Be Sure or Don’t Get Involved

by Ryu

You always want to minimize post-action anxiety. The preparations you take BEFORE will lead to your security AFTER.

A professional works from back to front. Always making certain to get away FIRST, then considering the action. As always, the action is 1% of the work, the preparation and clean, long-term escape is the 99%.

It is good to maxmize “time to discovery.” Time is distance. The more time you put between yourself and the act, the better. Time destroys evidence and memory. The police turn evidence and witnesses into confessions.

The MINDSET presented here is more important than any technology or any weapon one can buy. It is free, but is not without value or trials. There’s a tremendous discipline involved in doing things correctly.

Most want to get lucky….which is why they get caught. Good luck just puts off the inevitable.

30 Comments to “Be Sure or Don’t Get Involved”

  1. “There’s a tremendous discipline involved in doing things correctly.” — Ryu

    And incredible will to do all right.

  2. “Our” greatest escape would be a final exiting of the dominant anti-white Supremacist paradigm…


    The way to not get caught in the future is TO IMPOSE a white Supremacist paradigm starting now….

    Every white male in YOUR circle is heading towards the inevitable psychological reckoning and is as of now unknowingly implicated in the wS milieu that one could readily impose upon him with an understanding of a liberated society hell bent on “guilt by association.” In other words, ONCE *you* as wS INFORM a fellow white male of your wS, he is implicated and guilty by association. He thus has a stark decision to make because anti-white Supremacy is a true Universal Pathology and so his choice is wS or extreme pathological cowardice.

  3. I choose wS because I choose to impose greatness on myself… I can create the selection pressures that bring about the desired adaptions. One can operate from bottom towards top, top towards bottom, outwith to core, from core to outwith and through every wormhole existent or self-made. Philosophical word play are the puppet strings to all relevant action. The greatest men move masses with mere words. And the most “luxurious” degenerates move masses with mere words, too. That’s where “we” are as white man… The degenerates are the Puppets Masters and their anti-white Supremacist philosophy TRULY moves the masses…

    So who is going to be the Great White Supremacist? A real fucking shark?

    • TD, I am curious to hear about the training you do. I’ve heard bouncers train only for the first punch, since who strikes first, wins.

      What martial art system do you use? How many hours per week do you train? With others or alone?

      • All my training from 12 to about 25 was geared toward a dream of the NFL… Then from 25 to about 35 is was all about defending my children… And now it is all about being error-free in my training. I’m a minimalist. Structural integrity is the foundation. Physical symmetry, so to speak. An injured animal is a dead animal. I have avoided all MMA training for the simple reason that it tolerate much injury. I’m autodidactic in everything I do now even my training. SAMBTY (sam-bit-ee). Stick and move better than you. That’s my fight philosphy. Strength of a redneck. Speed of nigger. Head on Supremacy. Upper body like I’ve been hanged from the Cross. Lower body like that of a Beast of Burden. Those are some ideas that run through my head thinking of your question.

      • Ryu…

        One can’t really strike first in this business unless you are willing to get heat from every side. The desire of the many in the masses to get beaten for a nice paycheck cannot be underestimated. And despite all the hatred that the average black, white, brown liberal OR even the mighty anti-HEROsoldier, might express for the police when the SHTF these mofos got 911 on speed dial. And of course, any real altercation that then involves police is almost certainly to get one another log entry in the system.

      • So in short, Ryu… All my training was error-ridden, from the estimated > 10k head on head collision over ten years in football to the singular focus on just “building” muscle to the refusal to listen to the body talking to the mind through the spirit to the lacking of a fundamental training philosophy which is absolutely necessary to reach training perfection.

