Mino Machine: Ruptured EPA Dyke’s River O’ Gold

by Firepower

Meet Gina McCarthy, total science STEM gal, outed tree-hugger and semi-closeted bush lover. And I don’t mean the family of Yankee Fools who’ll send ya off to war for Dick Cheney’s oil and Israel’s quiescence.

Gina replaced Lisa Peréz Jackson – a colored, mysterymeat Beanegro. This really is who runs USG and orders you to obey at the point of a gun; a coterie of FFL Liberal nazis. If I didn’t keep finding NEW MMM’s I wouldn’t believe it myself. I still think NGAF.

Turning pristine rivers into battery acid is what happens when Liberal Nazi whites turned the nation over to lesbians and storefront negro preacher/community activists.

btw, they ran the Janet Napolitano-MRAP orgy and that Bo Bergdahl thingy too – remem?

34 Comments to “Mino Machine: Ruptured EPA Dyke’s River O’ Gold”

  1. Having trouble posting comments here, WordPress just destroyed a long post I made without explanation three times in a row. May contain a forbidden word.

    • I will try a fourth time, it should appear beneath this post:

    • No problems here. Yours are among few reported in thousands of comments.

      I’ve written just about every vile word in the liberals’ Little Red Book and not had one forbidden by wp; they’re actually very admirable in their speech policy.

      The only word I recall banning is “juden” – because it’s foreign – and stupid. Call a jew a jew and skip the German shit. Besides, they lost.

      Other than that, it’s more likely your IP censoring you if at home, or a server if at a workplace. You may have hit a wrong key: There’s where I’ve lost comments, but not thru wp.

      I suggest you save your comments to notepad then paste them here until it straightens out.

      • FP: Perhaps it’s time for you to let this blog run its course, without your intervention or comments. Where are your writers like Jenibear?

        The Machiavellian viewpoint of Murka now, means a total eradication of much of its populace, or a near complete elimination of its people, institutions and government.

        It appears ISIS is the only entity, hellbent in doing anything remotely Machiavellian, when it comes to Murka.

        Perhaps we are in a calm before the storm!

      • Eradica’s readers are isolated loners with no friends, who never spread the word. That’s why you don’t see New Blood.

        I keep Eradica alive so you’ll have a place to vent about Montreal when you awaken to the grass not being so greener on the Maple Leaf side.

        Besides, Lion would never let you

      • Eradica’s readers know that America is a snitch society.

        If I told someone in real life to read Eradica, they’d be able to ID who I was by my codename quickly. Then, I’d be outed. Then, lose my job. Then, my family would be fucked. Then, what would be my mental state.

        You know its true FP. Surely as 1+1=2, the dominos would fall.

      • I know what Montreal is about, and will be going there in 2 days. It isn’t greener, but indeed Whiter than any place in Manhattan, without the large swarms of nigs and spics. However, this being said, I don’t assume it to be a Whitopia. It’s basically another hedonist, fucky festy city, like many other Western degeneratevilles. Your pal, Rooshie is always up there, so what does that tell you?

        My reason to be there is to make a vis-a-vis comparison, between my hometown and the French speaking city. I don’t expect anything heavenly good about it.

      • I am curious about something, JS.

        Most of Quebec’s people live near the US border. See what you can learn about the far north by James/Hudson Bay, and Labrador.

      • I’ll take FP’s comment as being essentially facetious… The real slog is always left to the few… Those that stood above the rest since the day they were born… The one JUST EXPECTED to handle shit… His own or others. He’s no fool. He understands the inevitable disintegration of all worldly investments so he must be driven by something deeper. The only battle now is speak unvarnished Truth and project Perfection with every word and deed. Those who rail against such a “being” are the very individuals ASKING to be enslaved. Take the bait and Johnathan Seagull Livingstone flys with a gluttonous albatross around his neck.

    • fuck shit piss faggot nigger spic kike cunt.

      I can post any “forbidden” word I like. Maybe you need to say please.

      • I can not type the following word here: Shit – holi – stan (the three parts combined into a single word, or natsilohtihS backwards). May be a macro script in Windows GUI.

  2. Ryu: Yes, I’ve been to those areas of Canada. They remind me of Scotland, Ireland, or Wales, except they are in the New World. That part of Canada, has much fewer MINOs than Quebec, and certainly, it has a lot less than what Murka has.

    My purpose in Quebec, is that, I really want to speak to the separatists, (the French version of the WN), and tell them, my side of the story. Guys like Rooshie are up there because, he wants tail. Who cares about what he does!

    I’ll be back to the states, shortly.

    [ed note: you deliberately search out the colored spots of Manhattan, yet I predict you will search only for the whitest spots of Quebeck. all can tell you scotland is full of Miggers now. our Irish commenters (Colin) will verify Dublin is full of coloreds and looks like Niggeria]

    • One key factor that many inexplicably overlook is how absolutely barren is much of North America and thus ripe for acquisition in this time of radical autonomy. There are absolutely great pockets of separable territory capable of self-sufficiency and governance.

      [ed note: wake up. the LN/MMM will NEVER relinquish control of fertile farmland into White hands with growing numbers of coloreds and Miggers to feed]

      • I don’t expect much to be “relinquished” UNTIL after the annihilating process is in full gear.

      • FP is correct. The elites won’t allow secession of states and White towns. Murka is more profitable, as one gigantic wasteland.

