Eradicating Germans

by Firepower

Frau Lezbos!

Far from being the foot-in-the-door hope to fapping PeterPanzer Trailerpark Nazis everywhere, Germania is, in fact, a collapsed shell.

Today, more krauts prefer faggot marriage than not. This is a nation more debased than even Murka, for the Huns don’t have Niggers N’ Miggers in numbers fouling their cities, so the stupid krauts can pretend to be oblivious that Vibrants Is Funn!

Not only is krautland not the spark of Hitla 2.1 the trailerparknazis yearn for, it’s as liberal as Frisco. Fantasy is not reality no matter how stupidly a GED dropout in a trailer thinks it is – and “wishes” it so.


written Aug 15, 2015, long before the current EU diktat of sprinkling its head with catbox nuggets 0′ Muzz occured…

26 Comments to “Eradicating Germans”

  1. “for the Huns don’t have Niggers N’ Miggers in numbers fouling their cities,” – Sorry you’re mistaken there FP.
    This was previously the case, but now they’ve decided to import a load of niggers and camel jockeys, to help improve their cultural diversity.
    Yes, they are/were jealous of the so-called Anglo Saxon model

    But your general observations on the hideous liberal faggotry hit the nail squarely on the head.

    That being said, there are pockets of resistance to the cultural improvements being sought by Frau Big Sister. As with our own battered and ruined nations, we can only hope.

    • um, I speak in generalities here on Eradica for I presume my readers are not rooshidiots or piggidiots needing pabby-McPablum.

      If so, then each p0st will need extensive, long-winded hand-holding in Defining Terms:

      lol…That now means we you must get the latest Census Report to verify SPECIFICS that I am wrong and yes, Germany indeed has as many nigras as Detroit – and as many Miggers as LA.

      • I remember when Hitler said that he was Germany’s last chance. Either he would win, or there would be no Germany. He was right. Much of the West is in the same condition.

      • More than any words FP could write, there’s a picture out there.

        A negress in a dirndl. That is Germany’s future. Ugh.

      • More than any words FP could write, there’s a picture out there.

        A negress in a dirndl

        Yet, one must respect those German-African-American girls in those pics.
        They dress like Germans – in a dimdl – show respect, and assimilate.

        There is none of the crazy Africanigra ‘tude here, where they dress in crazy Motherland colored scarves, goofy hats, speak Ebonx and spout separatism.

      • And of course FP, I’m speaking in generalities, it would be very wrong of me to suggest that Germany, can match Murica, Nigger for Nigger.
        What I’m trying to get across, is their Teutonic efficiency, in joining the so-called “Angloshere”, in their race to negrify.
        [ed note: ah, good point]

        Maybe they have seen some sort of export potential here, what with the price of their quality motor vehicles, being what it is.
        With the exception of Sweden, they lead Europe, though are having difficulty selling the idea to their fellow EU states.

        I believe Frau Angela, rang up the so-called “conservative” British prime-minister, Slimy Dave, the other day, to ask him if he wanted 7K, jungle bunnies. Only to be told that he preferred BMW’s instead.
        Sometimes, one has to despair of Europe’s sheer “lack of humanity”, Despite the millions spent by the EU on educating the “European yoof” to the new multiculti concepts.
        Its clearly, not going to be plain sailing, for one thing a lot of European females, object to being raped, as a casual example.

      • It is still strange.

        Germans are always docile sheep and obey their government so there’s little need to strip them of their heritage and guns – as there is here, to American NRA/SO76 Whites.
        Even when St. Hitler got them slaughtered by the millions, then when the post-ww2 self-righteous Socialists ordered them to starve.

        The strangeness congeals upon realization that Eurotrash DELIGHTED for eons killing the ChristFuck out of each white other and now, drop their drawers for Migger coloreds.

        wn fantasists fap to images of a “re-re-re-re=awakened” Fatherland but in reality, there couldn’t be a more wimpy, Socialistic nation of robotic black-cocksuckers except for Sweden.

  2. That article read something surreal… There is both the knowledge that Germany and Germans are self-annihilating and a literal mental prohibition against any solution deemed viable to counter the inevitable descent.

    [ed note: in your singular focus to label everything RA/SA you overlook that Germans can afford their queer indulgences by not having to spend on real-world items like defense because our MMM/BIGFed foots their bill. Germany is rich engineering gradschool student living in his daddy’s dorm]

    • Your economic model would have something to offer here, TD.

      Every country today bases their calculations on a growing population and a growing economy. If their population isn’t constantly growing, they think something is wrong.

      It is perfectly natural for animal populations to rise or fall. Man is subject to the same set of laws that apply to rabbits, butterflies, and ants.

