of them are done for creatively, early on. Jagger and Richards, Paul McCartney, that’s not to say they aren’t great musicians, and also wiser musicians.
      Though on a cynical note – young people are often very cheap to hire – I think you might find that the case here.

      • If you look at musicians a lot of them are done for creatively, early on.

        Music is for – and by – the young because it’s about fucking.
        Nobody wants to hear a croaky McCartney and haggard Jagger singing of holding hands in a Teen WetDream.

        So… popular art requires beautiful people – as does any creative performance endeavor.
        Not politics. “Creating” anything artistic there is so impossible as to be ludicrous.
        The main skill is lying and age only enhances that skill.

      • I figured that old people had the most experience, so they’d know how to get stuff done. A place that doesn’t have any, makes me think only suckers work there.

  6. Blacks… Especially black males… Have absolutely no desire to work for a de facto “white” dyke. The type of individual willing to volunteer on behalf of devout dyke movement are obviously going to be the flatout homodyke (maybe colored) and then those more effeminate and submissive “whites” males and the aggressive and erratic “white” female liberationist. This ain’t rocket science.

    [ed note: remember, 70% of coloreds will work for a $56,000 yearly paycheck if TheBOSS only requires they work 14 hours a week – because they’ve 40 white males to pick up the slack]

  7. It’s surreal at this stage to look at this lineup and “see” nothing. Not a single white Supremacist. In fact, to a “man,” ALL anti-white Supremacists. And Jebillary might be the most anti-white Supremacist combination of them all?

    White Supremacy = separation…

    When the bully won’t let you go… You can kill the bully with immunity.

    • And this is for you TD: This is a college video for the University of Alabama, that was branded by the media as being racist, because it features all White women. Wait, what about the black parasite in the video?

      Just another inane, useless propaganda, piece of garbage!

      • In fairness JS, in these dark days, its the way you are obliged to sell your message. If they didn’t throw in a token black, the SJW brigade would gang up on them and say they were neo-nazi knuckle draggers.

        It’s not their fault, its this way. I don’t have any problem with an organisation that wants to avoid confrontation with these aggressive, mal-adjusted thugs. Nowadays its a survival strategy, not a hypocrisy. .

      • I’ll have to watch this video again. But I will say this after one cursory view, this subversive propaganda is very much along the lines of coercing young white females into bedding blacks under the penalty of being thought “racist” if they refuse.

      • Here is another college video of the same, this time with more nigga boys:

      • JS, you devil, why ru watching all these girly videos?

        In a clean world, such women would be the reward for our best warriors. That type is our best breeding stock.

        I’ve seen “He Got Game”. But most coons I’ve seen at the uni don’t have game. They don’t have with white girls, and don’t have any “game.”

        It’s a total myth. Not all nigs are smooth playas. In fact, I’ve never seen one. The AB used to say that a strong white con could smoke any nigger. Most blacks are all talk and illusion.

      • There are a few WN movies which have been forgotten.

        “Prayer of the Rollerboys” was about a racist gang of rollerbladers in SoCal. It’s kind of cool, and it is original.

  8. except for the jew under the desk giving her a hummer

  9. TD: To sum everything up in one point, the nigga, as said by you many times, is a self annihilator with double standards.

    • JS…

      Yessir… But even more so towards the “talented tenth,” ALL are avowed anti-BLACK Supremacists. In other words, the root pathology of all self-annihilators is anti-Supremacy. But in the case of nigels, this single standard gives rise to what appears as antithetical action and hence a double standard. So for the anti-black Supremacist, the “white” female is both an object of lust (objectively more beautiful than his own kind) and pure hatred (potential procreator of white Supremacy). Separation IS NECESSARY for the survival of the “American black man.” The liberating forces of modernism have him on a collision course with total annihilation.

      • The hypocrisy of the nigga parasite, similar to that of the Jew parasite, complains about Whitey’s oppression, while taking his things for free, and then claiming superiority, is the heart of Murka’s problem. White Liberal Nazis only facilitate the problem, thus self annihilating themselves, and trying to self annihilate their co-racialists along, with their agenda.

  10. Ryu: I’m not scouring these videos online. It’s now a media sensation, that these videos are being called out as being racist, when it fact, they are sending perverse, subliminal, messages that White women should breed with blackies. It’s also sending a message that the college environment is nothing, but a sex orgy, and solely for niggas only.

    Anyway, Murka is pretty much a done deal for the average White guy. It’s no longer our place, anymore!

    • I’m sorry I’ve not watched it – but I’ve heard about it. So let them send out a message that their university is a niggers only fuck fest, what does that do for their target audience. How does that cut it with their intelligent demographic?
      A university that aspires to be a nigger fuck fest? That’s an education to be spending your money on.

  11. Colin: In a dark age, that we are. This time, technological wonders have facilitate it.

    • Yeah, I thought about that bit when I wrote it. Technology has been used by liberals to spread their message, very effectively. It has accelerated the process.
      Yet here we are. You in Manhattan, and me in the bog, in Ireland.
      My guess is that communications technology, is a two edged sword. It is an enabler for whoever chooses to use it correctly. In times past, the use of a standardised British long bow, enabled the Brits to cut down French armoured cavalry, and defeat them. A simple and cheap solution.
      Technology is blind. It favours no side.

      • Exactly… The Narrative is extremely susceptible through
        the same medium in which it is extremely successful. I have said before that radical liberation is one’s strength and weakness…. Having an identity of no identity, ie., being radically autonomous, is both advantageous and disadvantaging… Being invisible is both absolutely liberating and self-annihilating lonely.

        Whites are most susceptible to this psychological warfare because “we” have collectively taken the concepts of Perfection and total liberation to their near logical conclusion. That the mass of whites shall then choose the path of least resistance should be no shock and elicit no shame from genuine white Supremacist. IT CAN BE NO OTHER WAY.

      • My guess is that communications technology, is a two edged sword.

        It also slices the FFL with Snowden WikiLeaks, drones coming home to roost, Obongo’s online ObongoCare mess and Hillary’s server.

        The best way wn could make money would be hosting a TOR-like server with real anonymity from UncleBEAST’s growing gestapo-eyes.

  12. FP: The Stormcunts have their own web hosting of the sort, which you are describing. Anonymity isn’t much, if it doesn’t translate into concrete action and productivity.

    • Perhaps a server so safe it would make even Ryu giddy.

      Then, if not, such a people who only tweeeeet aren’t really much worth saving, are they?
      Thus, you can dive headlong into the Decay Carnival without any guilt as the dark rabble take their gift.

      The fund-raising entrepreneurialship of wn is as lowbrow as its drooling trailerparknazis, so any funding is preferable to selling 1975 copies of Turner Diaries at themthar Gunshows.


    • Stormcunts – Isn’t that supposed to be some sort of Fed honey trap?

      [ed note: no, it’s Vikings Riding Wolves http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1OG%5D

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