Elite Feudal Manhattan Com-Fortresses

by Firepower

Not much to say, but: I toldyaso.

Just the thing for the pampered billionaire, foreign oligarch, Murkan jew or WASP.

Elite Thugsoldier/Knights get to pack heat in The Enchanted City, but you – The Little Peeepul – are stop&frisked. No wonder coloreds want to blow the christfuck out of SWATZIs.

While serving as president of the New School, Bob Kerrey, the former United States senator, needed a residence befitting… his station.”

Elites will never crack unless they are eradicated. They will continue to vote for – and donate billion$ t0 – LN Hillary types who perpetuate their shared gravy train while the rest of Murka Baltimores itself into Detroit.

Poolside calling….

42 Comments to “Elite Feudal Manhattan Com-Fortresses”

  1. Reblogged this on eradica2015 and commented:
    Fortresses are deliberating with the conservatives in an elite feud.

  2. FP: Again, Manhattan is a shithole. True elites in Manhattan are about 1%. Manhattan is a playpen, not their main home. It’s like the gym to them. He lives in Tribeca, one of the few exclusive neighborhoods in the isle, and hardly a MINO treads into his section of the neighborhood.

    The wealthy fusser featured in the liberal nazi rag is an idiot. Talking about an overkill of security. This is what happens, when you have too much downtime AND money on your side.

    [ed note: if you *think* Manhattan is another Ferguson and Gary, Indidana, fine.]

    • Wealthiest neighborhoods in Manhattan and their median incomes. It’s really low, when comparing to the moneyed Murkans living out in the South West.


      The over-fortified home featured in the NYT article is in Tribeca, which would be a wealthy area of Manhattan.

      • I agree… Those incomes aren’t “wealthy.”

      • sigh.

        the chart shows median income. it includes all residents. “median” means half make more than the income numbers on JS’ chart – and another half makes less. median DOES NOT MEAN THE SAME AS AN AVERAGE.
        so you have manhattan babies making $0 a year and baby killers making 50 billion+ a year.

        the median income for the rest of the usa is $52,100. 20% to 75% lower.

        if anybody wants to try and explain how fucking poor that makes Manhattan – when only the lowest earners there make 20% MORE than the entire usa average, go on an’ try…

      • FP: Now compare New York with Los Angeles, another Jew town, but with many wealthy Whites, gookers and others.


        ~ 80 neighborhoods that are far wealthier than anything in Manhattan!

      • here is a list of the richest cities in Murka.
        deny all you want:

        You have to start facing facts and modifying your belief systems if you are to have any credibility in persuading recruits. If not, they will see you as a fool.

        “1. San Francisco — You’d need $124,561 to live comfortably in SF.
        2. San Jose — You’d need around $115,515 here.
        3. Washington, D.C. — $108,092 would be a comfortable salary in the nation’s capital.
        4. Seattle — $93,634 would be ideal here.
        5. San Diego — You could be comfortable with a salary of $101,984.
        6. Boston — $106,082 is what you’d need to be financially comfortable in this northern city.
        7. New York City — To live comfortably, you’d need $131,365 in Brooklyn, $169,639 in Manhattan, and $116,907 in Queens.
        8. Los Angeles — $102,061 would have you sitting pretty in LA.
        9. Denver — $82,036 would be an ideal salary here.
        10. Austin — Surprisingly, in spite of the high percentage of people earning over $150,000, you’d only need $72,912 to be comfortable in this Texas city.”


        i’m finished wasting my time.

      • No, you’re wasting your time posting about Manhattan’s eliteness as a fortified “enchanted isle”, instead of describing it as an isle with small pockets of wealth.

        There are so many Miggas living in Manhattan, who barely make nothing of those figures, none of them are found in other posh cities like the areas of Los Angeles, San Francisco San Diego, and Aspen.

        The average Manhattanite lives in a small box or they’re living in an apartment sharing with others.

