Rich Lowry SEES… Liberal NAZISM!

by Firepower

Gosh-A-ROOTILLY, Flanders!

Prima dõna, Diva, general all around tender~sensitive Durrrb-screwing faggot and ConservaGina Posterboi Rick ‘The Dick’ Lowry finally sees the LN Master Plan of eradicating SO76/NRW Whites by replacing them with no pròblémo Miggers.

This is the same douche who fired Durrrbbb for finally saying what folks voted with their moving vans for decades: Living near coloreds is dangerous for Wimpy Wites.

Well, it’s about time, Dick: Stay Classy!  By the time he calls for their deportation and eradication, a grimy horde of multi-culti miggers will be so starved in the post-apocalyptic Murka they’ll be fighting over his mummfied penis on display in the long-renamed Obama, D.C.

Lowry is that detestable excrement – a NeoConservagina – who absolutely refuses to call a spade a spade and a spick, a spick. This RINO Establishment pimp fired The Duuurrbb and ejaculates at the mere thought of a Jebbush Presidency.

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42 Comments to “Rich Lowry SEES… Liberal NAZISM!”

  1. What a tool he is. (although I had not heard of him before I read this post).

    • There’s plenty of “tough” White frat boys, who would never confront a nigga. We have plenty of those here on Wall St, masters of the universe, doing god’s work, assholes, who would flee in a heart beat, if their swanky neighborhoods were infected with the black mold.

    • There are many ‘hidden operatives’ of Republicanism working behind the scenes in all media forms. FNC has the most abundant examples of the obvious.

      Republican’ts are the dead fossils obstructing the advance of Our Agenda.
      Lowry is
      a scribe of the tribe
      who swings from
      Boener’s pudenda

      Simply put, lowry and his ilk are the kind who cheer for McCain, Romney and McConnel – when it’s election time,
      then after, target the TParty as their main enemy instead of Obongo

    • I’d never heard of Lowry either. Sounds like just another intellectual conservative.

      Inevitably, other whites must become aware. It’s all right out in the open, like a child calling out the emperor with no clothes. Some are just going to ignore it and continue to be slaves.

      Basically, one becomes a WN or a slave. TD would say a WS or a white annihilator. And I agree.

      [except, it takes td five pages to say it…]

  2. So again… It is NOT JUST two parties swinging from the same nuts, it an entire people all up on the same nuts.

    There is no political spectrum…

    Fascism = communism = socialism = liberalism = atheism = Islam = “black” nationalism = PUA = libertarianism = liberated “Christianity” = dyke movement = miggger movement = Judaism = Neo’s reaction = alt-rite = DESIRE FOR radical (sexual) autonomy and a burning murderous hatred for genuine white Supremacy.

    • ^^^ So again… It is NOT JUST two parties swinging from the same nuts, it [is] an entire people all up on the same nuts.

      • Why do you think about the gun man who shot up a bunch in Louisiana, then committing suicide?

        There are comments being made that guns and mental illness are as Murkan as apple pie!

      • White men have a lot of grudges today. It has to come out.

        It’s just like a pressure cooker. The USG has to be sure to let out the steam out a little bit, or it explodes. I’m not surprised at all by it. He does what he has to do. I’m not upset or mad by it.

        The USG has to play it really close. White men have ALOT of repressed anger. They’ve got to give us a bone, but not too big. We might get hungry again.

        And to be absolutely clear, I have no reproach for that theater guy. I understand it. To the USG, it is an acceptable loss for the level of goodies they dispense.

      • Figures. It’s not hard to read once one has the eyes. I like that phrase “financially failing filth farm.”

        I’m glad he killed himself, rather than be captured. Prisons are not a good place for white men. It’s humiliating how the system parades their “trophies” around once they are captured. Like a hunter capturing a deer.

      • We don’t know if any of these guys read blogs like this, where they get their clues and profess gloom and doom.

    • ^^^. True Universal Equality…

  3. Reblogged this on ManSlide and commented:
    Rich Lowry –

  4. So that’s it Jeb is the great white hope of Murica? I suppose he knows a thing or two about winning elections – in fairness.

    • I’m a bit surprised to see Right-O-Sphere Murkans not wanting Ted Cruz in the White House. Reasons citing his Cuban Ancestry and not his ideologies, because he’s not Redneck White enough, although he’s a White Hispanic like myself.

      Murka is a sad sack of shit.

      FP is right, people in Murka arguing on trivial issues like this, meanwhile ISIS seeks recruitment with everybody who embraces their philosophy.

    • @ JS and Colin:

      Jebbush is the avatar of EstabGOP and so, has as much in common with BigMac NRA Murka as $790 country club monthly dues and butlers.

      Theirs’ is the party of FOX and its Karl Rove Klones, Boehner and McConnel on a golf trip on Air Force ONE with Our Historic Black President, hallowed be His name.

      Jebbush, Rove and Blo’reilly haven’t lived next to a nigger making less than $1 mil a year since 1967.

