Beware Scared Police

by Ryu

All American police behave in the same manner. They are very neurotic and inconsistent. It is alright for them to threaten or scare you. But scare a cop and they go nuts.

They cower, they quake. But they hunger for revenge. Beatings and torture are common if they manage to catch the man who makes them feel fear. You can see it every time.

American police don’t like to be reminded that they too bleed. They don’t want to die or be injured for their job or for the American public. They would like to just collect the money and the worship of the public without risk.

That the police abuse cop-killers is hidden because THEY WRITE THE REPORTS and they document the evidence. Police reports can be written to inform or to conceal. In some future post I will provide examples of how to do this.

The most telling aspect is the difference between…..….. how a dead cop and a dead civilian are investigated. There is no comparison. They pull out all the stops for their own. A dead citizen though, means nothing.

More and more direct action people are targeting the police. It seems they have settled upon who actually defends the ruling class from the people.

Hunting big game is serious business. Those wishing to do so must study their prey well.

15 Comments to “Beware Scared Police”

  1. As an outsider, I enjoy your cops, specifically when they kill niggers. This starts a chimpout and then the niggers wreck their own town, looting everything down to the toilet rolls.
    I’ve been hoping something would kick off, this summer, what with Ferguson and Baltimore. And, you know, the cops get a chance to use their armored cars and assault rifles.
    Maybe I’m just a dreamer.
    I’m sure I’ve, no doubt, analysed the situation incorrectly?

    • Coloreds are always going apeshit, it’s just a matter of time that another riot occurs in a Chocolate City.

      • ¡Hola! As a fecal-play enthusiast I resent the use of terms “apeshit” and “Chocolate City” as criticizing a consensual activity millions of native and foreign born Americans engage in the privacy of their homes.
        My Administration shall prioritize increasing diversity awareness of post-digestive foodplay for all races and ethnicities.

  2. There is truth to what is being said… But this is not unique to the cop collective. If one is duty-bound to lie with the mangiest dogs, he will certaintly come up with a flea or two. Bouncers have to write incident reports. It is really a tormenting aspect of the job not just due its USUAL irrelevance to any concluding outcome (strictly procedural), it is difficult to do truthfully having operated inside the chaos. In other word, documenting a commotion from within AFTER THE FACT is a recipe for telling unwitting falsehoods.

    [ed note: the documenting of violence (and that implicit justification) is one of the key reasons for the emasculation of the former White Man into the lesser wite male]

    • So basically, you’re saying that bouncers and cops both lie on reports?

      No one is going to write a report that makes himself look bad. BSing is a key skill in America today. Everyone has to learn how to do it, even little kids in school.

      [ed note: lying to “authorities” is most seen in oppressive police states. nigs here, perfected it. same w/ inmates]

      • Ryu…

        Lol… I would never say that. I would only say that it is awfully tough to recount all the details from WITHIN the chaos. So there is not only the problem of missing details, but a lacking of detail in the details. And of course, smart fellows could turn this into “lying” for a group of half-wits.

    • I see a lot of witeys out about this evening at the bars, watching this debate with a bottle at hand. They’re getting ready for the GOPTards to have a moment of spotlight.

      Just fucking unbelievable!

  3. Scaredcopitis is epidemic: THIS IS the reason you see roided-out white buzzcut SWATZIs Killin’ Koloreds.

    Coloreds scare them shitless. All that Affleet Worship n’ Sheet. All that BIGov Skool Propaganda inculcating little white bois that colored males are tougher, stronger and faster. All them stats where nigras kill the christfuck out of whites and whites retaliate by…building Habitat Fo’ Humanity Huts for Welfare Sows with fo’teen babby.

    What else can a growed-up witeboi do? He hasta shoot. To them, one colored thug is worth five of them.

    On the other side, SWATZIs kill Whites and WNs because they’ve been taught since BIGov Kindygarden in BIGovSkool that white males are worthless and White Men are threats to The Establishment – their boss.

    • Both cops and soldiers are trained to use aggression to disguise their own fear.

      The idea is that if you are offensive enough, the other guy won’t notice how afraid you are. No doubt TD noticed this while bouncing also.

      I don’t think the LNs or SWATZIs would do as well as we do, if there were in our position. When the other guy is on top and in charge, we find out a thing or two.

      [ed note: judging from td’s pic, the only ones who’d not use a weapon against his size are stupid – or drunk. drunks lose the sense of fear, both their own, and misperceiving it in bouncers]

    • Rooshie keeps blogging about how the feminists shut his talks down, FP.

      It makes me wonder why he doesn’t give WN more coverage. The MRA feels NOTHING compared to a WN. We get that kind of heat every talk, and every protest.

      • I said long ago Ro0sshi is a hypocrite. A giant hypocrite.

        He – and all the rest of the murms non-activists – spew platitudes about free speech, while negating it for issues they themselves hate.

        Today’s Murkan is indeed too fucking stupid to catch this, but subconsciously, they “feel” something wrong.

        This detection is why mra faggots fail. It is the ECOF

        Why The Mens’ Rights Movement Fails
        Why I Am NOT an “MRA*”

        murmz and pua bloggers are still so blind they only realize they fight one wing of a multi-fingered fist – the FFOL. Thus, three years post-Eradica, they have not made one single inch of progress.

    • Ryu: If this greaseball kicker Eurot is able to do this to a nigballer, then why are witeymurkans scare shitless of coloreds.

      FP: Hell’s Angels, a once badass biker gang couldn’t understand why coloreds were doing this to a gooker family in a SUV not long ago. This goes to show you how witeys have become softies.

      FYI – Coloreds were once afraid of the Hell’s Angels.

  4. Ryu: Your posting of this topic leads me to think Murka is just one big, school play, setting. Seriously, Murkans are grown up kids. Just look at our leaders/elites, they act very immature and silly, and so do the ordinary citizens. The only difference, is that the elites are dead serious, if you try to play with them.

    • I do look at the US as a school

      Most students are apolitical. You’ve got all the narcs – teachers, principle, SRO, drug dogs, informer students.

      There’s the jocks, the popular crowd, the junkies…then there’s us. How to bring down the whole school and make ourselves the leaders? That’s an analogous situation to WN today.

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