      • Making $146,000 a year then spending $112,000 to rent a 700 sq.ft. shoebox so you can eat $9 muffins does not make Manhattanites poor, it makes them stupid.

        I showed you the list of the wealthiest cites and provided the link. http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/personalfinance/2015/01/25/cheat-sheet-10-richest-cities/21394881/
        Your list is of tiny enclaves (like Bel Air) with as many total richies as a single 114-story luxury condo taking up one entire Manhattan block.

        The list I provided is of cities over 500,000 population. Denying it is absurd.

      • Los Angeles and Manhattan are comparable. And I’m saying Manhattan and not NYC, which has a population comparable to that of the entire LA area.

      • FP’s notion of Manhattan of an enchanted isle is as relevant as those who brand NYC as the greatest city in the world, teeming with remarkable immigrants ready to make a Murka a great place. Of course, the average immigrant in NYC is a colored, from a third world shithole, who usually have bad intentions with bad repercussions.

      • If you still insist Rancho Cucamunga, CA is the most influential city in Murka because the ten Hollywood producers living there lift its money demographic, you are ignoring stats and that is quite strange.

        I point to Manhattan as the most powerful city in Murka, despite your consuming, blinding hatred for it.
        I list stats and research showing its position on the hierarchy: Anecdotal examples of four coloreds waiting in line at your local bodega do not make nyc Detroit.

      • FP: No one said Manhattan is not the most powerful city in Murka. I previously said, you hurt them where it hurts the most, namely NYC. WNs should at least visit this cesspool once in their lifetime.

        No one gives a fuck if a bomb went off in tinyville Iowa’s state capital.

        I do however think NYC is a subpar “luxury town”, because of the miggas and the shitty housing that people deal with.

        Do you know not understand this? No one said Manhattan is another chocolate paradise.

        [ed note: your photoessays only show Miggers; Brooklyn bodegas. you ignore the interiors of TriBeCa & Upper West Side as if they do not exist because you are not privy to them. knowledge is knowing Truth even though you cannot see it]

      • And power and money aren’t necessarily connected. Silicon Valley vs Manhattan:

        Just look at the wealthy gookers and the tech tycoons that infest the Silicon Valley area, who have more money than our current mayor dumb-fuck oreo.

        [yes, but each is a different level on the MMM Pyramid of Power. CA is entertainment and tech, yet each are financially based in Manhattan – and all is orchestrated by the Manipulator Media; itself totally headquartered in manhattan]

      • My consummate hatred for Manhattan is the same with your hatred of LNs and Miggas.

        [ed note: hatred is good, provided you do not let it blind you. i do want MINOs and LNs eradicated, but I still grudgingly admire their unity which gave them victory. a blinding only provides the ammunition of mockery to your foes.]

      • FP: Not every section of Manhattan is wealthy. Look at the map of the wealthy neighborhoods again. I posted it, and it’s here again.

        The green areas are the poorer sections, some of them with a large demographic of coloreds.

      • While I have some friends who live in the West Village and Tribeca who earn more a quarter of a million. I know others who share a one bedroom apartment with 2 others, each paying 1,000 in rent.

        [every manhattie thinks of themselves – and their castle – as exceptional. it’s like Hillary saying she’s broke: do you not see the absurd wealth of a location that can charge three successful whites $3000 a month RENT for 600 sq.ft?]

    • Manhattan is another Ferguson and Gary, Indidana

      It’s not, but it’s a city slightly better than Chicago with its nigga filth, but fares poorly in comparison to other posh cities like San Francisco, San Diego and others, in quality of life measures, when it comes to worrying if the miggas on the street will hurt you.

      Just tell me if you find this kind of news in other nice cities of Murka, where their wealthy citizens don’t have to worry about a dark face animal:


      And this women lives in the West Village, which is a posh neighborhood in Manhattan. A nigga managed to walk into the neighborhood, climbed into the fire escape and tried to rape her.