      • Yeah, I don’t know much about Murica but…..
        Whilst I loathe the cunt. I agree with Trump, especially on defense. De fence should be ten metres high with minefields, and between Mexico and Murica.

      • Colin, may I question you about Ireland?

        Do Irish cops carry guns? Can an ordinary man, without jumping through alot of hoops, own a gun?

        Is the average Irishman happy with his country today?

        Are there any other really good WNs in Ireland?

      • What happened to a people who could once look at another male’s phenotype and instinctively say “leader” or “not a leader?”

        I look at EVERYONE in the field and instinctively “see” not a single male that looks like they could carry the day… And Jeb Bush LOOKS LEAST ABLE.

        Adult “white” males with titties should be allowed no executive positions. This should be an iron clad law in any white Supremacist society.

      • I too spend time IRL looking for WNs, or even those just open to it. There is a “look” that WNs have.

        What do you look for, TD?

      • No titties…

        [haw. YOU better watch out yours dont go full c-cup if you been pumping iron and those supplemental, little steel sharpies]

      • Look at Rich Lowry… He is not wS… He is AwS BY LOOK ALONE!!!

      • Nah… No bitch titties here… I’ve dabbled… Twice in about thirty years with the weakest stuff.

      • I want to understand if you see absolutes as the only way an american of german descent sees it: Aryan purity is the only acceptable ideal and Italians, Irish and French can hang. It’s a singularly ridiculous ideal, especially if such purity is espoused by an ignorant British/Polish kid in a trailerpark who champions an ethnic ideal not even remotely linked with his.

        It’s like a calf endorsing the veal industry.

        If membership in The TD Club is further restricted from Pure Aryan to additionally, Pure Aryan Who Benches 360…you gonna have LOTS of trouble finding members. Hell, they aren’t even found at present.

      • Ryu…

        I honestly don’t look for wS. It would truly be like looking for needles in a haystack. There just cannot be a white nation not led by white Supremacists and even this doesn’t highlight the devil in the details which obviously starts with those whites that want a white Supremacist nation and those “whites” who identify as Aryan/Nord/Germanic and desire a ANG socialist state.

        There can be NO ALLIANCE between these two collectives that then doesn’t signal that one or the other has simple abandoned their core principle in order to assimilate. Of course, a white Supremacist cannot assimilate while the ANG socialist is mandated to do just that.

      • FP…

        The notion of “racial purity” is nonsensical to those of “us” not beholden to racial reductionism. Only a Supremacist could even entertain ideas of purity and the “white” socialist, being an anti-Supremacist by definition, simply cannot entertain any understandable notion of racial purity.

  5. Ryu – “Do Irish cops carry guns”? – Yes and no, like the English cops. So for instance they will break out the Hecker and Koch and 9mm sidearms if they are carrying out a road block for terrorists. A worthwhile precaution, a couple of them came off on the wrong side of an AK47 many years back. Though that’s a thing of the past now.

    My ex-wife used to work with the Travelling Community or knackers, as they are known.
    Because there were no niggers in twentieth century Ireland, the Irish had to invent them. So these types, used to oblige by dressing differently and fighting violently and thieving. They are violent and often carry offensive weapons, Different families will fight each other, with hedging tools, called slash hooks (big knives on a pick axe handle). Though lately the 9mm or sawn off has become more the vogue. Shooting each other at weddings or funerals is big medicine.
    I digress a bit here, one of my ex-wifes associates was a detective Sergeant, who used to always carry a concealed 9mm. because “knackers” are nasty.

    No, the ordinary citizen cannot own a gun. Though various types of sporting .22s are available if you want to jump through hoops. Shotguns are available. Though restrictions mean you can only carry one cartridge in the barrel and another two in the mag.

    Professional drug dealing types obtain firearms from Eastern Europe, The Dublin criminal fraternity, enjoy shooting each other. Part of the Dublin criminal fraternity is made up of ex- terrorist types, who enjoy the spoils of crime. Others just professional gangsters.

    “Is the average Irish man happy with his country today”? – Yes but not as happy as he once was. The financial crash of 2007 fucked the good times. As for WN’s, not really.

    There are two sorts of Irish person. The Dubs – they are a third of the population, and the Culchies the remaining two thirds who live in the country. The Culchies are more conservative than the Dubs.
    Because the Irish have never been exposed to multiculturalism, well not to the same extent of the British, A lot of the Dublin Liberals think it is a great idea. Indeed there is a lot to be said for being able to get hold of a late night curry. These liberal wankers have just not seen the way this sort of thing develops. So they will argue for more niggers, like some East coast humanities student.

    And of course there’s the current problem, with half of Africa, deciding it wants to immigrate to Europe, where social welfare is the norm for the less fortunate in society. The Dubs are welcome to these niggers, for all the good it will do them. Though of course government policy is to slyly them them in the countryside. Much to the dismay of the unfortunate Culchies.

    • Colin…

      How out in the open are the faggots in power in Ireland? How soft are the Churches on faggots within and without?

