Liberal nazis Expect Miggers To Eradicate Whites: Told Ya SO…

by Firepower

Coloreds: Good Enough For Krauts, Good Enough FOR YOU

I wrote on this concept two years ago: Told ya so…

Once latent*, it is now the manifest* policy of Our Historic Black President to use the full power of now firmly established Liberal nazism to empower the MINO Master Machine with ever greater powers. White guys do not rule – MINOs do.

As the USG grows ever more MINO, the policies will be ever more fascist and include greater genocide for whites. In fifty years, the Migger Majority’s quatro El Presidente del Los Murkas will sign a law deporting whites – instead of wn Fuehrer-Fapanzers realizing their dream of deporting all Miggers back to their 3rd world shitholes. With Miggers, you get LA, Tijuana & drug cartels. With coloreds, you get Detroit & Somalia.

While PeterPanzers & NewsreelNazis played dress-up in modified SS uniforms, dreaming of Munich, hollering about ….…. “jews & n-niggers!” it was those same jews and coloreds that took over the USG to eradicate those delusional, old-time goosesteppers.

But the LN/MINO Machine has no need to load you up in boxcars for dramatic eradication, they just need to get your daughter to spread her legs to accept black sperm and make more Spickaninnies™.  Watch any Jerry Springer Show of the past 25 years. Look at the browning in your very city.

There’s no need to use FEMA/DHS guns that spark an unnecessary, avoidable and damaging NRA revolution 2.0: the recessive White Gene makes it easy for coloreds. They’ll just out-breed whitey.

I told you so …and I told you first


67 Comments to “Liberal nazis Expect Miggers To Eradicate Whites: Told Ya SO…”

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  2. FP: Manhattan and NYC is now becoming a Brazil. Remember the Miggas started out as menial servants in Murka and they are now in power positions. The same timeline will take place here with LN mayor like de Blasio running the show.

    And for the 100x, I look at these credulous White puppies shopping at Whole Foods, staffed by ~100% MINO staff yelling them not to step out of line at the cash registers.

    • I’ve predicted Murka’s transformation into Brazil for a long time. Manhattan is “District 1” in Hunger Games.

      You have a misguided perception that just bc whites rule nyc you don’t have to rub elbows with coloreds. First off, jews run nyc; they look white but they are as far from whites as Zulus. You are not jewish; you are a white of the servant class who your Rulers keep around bc they prefer your white face doing whatever sensitive job you hold to a colored doing it.

      McRomney and St. Trump all prefer a white grasscutter and butler to any colored alternative.

      Just bc whites rule Brazil does not mean they don’t have to see their coloreds – sweeping the beach, serving them coffee and bargirls sucking their cock.

      • FP: I’m not really understanding your comments. But I do understand that the average Whitey DOES NOT want to do the jobs of what Tyrone does, hence all the dark face servants and butlers you see in these corporatist outlets. This would not happen if proletariat Whites work the shift and get to live in the liberal centers. But it doesn’t work like this. LNs only care about passing welfare subsidies to the lumprenprole coloreds.

      • It’s not complicated: Coloreds – and especially Miggers – fill the shit jobs white teens used to. Now, those lousy fucks are GENBrandon and aren’t worth the Kleenex they jack off into playing HALO 23 hours a day.

        Actually, lazy white millennials who are NOT worth a squirt of piss are more to blame than some illiterate Migger who empties my septic tank.

      • I guess it’s a fair deal. The White demographic also brought it upon themselves. It’s not entirely the fault of LNs and Miggas.

      • It’s not entirely the fault of LNs and Miggas.

        The analogy I use irl is: It’s like a homeowner putting a sign on his front lawn saying “FREE STUFF Inside!” and unlocking his doors and going on vacation. It’s mainly the idiot’s fault – yet still there is plenty blame for those taking up the offer.

  3. You know there’s a thing I never considered on the subject of race mixing, FP says “the recessive White Gene makes it easy for coloreds. They’ll just out-breed whitey.” – this isn’t the whole truth. Though outwardly it appears to be the case.
    White X Nigger = Nigger.

