Cute From the Jungle

by Firepower

CutenessWe live in fortunate times. Everyone we know from dead grandparents down to today were lucky to live during a time of plenty. It was no happy accident, for generations of our forbears suffered, killed and died to give it to us.

America was exceptional; it permitted even simple folk to live in peace, with enough resources and free time to stop and sniff the flowers.

A colonial farmer may have had little, but it was his. He and his were free from feudal nobles’ malevolence, local raiders or foreign armies of conquest.  Unions forced a piece of the pie from the ubiquitous Greedy Elite until they too succumbed to the natural state of greedy struggle. You can see this brief Golden Age in old movies and populist art culture.

Whites hold mercy and pity in high regard because of their Xtian G-Ziss-ery worship. That has turned out (in reality) to be a fatal flaw. The fatal flaw.  There is no quaintness for quaintness sake in colored art: It is pure propaganda to advance each…..….. respective race. When they finally clash over the future scraps of White Murka, it will be as if packs of wild monkeys fighting stinking wolves in the library, tearing, mussing and destroying the archives over who gets to use it as toilet paper. You’ve seen this in Zimbabwe and Malawi as packs of animal niggers burn down century-old orchards for firewood.

Today, we see the process of it vanishing. BIGov is now the malevolent confiscator and its coloreds raid docile white villagers for plunder and sport. Asian history is devoid of any liberty and only holds degradation and death.

When it finally dies, the remnants of The American Way sink back into the ignoble muck of human history of want and brutality. It’s unlikely any rebirth is as magnificent coming from coloreds. With coloreds, all get is Africa and South America.


41 Comments to “Cute From the Jungle”

  1. How true. Thanks for the memories and the moon landing goys

  2. It’s great that you mentioned the gookers. Although, they seem rather harmless, compared to the low cognitive coloreds, they have no particular beneficial use in Murka, and they have no history of a progressive man.

    I’ve said this on LoftB over and over again, pissing off some of his commentators!

    • What is it with you and slopes JS? You got the runs of a takeaway or something?
      When you are up to your ass in alligators, remember that your job is to clear the swamp m8.

      • Murka is wrong at all fronts, with its useless populace!

        No demographic, regardless of race, has replaced the White Murkan demographic, in terms of ingenuity, originality, assertiveness, and productiveness. Now, the White race is gradually creeping downhill with the other non-White groups in degeneracy, lethargy and apathy.

  3. Let me help you m8 – you need a list to organise yourself

    1) SJW’s and Kike’s – These people are facilitators of most of the degeneracy. They are race traitors and their only use is as an ornament dangling from a rope.
    2) Paki’s (the Muzz) – Its a European thing OK. No doubt you’ll get the hang of this.
    3) Niggers – Don’t all humans hate niggers? These apes need corralling in Africa, or somewhere until they learn to evolve. Hell they can already run faster than gorillas – be positive.
    4) Miggers according to FP. An American thing? So build a fence and buy a ride on, you cheap cunts.

    At least chinks work, they do take-aways and the laundry and shit like that – would you ever buy a nigger takeaway?
    Would a nigger even think about opening one, apart from crack which is based on the Chinese model.

    hope this helps with your racism issues.

    • Colin, the elites in Murka have figured out that slopes are more obliging than witeys in higher cognitive processes, and thereby they import more of them for high skill labor. It’s the opposite of the low functioning, low attention span, unreliable coloreds, who take on menial tasks.

  4. What it took for these things to happen was genetically determined INTELLIGENCE.
    And furthermore a specific type of intelligence combined with passion and a willingness to transcend rules.

    The current ongoing cognitive loss in the West caused by the changing population and dysgenic trends whereby high-IQ individuals are not reproducing is a greater threat than global warming.

    • We’ve seen it before.

      Sculpture & art from mid-Roman periods has a grace, sophistication and elegance, compared to the latter days of crude junk that looks as if made by 5th grade tards.

      And like that crude art – and global warming – it really didn’t matter to the Romans of 150 AD who partied in splendor.

      We, today, are the last few of a vanishing race going noisily into that good night as the shitbrown sea of spick filth washes in from the south, and the colored niggritude blooms like rotting black mold from within.

      • Part of the reason we don’t see FINE art anymore is because the chosenites only promote their own worthless crap. White writers don’t get far in publishing either so these types end up in other careers and we all lose out.

      • Yes.
        But, why do you feel chosenites only promote their own worthless crap?

      • Hollywood is all Chosenite, and they own all the crappy publishing houses, that can’t hold a candle to a Eurot one.

        Me think, it’s obvious, Witeys in Murka, while talented, were mostly of a lower rural proletariat stock, compared to the educated Kikes, who had an upper hand in media, from their urban roots.

        You once said Murka was a fine country. It was already Kikenberg in the beginning of the 20th century, let alone today.

