by Ryu

If I could pin down just one area that would maximize the fighting ability of each individual WN, it would be sniping. With training, one man can hold down large numbers of the enemy.

I won’t be able to write everything there is to know in one article. Often others ask we what I mean by “training” and what they should focus on. It is not appropriate for me to be giving exact marching orders to free-thinking white men. I do want to demonstrate that knowledge and excellence are possible and that everything is here, free, and online.

5 Comments to “Sniping”

  1. Please stop sending mail to this address.

    • “We” don’t send emails. When you sign up for updates on the right, that’s when it blows up your email box. It’s a wordpress thing.

  2. Been reading about the last days of the Reich where snipers played defensive roles on both fronts. Best way to take them out was to let them get the first shot before calling in the heavy weapons. Kill ratios were lopsided so no prisoners were taken. Future law enforcement will probably have drones so there should be no standoffs.

  3. Sniping in combat is different than urban sniping.

    HEROJordies! will call in airstrikes if possible. No History Channel Heroics of “sniper duels” – cowardly, eh?
    But, when an Iranian Baby Aspirin Factory is near, UNCLEBeast’s Bois must avoid collateral.
    Just like in Murkan cities.

    Wouldn’t want to obliterate a United Way or La Raza storefront to shoot one guy who greased five HEROCops!

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