  3. Ryu: Rooshie is touring Montreal, and here’s what he has to say:


    The problem with these MRA, MGTOW men, is that they are only looking for a cheap bang. Maybe long term relationship with a foreign woman, and once they are in it, they will never look back to Murka and its problems.

    • So it’s lose/lose BECAUSE the impetus behind a foreign wife is assimilationist and not imperialistic. One gets a foreign wife to be accepted as a pitiful race traitor and not because he seeks to impose his will externally through his wife.

    • roishi is correct in his regarding women as cumdumpsters. Few other social groups in Murka are as corrupt as today’s white female – the colored fucking, pickaninny breeding Kardashian-worshipping sluts enamored with money.

      where rooooshi falls – and where both Ryu and I condemn him – is his blatant hypocrisy in censoring White Males’ efforts to recruit wns from pua.

      roooooshi’s whole game is but a tawdry and cheap vision of his colored fixation for white pussy, to the exclusion of any political activity – for pure hedonism’s sake.

      • Recruiting WNs from the PUA camp, seems like the last place to look. What we need are good looking, competent and intelligent White men, who are healthy racists. They don’t magically appear, but ripen with facts, and a bit of propaganda would help. One of them is 100X more worthy than a 100 of those PUAs. Hitler was obvious more effective than any of the chumps we have now.

        One needs to understand that White females didn’t simply devolve into their degenerate behavior of fuck festing and cumming. Disciples of Rooshie are equally responsible for their worship of women!

      • In my opinion, PU, the MRM and WN are all part of the same truth – what most call the red pill.

        The problem is, there’s a lot of bumps on the road. Some get trapped in PU, others in the MRM, still others in our own NAJ and TDO. Very few just take the meat of the subject then move on.

    • I do read Roosh’s stuff. Montreal is said to be a good place for PUing women. Somehow, the French culture protects them from America’s influence.

      Of course, it will not last long as any sort of paradise. The French have many of their own immigrants from Africa and the Carribean. Canada’s hate laws are more draconian than the American ones.

      • Montreal is basically another NYC, with coloreds, and black frenchies.

        Ryu: Murka has no purpose for you, if you are not into money, and I mean lots of it. Or do you want to be down with the coloreds with their welfare culture and poor neighborhoods. You only have 2 options.

      • To me, it seems that no country will escape the flu the West has. It just happens that South Africa, Rhodesia, the USA and Sweden got it first and are the most far along.

        The racial conflict of the white race is the most important story of our time. What does it mean for me to become rich while my people die? Like a jew who get rich during the holocaust.

        There are two things I like about America. The guns and the individualism.

        The US is one of only two countries on Earth where a man can get a gun for any purpose he likes. It’s being well armed that freed the first Americans.

      • Yes, if you’ve dealt with many people from other Western countries, Murkans are just arrogantly stupid, from top to bottom. I cannot see this country sustaining longer than the rest, just because of this one thing alone.

      • @js:

        Murkans are just arrogantly stupid, from top to bottom. I cannot see this country sustaining longer

        again, you’ve gone from your mother country, to Murka – and next, Canuckistan. I’ve told you (and all my euroreaders) repeatedly:
        Euros lurv to bash Murka; it’s The Boss. But all euros IGNORE that THEIR nations – and every Western White Nation – follows the same Colored-Coddling Program. wake up.

        You go from one problem to another. Canada is a TRUE Police Staat.


      • Montreal is good for PUAing females BECAUSE French females desire radical sexual autonomy.

      • I’m with FP… Whatever is left of our ability to strive towards Supremacy will eventually come at the end of the barrel of our guns.

        The parasite mandates liberation (freedom to feed) without separation (burden of cost) and thus DEMANDS eradication IF not first through self-annihilation (kills its host).

  4. Well I hope her cunt festers. (Sorry low on intellectual substance today).

  5. TD: The current paradigm in Murka offers you 2 choices: You are striving to be a wealthy elitist or becoming a poor sap, who will be living among the miggas, especially the nigels coloreds.

    WN can exist, but you not need to be in a self annihilating state, such as Iowa!

  6. FP: Of course Eurots bash the Murkans, because they’re the sickest folks of the Western cesspool. It’s as simple as that!

    • We’re stuck with coloreds because of slavery – thank white xtian Suthunuhs.
      We’re stuck with Miggers because they border the usa.

      Yet, we’re supposed to be shamed by a collective of NATO Eurosocialists hiding from Russia behind our guns.
      And, even though coloreds and miggers are a thousand miles away, even a Euro-Island ushers them in to pollute their white blood.

      The stupid game of europeans bashing america is EURO~TDO for them to play the game of Point The Finger! and distract from their own bankrupt, decadent societies and frankly, I’m fucking tired of hearing it.

      • Murka also has horrible White women. Many Spaniards whom I’ve met, here in the states, all wanted to go home and be with a Spanish girl.

      • And your beef with the colored fucking, hedonistic minute by minute, Murkan White female, is an universal disdain for many men, including the Eurots.

    • JS…

      I would have to disagree… My experience of the Northern Europeans are perhaps the sickliest of the bunch. It is easy to spot a NEuropean in SoCal and it usually consists of a physically degenerate specimen donning an outfit literally chosen with eyes closed. It’s pitiful. The stark contrast between old stock white Americans and their long lost European cousins could hardly be greater.

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