    In fact you come up with something intellectually improved, that appears to be a nigger and identifies with Niggers, in general. With a White X Nigger cross = you get a Smart Nigger. The white intellect doesn’t seem to be in the recessive.
    Take a look at your own King Kong Obong, whilst many slag him off as stupid, there’s no way this guy is some basketball playing ape. Though he identifies as a Nigger, what you have is something far more dangerous, a nigger capable of abstract thought.

    • Somewhere in the backlog of typically amazing Eradica content awaiting publishing, Ryu and I each have several postponed, pertinent posts.

      One is commentary on a NATGEO article predicting (and, of course, celebrating) the Glorious Colourist future of Murka’s genepool.

      The other is about The Hybrid Murkan, an ideal the LN/FFL drools over: A coco-critter with a white’s brain and a colored’s athletic ability…perhaps with the work stamina of a Migger.

      • Blub, there goes my Nobel prize, for multiculti genetics. 😦

        [ed note: nah, youre White. you’d have to be a colored writin’ ’bout Negrobama or “diversity” to get a prize. it’s why they’re worthless – except to pc niggers]

  4. Just letting you know that WordPress is blocking my ability to post comments here.

    • OK after a dozen attempts I finally got one through. They must have a filter in place to block offensive content. Will keep trying to repost it.

      [ed note: THEN FUCKING POST. NO reports or posting problems ever occur on Eradica. but, your use of the phrase “offensive content” is suspicious. shit or get OFF the pot]

      • I got “knocked off” a couple of weeks back. I assumed that it was FP and Ryu editing the site, early in the morning. You know, something to do with time zones.
        Post away m8 – the Feds know where you live and your browsing habits anyway.

      • Speaking for myself, I dont’ knockoff folks and I’m sure neither does ryu.

        As for the fed nazis, they can suck a nigger cock. They are the ilk that spy here, but encourage Miggers and sandniggers shooting up white people. I hope I live long enough to get ME some SO76 Iroquois scalping revolutionary funn from these traitors who deserve the gallows.

      • WordPress doesn’t ban offensive content, Gawker.

        It would be offensive to say Caitlin Jenner is a fucking ugly trannie. Looks like a man with chopped off penis and fake titties.

        Or, that Tim McVeigh was right and that he should have done 100 Oklahoma Cities. Pile up that body count.

      • Not saying you did knock me off. It was working weird, so I came off the site and on again, My message was gone. And a new post had appeared. Perhaps when the blog is in “edit” mode something like that. Then again it could just be my hi-tech rural oirish broadband.

  5. One is commentary on a NATGEO article predicting (and, of course, celebrating) the Glorious Colourist future of Murka’s genepool.

    The unethical gookers will probably best us to it. They are experimenting with genetic engineering, perhaps making a prototype gooknig baby. Africa already has gooker genes. They don’t allow niggas to mix with their women in Chinee land, but they send their men to mix with apewomen in Afroka.

  6. And yes, TD is right. Whites who live in our urban centers are mostly self annihilators one way or the other.

  7. Although I have to say with a some bias, because of my heritage. Intermarriage between Hispanics and Whites are the most prevalent combination in Murka. Whites do marry SPICs a lot. The sexual/love relationships between niggas and whites are mostly unhealthy: lopsided fetishism, based on perverse liberal propaganda. Only the dumbest and most self hating of Whites will get a low down with niggas, and this is increasing, giving the self hate and dumbing down effect that a lot of Whites are propagated by their LN masters today.

    • Spanish has a different scale of race. iirc, Castillians are euro spaniards and mainly white. Still, some have black genes from all the hot spanish harem girls those black Moors fucked for four centuries. Lots of whops are part nigger. Sicily was conquered by the Moors also iirc. It explains their genetic criminality.

      New world Miggers are the vilest of spick. They have injun blood; Mestizos. These are the kind that must be eradicated.

      • I had some mestizo coworkers in the past, some problematic, but the NIGS are always the PROBLEM. Also, the mestizos are the only people whom I can talk shit about anyone, with no holds barred in Spanish, usually negros and other mestizos.

        Eradication of coloreds means getting rid of the black mold as 1st priority and it’s a must, anything else is skirting around the problem.

