Las Vegas Metropolitan PD Cold Case Solvability Criteria

by Ryu

There has been an attempt today, to solve homicides in a “scientific manner” by grading them according to the solvability. Some things make them easy to solve, others make them harder.

One of the best things to do is make the victim ID hard. Then, the investigators can’t work any victimology right away. Typically, they do alot with neighbors, family, coworkers, friends and so on.

Level 1:
– Named suspect
– Forensic evidence (DNA, latent prints, AFIS, firearms)
– Witness ID of suspect
– Physical evidence connecting suspect to victim (photos, writing, fibers, etc)

Level 2:
– Unknown suspect
– Forensic evidence present
– Witness ID of suspect
– Physical evidence present

Level 3:
– Unknown ….……suspect
– Forensic evidence present
– Physical evidence
– No witness ID

Level 4:
– Unknown suspect
– Physical evidence
– No witnesses
– No ID on victim

Level 5
– Unknown suspect
– Little or no physical evidence
– No witnesses
– No victim ID

21 Comments to “Las Vegas Metropolitan PD Cold Case Solvability Criteria”

  1. This isn’t going to apply to high-value AwS. It will certainly apply to the masses of sheep though, who, like the “infidels” for the jihadist, will come in every color and represent a plethora of soft target. But to truly keep one’s hands clean, intricate facilitation may be in order? UncleBeast will lose no sleep, no resources, and no sheep support provoking lone wolves to carry out the already inevitable annihilation of “white” self-annihilators or their colored imitators. There is simply no shortage of “good old boys” ready to jackboot so as to enforce the “compassion” of the State for its most vulnerable degenerates.

  2. I can’t imagine what it was like to be Anders Breivik.
    The stress must have been unimaginable. How the hell could he even sleep for one second in the last month.

    • I’d bet he didn’t sleep that last night – his last free night.

      But I think it was worth it. As a result of his actions, he saw that victory was possible. I do think he could have got away with it, if he planned a big longer.

      • Something else to consider… Breivik knew in advance he would not get a death penalty nor was he likely to be gunned down if he willingly surrendered. These facts DO NOT APPLY in America. A Breivik-type act is, in all probability, a certain death sentence. Suicide missions stink of desperation. So not getting caught would be primary.

        [ed note: nope. suicide missions only stink in xtian societies – and to you xtians. to muzzzz, suicide missions give the best victory against xtians…there is not one whiff of desperation in muzz]

      • America’s the ultimate environment in the West. The biggest police state of them all. Very few people have the attention necessary to cover all the bases.

      • They found a muzz in London (called Mohamed Ali) guilty of trying to smuggle Ricin into the UK the other day. Unfortunately for Mo, his supplier was none other than the FBI. You can’t help thinking if Breivik had dumped something like that in the water tank on the island, the day before the lefty summer camp, he would have been far more successful, both in his attrition rate and his ability to escape. I think it takes two or three days for ricin to kick in.

      • Ha ha. It seems like everyone gets caught with that exotic stuff.

      • The Brevik-type of revolutionary cares little of his fate.
        He wants to get away with it – not because he wants to eat Appleby’s again, but – because he wants to do it again.

        …and again and again and…

      • True muzz do not murderously self-annihilate to get at Christians. They murderously self-annihilate so as to smash 72 virgins for eternity… That’s some REAL DESIRE for radical sexual autonomy. And when one ADDS this to the context of down-low muzzles and covering them women-folk from head to toe in Star Wars gear… Well?

      • The “72-and-a-half virgins” gimmick/meme is soundbite propaganda perpetrated by hateful Xtian BIGovs infuriated they cannot smash and subjugate raggedy goatfarming ragheads.

        Muzz blow up Westerners mainly because they want to kill the christfuck out of them. The 72 Vaginas are but a slick come-on erasing the final barrier to the Ultimate Sacrifice; it is a trick used in cults. Cults all use sops to motivate members to die for The Cause.

        As do ALL governments.

      • America is an over-police state, for one important reason, and only because of this fucking reason:


        When the the Eurots protested against their ruling masters, many of their LEOS actually knew what was going on with their countries, and showed sympathy for the protesters, some of them even allowed them to do what they pleased. They drop their gear and guard, and let the protesters do their work.

      • The cops here know what’s going on, JS. They know better than us.

        The cops here are paid better though, which buys their silence. Virtually every profession is paid better in the US.

      • And Ryu: The average White Murkan Zombie is so fucking credulous, with only thoughts of money and pleasure, that it’s not even funny.

        You asked yourself, is it worth it to even upset the process!

      • No FP… If the true desire is to kill the enemy then one doesn’t neutralize one’s self so as to snuff out one’s primary desire. The primary desire is radical sexual autonomy and murderous self-annihilation in the service of “Allah” IS THE ONE universally UNDERSTOOD guaranteed pathway… It is the conversion act and reward wrapped up all in one act.

        [ed note: that’s semantics. even ww2 kamikazes did it so it cuts across wildly diverse religion, time and cultures. you can’t say with credibility that they “did not want” to kill americans]

      • I didn’t say it wasn’t a two-fer? I only distinguished primary from secondary desire. Certainly, the murderous part requires enemy kills. But the self-annihilation is the act that REALLY pleases the radically autonomous god.

        What soldier is better? The one that kills for you or the one that dies for you?

        [ed note: the one who obeys me. and…the one I understand]

  3. Solvablity criteria – they need to bring Grissom back, and sack that fag with glasses.

  4. @TD Its a bit of an American fallacy to suggest that European murderers are encouraged by our lack of death sentences. And lower prison sentences. If anything it seems to produce less murders.
    Also did you know that 72 was 200 in a six based number system of the sort used by the Babylonians. (You can read all about it in my “Six Jihadic number facts that will blow your mind”

    • Colin…

      I wouldn’t say Breivik was encouraged… I would say he was definitely not discouraged. To say that one’s actions will certainly not end in death if the action is perpetrated here and certainly will end in death if the action is perpetrated there has to factor in at some level.

  5. The news have been saying that these string of random attacks (aka movie theater shootings) throughout the small towns of Murka, is abnormal.

    Those with an ounce of intelligence, will tell you that the big cities (most of them, liberal and elite strongholds) are over protected with LEOs, hence a big discouragement for those who want to start any trouble.

    FP: * Just made a comment on LoftB, saying many Jews have a soft spot for nigga dysfunctionality. He deleted it!

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