Ninja Rocks

by Ryu

Ninja rocks” are little bits of spark plug porcelien. When throw against a glass surface, they shatter the entire window with only a small noise. It’s much less noisy than throwing a rock through, then having to scrape the insides of the window.

Possessing a ninja rock is “illegal”, as it is a burglary tool under the American system. Also remember the rock may have partial prints on it, as well as DNA. Folks who don’t collect it before leaving the scene….…. then disposing of it appropriately after removing all traces leave fingerprints that help HEROCops!!!™ find them.

5 Comments to “Ninja Rocks”

  1. Interesting. An automatic center punch also works well. Cops and EMTs carry them for emergencies. BTW, the linked video is no longer available.

  2. @ryu:
    how ‘popular’ are thes NRs?
    why are they preferred over a metal punch, bullet etc?

    • I’m not totally sure how popular they are, FP. I found it in an LEO textbook. I don’t know any car thieves.

      Bullets are no good. There’s so much evidence left. The bullet, shell casing, blowback from the firing on your clothes and hands, the sound, the box of ammo the bullet came from, additional charges, etc.

      If I shoot a 22 caliber bullet, it’s left at the scene and a search shows I own a 22, they can get a search warrant for my house. It’s easy to get caught using a gun.

      The most common obstacle a certain type of WN will face is a closed window or door. So I had to do the research.

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