      • And I once told the Lion blogger that NYC isn’t a world class city, for the mere fact, of its large population of Migga turds floating everywhere.

      • Here are a few miggas attacking a gooker over an iPhone, in Manhattan:


        Gookers are always easy targets for the dark faces. Notice the indifferent and apathetic crowd of people watching. That’s Murka, with its cowards, when it comes to MINOs.

        These types of thugs are the same fuckers, who become servants for the rich White Zombie kids, who fuss, feast and fuck all day long. Nobody is calling out a spade a spade!

      • Coloreds attack any wimpy MINO, but they also attack Wimpy Wites. Zipperheads and DotHeads are notoriously weak – as are SWPL whites.

        Even a pride of Lions goes for the old Wildebeast or baby Impala.

        The only reason Miggers prevail against coloreds is Miggers are the sole MINO group that completely eradicates coloreds.
        Eradication works.

        This odd, enzymatic reaction between Migger and nigger is why USG imports Miggers; to keep coloreds’ population in check.

      • FP: Eradication of colored pests of 1st priority are the most pesky types, namely niggas, and bichos. Bicho is the Spanish world for the mulatto cucarachas that live predominantly in the NYC region and Caribbean Florida. I basically refer them as Spanish Niggas in English. They are no different from blacks, except they speak a very crude form of Spanish, and exhibit the same rowdy and dysfunctional behavior.

        The catch 22, is that by eradicating these miscreants, you are doing a great service to those who hate you, namely, White liberals, who use them against you, but they avoid these animals altogether with their money. They get a free ride, at the expense of your hard work.

      • FP: Do you SUGGEST I STAY IN MANHATTAN? Given the fact that living in Manhattan is a status symbol. I’m in the process of leaving this stinkhole in about a week.

      • I discovered it is almost an act of surrender to move away from TOTE. It is retreat. Whites who move to the Kuntree bc a coon moved to their block are saying “one coon will defeat us all – all is lost – abandon ship!”

        The Viet Cong closed with their enemy – and won. When whites move, the coloreds only follow and make them move again and again. One day, it seems whites will thus only inhabit the Poles. Living in the wilderness makes one stand out like an Elk or Lion; an easy target for hunters.

      • This is one POV. I’m very impressed by the “ring of steel” that surrounds many MMM castles. London, NYC, SF, DC all have it. It’s hard to not get caught. And it will only get worse with time.

        Check out my “Lone Target: Hiding in Plain Sight” post in the scheduleds. It’s about a SEAL trying to evade the South Korean authorities. 5000 cameras in the city. Almost every time he’s in the city, he’s tracked.

      • The Turks couldn’t conquer Constantinople the 1st time, they retreated and came back, and became successful.

        The Huns couldn’t conquer the Chinks, because of the great wall, but Genghis Khan did.

      • Ryu…

        But ponder the disconnect…

        “We” operate in a Profiler State (hybrid nanny/police state) whose task it is to a) predict the actions of the “best” radical autonomists and b) direct the actions of the mass of radically autonomous citizens.

        Yet, “we” are profilers ourselves doing the exact same thing just as that Navy Seal. This is not a trivial “equality” between us and them.

      • I’ve been extremely impressed by the FBI’s Behaviorial Science Unit, TD. Their work is top notch. I found someone there as good as FP is.

        …but they look at it from the outside. They are pro-system.

        They can’t catch lone wolves. Time and time again, they fail to catch the lone individual. Groups crack. Even small groups of 2 or 3.

        I believe that a non-system investigator will always be superior to the best of them. He has to do it all alone. No budget, no team, no paychecks.

        We and the system elite are very alike, TD. You know this too. They have the power, we do not. But we want it. The white supremacist and the white annihilator are also similar, in their way.

        Very few reach the finish line of WN. The best WN movie is Apt Pupil – and the ending fits well.

  3. NYC is the center of jewish power in Murka, Wall Street is a weapon used in financial wars against the rest of the world.

