Taking Sense Away – TSA Blog

by Ryu

This is a blog written by an ex-TSA agent.

As always, a government agent can only tell the truth after he’s out.

3 Comments to “Taking Sense Away – TSA Blog”

  1. My favorite quote on the TSA, by the z man:

    “Every year the TSA settles tens of thousands of cases where employees have stolen property from bags or damaged property trying to steal it. Millions of dollars in claims are settled each year. If the TSA were run by Italians, the Feds would hit them with a RICO charge.”

    • It should’ve been clear that the TSA – even under Pantload Bush – hired the Typical BIGov way: Only coloreds, female coloreds, Miggers and feminists.

      So, what do you THINK happens to a nation that Detroit-ifies its workforce?
      The same MINO Machine employee that works for the lazy stealing post office are TSA workers……..

      they’re the SAME coloreds who staff the EEOC and iRs – every vile MMMinistry.

  2. Minorities are very useful to do the dirty work and be immune from criticism.

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