Reader Mail: Firepower Elite

by Firepower

I get a lot of email from both sides. I choose the best. Reader Jaundiced Muffinth has a multifaceted question on integrity – you know, that thing – that thingamajig that died 30 years ago:

Ok FP, I know you rail on the elites, but do you think you would be any different if you had their money and power? Wouldn’t you be trying to….….. preserve your station just like every other elite group that has existed throughout history? Not many of us could deny that we wouldn’t want to live like Dan Blizerian, right?

Love, Jaundiced Muffinth

Nope. I have (now) lamentable qualities distinguishing me as a dying dead breed: Honor, integrity, principles and…morality. I would not ape Dan “Bilzer” Bilzarian – nor even Bill Xlinton. If I were King, such types would be eradicated. Slowly. Verrrrrrrry Slooooooooowly…

Hedonism for its own sake has been quite successfully challenged elsewhere as a philosophy by classic historic rebuttals. But, that is exactly what The Murkan Dreem has transformed into from its noble origins of SO76 and “Liberty”.

I’ll just put it that excessive pleasure leads to harmful distraction. It forces neglect into unseen places.

You end up with urban blacks and 3rd world dumps.

11 Comments to “Reader Mail: Firepower Elite”

  1. Hedonism leads to strange, though not undiscovered places. There is nothing “modern” about gay rights or the sexual perversions of our day. I’ve read Sade and it’s apparant nothing has changed. If anything, our leaders are less creative in their vices.

    The elites are stagnant, because they try to remove themselves from the great struggle of life. A man gets ahold of some cash, then he tries to “freeze” things so that he will always be on top.

    There is such a thing as “good men” and every once in awhile, one rises to the top. The American Revolution was a singular event, to have so many of that type.

    FP must be a unique person. There is no guidebook to become a WN. And the higher one rises, the less material available and the more alone one is. You’ve got to do it all yourself. Probably things would be different if he was on top. But getting there is the hard part.

    • Remember the White Zombies at the bar with their token nigga friends. Whites today are so credulous, pleasure seeking and soft, that it’s not even funny. They don’t care for anything except the next moment of pleasure.

      • Then this is where you ask yourself – and answer – if such a race deserves to live or die…

        If your sacrifice to them is worth it.

      • FP: I grew up around Miggas and I know 99.999% are up to no good one way or the other.

        The same cannot be said for much of the White demographic in NYC today, who lived a life of luxury, and have this notion of Miggas during their early adulthood, where they become indoctrinated with the LN mantra in college.

        I guess a moment of crisis and more MINO attacks are needed to wake them up.

        Should I do all the dirty work by eradicating the filth for them? A question should have been asked for Giuliani, who was cleaning up NYC, 20 years ago. I guess he didn’t eradicate them. He just swept them under the rug as a temporary stasis.

      • reminding you this is not about nyc, but an internet/investment god tossing a porn chick off his roof – and what it symbolizes.

        The American Dream morphed into The Murkan Dreem. Duty, honor, country changed into money, whores and cunts.

        And it’s not reverting back to former greatness or civilization – or even slightly improving – any time soon despite the buckets of wisdom I, and about five others, flood the net with each week.

      • The American Dream morphed into The Murkan Dreem. Duty, honor, country changed into money, whores and cunts.

        And pansies, sissies, pussies, chumps – the same thing.

        reminding you this is not about nyc, but an internet/investment god tossing a porn chick off his roof – and what it symbolizes.

        Degeneracy from too much hedonism, which takes places in every playboy playground of Murka.

        A person once spoken this with a tinge of truthfulness. Whites really do need miggas to put them on their toes. Good times don’t make people think with clarity.

      • It’s not about the White Zombies. Never has been. Look at History and you’ll find that only about 10-15% of the people ever really took part in revolutions. Add in the enemy and you’re up to say 30-40% (I think I’m being overly generous here) but most enforcers of the regime usually only do it for money, not conviction, so they’re not much better than the population at large.

        So during any kind of revolt, you can expect 60-70% (or more) of the population to stand around scratching their ass and navel gazing. White zombies have always dominated. You aren’t sacrificing for them;you’re doing it for yourself, your family and your brothers-in-arms. That’s how it’s always been, so why should it suddenly be different now?

      • Look at History and you’ll find that only about 10-15% of the people ever really took part in revolutions.

        True. Still, the problem I note is especially among current Murkan-agers – where Revolutionary Spirit is traditionally greatest – there hangs instead the terminal cancer of an apathetic dopiness and absurd avoidance of all things not entertainment or pleasure.

        Your historic 15% is now reduced to 0.0014% today.
        And those are numbers not worth fighting for…

  2. Ryu…

    That why it’s best to “see” Liberalism as the homo-sexual “nature.” First, it smashes the “spiritual” and “intellectual” creation myths penned so feverishly fondly by the “intellectual right.” Second, it’s just simple logic that reverting back to the “law of the jungle” = most ruthless faggots on the “top.” Those who will rape and pillage anyhing AND DO is the sign that “we” operate under the “law of the jungle.” Third, it helps define the real revolutionary spirit by way of showing what “we” as genuine white Supremacists DO NOT ASPIRE to be…

  3. The sheeple still have one benefit.

    There are so goddamn many of them they can always find likeminded associates to play their social games and form their conformist hierarchies.

    This is not true for outsiders.

    • Sure… But how madly desirous is any one outsider for another subversive collective that sells “radical autonomy” for an annihilation of the self.

      Why would an outsider ever huff and puff over the masses’ desire to self-annihilate via membership into a radically autonomous collective UNLESS that outsider was a genuine white Supremacist? ONLY the genuine white Supremacist is taboo. ONLY the genuine white Supremacist CAN BE that outsider that will not fold into the latest liberated collective. ONLY the genuine white Supremacist faces real continuous heat from the zeitgeist. But the zeitgeist isn’t stupid. It knows that if it is ACTUALLY dealing with a genuine white Supremacist THEN it must be dealing with the best of the best of the white man. Logic dictates such DESPITE all the radical liberationist propaganda.

      The reality of the Murka bully is that it doesn’t really pick on the genuine white Supremacist although it is keenly aware of its psychological presence. “She” actually just smacks around “her” very own.

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