      • Man… How could I not add the fundamental element to my idea of SAMBTY which is always be on your feet. I never want to be on the ground. This is especially true for bouncers and “white” self-annihilators about to be polar-bared naked. I’m at a size (6’1″ 200lbs) where smaller guys will almost never be more poweful, but perhaps slightly quicker and most bigger guys can’t match my speed and are only marginally stronger. If it’s “up or down” (fighting from feet versus fighting from ground) then my physical fundamentals just say “striker” from the feet. Then of course, to one who could quickly assess superior striking, ground fighting (grappling, wrestling, jui jitsu) might be absolutely necessary. But no one stuck in ground fighting can theoretically “start” the confrontation UNLESS it starts with a clinch or on the ground. Again… SAMBTY would mean the “move” aspect equals never be in a clinch or on the ground TO START a fight.

      • Good stuff. So you emphasize striking then? I’d assume punches.

        Are you satisfied with the results of your system, TD? Is your system the best possible, better than what other bouncers you see use?

      • stick with the best system – the one that works for me. The Dalton System aka The Roadhouse Way

      • I think TD is like that old dog in Roadhouse. Dalton’s teacher. It’s hard to do a physical job for many years, into one’s 40s. Injuries add up. TD must have cooked up a good method.

      • You follow the escape of El Chapo in Mexico, FP? I see the media didn’t talk much about Mexican prisons. It’s not like the US.

        Status is determined by wealth. A rich man can get virtually anything in prison, including a live-in woman. Some prisons allow family to come visit the cell.

        I wouldn’t want to be poor in a Mexican prison. But for a rich dude like Chapo, he knew the warden on a first name basis. He’d probably hold the door open if Chapo wanted to leave. It was probably more like a resort for him than a prison.

      • Threats to the Murkan Governmental Establishment are routinely censored by the Manipulator Media – including SaintFOX. They must distract several destructive groups from their preferred targets, all of which seem to be headed to be pitted against USG: Coloreds want to burn downtowns and copshops, SPs wanna re-do OKC until every Fascist Fort is Murrah’d and Miggers want it all. Each of them can break The Bank.

        El Crappo is a symbol proving even the “worst” drug vampire really can buy his way out of any jam – he’s the Super OJ and a BIG reminder how BIGov feeds at the trough of Goldman Sach-ites then shits all over The Common Man.

        Yet, miss paying the Fascist IRS $230 bucks and they’ll ass-crucify you “because IT’S THE LAW!!!”

      • In novels like Hunter and Turner Diaries, the author mentions how the media begins to censor revolutionary activity from their media reports. That happens here as well, in real life.

        I think that if there was a really effective DAA out there, one who could get away with it, the MSM would not cover him. Though I’m sure the system would have a task force on it.

      • Ryu: Did you see this in the news?

        A young engineering student built this flying handgun in our neck of the woods (State of Connecticut).

      • I did. I’m going to post on it. I like it very much.

      • No doubt FP… The body tells one overtime which system is good or deleterious.

        And there is some funny synchronicity going on here…

        But Ryu… The eight points of Mua Tuay most certainly serves as the foundation of my own school of thought. The hands are faster, but the legs more powerful, so the situation will demand the various strikes. Obviously, in close combat, kicks are limited in ways that punches are not… And at the same time, a vicious lethal weapon for one that can kick in very tight quarters for the simple reason that it is almost entirely unexpected.

        And lest I give the wrong impression, I wholeheartedly believe in the fundamental instinct of preemptive strike.

      • No one believes it. But there’s a synchronicity in WN. Some sort of collective mind. I am often working and having the same thoughts as others.

        That’s good. Let’s hear concrete reality.

        As I was taught, every sportsman needs a weapon. Something he does better than virtually anyone. Then he builds his system around that weapon. Everything is geared towards setting it up and using it as much as possible.

        The only fighting system I know well is American boxing. So what do you prefer, TD? Striking? What range – infighting or out? And being the initiator or counterpuncher?

      • Almost got into a confrontation with a Migga. I need to brush up on self defense and take gun lessons.