    The newsmedia is al headquartered in Castle Manhattan, the Court Jews are the Kings of today Murka.

    • Jewish Wall St is no doubt a weapon, but one needs to understand why NYC and Wall St are on the decline. The rising tide of MINOs might be a 1st reason, after 2 decades of Republican mayors, who keep the migga problem in check. The real reason has to do with the wealthy globalists, who are now beginning to wrap their slimy tentacles in Manhattan in their expensive glass towers. They seem to be out-Jewing the native Jews of Manhattan and in Murka, when it comes to making money. The global mafia has more money than the CEO of Goldman Sachs by a ten fold, some of its members are of course, international Jews themselves, but it also includes many wealthy Eurots, Ruskies, Sand Niggas and Chinks. Who really knows what we have in store in the future? Maybe these globalists will kick the MINOs out of NYC entirely, and take the White Zombie 3Fers, as their subjects.

      Currently, the city looks like a sack of dirt with pockets of wealth, almost like a Brazilian scenery of miggas and a few sprinkles of wealth here and there. This could change in the next decade, if the world becomes wealthier and Murka does not, which seems like the correct trajectory with our present situation.

  4. I like how they mention Russia and Brazil in that article. The US today resembles both. We’re getting the racial composition and the wealth inequality.

    The poor of America need to stop blaming themselves. It’s not their problem if it is happening to millions upon millions of the middle class. The casino is rigged. It’s just the same as an American man blaming himself for a divorce when it is a systemic problem.

    There are hundreds of docus on the working poor in America.

    • Yes, but I’m thinking the international mafia has their eyes set on Murka, because it’s more valuable than a place like Brazil, because it already has lot of resources and infrastructure that they could use immediately. If this becomes a reality, the social dynamics in this country will be turned completely upside down. WNs and MINOs will both suffer the same fate of displacement, but by no means they will be allies. Never!

  5. Miggas and White Zombies have a lot of common, because both groups are always seeking pleasure and radical autonomy, and yet they are boring and unremarkable, because of this:

    Miggas are given opportunities and they squander them, because they are inherently lower order humans with more primal aspirations. White Zombies, many of whom are just silver spoon kids, grew up in wealth and had everything handed to them.

  6. Ryu: Despite my dislike for many things, Murkan. I still believe one must work hard to achieve excellence, regardless. Murkan dream is a charade, because of the entitlement and consumerist culture we are so ingrained through the media. Most people do not want to do any heavy lifting of any sort, nor many are original in their actions in anyway.

    • As long as people blame themselves, and not the American system, they will never resist.

      They direct all their hatred at themselves. This is TD’s self annihilation at work. They think the problem is them, rather than America.

      There’s nothing “American” about the American dream. It says make a pile of $$$, fuck everyone and be a selfish pig, then go live on a mansion on the hill. That’s why everyone wants it, no matter where they are from.

      • Ryu: There are only 2 kinds of people in Murka who are treated like kings now. The wealthy White Zombies (many of whom are liberal nazis themselves in cities like NYC) and MINOs. Both leech the system, just in different ways, and both are protected by the unsuspecting White proletariat, LEO or Jordie.

        MINOs get all kinds of benefits and subsidies, then squander them, and the cycle repeats itself. Fussing, feasting and fornicating White Zombies are also useless, who work at jobs that scam the average person, or they inherit wealth from their parents, which are ill gotten money that were also part of a scam.

  7. There IS nothing American about the American dream.
    It is just greed re-packaged in a very shiny wrapper.
    But the wrapper, the marketing of that dream was American wizardry.
    It said that that dream was available to anybody so long as you worked hard.

    Come to America, land of opportunities and open skies!

    It isn’t true now.
    But people still believe it, (though the current popularity of Trump shows people are starting to wake up).

    • The greatest stroke of genius Conservatives ever had was:

      Marketing greed to John Q. Public as OK – because God approved.
      So long as you tithed.

      This was done long ago in the 19th century

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