Nuclear Jew Connections

by Firepower

An easy way to attack TOTE*… is by making your target audience think about TOTE – and not the distraction of your “anti-semitism”

The jew does this – it uses this tactic. It’s how israeilis won: It may have nukes, but it doesn’t “discuss” them. It has these nukes to drop on a-rabs – but doesn’t bring up that dirty subject in “polite company”. The jew hates arabs and Muzz almost as much as whites because the Muzz is the one who most recently bombs and attacks jews. Just remember the jew will never forget or forgive whites for Nazi Germany no matter how many whites in Britain and the USA died back then to save the jew: So much for the religiosity of gratitude in the jewish faith.

The jew doesn’t even want its own conspirators to reveal itself fully. Oh, everyone is encouraged by both sides of the media to…..…… scream about Iran Nukes!!! – but never, ever israel’s.  (yep, i don’t capitalize it on purpose)

So… that’s what you do.

In Murka, merely saying “jew!” is anti-semitic. Now that’s some real LMFAO shit right there. You can call white trash “white trash” but you can’t even call a jew a jew. Don’t even go with the rage and Niggerspickike yourself out of the game.

Just ask yourself: what kind of connections running our DC Police state do they have – to render uttering  a fact as RACIST HATE SPEEEEECH in if all places, “free speeeeeech” Murka?

You can’t call jews “jews” and then you are prevented from saying they have nukes – when they have nukes.  It’s a prime revelation of how the MMM became your masters. It’s a prime revelation of how you can win by turning the tables on these sinister, dirty jews.

Hope ya’ll enjoyed celebrating your independence and freedom of speech on the 4th.

If your enemy colludes – YOU collude, also.

*LIUFY = see glossary

45 Comments to “Nuclear Jew Connections”

  1. I still believe “Jewish tribalism” is a media-manufactured myth and the notion of Jews “running the show” is really a cover for a cabal of HOMOSEXUAL jewhites “running the show,” generally-speaking, with a gang of dykeniggermiggers keeping the bench real warm.

    At some point, the “intellectuals” from all the same sides must ask, “How are those on “TOP” ideological anti-Supremacists?”

    How can one “run the show” as an anti-Supremacist?

    And then these high brow “intellectuals” from all the same sides must ponder, “Are we in total decent because those at the ‘top’ are anti-white Supremacists?”

    The Jew qua Jew is an anti-Supremacist (particularly, an anti-white Supremacist)… Ergo, the Jew as Jew has no business “running the show.”

    This should be repeated over and over again…

    The Jew qua Jew is anti-white Supremacy and therefore has no business running the show in any white country.

    • The first mistake the white man made was worshiping a fucking kike.

      • But that’s not really who the white man worships. White man worships The Perfect Man… The man who will do all right (versus that “man” who will do anything, ie., do all wrong… Transgress… Degenerate). That The Perfect Man had an ethnicity is only important in so far as His Crucifixion at the hands of his own “chosen people” represents the ultimate act of irrational self-annihilation so prominent to the Jewish “nature.”

        The Jew qua Jew IS anti-Supremacy… Anti-Perfect Man… Archetype self-annihilator.

        For most of the “hard right,” Christ’s Jewishness is the very thing that they desperately cling to to obscure the rejection of The Perfect Man IN MERE CONCEPT and their FUNDAMENTAL anti-white Supremacy and their own self-annihilating ethos.

      • The crucifixion of Christ and the crucifixion of WNs is the same. I guess that’s human nature. You always fight your own people before you fight the enemy.

      • Colin – The Anglosphere Disease – Love of money and petty consumerism.

        Miggers are found in large numbers , because elites find them profitable in their own unique ways. What do some non-blacks do business with black people, it’s not like they really like them. It’s all about the money one way or the other!

        Liberal Nazis like miggas, because they are easy to exploit, and they’re a good source of energy to siphon money from the White middle class, ultimately, enriching themselves only.

      • Jew IS anti-Supremacy… Anti-Perfect Man… Archetype Parasitical!

  2. Very good point FP. I have recently begun calling them elites because both left and right are realizing the control they have and dont shut down mentally when the term is used. After that, if the person seems ready I will introduce the term anti-White.

    • Erin…

      “They” are not elite… Not as avowed anti-Supremacists… Advocators of Universal Equality… Killers of The Perfect Man for the last 2000 years.

      “We” have a “default elite.” “Elite” by the mere fact that “they” do NOTHING actually elite. A simple product of a society of self-annihilators who take “voting” for their Masters as their only moral obligation.

  3. Yeah man. I can’t even say jew in the US. To an American, it sounds like nigger.

    That’s REAL ninja shit. You can’t even name your enemy in the US, land of the she and home of the slave.

    • What do you call them as a matter of interest?

      • I don’t call them anything. I’ve only gotten that far with one recruit in real life.

        It takes too long. That word “jew” in the USA is like a nuclear bomb. It’s worse than nigger. White people just can’t say jew in the US. That’s our freedom here.