      • Oirish faggots You ask TD? They have a new found place within Irish society. The church isn’t that hot on their perverted practices, but can do little. The church once enjoyed power greater than the government, in Ireland.
        Power corrupts (or so they say). Whatever, its difficult to lay down the law on morality, whilst pro-actively, defending your child buggering pedo priests. Though its interesting to note that the church has managed to avoid the issue of compensation for the victims of their perverted butt fuckery. The tab for compo, being by and large picked up by the taxpayer (natch).

        Ireland and Dubliners in particular like to see themselves at the fore front of liberal ideas, something opportunistic faggots are swift to work to their advantage. A recent referendum, on the concept of Gay marriage was easily passed, the County I live in being the only place where people voted no. Thank Heavens.

        So there you have it, the only bright light, I see in this puddle of pollution, is the the faggots slightly overplayed their hand. Not that the liberal scum noticed. In the future a situation may arise, where the aggressive assertiveness of the Irish faggot may rub up other members of the liberal facilitating classes, like feminists.
        I note with interest, in Scotland, a recent Fag Pride parade, did not allow gays dressed as women, as this could upset “transsexuals”. Bless.
        I live in hope, as FP only to often, points out.

    • Oh Ryu – The cops in Northern Ireland all carry guns, for fairly obvious reasons. Thats the only part of the Islands where this happens though.

    • I liked and appreciate this information.

      Much of what you describe happened here (and in Britiville) in the 60’s and 70’s. In fact, this occurred throughout the entire Western World for the past 45 years. It continues unabated.

      So, as I’ve repeated, such crazed, suicidal culture is not unique to We Globally Hated Americans! – but ALL global WHITE nations.

      Our Historic Black President is just the most obvious example of the World MMM.
      He and the ENTIRE LN are doing the same to France, Sweden – and your Ireland – as what their FFL is doing/did to our white rural areas: Infecting them with drop-in colored paratroops and changing the culture from looking like white SO76 rebels into docile cocoapuff sheep.

      • Indeed, that’s a reasonable observation. And our leaders in Brussels can’t wait to impose apes from Africa, on us to improve us as a people, whilst providing much needed cultural enrichment. Which frankly, we need.

        There’s a fly in the ointment though. The United States of Europe was meant to be USA II. This fact ignored the homogeneity of Americas original construction. So the dollar works whilst the Euro impoverishes the Southern States (for example). Equally, a lot of the previously Communist states, are no lovers of liberal notions, (to the Russians credit). Language barriers also make the spread of liberal propaganda more difficult. People are revolting, against the multiculti idea, though obviously not in places like Sweden. A back lash could be coming down the road yet.

      • Colonial, REVOLUTIONARY America was SO76.
        Still, it was made of scots, irish, germans, froggies and dutch, etc. These groups hardly cooperated in europe and frankly, killed the christfuck out of each other for centuries.

        However, they did unite to fight the tyranny of Britain’s king. Key things in common were their Protestantism and Whiteness. Each identified more with being “American” than a brit subject. Today, MINOs are racial identity hucksters and gender identity faggots promoting the differences between diverse groups. As I’ve long stated: MINOs are only united in ONE area – their group hatred of White Men.

        Blind, deluded SPers and GOPPERS etc. foolishly “believe” cooperation is unlimited in its scope of incorporating differences; I, Firepower STATE that it does have limits. They are actually few in number. Unity in a cause depends on not stretching it too far.

        There is no way 1776 could’ve happened with niggers, spicks and muzz mixed in.

        Likewise, Communism fails with coloreds and Miggers. It only works with Whites and Asians. Note there are scant few success like Cuba – and that’s because it’s a island propped-up solely to be an irritating symbol to Fascist DC Hawks.

  6. No indeed. 1776 couldn’t have happened with niggers spicks and muzz mixed in. And the continued cooperation of liberal facilitators of degeneracy, of different persuasions, is no longer a given, as they become more shrill in their demands to derail civilisation. In the first instance their beliefs are based on feelings rather than any underlying logic. Sooner or later their loose organisation, will collapse as they become more tribal.

    I used the example of faggots earlier when discussing this with TD. In the majority, faggots are white males, with white male attitudes, excluding their fondness for same sex fecal activities. Sooner or later the feminists are going to work out that these fags are merely a perverted white patriarchy. It could take a while though, as such thinking requires a glimmer of intelligence. As I mentioned in Scotland, gays were not allowed to dress as females, at an Alt Fag Pride event coz it might upset the trannies. And hey, you know, my female side is telling me, That’s right!

  7. There were no fucking Africans in the Irish countryside in the 1980s when I often visited there, both north and south. Just angry teens hanging out after dark around the lakes and the barbed wire chopper landing pads. We need more anger today.

    • Nope, they started arriving in the late 1990’s Knackers were as ethnic as it got. There was a small bunch of Paki’s in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. Something to do with the meat factory and Halal. They built a mosque and painted it turquoise.

  8. Cuba was under the helm of the Castros, who are basically White Iberian outcasts.

    Now look at a country like Zimbabwe with a bongo tryant like Mugabe. Epic failure in everything.

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