      • Jaysus JS. The first priority is wiping out the pollution the black mold grows on. The growth medium is the liberal “academic” and the kike propagandist (the Hollywood Hebe)
        The nigger is just a vile symptom of the disease, as is the green snot that streams down your nose when you have a cold. Or the brown liquid shit that pours out of your arse when you have food poisoning.
        Chimpanzee’s are not a problem in America, because you keep them in zoos. Niggers are not a problem unless you treat them like humans.
        Priorities m8

      • dont know what ur grousing about.
        I said that for years.

        White LNs live right on your street – easy access.
        Coloreds rarely scare me. I come prepared.
        Usually, it is I WHO scare them.
        And pretty good

      • Colin – Yes, eradicating LNs is foremost important.

        FP – The New World Miggers prove to us and the world that Murka is a dumping ground. If Latin American elites send their undesirables to our land, what does that tell you?

      • JS…

        From the perspective of the “Advanced Economy,” American are the premier consumers. This is not going to end anytime soon since the nature of that consumer is not actually American (old stock Nord/Germanic), but globalist… The ravenous American consumer is all shade of radical liberationist. This will not change anytime soon. All that is change is the white male’s relative purchasing power in this all-consumption state. But this is a trivial concern to those who know that “our” meta-consumption is the driver behind the rise of Chinese middle and upper class at the expense of the unmatched slave class who can forever more be whipped into more production for a smaller cut. So the harder Chinese peasants work for less Yuan the more “Americans” can consume and the higher goes the Chinese middle and upper classes.

    • I was watching this old TV show with another wn and we agreed Lorenzo Lamas was nearly 100% white. I imagine you must look something like this, JS.

  8. Ryu: I look more like these guys from Puerto Rico, who are “White”, and also the Ricky Martin types, but they were exposed to migger culture and propagate it. The kind of White trash you also find in Florida, which includes White Cubans.

    • You speak spanish? Do you use all that jargon like ruca, mijo, carnal, and so on?

      Every white country has a different look\. Seems like Ricky Martin, Antonio, and Enrique Ingleses are as white as one gets in Spain.

      I think those guys gain the most from America’s infatuation with diversity. Only in the US could Jennifer Lopez or Shakira be considered “diverse.” I don’t see much Indian or nigger blood in either.

      • lopez looks mestizo to me – a lot.

        Shakira is Brazilian, I think, so she’s Portuguese – technically not a spick.
        Porchies can’t even get affirmative action hiring/Migger status here.

        They’re “not” Hispanic; itself a made-up 1960s PC word from the vile USG to designate a new colored group for LibDem nazis to buy El Votos

      • The new American female ideal is like Rae Dawn Chong. You remember her FP? That Chong guy’s daughter. Like – gook, spic, negro, white all in one.

        For men, it’s the half white/negro/spic. The Rock, Phil Heath, Kevin Levrone all have the look.

      • My Spanish is not that good, but I’m able to converse basic. And it allows me to speak about unPC things without getting in trouble, especially about blacks.

        Ricky Martin has a tiny drop of nigga blood, Enrique is part gooker of some sort. Antonio Banderas could have been a descendant with traces of gypsy or moorish migga. But the Hispanic world isn’t hooked up on these admixtures like we do. But one thing the Hispanic world understood is that niggas are no good, unlike here in the states. Murkans are a confused bunch.

        Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look mestizo, more like a tri-racial person with apparent mulatto features. She sort of looks black to me.

      • Let’s ask the real question, JS.

        Is JLo white enough to mate with in our new ethnostate?

        That’s the test. I vote for.

        [ed note: she’d be sterilized for pure sexcapades, if not: Eradication. no breeding]

      • It’s a hard call, FP. Many of our best looking women have mixed.

        No woman likes a pussy. White men by and large are weak today. Can I blame them for not being attracted to weak men? No. I don’t blame white women for that.

        This is why I do not chastize white men for violence. Do what your instict commands. Racism is natural. Doesn’t need to be taught, doesn’t take 5 years to learn like WN does.

        I believe in David Lane’s method. White men should have many wives, like in KD Rebel. They kidnap their wives. In the future I envision, life is not like here in the US. The men fight and raid. Women raises kids and home. Back to the basics.

        The strongest wns will take halflings if they want to. Jlo, Jennifer Grey and others. The white man needs a sexual imperative too. WN rises or falls depending upon its strongest members.

        The fighting white man leads the race. Who would stop him from mixing – the theorists? Will they write naughty articles? Whisper in the shadows?

