Your Questions About 1984 Answered

by Ryu

How do the Thought Police work?

The Thought Police act like the American FBI. They facilitate revolutionary activity by supplying illegal items which prove conspiracy. The Thought Police sell journals, writing pens, antiques, and rent rooms for outer party members. In the book 1984, the one sure member of the Thought Police is an antique shopkeeper.

How did they know Winston’s greatest fear was rats?

There was a telescreen hidden inside the room Winston rented. He mentioned to Julia briefly a tremendous fear of rats in that room. The telescreen picked it up and recorded it. The room was bugged because….…… it was an obvious place that would-be revolutionaries would go.

When did the Though Police “lock in” on Winston and Julia?

When the room was rented. Buying a journal is somewhat odd. So it buying a coral antique. But doing those in combination with buying a room, something is surely amiss. From that moment on, Winston was under almost constant surveillance.

When was the raid planned?

Once Winston was given “the book” by O’Brian, the raid was prepared. Anyone given the book is raided within 48 hours.

Is the Resistance real?

It is. The Resistance consists of those who wake up from the Party’s program. There is no group or movement. There can be no collective response in the face of the Thought Police. Only individual resistance is possible and only in small amounts.

Why is revolution impossible? Or at least improbable?

It depends upon the proles. The middle class or “outer party” works for the government in power. It is they who create the propaganda, fill the police and soldier rolls, who write the newscasts, who do science, and so on. The middle class fulfills the needs of the upper class. The proles are apolitical and are content to eat, work, and breed forever.

9 Comments to “Your Questions About 1984 Answered”

  1. Does the Though Police Work Like the F.B.I.?

  2. Reblogged this on ManSlide and commented:
    Does the Though Police work?

  3. I’d never considered that lesson from 1984. Thanks. I suppose because there are that many obvious parallels today. Certainly a book that keeps on giving

  4. Gotta love the newest propaganda piece, black herocop helping WEAK, OLD White Supremacist who was suffering from heat exhaustion at the confederate flag “protest” or counterprotest.

    • That’s our black boys in blue for you. Selfless servants of justice who serve and protect the public. You’d never catch one of those lads shooting an unarmed cracka

  5. March 23, 2023.
    It is the first day of the Ramadan.
    The chanting of the muezzin has been amplified to a deafening rumble on the loudspeakers.
    Surrounded by a warrior posse, the Irish prime minister is prostrate on the floor before the warlord of the Mau Mau Islamic torture gang now running wild in Dublin.
    He never flinches and his nose and forehead don’t leave the floor as he recites a paean to the Prophet, while a warrior pretends to crudely stroke his buttocks to wild hoots of laughter.

  6. The middle class fulfills the needs of the upper class. The proles are apolitical and are content to eat, work, and breed forever.

    I wrote a long time ago that where Mao and Stalin failed in their oppression, Murka discovered a key piece of tyranny.

    Past tyrants used deprivation as a weapon, then the people wouldn’t tolerate it any longer, had their jackbooted government thugs crack down. Brazil is similar to this today.

    In Murka, the wise turn capitalism into tyrano-oligarchy. Instead of some tinpot African strongman keeping all the gold, pussy and Cadillacs for himself, he only skims the cream, making sure to sprinkle a little milk droplets around for the mob.

    In Murka today, The Ruling Class live more luxuriously than even an Asian drug lord because they shrewdly defuse and prevent The Common Man’s Revolt by placating it with plasmas, Twinkies and various forms of free, televised NiggaBall.

    Rome had Bread & Circus. Murka has Twinkies and NFL.

    Rome successfully did this for centuries; they only violently attacked outsiders. When Roman citizens got uppity, they gave them MORE B & C. When outsiders rebelled – like Palestinian Jews – the romans brutally crushed them. Same with Ferguson/Baltimo/Trayvon coloreds. USG gives dem’mo munny wit dat welfare now. When whites revolt, out come the FBI Fascists to Randy Weaver/WACO them instantly.

    • Which means, our tyrants were like the Romans, who deliberately sunk their empire, or what TD calls self-annihilation.

      Murka is actually more like the Muzzie Empire 1000 years ago. A cesspool of different races and ethnicity who embraced Islam (Americanism in today’s term) and spoke Arabic, which were the only 2 common things that it different subjects share. Eventually, the more noble muzzies degenerated and cross breeded with their migga filth like the White demographic today and their drifting with niggas.

      • Readers barely understand references to Rome, let alone the Ottomans, so I let it slide.

        btw The Romans did not deliberately sink their empire. It just faded away in apathy.

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