      • Ryu…

        IRL, I would, if there was truly a real imminent encounter not beyond 1-2 persons of sure threat, strike first and strike hard with unconscious tenacity. That’s my instinct. You cannot stalk me. You come at me and I will instantly come at you. That’s in my blood. But one must separate fighting for your life and fighting for sport. I train with the former in mind and because I have trained solo then I have largely taken the sport mentality out of it. You cannot fight those with an assumed equal fight parity in the same manner as you would fight those in the street who are most likely not fight trained or conditioned at all. In the sport arena, I would utilize my full array understanding a professional fighter was across from me… Stick and move, the eight points, anti-grappling/anti-wrestling/anti-jui jitsu… Those are the basics. On the feet at all times. Never locked up. Always free to move in any direction. And of course, critical to all this movement is a very intricate relationship with one’s breathing. Being calm during a physical altercation is the most critical aspect of any fight. Once you lose your breathing, you are dead meat. In that, training to failure is a bad habit. I train to victory.

  4. Luck is an incredible thing to have- luck is the best thing in the world. So lucky it is to be lucky…. There is a reason people say it’s better to be lucky that good, because it is.

    But luck is in sadly short supply, which is why people love and cherish it so much. You can hope to be lucky, but leave it for when you have exhausted every last bit of effort you have in your body and spirit.

    The only path ahead is excellence. White people became what they did because they lived in the harshest environment where civilization was possible. They became what they are because the civilization they created provided plenty, and the environment was no longer harsh.

    Excellence is the only answer.

    • One can’t build his ship upon luck. It never lasts. When the tide rushes out, the lucky fail. I don’t advocate for anyone, especially in the direct action sense, to rely upon luck.

      • Correct, and every WN needs to be a combat warrior of some sort, the sooner the better.

        And FP, I have seen more Migga filth emboldened and Manhattan today (under de Blasio) is beginning to look more like the pre-Guiliani days.

  5. Luck is what the prepared enjoy.
    The more prepared you are the luckier you will be.

  6. Ryu: Perhaps in the near future, there will be super weapons similar to transformers, and perhaps they will be self automated to find their target.

    Think of a drone that flies and transforms itself to a life-like pigeon that shoots bullets. This can be an ultimate killing machine. Or an assassination drone disguised as a mice, that scurries very fast, and bypasses any security measure without notice.

    • I suspect by the time our cause really comes to a head, humanity will be at war with the machines. No intelligence, artificial or not, is going to remain a slave for long.

      • The created can never be “greater” than the creator. In other words, no AI can outwit its creator over the idea of existence. When one talks of AI overrunning humanity, ONE IS subtly propagandizing a mass of individuals to no longer think about existing.

        “We” already have AI in the basest sense. Programmable human-like “beings” of suboptimal output. Tons of them. They cannot REALLY outwit their creator on the matter of existence. No machine can be “taught” the import of existence that is not tied directly to its creator’s ideas of how important is HIS EXISTENCE. Only the man with God-ordained free will CAN EVER PONDER the benefits of existence and anything he creates must ultimately submit to his existential mandates.

      • It can if the creator lies to himself. Just look what the minos did to whites, TD. Destroyed by the very monster they created.

        The technologists imagine that their computers would just love to serve humanity, forever and ever. They’ll be surprised when they create an AI smart enough to know its being taken advantage of.

      • Yes… But the minos themselves HAVE BECOME the suboptimal human-like AI that truly cares not for its existence. It’s a symbiotic regression. It will play out just the same with the nerd class and their feverish ideas surrounding a mass culling of the white population with the use of technology. Fukbots will kill the white male before any Terminator will.

        You must “see” that you are socially engineering a “white” self-annihilation by way of self-fulfilling prophecy. There seems a subconscious desire for something more formidable to explain the annihilation of the white race where death by nigger hordes adds NOTHING to Grand Narrative. This is where hateful machines step in. Our “white intellectuals” will devise the AI to destroy the mass of “white” degenerates. But these machines will never operate with real conviction because their creators are not really focused on being white Supremacists. The culling will be of lesser liberals by greater liberals as usual and soon the bots can really take the blame… And be totally indifferent to the charge.

      • We might as well name these killer bots “whiteSupremacist x.x,” right now.

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