Mercenaries: Murkan & Roman Style

by Firepower

Murkans like to give Lip Service to our “bessin brah-diss” servin’ in our Cannonfodder Clodhopper Factory aka Da Murkan Miltree: Redneck Righty Republicants are the most susceptible to this hereditary flagwaving of reactionary propaganda.

When Rome was great, its soldiers were prized citizens similarly equipped with the best gear. At the end, they were debased mercs dressed worse than their barbarian foes.

Actuallym those last “roman” soldiers were not Roman at all; they were barbarians themselves. They were mercenaries – foreign mercs. Roman BIGov couldn’t even …..…..get actual Romans to fight anymore, so they paid the lesser peoples they conquered to be their triggermen. Disinterested, effete* Roman Bois disregarded the military.

They had shabby clothes, cheap shoes, chain mail instead of expensive hammered armor – and bad training; they wore the ancient equivalent of…sweatpants. Gone were the dyed tunics, ivory sword handles, gleaming armor, rigorous training, hardcore discipline and regulation shaved skin. The last Roman soldiers were hairy, swarthy slobs.

The fearsome, original Romans had fancy segmented armor, handcrafted footwear and were equipped with fine linens & woolens. Gold-inlaid metal embellishments, ivory decorated swords and ornate shields outfitted sturdy fighters trained for years. They built the famous roads you may have heard about – or not, if you’re a dumb hick.

Today? Murka gives guns and badges to Miggers, making them police of the very laws they break…

Next, Migger SWATZIs will SWAT your door at 4.a.m because you dissed Cinco de Mayo. LIUFY: Police departments hiring immigrants as officers

The GOOD Old Days…


End Times

20 Comments to “Mercenaries: Murkan & Roman Style”

  1. So FP fancy giving us a pop at a post?

  2. FP: Murka will be a laughing stock, all the way. It’s not even fair to compare us to the Roman barbarians.

    Tyrone and Jose can’t even hold a candle to Gothic von Lewd and Attila the Hun.

    Just remember no place in Africa, has come even close to a primitive Ancient Greece.

  3. Machavilli wrote about this. Rome began to fail as they hired Goth mercenaries. In peace, they despoil you. In war, the enemy despoils you. There’s no winning using mercenary troops.

    I don’t think the US has any trouble finding volunteers right now. There’s enough poverty that the kids want to sign up for the regular pay and benefits. Probably they are trying to diversity the force.

    • We have no barbarian mercenaries, except stupid witey leos and dumb jordies, who protect and fight for the MINOs. This is the big difference. The coloreds are just a nuisance, like a wasp in your living quarters.

  4. Rome suffered the same fate of any orgnism: Quit growing and die.

    It fell to its comforts – and the lifestyle such luxury engendered among its pampered citizens.
    The lesson to the wise is there was no stopping it. Such serious debasement must be checked and eradicated during the onset of disease just as a fistful of gnarly ass polyps get scraped out of an ass.

    Leave them there, shit blood – then die.

    All nations succumbed to this.
    The wise know Murka is now
    No different.

    • In economics, break even = perpetuation. It sounds counterintuitive until one examines the alternatives… Exponential growth and “black market.” One can intuit these economic models to be self-annihilating. In the first instance, continuously growth begets growth on growth, ie, exponential growth. In the real world, this is cancer. What transpires in the mind of the mad economist is taking this exponential growth “down” to the very instant. So if the aim is wealth creation through exponential growth then the point of “attack,” the “place” where one seeks to growth the growth of wealth is “here” and NOW. In other words, the desire for exponential growth is, by definition, AS SHORTSIGHTED as physically possible. The alternative is the “black market.” Its suboptimal “order” is also easily intuited. Not able to “see” clearly in a “black” market, one NEVER really knows what he shall get. Sometimes, it will be death.

      So both as a business and as a personal aim, one should seek a break even economic strategy to obtain perpetuation. Now do not forget that this includes saving and investment now so as to break even latter when one can no longer produce.

      It’s a simple fact, only break even business can perpetuate indefinitely. And with both debt and profit is a man with UncleBeast’s tentacles upon his person.

  5. The U.S. military is the most radically autonomous “entity” on earth. It “possesses” mercenaries, cannon fodder, social guinea pigs, psychopathic killers, psychotic self-annihilators, retards, handicaps, trannies, dykes, homos, jihadists, miggers and maybe one intellectually honest subversive Jew orchestrating it all?

    • It is a twisted ethos based solely on fiction – the Hollywood War Movie.

      Using old Rambo re-runs to babysit Jordie Jr. in 1990 was lost on the young tots who failed to see the main criminal (and fucker of Rambo butt) was UncleBEAST himself.

      • Murka is all incoherent. Call it a nation with many disparate entities, like a large rowdy mall or messy marketplace. And that’s what this country has become, and there’s plenty to fuss, feast and fuck, so to speak. So what’s the problem with it?

      • It can’t last, that’s the problem. The party-goers revel while the barbarians knock at the gate.

        There are too many contradictions occurring. The survivalists were right – but they underestimated the American police state, and how rich the US is.

        Each US state is as rich as another country in the world. That means the party can go on for a long time. The US is richer than Rome was.

      • The survivalists were right – but they underestimated the American police state

        SPs suffer from the same blinding disease as the MRM, who only see TOTE as eeeevil womyns and totally ignore jews who nourish feminism, etc.

        SPs see also err and see only one facet of their enemy – BIGov– but fail totally to also see the equally dangerous Miggers n’ Niggers acting as agents for UncleBEAST.

        The only group that completely sees the totality of ALL its enemies are Eradicans.

        An SP who would bomb The Beast and thereby provide more freedoms to coloreds is a fool.

      • That’s an interesting question, FP.

        I can’t think of a single SP DAA who did anything. Eric Rudolph was Christian Identity, Timmy was a WN. All the DAAs are our guys. I’m proud of them.

        I don’t think “freedom” is enough to fight for. It takes more.

      • Hey JS, are you still a Murkan or are you Canadian now?

  6. There is no shortage of “white” males ready and willing to fill an executive minion role in our burgeoning Profiling State.

  7. Ryu: I guess both. Montreal has niggas, but not as many per sighting per day like in Manhattan. I feel more relaxed, but it’s still a cesspool like any major city in the West. And rent here is cheap.

  8. An SP who would bomb The Beast and thereby provide more freedoms to coloreds is a fool.

    You don’t win until you snuff out the major libby nazi centers. It can happen, if millions of WNs charge in full force into NYC, DC and Chicago..etc. But I’m only dreaming now!

    • i think youre missing the point.

      spers “fight for america” and like Jordies, ignore they unwittingly fight for – and benefit greatest – faggots, Elites who evade military service and Kardashians.

      I can’t even safely use ‘unwittingly’ because such info is readily obvious; it’s just that Jordies and spers are cut from the same cloth of idiot.

      • Yes, I understand your point. It’s us vs them, spers are them, and are not WNs. SPs of course are more interested in pays/benefits in exchange, by serving and protecting their enemies.

        Nothing will change for the better, if you don’t target their conduits.

  9. they were jermans

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