      • @Ryu:

        Man is subject to the same set of laws that apply to rabbits

        research “Malthus” for the good shit

      • @ Ryu. The notion of requiring a constantly growing population, has been captured and ridden hard by liberals.

        Q- Why must we suffer more immigrants?
        A – Our population is growing older, but not larger, we will need young people to look after all the old people. Hence we must import niggers.

        (Yeah – so you are going to rely on niggers to look after you in your old age? That’s the fucking plan!?)

        This is sixties science based on sixties industries and overlooks two major changes in our (Western) societies.

        1) The elite in our societies have exported all the manufacturing jobs to places like China, in order to reduce costs and get round regulation. One of the pluses being that you produce less carbon and so can claim to be saving the polar bear, whilst slagging off the Chinese indifference to wildlife and the environment (the slope savages).

        2) Mechanisation. We don’t have to work as hard as we used to. The back breaking, shit shoveling jobs have mostly disappeared. You can jack hammer from a little Japanese machine nowadays.

        The assumption here is that old people don’t want jobs, maybe that’s not the case, but what about job sharing. After all a lot of people have seen their pension funds bet by highly paid twats in the Wall Street casino. There needs to be job flexibility.

        If you introduce, more people into an environment with a fixed amount of money (not that our Wall street friends would approve of the idea of fixed amount of money) then surely there must be less money to go around.

        I’m calling liberal bullshit on population theories. Like global warming, its hippie crap!!

    • Seriously Ed,, The Hun have good form, when it comes to spending on defense. Its not something one should be overly encouraging.

    • EDITOR…

      EVERYONE is either a white Supremacist or an anti-white Supremacist, ie., radical autonomist. The entire FFOL are the array of archetype ethnic, racial, religious, secular, economic and biological self-annihilators. They are “united” by their desire for radical sexual/deracination/anti-white Supremacy.

      But as you imply, Germans die BECAUSE others pick up their military tab. But pull back far enough and it’s like the son pitifully subsidizing the father into oblivion… Another act of self-annihilation. The Greatest Lie was that Hilter was a white Supremacist. He was not. He was a NS and therefore, by definition, an anti-white Supremacist. So WHO IS HIS convert class? It MUST BE “white” self-annihilators.

  3. ALL nurtured by white liberals of the type infesting Reddit.
    Under current laws of Europe’s socialist democracies (but I repeat myself) & possibly Taxachusetts a Somali haji of prime raping age freshly washed ashore can get taxpayer-funded surgery to get his infertility (sperm duct cysts by inadequate hygiene) cured under universal healthcare so he can start impregnating the local blonde asses.

    • German Liberalism – Quality Assured and fully compliant with ISO 58267

      [ed note: no sarc thats lol fucking brill. but, realize that LN’s DO have such a scientific program to create their LN Ubermensch]

      • Fucking disaster Ed I’m told every time they try to get some nigger (a prime requirement) into the mix, the resultant offspring, cant enunciate properly, and just wants to claim social welfare. A lot more research needs to be done apparently.

    • Are not the local teachers – and the blond ass – equally responsible for opening cunts to coloreds??

      • “Are not the local teachers – and the blond ass – equally responsible for opening cunts to coloreds??”
        Again tricky (see above). Whilst European educationalists, have tried their hardest, and the media has tried to firmly establish coal burning as a new fashion.
        They’ve also educated the same yoof in sexual hygiene. So whilst many females, would now fantasise, over the concept. The actually notion of squelshing it out, with these poxxy primates of the future, is not as attractive as the EU government would have hoped. And there also may also some residual backlash to the notion of bestiality, which for many centuries has been forbidden in many parts of Europe.

  4. Refugees generally jump the waiting lists since their conditions are more severe after years scratching the dirt in Crapganistan.
    No questions asked. Might wing a surrogate if this is essential to his mental health & Islamic imperative to repopulate the earth.

  5. NS Germany was probably the last chance of a White European self-determination.

    • If that is ^^^ indeed the case, it’s over for whom you speak.

      • I can’t make any sense of you thordaddy, also FP, I finally looked your twitter account, a lot of patriotards that you’re following.

        [funny, dont see you following ME]

      • Horus…

        The “white” NS is an anti-white Supremacist. Is that understandable?

      • Having trouble following Thordaddy m8? You need to practice with a six pack of strong ale. I found after I used this technique, a couple of times. I was at least able to achieve, at least, 10% comprehension, when sober.

      • White male BECOMES white Supremacist or embraces annihilation.

        How much more straightforward can this “thing” be written?

        The only holdup is the white male, immersed in a LIFETIME of anti-white Supremacy, seemingly CANNOT reframe and so his annihilation is inevitable.

        White male DOES NOT WANT TO BE a genuine white Supremacist, BUT still cries about having to imitate the FFOL.

  6. ^^^^^are you Horus of Horus the Avenger?

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