Colored Future Murka

by Firepower


The former reading room of White STEM Explorer Guys now prefers kinky-haired jewish lesbian inventors to spread Teh MINOLUV.

The answer to all Murka’s Problems is we all become coloreds. All our descendents must fuck coloreds – and accept the anointing – if we only bow down like Jesus in the desert and worship our inferiors.

National Geographic is was a smart magazine that nobody reads anymore. The dumber Murkan variants now watch NATGEO TV instead.  Wait, NGTV once showed the walls of Constantinople and HD documentaries about whales. Now, the even stupider viewers are shown The Science of Stupid and crap about Alien Bigfoot Abduction.

So, by the time those little Spickaninnies on the right hit 2050, National Geographic’s shows will all be on Brawndo, The Thirst MUTILATOR!!!

50% Kids Are Minorities by 2020
Feudal America: Hawaii Cleanses Its Castle
Soylent Suites & Hunger Games Hovels

57 Comments to “Colored Future Murka”

  1. Please don’t send any more mail to this address.

  2. Here FP, we are really on the same wavelength. The next overt step in the “hustle” is branding our daughters “racist,” ie., white supremacist, for not bedding nigger and his moderate “black” minions. Of course, this will be done out of sight and so it’s increasingly just a daughter’s will against a racially-instigated predator. This is the very scenario, this wicked racial coercion, where young white males can make the case for their completely visceral and entirely unarticulated distaste for bm/wf relationships. The default assumption is that all such relationships are rooted in ideological coercion and psychological force and should be rejected in principle.

    • That’s, at least for Hulk Hogan, already reality.

      The very organization he put on the map, now declared him a “persona non grata”.
      You see, he should have embraced the fact that his daughter has Jungle fever…

      • bleck.
        i admired brooke hogan’s sturdy fuckability; now you say she accepts the parasite colored seed? toss up a link.

        she’s pretty stupid, so she’d have to breed w/ a smart colored – that’s 3% of their population so it’s nigh impossible.
        She’ll likely breed w/ a stupid athlete and contaminate that LN/FFL Dream of hybrids: cocoapuff coloreds with Kobe Bryant’s athleticism and Jon Stewart’s intelect.

        Instead, stupid Brooke will bear a waste: a giant, fat mulattoe – an Al Roker Affleet with her brother’s brains.

      • Yep. I was going to cover it, but it’s too common.

        Hulk Hogan was erased by the WWF for saying NIGGER. There was the usual ruckus. His little girl was dating a coon and he just blurted out his true feelings.

        This is why we don’t go out into the open. Hulk Hogan and Donald Trump can’t even tell the truth today. Just imagine what would happen to an ordinary white man.

      • Observations of cowards successes who beat the system are snipers & bombers. On this we agree. I’ve thought of it often this 24HourNewsCycle Weekend EXTREEEEEM!

        At one time, I-I-ISISISISISIS couldn’t show its face in Iraq, then they turned the tide – and now its Murkan JordiBois who must hide.

        Bulkie should* have educated his daughter to avoid coloreds. But, SINCE he also raised his only son to be a cunt bitch, The Bulk is a loser more fixated on his own bank account and cock. He is a total failure: I now say, “Fulk the Bulk”

        I’d laff if his colored-fucking slut daughter spawned with a NiggaRappa and they nigged it up Kanye Kardashianitis Style.

        These filth are as much propaganda for OUR SIDE to not mate with a spook – as it is for LNs who want to brown even these Semi-Elites.

      • But where is his anger, FP?

        Hulk Hogan is still a man. He ***should*** be angry. He should want payback. They screwed him, he must screw them back.

        It’s like we say. The real heros today are “the villains” – Kaz, McVeigh, Brevik, Frein. Those TV heros are useless. I’ve watch Eastwood, Hogan, Trump, all fold quickly.

        Hey, FP, the American police think that cop-killa is a “coward.” That’s a codeword…it means effective.
        “You gunned down, you murdered a police officer, for less than 2 grams of marijuana. You literally destroyed a family.”

      • But where is his anger, FP?

        I sense he has no anger, despite the total corruption of his only children – what once was the most precious claim a white man had. He is too wealthy and famous. Whatever tinge he felt was quickly erased by $400 steaks and million dollar pussy.

        Hogan is execrable; he is NOT a White Man, but a mere wite male.

  3. So National Geographic has taken to publishing stories on negrophillia – what did you expect from your liberal media, FP, seriously? They’ll be doing an American edition of the Guardian next – that could be a money spinner.

    • You must first inspect your own, older nation’s decline of once-esteemed publications and testify; MurkaBashin’ is TDO. Your older society has no glory left.

      NG once was regarded highly; the advent of its foray into CableShiteTV debased it. That example is precisely what I show the audience when I discuss the degeneration and decay of what was American Education – and culture – from smart glory to stupid entertainment. NG, THC et al is now infotainment.