      • FP, I saw one of those hybrids the other day, just like your picture. A black kid with real blonde curls. It’s a weird thing. He sounded white, but was with a nigger black family. He wasn’t black, and he wasn’t white. It was like looking at a alien.

    • And furthermore a specific type of intelligence combined with passion and a willingness to transcend rules.

      Hereby saying, that gookers are not a replacement for Whites, which has become an issue in the West. Furthermore, today’s witeys aren’t all that different from gookers, where they have become lethargic, and just more pleasure induced.

      • Why would Whites run themselves Into the ground to provide more goodies for gookers and the sea of brown garbage? That is where a lot of lethargy comes from even if it isn’t conscious. In a society of and for whites this wouldn’t even be much of an issue. It’s when people are being forced to provide solely for the benefit of the ‘other’ ( wether it’s for ‘elites ‘ or other people) is when they stop caring and lethargy sets in. The whole attitude becomes ‘Screw it.’

      • Why would Whites run themselves Into the ground to provide more goodies for gookers and the sea of brown garbage?

        The same reason early xtians sought martyrdom. The same reason there were Kamikaze.
        The same reason every time you see a Newshow mewling over a Habitat Fo’ Humanity build donated to a colored sow wit fo’teen baby, or showing a crew cleaning up a nigger neighborhood
        and all the workers are Wimpy Wites.

        They are inculcated. They are taught from birth to do it.

    • Global warming is a myth – A means of taxation. And also globalisation. The ultimate Social Justice wet dream. It’s also BTW collapsing in on its foundations By 2020 nine out of ten climate scientists agree, the entire model could be submerged under water.With the corpses of dead scientists being chewed on by polar bears.

    • “why do you feel chosenites only promote their own worthless crap” Lots of reasons. They are clannish and want to help each other out while destroying our culture.

  5. At least chinks work, they do take-aways and the laundry and shit like that – would you ever buy a nigger takeaway?

    Chinks in Murka, many of them whom are in technical fields, become enablers of the elite power structure, by being the consummate consumer of status and luxury. They however, lack any gravitas or free thinking, because their cognitive profiles have evolved over the centuries from East Asian tyranny to be obedient and obliging. Your typical East Asian Gooker is lethargic, apathetic, conformist, shallow and not very socially engaging.

    Colored scum evolved differently from Gookers, in that their natural settings are disorderly and unruly, with a flair for lax authoritarianism (opposite of those of the slants, with their strictness).

    One thing no one on this blog has talked about, is how racial differences or HBD, has brought us here!

    • It was the plawn flied lice then?

    • HBD isn’t necessary for WN, JS.

      HBD is a distraction, like conservatism or the news. It is a way for intellectual whites to show off how smart they are to one another. In the survivalist community, they have endless convos on whether the AR15 or AK47 is superior – similar to that.

      There are many, many ways to WN. They tell the why. But few could tell you how to actually do it. Fewer still can do WN in the real world.

      • HBD is WORSE THAN USELESS… It is pure subversion set forth by a cabal of high IQ jewhites set about to provoke the dumb “white” brute to do the dirty work like a retrograde Terminator.

        HBD = have been dicked…

        HBD = white man has no free will…

        HBD = nerd revenge against a concession to black intellectual equality…

        HBD = dumb Jordie sans arm and leg still fighting like a “good” programmed soldier…

        HBD = anti-white Supremacist…

        HBD = white male DESTINED for annihilation…

      • I think they subvert people by wasting their time, more than anything else. There’s not years and years worth of material there.

      • To understand HBD as a WN, means you understand why Murka is doomed. HBD has discussed why Jews are imperfect and troublesome, compared to Whites.

      • JS, have you looked into the Spanish Inquisition at all? Is it true they chased the jews out of Spain?

        Some HBD can be useful, just to get the flavor of it. But many WNs spend their whole lives in the area.

      • And that is very much the point… Contrary to the memetic manipulation, HBD is very much about keeping the average and less than average IQ “white male” in a mental box for their whole lives. They MUST NEVER put their mind on white Supremacy absolutely! In fact, ALL THESE MOVEMENTS geared and centered around the degenerate desires of mass “white male” serve the exact same function and then ALL TURN AROUND about face and in perfect conformity literally marvel at the very technology that allows this mass anti-white Supremacist brainwashing. It is truly is revenge of the nerds.

      • TD, what living white man do you admire the most?

      • Honestly Ryu… Me (without pride and just a simple recognition that I turn away from the zeitgeist every chance I get) and nobody (all to me appear fundamentally anti-white Supremacy). “They” won’t bring it to me. “They” understand that the reframe CANNOT BE DENIED PUBLICLY by the high IQ cabal no matter how tight the mob consensus remains. EVERYBODY UNDERATANDS “we” live amongst an ignorant and stupid mass of self-annihilators. And no one believes that one can trip and stumble his way to the top consistently. The game is rigged and the anti-white Supremacist stands atop the turd pile. The great part of America will have to consolidate and separate. This separation MUST BE ROOTED in a desire for white Supremacy or it’s doomed to failure. All “we” need do it fill in the details and define “success” in the metric of genuine free will.

