The Attica Prison Riots of 1971

by Ryu

There are those who claim that the USG likes racism. It keeps the various groups at each other’s throats, rather than attacking the USG itself. I now agree with this POV to a degree.

It’s a matter of assessing threats and focusing on the biggest dog. Today, the police owns the streets, in all but a few mino-controlled areas.

17 Comments to “The Attica Prison Riots of 1971”

  1. USG desires radical autonomy AND this is attainable with a population of sheople that reject Perfection.

    • Today’s Nigger Storage Facility is far different than 1971: Now, they’re air-conditioned, have HDTV and 300 vending machines filled with burgers, Stouffer’s frozen entrees and most of the stuff monkeys eat outside.

      They don’t even have bars, they look like clean college dorms.

      • In a way I’m glad they don’t have bars, niggers coloreds and liquor are often a bad combination.

        [ed note: thats why there are NONE in their ‘hoods. colored cities have no bars, hardware stores and pickaninny daycare. i entertain riders by pointing that, and others, out – then asking them why they think that is…]

      • Correct, most colored cities have no vibrancy in the sense of a civilization. niggas are sans civilization. They are the ultimate parasites. HR Geiger’s Alien was perhaps inspired by the black mold parasitism and dysfunctionality. blacks destroy everything they touch and pollute everything with their filth, wherever they are found, like the Alien that destroys humans and contaminate their spaceships in the sci-fi series.

      • @ Ed – Too funny. I remember seeing a picture of a nig looting toilet rolls in Ferguson. A nine pack. Hope he got a good few dumps out off it.

      • The price was right. If he does it right, there’s no risk.

    • They don’t mention that a lot of the cells today are SHU.

      SHU is codeword for the box, the cooler, the hole, isolation, segregation, etc. It’s where all the trouble-makers stay. In many American prisons, it’s all SHU.

      The police state got bigger. That’s why there’s no riots today. And a lot of cons talk to the bulls.

  2. OT

    TD, why do you post at Vox Day?

    • …Because it is a hot bed of high IQ jewhites in need of a hard conversion especially since most of the subversive memes emanate from this collective.

      Also, VoxDay is now a self-annihilation in real time. It’s fascinating. He is the self-annihilating “Christian” that his VERY SPHERE continuously laments.

      But he has conceded to being a Supremacist (a red supremacist). This is critical as he has a large following of real “white” minions. Some even call themselves Vile Faceless Minions (VFM). He may be a very high grade propagandist. We can’t just speak. We must silence too in the most stealthiest ways possible.

  3. “There are those who claim that the USG likes racism. It keeps the various groups at each other’s throats, rather than attacking the USG itself. I now agree with this POV to a degree.”

    This is true, racism and xenophobia are useful for the USG, the wars in the Middle-East are a good example, they want the “right type” of racism.

    • Anyone who is honest and intelligent, will agree that coloreds, especially niggas are incompatible with modern civilization.

      • This is a tough area for old stock Americans sold on the idea that blacks are as American as themselves. Of course this meme, at this stage of the game, should automatically be considered subversive until proven otherwise. And when one examines the modern voting records of whites and blacks then this meme is clearly very fishy as distinct mindsets are conveyed by on the one side a fifty/fifty split amongst whites and on the other side near monolithic voting results by blacks. The question clearly emerges as to how such “diverse” voting can insinuate a single people? A single mindset? A single definitely defined American? It cannot, of course. The white American IS NOT EQUAL to the black American and even deeper the American Supremacist is not equal to the liberal American or equal to the black American. There seems a necessity for either name-changing or more exacting labels.

      • Whites need to divorce the USA, citing reconcilable differences. I think it would be a very modern and “American” solution.

  4. But, Ryu, whites would have to pay alimony forever and ever and…so long as they live.

    TD, Vox wipes your comments.
    If your intention is to reach them, alter your choice of words.

    • If this “vox” wipes bc of td’s arcane philosophy, wtf. But, if it’s bc of fear – then who controls whom? The MINO/Colored controls Wimpy Witey…

      Why White Nationalism Will Fail 3: Lacking Leaders
      Why Blogging Will Fail 3

      AND @TD: if foxxy~voxxy aborts your words, put a link to Eradica as your gravatar. bring readers here to dazzle them with your Special Jim Jones Mantra

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