      NG is a clear example of how WE Western nations went from sophisticated intellect to truckpulls in Dublin.

      All My Babies’ Mamas
      Why the Discovery Channel Turned To Shit

      • Yes, Murka is dumb as you can get. Niggaphilia is a symptom of it.

        I do believe the smarter of the Murkans will awaken and eventually leave the country. No stupid person feast, fuss and fuck all day long, 365 days/yr. They will begin to question their motives.

      • Nope: You can be surrounded by half a billion morons, yet still luxuriate in your Park Avenue Penthouse 76 stories above it all. You can’t hear – or smell – the filth from those heights. You can watch educational TV with value (with your son, Prescott Wellington, VII) on your 345″ inch penthouse plasma. Bring the neighbor kid, Bernie Goldstein Jr, whose doddie rents the floor above you.

        Murka can insulate The Elite from the flyovers; that is actually its plan.

      • “You must first inspect your own, older nation’s decline of once-esteemed publications and testify;”
        Testify-Don’t get me fucking started..

        I’ve heard that about Hulk Hogan’s daughter BTW – Coal burner apparently.

  4. And you know why I hate Manhattan, despite being a person who could still afford living here!

    [ed note: OFF TOPIC]

    • you’ll find that your Idealized Quebecian Utopia is just that: But a preview of todays’ Manhattan. It’s just like nyc circa 1987. You’ll grow old there and by the time you retire it will look just like nyc. Canadian Progressives are worse than Pelosi-ite/Obamaists BECAUSE they still have safe white urban enclaves to retreat to from which to preach their DIVERSITY WONDERMENT VIBRANCY.

      You’re prolonging the inevitable; sort of a “World Class City Professional” variant of Flyy Farmoorz – where whites flee one outlying area for a colored free Hicksville.

      • There’s no running way from our problem. Only putting off the inevitable to buy some time.

        Even Eastern Europe is being infected. Their EU associations force them to take in minos. They’ll catch what America’s got soon.

    • I wrote the book on Feudal Manhattan.
      You need to read ALL my articles on it; you keep stating positions I’ve already written of 3 years ago.

      manhattan was NOT glorious in the 70’s. Abe Beam, Dinkins etc. fucked it up. manhattan was a shithole even in 1870 with its Hell’s Kitchen and Bowery etc.

      The elits shoved this scum into Brooklyn and the Bronx. Then they shoved them to Jersey and turned B’lyn into a New Manhattan; it’s a wealthier version of what it was in even the 70s. Brooklyn was once a whop city. Now its a colored professional city scattered with yuppies who can’t afford Manhattie.

      I wrote of this looooong ago…

      It was the elimination of these areas and conversion to Rich Developments of Penthouses that changed it after Gerald Ford ( a fucking GOPPER) bled the rest of Murka’s cities white to pay for nyc’s fuckups…

  5. I read a book about the world’s future. They too try to make everyone colored.

    …but it didn’t work. They just sub-divide into a hundred different grades. With pure white, at the bottom.

    The elites live in super penthouses. But they have to hide them, under lakes and in mountains. Poor are chosen to die by the millions.

    The white race survived by building a colony on Mars. It was all white.

  6. I would like to go to South Africa, JS. Very much so. It is the ultimate environment for a WN. There’s no lying to yourself that things will be OK there.

  7. Forget Souf Effricar JS. The Nigra Ape is busy exterminating the white man there. It’s like Rhodesia with money. You just don’t get to hear about it. Because its the most successful African nation. And you know – remember St. Nelson Mandela and the six million niggers that sacrificed their lives for freedom.

    • Colin, A White person living in South Africa is asking for a death sentence. No amount of money and luxury will change that. You could say the same about London, with the rate of multiculturalism going there, and I see NYC in a similar fashion, as this town continues to be infested with all kinds of 3rd world Brazilian types.

      Sidenote: Iran is actually a 1st world nation.

  8. “Colin, A White person living in South Africa is asking for a death sentence.” – what’s your point here JS?
    Like you probably won’t go out machine gunning Zulus.
    I had a friend who worked there a while back. And of course the most infamous method of execution used is the “necklace”, where you are tied to a post and a tyre filled with petrol (that’s gasolene to you btw) put over your head. My guess is that you might last 20 – 30 seconds.

    My friend said that the most brutal way of killing people, he saw, was to hang the enemy upside down from a tree, then beat them with a stout stick with six inch nails hammered through it. That must be a laff.

  9. Clever of the architect to make them brown – in fairness

    • The Ideal State of the Liberal nazi is to make their version of the Ubermensch look exactly like those spickaninny spawn.

      It’s German Nazism reversed.
      Thus, Murka becomes Rio de Janeiro Brazil; light-skinned elites (WASPs & jew) living in Penthouse fortresses guarded by SWATZIs and protected from the scum on the mountainside.

