Crime Stories: Firestarter

by Ryu

Today’s study is 44 minutes long. It covers a serial arsonist in Cali. Arson is a special crime – only 2% of arsonists are caught and convicted. Here, an arson expert BECOMES the arsonist. John Orr was extremely gifted.

“Coward” – when used by an LEO, means someone impossible to catch and…….. track
unsup – unknown suspect
ME – Medical Examiner
vic – victim
POI – person of interest
“Make a square” – take 2 right turns

Capture Points
1) Latent print on yellow paper
2) Too active
3) Cigarettes of the same type/same pack
4) Matches from the same book
5) Yellow paper from the same notebook
6) Could tie suspect to location
7) He *should* have rested when he found the tracking device
8) The book he wrote
9) home videos

Bakersfield has 3 fire investigators. Finding the fire origin is key in arson cases.
A special incendiary device was used. A cigarette is lit with matches on the bottom, connected by a rubber band, wrapped in yellow paper. The arsonist often set his fires in piles of foam or pillows.

One latent print was found on the yellow paper. No match was made when run through the criminal databases.

Arsonists tend to be male and white. A simple incendiary device is preferred to a complex one. Simple is harder to trace.

You knew it was coming…a task force was created.

A hit finally comes back, for John Leonard Orr (moustache). He was the godfather of fire investigation, being a teacher of many.

This was a sensitive case. Orr’s celebrity made him a difficult target. They needed an airtight case against him.

Orr discovers a tracking device on his car. The ATF put it there. As he was being divorced at the time, he thought his wife hired a detective.

Before the statute of limitations runs out on the earliest crimes, Orr was arrested.
Cigs, matches and rubber bands were found in a bag after a search warrant was executed.

Firefighters love to see themselves in action. They love to do critiques afterward also.

Orr maintains his innocence to this day.

Evidence, Witnesses, Interrogation – how crimes are solved
Search Methods: circle, strip, lane, point to point, grid
Types of fingerprints: latent, visible, plastic

Important Names
Marvin Casey – Bakersfield arson investigator
Glen Lucero – LA arson investigator (moustache)
Mike Matassa – ATF Special Agent

14 Comments to “Crime Stories: Firestarter”

  1. People should leave fake evidence behind. You don’t smoke? Good. Leave a half used pack of cigarettes behind. (never touch them with an ungloved hand though)

  2. Arson does seem the simplest resistance method against an overwhelmingly oppressive enemy. It’s relatively easy and the government can’t be everywhere at once.

    It’s no fertilizer bomb against the local population replacement center, but firebombs damaged the Japanese Empire worse than nukes.

    Even weak activists resigned to a hopeless future might find the energy to try to get away afterward, and shoot themselves if they fail.

    • Successful anti-Redcoat arsonists will spread that most scary notion of a New Reality: BIGov is not invincible. They can not only damaged, but be eradicated.

      The journey begins with a single, shaky step.

      • I don’t think most whites understand how hard it is to take that step, FP. Or, how once one has taken it, how hard it is to go back.

      • That is why today’s murkan couldn’t even hack the Sante Fe Trail to get to Sutter’s Mill – and why it becomes fruitless to wish them even remotely capable of solving The MINO Problem.

      • You watching that Ferguson junk, FP?

        I’m baffled why those white police officers keep policing there. Are they stupid? They can’t win. The money ain’t that good. It makes them look like racists, and they couldn’t even hold our gym bag.

        Just imagine if the blacks had a truly revolutionary leadership. I’m waiting for “someone” to break through the police lines. Maybe throwing their own tear gas instead of waiting for the pigs to do it.

        Someone who posts his own sniper overwatch. Someone who uses his own cellphone jammers and comms. Ferguson shows alot of American weakness. Someone who thinks militarily, like you talked about.

      • Hiring on as a HEROCop!!™ is the only opportunity for ex-HEROJordie!® “actionjunkeez” who’d feel embarrassed drivin’ a beer truck – or cleaning-up pickaninny shit in a Mickey D’s baffroom.

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        …collect a $98,000 a year pension, then use their BIGov CopConnections!® DOUBLE DIP IT and go back to work for the county doing it alllllll ova agin.

        …to ultimately retire at age 60 with a $239,000 pension which they quickly maximize by leaving their Niggertown, USA for some lily-white, niggerless luxo-retirement farm in Florida…

        Any “loyal cops” who get fucked Ferguson Style out of a career are expendable to the MMM – because there’s 50,000 waiting to instantly take the place of every MRAP-drivin’ Scriminayshun Sooot white cop victim.

        Remember: EVERY BIGov job bureaucrat is expendable, replaceable and interchangeable.

      • Away from the dumb jordies and leos, who carry a gun for a paycheck/benefit to serve coloreds, to the well to do, 3Fers in the liberal centers, who only live an ignorant life of useless frivolity/pleasure, and you will understand why the White demographic is set to be doomed.

        Just being an observative person in general, and reading/commenting on blogs like this, makes me an misanthrope. It is particularly disconcerting, given the fact that Murkan Whites rank bottom in many things that count, in comparision to Eurots and White Canucks. This is happens, when you live in a society of pure capitalism via consumption, without any cultural underpinnings or national unity.

      • JS, I have a question.

        Where did all the pimps, whores, pushers, and criminals that were around NYC in the 1980s and 90s? Are they in jail, or do they now just ply their trade off the streets?

  3. The jew slumlords are experts and the king jew arsonist and your hero is,
    strange this site does not carry anything at all of 911

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