        The eternal rule always holds – do what you will, other men will stop you if you go too far.

      • Colored bucks just appear to white women as masculine because
        1. white GENBrandons are hugely wussified. only gookers and dotheads are worse
        2. white females are taught from Grade 1 to sex colored males and ignore whites

        Coloreds are some huge pussies because they have no father. They are all raised by women; their mammies, grannies and aunties. They are, in fact, giant children/animals and only exhibit masculinity as an instinct, like a pampered alpha wolf in a zoo.

        Matriarchal societies – like coloreds, Lions and Iroquois – are far more violent because of female leadership/control.

        Females do not fight, spill blood and do the ugly business of killing, so they don’t care – Like a fat DC deskjockey General in the Pentagon.

      • And the Castros of Cuba are said to be descendants of Jews, the same was said of Francisco Franco.

        [sounds kooky. dwelling on the past while ignoring a present danger is THE sign of borderline tinfoil hair]

      • FP: I repeatedly said the Anglosphere, especially Murka, is the worse western entity to come into existence. Kooky is the word, and the Anglo Empire takes the cake as kooky.

      • Ryu: JLo would definitely not fit in with the White ethnostate, either in attitude or phenotype. You have better luck with Justin Beiber’s mestiza gal, Selena Gomez.

  9. Here is a good pic of them in black and white:

  10. I think the Beast’s strategy is a little dangerous for them. They tried it the hard way. McVeigh, Kaz and Rudolph stopped them cold.

    So, they decided to back off and push mixing. But that takes alot of time. Many generations.

    The US doesn’t have that long left. Forces are building up against them: China, Russia, Iran, world opinion. They took a gamble in waiting us out.

    When the US falls, it’s a different game. The US is the major pusher of mulitculturalism. No other country finances it so heavily. I don’t think England, France and Germany are blameless. But the US is the big pig, Israel’s muscle.

  11. You have to read between the lines on these articles but basically it backs up the Might makes Right philosophy.

  12. @ Ryu – Murica is trying to kick up some shit with Russia so. You have that dumb bitch Victoria Nuland and her kike husband Kagan,patting themselves on the back for kicking off Cold War II. And the jew cow is well enough remunerated for her troubles, by the US taxpayer.

    Russians are white BTW. And I admire Vlad’s stand on fags and the muzz.

    • And remember: As Whites, Russkis are still not acceptable enough to the “Aryan Groupie” in an Alabama trailerpark.

      Ignorance abounds in white underclass culture.

      • Ignorance abounds among Whites in general!

      • Could be inbreeding. Check out our trailer trash, the “Travelling Community” Seriously, some of these cunts would make a nigger blush. They tend to be into inbreeding and the like. So I guess you are lucky, if your cousin has big tits.

        They call it consanguinity or some such shit, in polite circles.

    • Yeah… But Russians are STILL by and large anti-white Supremacists… Or even anti-Russian Supremacists to be more exacting. Even their Orthodox class cannot bring itself to publicly pronounce that “yes, we do WORSHIP objective Supremacy.” Even their most exemplary of their priest class cannot bring themselves to self-identify as Russian Supremacists. IN FACT, call one of these worshippers of objective Supremacy a Supremacist and he will deny it six ways to a new hallow-cost. This is called desire for radical autonomy.

      • Ah TD …“Yeah… But Russians are STILL by and large anti-white Supremacists…” – this from an American??
        The Europeans – even humble paddies such as myself, are anti-white Supremacists – nowadays. We’re are all multiculti nowadays m8. Get with the tolerance groove man.

        “What we need is a great big melting pot
        Big enough – big enough for the world and all its got,
        Keep it stirring for a hundered years or more.
        And turn out coffee coloured people by the score”.

        Just look at the shit that rained down on Vlad’s noble head, when he said there were going to be no Fag Pride marches in Moscow. I think the Yanks suggested that the winter olympic games should be taken from them. As a message of Western tolerance and solidarity, with their butt-fucking brethren.

        In the UK, kike comic and media fag, Stephen Fry, told people It was like annudder Holocaust, And he should know because he is jewish. . Remember the 6 billion m8, and love degenerate perverts. If not for yourself, for your children and your children’s children.