      Manhattan on the right side of the tracks, and favelas on the wrong side: Long Island and Jersey.

  10. Here’s more delusional Hollywood perversity in the name of diversity:

    They should have made an all MINO team of Fantastic Four to get their point across!

  11. JS You make them sound more like consumers rather than enablers of degeneracy.

    And I have to confess that in my youth, consuming degeneracy was my weekend pastime. Maybe because it was more fashionable then, but I’m not after kidding myself, Sex and Drugs and Rock n’ Roll – is hard to beat if you have the stamina.

  12. This whole thread shows not only a lack of discipline, but offers nothing in regards to a psychological counter attack. Generation X was raised on the idea of being pathological IF viscerally disgusted at the sight of black male/white female relations. There was no white authority to explain this NATURAL reaction and all the societal pressure to deem it pathology. So the propaganda was compounding. The reality IS IN FACT just the opposite. IT IS PATHOLOGICAL to not feel a revulsion for the most extreme acts of radical sexual autonomy. It is pathological, ie., ghetto, TO BE indifferent and/or tolerant of your daughter’s radical sexual autonomy. To be truly autonomous, one destroys those closest to him by letting them destroy themselves. This is the nature of the symbiotic regression. A multi-parasitic paradigm where the race to Final Liberation is measured in the most “sophisticated” degeneracy from ruthless violence to gluttonous greed. This is the “ground game” of the Jewhiteniggermiggerhomodykejihadist…

    • Much of the system’s effort are directed toward fighting nature and the natural response. I don’t see any white authorities today, TD. At least, any good ones.

      • White authorities, particularly PRO-White authorities don’t have the reach that the FFOL does. That is why we don’t see them. For the life of me, don’t understand why we don’t have our own WELL FUNDED YouTube where, not only do our videos not get taken down but THEIR videos get taken down. Any why don’t we have our own television channels? The guy that runs NatGEO is a Jew, btw. First he ruined NPR then he got an “offer he couldn’t refuse” to come and ruin NATGEO.

        [ed note: good, sharp research. thanks4 the link. you see, as I’ve written…there IS ALWAYS the LN/FFL connection. also, there is NO reason why whites cannot make a youtube – they made the original. it is another simple task that would be effective, but is avoided for The TDO of Tweeeeeeeeeeetz]

      • I’ve seen really good WN TV from the 1980s. There’s been a tremendous merging of TV networks. 5 or 6 companies run everything today.

        In the 80s, there were still small independent broadcasters. Metzger’s show was Race and Reason.

      • Airwaves can’t ALL be controlled by the enemy, can they???

      • They are pretty good, Erin. The system reserves enormous portions of the electromagnetic spectrum for their own private use.

        The AARL employees narcs who monitor the airwaves. They then report to the FEC if someone is breaking the rules, or says something truly offensive.

    • TD: I understand your viewpoint. I always knew how pathological this combination reeks, and the parasitism of the black male in this relationship and in society at large, which means, he needs to be eradicated.

  13. For my futurist goals I am in favor of miscegenation but only if it increases IQ above what it would otherwise have been. That would mean whites/north Asians impregnating lower-IQ races but not vice versa. Also high IQ women (who are often more beautiful) should have many babies.

    • High IQ whites have shown no imperial intent with regards to miscegenation. It has been all self-annihating assimilation. High IQ whites males ARE LEARNED anti-imperialist/anti-Supremacist. Miscegenation is therefore self-annihilation. High IQ white males seek Final Liberation like no other. High IQ white males are the most creatively suicidal. Feeding these nerds “justified” miscegenation is like giving a candy STORE to a baby.

  14. This negrophilia might not happen yet. Seems like the chimps now have plans for the white oppressor.

    • Farrakhan is all cheap talk. Furthermore, blacks are killing other blacks, significantly more than any non-blacks offing niggas.

      • Pity seemed like a win win situation. But then I figured by the time it kicked off, the winter would have come. I read somewhere, that coloreds niggers find it difficult to nig in cold weather. But I’ll leave it to you chaps to read the jungle drums.

    • I don’t think that most blacks listen to Farrakhan anymore. He’s an extremist to them.

      The type of education that Farrakan, the Nation of Islam and the Panthers promote is the opposite of the black trend. They hate instinctually. Farrakan is too intellectual for blacks now.

    • Thus, THAT IS WHY if our MMM-USG tolerates coloreds urging the killing of Whites and wites – it is perfectly acceptable to urge oppressed Whites to rise up and kill every MINO and Liberal they can.

      • So how’s this going to play out?(In terms of meeja) I mean its on Zero Hedge, but is it going to go any further?
        The most polite interpretation is “Kill the pigs”. Which might have been OK as statement of edginess, in the 1970’s.

