Rating Direct Actions

by Ryu

As always, the action itself is the easy part, making up only 1% of the work. The other 99% is preparation, intel, and ESCAPE. This is where most fail. We will be using this in the future.

F: Mission incomplete

D: Mission complete, suspect committed suicide

C: Mission complete, suspect captured within 24 hours; Brevik

B: Mission complete, suspect escaped for more than 1 day; Eric Frein

A-: Mission complete, suspect free over 5 years; Osama, Ted Kaczynski

A: Mission complete, suspect never caught but known; David Durham

A+ Mission complete, suspect unknown, suspect free; Zodiac, I70 Killer

The acme of excellence is no witnesses, no forensic evidence and no motive…a ghost. There is nothing for investigators to work.

19 Comments to “Rating Direct Actions”

  1. So this makes me wonder who could grade an A++? The additional plus would indicate the annihilation of a lowly-valued “white” anti-white Supremacist. And of course, in our topsy-turvy world, the lowliest of wAwS are at the highest levels of society. Perhaps a list of the grimiest wAwS could be compiled by Ryu using an “algorithm” (wS trade secret) that is constantly taking in new information in which this list will function as a virtually pending domino effect. In other words, the lowliest wAwS is always on top, suspectible to a mighty fall that then sets off a domino effect collapsing fellow wAwS…

    Who is the most diabolical “white” anti-white Supremacist on the globe?

    • So few people reach that level that it’s hardly worth discussing. The discipline it takes to truly get away with it is beyond the common man. It is beyond most WNs. I would equate it with earning a PhD entirely on your own.

      I would say the most diabolical white awWS would be George Soros or Bill Clinton. Perhaps Jeffrey Epstein.

      What do you make of the MMA people TD, parading that Rhonda Rhody woman around? She’s like a poster-child for modern feminism, which makes women into men.

      • An abomination. I’ll say more later when I get a chance. All the elements are present for radical conversion.

      • RR will be a human-shield for a ruthless dyke contingent gearing up for an inevitable backlash. A paid stooge to further psychologically bewilder young children both male and female. She is the oh-so-typical modern female absolutely sold on the idea that her desires are the very thing that make her good and valuable. And the more she wants and desires, the superior person she is… This obviously makes her ripe for the pickings. These fools at the top of the UFC can only think exponential growth by way of an extremely “diverse” target market. Dykes are clearly the target market for female UFC. RR is the conduit manifesting the “sexy dyke face.” Throw in Bruceee and that first dillennial that tells his chick, “You’re hot like Caitlyn,” and the psychological warfare being perpetuated on young white males and females could not get any more obvious.

      • Does she has a mate, TD? Does she date and stuff?

        My gym has all these TVs in it, on every wall. So I get to see all those ESPN special things. She always looks pissed off, and I never see her acting like a woman, or in a dress.

      • this rr talk is way off topic.

        but, it’s ryu’s post so:
        I’m surprised the both of you don’t see it in black n’ white.

        You should be pleased the ufc is glorifying its white girl. Usually it’s some colored or migger champ they try and foist on the drooling, moron public under the Diversity Banner.

        Once, first came the whiteguys like Chuck Liddell, Matt Hughes or gsp – only to be rapidly replaced by some colored mat monkey espousing the “superiority of black genetic-athletics”.

        I started watching ufc because it once was just whites; I’m sick of loudmouthed sport-coloreds acting like niggers – a retread of the past.

        Note, that cunt Dana White’s attempts to monkify the ufc failed. Rampage Jackson went Full Niggerish. That spick with the “Brown Pride” tat – who really gave a fuck about any colored champ? DW is simply re-applying The Muhammad Ali Model; nothing clever about it at all.

  2. Ryu: A++++ Killing machines disguised as animals that I previously talked about. A life-like pigeon that flies into the intended target and open fires and killing it, and perhaps explodes after that, to avoid evidence.

    • Noooooo, that’s bad, JS.

      The bomb and drone people get that wrong. An explosion does not eliminate evidence – it just scatters it all over the place. If the police are ready to do the work, they can put every piece back together again, just like a puzzle. Nothing is destroyed – just ripped apart and blown all over.

      You’ve got to be very careful. Drones are not magic. They leave ALOT of clues. I have watched the ATF blow up cars then put them back together, spending weeks.

      There’s no miracle cure. More than technology it takes attention.

  3. Most resisters will not be competent or brave at all.
    Assuming a normal distribution, 95% will be relatively weak.
    But they are the bulk of those willing to resist at all.

    Some will be social outsiders suffering from lack of energy.
    How could they fight back when shit hits the fan.

    Let’s say, purely hypothetical example, DPRK invasion army shock troops break down a guy’s door because he was overheard making a Kim Yong Un joke, or some guy is to be hauled to Rape Prison because he refused to pay alimony to some bitch he never even had sex with.

    Again, purely hypothetical. Reality will be much, much worse.
    Yeah I know he should already have escaped but he won’t have.
    All I can think is fire random shots to scare the attackers, pour gasoline, throw a match and bullet in the brain.
    This blog offers the first hope of a better way.

    • Bravery as it is commonly understood isn’t needed.

      I enjoy hearing the system call of “coward.” It’s a codeword. It means hard to find and hard to solve. Coward crimes are arson, snipers and bombers.

  4. Well, the ‘D’ rating may not necessarily be so bad, but it depends on the target and who the suspect is. If, for example, a terminally ill suspect suicide bombed an almost impregnable target and got away with it, that would be a victory. Not only would the mission be complete but it would have significant propaganda and psychological value. On the the other hand, it would be a terrible waste of a healthy young person who had another 50 years to contribute. Noting scares the system more than suicide bombers since they would be random and very hard to stop. Suicide bombers with nukes or dirty bombs must be the ultimate system nightmare.

    • I gotcha. I’m just tired of these guys getting caught so easily. Nearly everyone fails to escape.

      • i understand completely. I just wanted to point out that there are many arrows in your quiver, so to speak, but that some can only be used in very specific circumstances and sometimes only once. No option should be completely written off.

        Also, I’m not surprised many people are caught. They’re fighting pretty tough odds. It could well be that someone is doing it successfully and has remained under the radar so far. We have no way of knowing. If we did know, then it would mean they’re in danger of being caught. This movement is rife with irony everywhere you look.

      • We can see things the system cannot, Adit.

        I knew Eric Frein was one of us, and the Dylan kid, before the media announced it. A good WN can feel it.

    • Not at all… One act of radical jihadist autonomy only begets an even more radical act of autonomy on behalf of UncleBeast. There is an unspoken mutual assured benefit (MAB) that understands this maximization of radical autonomy always comes at the expense of the masses on either or both sides.

      • If Unclebeast didn’t know who to retaliate against then what? Or if they retaliate against the wrong party?

      • Neither of those scenarios present any opposition to the advance of UncleBeast’s radical autonomy. Both instances can easily be resolved by pin pointing a “white supremacist” at the bottom of the conspiracy. Even the unknown jihadist attack or the one wrongly attributed ALWAYS ultimately provokes a crackdown on the lone white wolves. This is the only reoccurring pattern.

    • To the intellectual jihadist, the western media’s constantly reminder of possible jihadist WMD attack PRESAGES an unpredictable attack by UncleBeast. In other words, the constant drumbeat is “our” call to arms albeit in a far subliminal manner. Of course, no attack is impossible and so there is still every conceivable reason to believe that the jihadists would like to execute a WMD attack DESPITE its provocation for UncleBeast to go full annihilation. Jihadist are, after all, the archetype religiously motivated self-annihilator.

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