        If you want to speak your mind about Niggers, expect sanctions. At a personal level it may cost you you’re job. If Vlad said niggers are useless cunts, King Kong Obong, and his war mongering m80’s, would have a field day of righteous outrage and indignation.

        Sad but true. This is the state of the world, not Russia. And it is still Americans that run the world, albeit to a slimmer degree, than they once did. As you bleed money fighting for the expansion, of the promised land, of your kike overlords.

      • I support Russia. Probably they are the last true hope of our race.

      • Colin…

        My only point is that Russian whites are no savior of American whites so why look to Russia for any solution?

      • Russian whites are no savior of American whites because:
        Russians have plenty enough white people and no contamination threat from inbreeding coloreds.

        It is White American WNs (all caps)
        who desperately need

      • Russians have little in common with Poles and Germans from one to a few hundred miles away and thousands of years of proximity.

        They had far less in common with past Americans and current Murkans two oceans away.

  13. Ryu: It’s really the multicult propaganda. While I have to say many White men dabble with mediocrity instead of excellence, which puts off women, niggas have nothing to offer to their sexual partners, besides sex. So who are the real losers, but of course, the LN propaganda will tell you otherwise? Notice Whites have been zombified, dumb downed and manipulated for their evil agenda.

  14. TD: Murka’s ravenous consumption culture has lead us to the point where we’re at. More miggas and 3rd world peasants to keep the blood cycle running.

    • That’s the idea JS. It will make Murica a better place, rather than a country of miggers and third world peasants, dontchano.

      Those of you worried about issues of genital hygiene, will be left behind.

      • I found this video to be I dunno, but it’s a video:

        Apparently, some racist Rusky punk attacked a gooker in Barcelona. Media brands him as a Neo-Nazi, which is laughable.

        It’s too bad we don’t have Whites in this country, who could just walk up to a Migga and do the same.

      • Is that what people look like in Barcelona, JS? Looks like expresso-land, like NYC.

        He should have just japped him when the gook’s back was turned. I love how all the women start screaming and try to jump in.

      • Ryu: Apparently, expresso land is everywhere in the West. Yes, that could be a scene in NYC, it’s all the same everywhere, except in NYC, there are MINOs everywhere. This dude would not have punched anyone, because in Murka, most of us are cowards when it comes to darkfaces.

  15. @ TD My point about the Russians was that it makes no sense, for you overpaid civil sevants led by the enthusiastic Assistant Secretary of State Ms.Victoria Nuland to be starting Cold War II with the Ivan’s

    5 Billion for Bear baiting is even a lot by Murica’s tired taxpayers standards. – and you would be right in thinking that’s only part of the tab.

    But hey your money.(apparently). Spend it how you like.

    • it makes no sense, for you overpaid civil sevants led by the enthusiastic Assistant Secretary of State Ms.Victoria Nuland to

      Murka’s bad habit of erroneously imagining itself as America of yore can keep on going as it has plenty of cannonfodder, white farmhick Jordies who think as their master: That White John Wayne fills the ranks of Army DDay Heroes run by an identical White John Wayne General.

      They truly are too stupid to walk through their State BIGov Bldg. – or local mall – to see a nation overrun with MMM coloreds.

      • FP: It’s not just the hickboys, but also the credulous 3Fers who live in the liberal cities, and roll themselves in the playpen set up by Tyrone.

      • A picture is 1K words. (Whole Foods in Manhattan, notice all the Miggas walking down the street)

        It seems like Gookers are in Rio de Janeiro!

    • To say Russians are not white Supremacists is not saying I seek war with Russia. Those that seek war with Russia DO NOT DO SO because Russians are white Supremacists, but do so because Russia is a RIVAL “radical autonomist.” Putin’s stance on homosexuality may or may not be rooted in his rejection of radical sexual autonomy. Me thinks it is but a ploy to divide white male Americans. The dude isn’t even married and I don’t believe has any children. That would be a radical disposition for any leader in the West. Putin is a bachelor by American parlance. An American bachelor President EVEN AT THIS STAGE of radica liberation would still be shocking to the American polis.

      PS I am not and never have been a “civil servant.”

  16. Team Trump Discovers The Silence
    Harvard Dean Demands Police Investigate Pro-Trump Email Decrying #WhiteGenocide

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