        Will it get main stream reporting – the problem being that it goes against the “nigs are nice” narrative, The American kike media is so fond of pushing. That and the obvious double standard?

      • So how’s this going to play out?(In terms of meeja) I mean its on Zero Hedge, but is it going to go any further?

        Prognostication and prediction is but another stage of TDO. It appears advanced as some form of “higher thinking” but it really is the latest phase o’ phappery.

        Killing Pigs got quite far. Bill Ayres, Bernadine Dohrn and Sweet Baby Muuuuumia killed pigs and for years later, all pigs did was hire affirmative-african-action coloreds then rapidly advance them to State Capitals as new bosses of entire Divisions.

        Here’s a winegum to chew on: If murkan pigs are soooooo badass to nigras – how come every important, major city fell to coloreds running the streets AND finally, city hall?

        You Irish didn’t need to be told to KILL Redcoats. You just did it. So did our Revolutionaries. *Poof!* no more redcoats. Each Whiny Wite now must have their dainty, lily-white hand held while X-Men-like super-duper WN hee-roes with golden ϟϟ bolts on their capes fly in from their spaceship and provide them with all the intel of their city hall five blocks away. They need to be told when their Congressanimal is having a grippin n’ grinnin’ barffest at the local strip mall.

        Whites want somebody else to plunge the toilet. They think Miggers will do it, like they do all the other shitty jobs their teens should* do. Problem is: The clock’s tickin’ and every minute there’s less Whites worth fighting for.

        It would be nice if the Murkan Praetorian Guard assisted now as it did in 1776, but now they’re flagwaving fascist morons dying to be the first to land on an Iranian beach and recreate the Normandy scene in Saving Pvt. Ryan…for Lord Christ0bama, the very LN entity who IRS’d the TParty.

        I can explain anything and everything, but I will not be a Gen. Patton stopping at every Belgian farmhouse to personally kick in 100 doors an afternoon.


    This is kind of a TDO article. I agree with Thordaddy that we need to start finding solutions.

    • nope: NOT TDO. just evidence of NG as a former Icon of Whiteness urging miscegenation to the level of eradicating whites.

      it is more proof of Liberal Nazism and its SuperMan Ideal. and, likely another article that could be used to persuade readers’ acquaintances to our side, but will end up forgotten in the shitter…

      Plus, you already know the solution. Coloreds, MINOs and all Liberals MUST be eradicated. It’s not up to me and ryu to give you squad level tactics and local intel. Use your head.

      They must be eradicated. Simple as that.
      If they are not, they will eventually destroy your entire genetic line.

  16. FP: I combed through the miscegenation article. Anti-Semites are not correct to say that Jews don’t mix, especially with coloreds. They got want they wanted, and that includes their own.

    • However, it does appear that the Northeast is the most racist region in Murka. Jews, WASPs and WLNs don’t miscegenate in large numbers. Our current mayor Dumb Fuck Oreo is the exception, rather than the rule.

  17. The dumbing down of Murka and the browning of Murka, seems about right!

  18. Imagine the next round of vibrant infusion shall be the “jewhite” self-annihilator seeking to facilitate in the extradition of all those indifferent vibrants accused of killing Cecil’s kin across the African plains. Once here, “we” shall be media-bombarded with tales of intra-species warfare and a lion untamed. Such human-like drame will necessitate “civil” lawyers to re-evaluate the influence of “white privilege” in the seeking of these extraditions that give all the appearance of disparate vibrant impact. Such a moral calamity can then only be remedied by an open arms adjustment followed up with a nicely greased handshake. Welcome to America another vibrant refugee courtesy of that Elmer Fudd.

    • A vast majority of whites (and even most WNs) imagine* the browning of Murka as linear. They all fail to see the backwash of a logarithmic browning that one future day, grows like monthly cancer.

      Coloreds may thrive in gangs, so the elite imagines*/fantasizes it can somehow, turn the allure of the military as one big gang. This will fail: Volunteering to die for Beyonce’s rich grandsons requires discipline – something coloreds do not have. It’s why it took chains to keep them picking cotton. Thus, the military will fail as has every formerly White Institution conquered by coloreds.

      This is but one example. The military only exists (even today) as bank guards with license to kill, as they protect Manhattan Money from criminal Soviets, muzz ISIS and RED ChiComs.

      When the army becomes niggerish, game over.
      They hymies have erroneously initiated and played a Win/Lose game.

      • FP: NYPD is browning, that’s a good start. Manhattan is district #1 for Brazilica.

        You do understand that Janissaries did try to turn against their sultans in several periods of Ottoman history, because they felt they should have the ruling power. Why not, they did all the dirty work, while the king fattens himself in indolence and idleness. The same is happening to the White demographic in Murka, their lazy ass children 3Fers, and their parents with fiat jobs in Wall St and Corporate Law. Meanwhile, the coloreds are beginning to run the backbone of society.

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