      • I don’t know if I accept that. So you have nothing to learn from anyone else?

        Man is a social creature. He needs comrades who share similar interests. It is difficult to be completely alone. There’s a human need to be understood by an equal.

        The higher one goes, the fewer equals there are. The strongest WS would be the most alone.

      • Ryu…

        Not at all…

        I learn anti-white Supremacy from almost everyone I interact with which as a bouncer in SoCal for almost that last twenty years puts me very much at the top of those most immersed in radical autonomy.

        To learn wS is a whole different matter. These individuals do not exist as I conceive them or do not make their existence known. Therefore, I cannot learn from “them.” I have learn from the RA, both his own ways and the ways antithetical to his ways. Those antithetical ways are properly understood as white Supremacy.

      • The Spanish Inquisition didn’t chase all the Jews out, but it did completely wiped out the Muzzies from Spain. Some Jews became Catholic and were allowed to stay.

        Perhaps we can learn something from this!

  6. There’s nothing “fortunate” about fortunate times. It wasn’t just luck. White people worked very hard to make the US into a great country.

    As whites disappear, their creation will disappear, piece by piece. In the end, I think a collapse would have been kinder. Instead, they will have to watch the US die brick by brick.

    • And it was also Whites who allowed this destruction to happen!

      It’s a civil war at this point, between Whites, without the pow wow at the moment.

      • If so, then Whites are not Totally Supreme, but just a bit enough better to not be called colored filth.

        IF the sum of White Superiority is an end to it by its own hands surrendering it to colored hands…
        Then whites simply and plainly deserve to die out. Ugly though it be, if it’s true, there is no Truth I wish withheld.

        In writing this blog, I’ve seen with my own eyes – and learned a valuable lesson: Only about 1% of Whites deserve to live because I sacrifice.

      • Obviously, when the discussion reaches this level of detail then the term “white” must then be broken down into “entities” more particular. “White” self-annihilators are the ones who DESIRE destruction. White Supremacists are the ones that desire perpetuation of white Supremacy. These “entities” are now like vessels to which EVERY WHITE MALE has a choice in choosing to begin his real travels. In Neo’s Reaction is the futile attempt of high IQ jewhites to operate in “no man’s land.” The white (and white-looking Jew) male MUST CHOOSE radical autonomy or white Supremacy. There is no other choice.

      • TD, I understand how you could cook up your system of annihilation and supremacy in a bar or dance club. You get to see:

        – the lengths men go to impress women

        – the lengths women go to get male attention

        – watching how the owner manipulates patrons in order to increase profit

        – other bouncers trying to act tough and impress their peers/women

        There must be little supremacy to see in the average club or bar. Even if patronized by the rich or “elite.”

      • Ryu…

        I’ve seen every type of liberal from around the world. America and Europe are really JUST THE LAST TO DITCH Christian sexual morality which is in theory absolute freedom found in a monogamous, insoluble Union. What I “see” is radical sexual autonomy. De facto homo-ism. Total deracination. Actual males being simulated sodomized by their female “friends.” Nigels readily rolling up on white couples and instantly start gaming the white chick in front of an “indifferent boyfriend.” I “see” females with “boyfriends” that bounce from one “friend” to another touching and grasping in ways that want to make you say “huh?” But that’s PUA for DUMMIES… Thinking one is Alpha because he lets his female clown him into total indifference. I “see” females just get annihilated into sex. They get drunk in order to uninhibit themselves. Many females are social retards just as their male peers. Of course, there is ubiquitous preening and peacocking. It is just a collective of radical autonomists each seeking to maximize their personal hedonism. There isn’t a false pretense in this regard though. People come to party and don’t hide the fact. So it is at the sub-level, anti-white Supremacy. A cauldron of temptation for any strong, red blooded white man. To be in it and no longer of it is where I’m at.

    • Heard that a McDonald’s franchise in town opened an hour and a half late this morning. Mex Manager had the key and didn’t make it in until then. No backup plan either, apparently. When you get rid of the people who make the trains run on time (you could set your watch by the trains in Germany, I’m told) you are left to your own devises like your children in the book, Lord of the Flies.

      [ednote: there’s a post been sitting around for months on Germany’s Final FALL. stick around. you wont like it]

      • Ha. I like that story in Colorado.

        The EPA dumps millions of tons of toxic waste into the river. It’s very American how the EPA both prevents pollution and creates it also.

  7. *the children, not your children.

  8. “The Spanish Inquisition didn’t chase all the Jews out, but it did completely wiped out the Muzzies from Spain. Some Jews became Catholic and were allowed to stay.
    Perhaps we can learn something from this!”

    DNA tests for all and “jews” expelled from all European countries that wish to survive.

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