        You just say it and BOOM! He’s an anti-semite. You’ve got to have alot of rapport before you even get near it.

    • that is why you use subversive methods like I do. If you’re subverting a herd of sheep conditioned to avoid even speaking the word “jew” you must use my tactics. You cannot speak to them like adults. You cannot speak to them as if they were adult opponents. You cannot speak to such idiots as if they were adult opponents with a modicum of logic.

      You must trick them as you would an animal in a snare. You cannot call a rabbit to your dinner plate.

      land of the she and home of the slave

      i like…

      • I heard of another good one. “The American Scheme” like American dream.

        FP, what do you think of credit cards?

        I remember when the common man got them in the early 90s. It is clear that income has been stagnant or declining since then. Perhaps they were given out to forstall the inevitable collapse.

      • Credit cards are only useful to the prudent who pay them off monthly.
        If you get mugged by coloreds or white trash, you can cancel the card, but cash is gone because it takes HEROCops! two hours to respond and two years to catch “the perrrrp”

        Credit cards are another curse for Murkans: When they go bankrupt from buying XBox and twinkies and put the debt on their mortgage it allows Elite Bankers – jews n’ WASPs – to confiscate the only thing Poor Stupids have of worth.

        Credit cards impoverish Stupid Murkans and enrich EstabELITES

      • Hmmm. But I see many famous and elite who carry enormous debt loads.

        You’ve seen the stories. Nick Cage has to sell his 20 million doller mansion because he’s busted. 50 cent is bankrupt. Happened to Martha Stewart too.

        As I see it, debt is necessary for life in America today, because there’s a gap between pay/jobs and needs. And some people get a nice bailout, like the banks and certain elites, and others do not.

        The courts and laws are for use against the little people. This forced debt is then used to further tie people into the system.

      • wealth doesn’t make elites.

        all those are what is called noveau riche and arrivistes. LIUFY

        Stewart got whacked bc HEROFoxBUSH had it in for her; she’s a lib. Bushie persecuted folks too, with his Imperial Power – but the kind of folks Fox likes to see suffer.

        Cage and Fiddy are plain stupid hedonists, same with Wesley Snipes. Martha was greedy – and a cunt.
        Elites do not go to jail unless they fuck over a greater number of elites – as in Bernie Madoff. Even then, they get cushy prisons. Camp Cupcake. liufy

        Cage etc. got indebted bc he financed a 200 ft. gold lined pool and a glitter covered Lambo.
        When a Zuckaboig-Bill Gates type go into debt, it’s because they want to finance buying Exxon; a big diff.

        The even superior Elite never goes into debt at all, but finances banks that loan money to both the above. Think Warren Buffet.

      • Im not totally convinced, FP. The biggest debter in this world is the USG.

        They ain’t gonna pay that back. Seems that debt works well for the rich and the poor. Only the middle class pay that stuff. Which is to say the suckers who want to play by the rules.

        A criminal knows that if he wants to clear a debt, he just kills the holder. The two criminal classes in the US are the poor and the rich. The poor fill the jails, the rich build and run them.

        Look at the con the EU tries to pull on Greece. They know the only way the loan can be repaid is by impovrishing the people. Greece “should” take the cash and say fuck you to them. That’s what the entire 3rd world should do to the IMF.

      • Government debt is the same as criminal debt; each do kill the lender if expedient.

        Business debt is not.
        The main penalty is never being loaned money again by reluctant banks burned once too often and being left to finance one’s self.
        Bankrupt cities and corporations like Detroit and GM were “saved” by USG cash.
        USG will also force lenders to comply.

        But, only after USG rapes the taxpayers’ monetary contributions first as it did with Detroit and GM.

        High Finance is a tricky thing. It is esoteric and arcane – deliberately kept hidden from The Common Man so he won’t catch on how easy it all is.

        The best way is to believe all your deepest suspicions are indeed true; be convinced of what you are unconvinced of. It is a Daoist method of comprehending that which was incomprehensible to your experience. It is Nietzsche as God.

      • FP: Based on your definition, Manhattan is full of novel wannabe elitists. Wealthy, but not 1%. I have friends who make 1/2 to 1 million/year in NYC. They aren’t elite, but they dine at MASA, quite often.

      • Manhattan only recently fell to the #2 spot of wealthiest per capita city in Murka. It was overtaken by Feudal DC but only because of BIGov’s unchecked, metastasized growth.

        Richies in manhattan only dine out bc a mil gets them a 900 sq.ft. condo with no kitchen. Plus, yuppie Murkan bitches don’t cook, either.

      • Empires can also make their slave class work harder to pay off foreign debts… In this manner, Murka, Russia and China ALL have a manner in which to pay off external debts with their very large slave class.

    • Hang on, you call niggers – black people, slopes – asians, red indians – noble native americans, humans – white people, so what are jews?

      • Jews are anti-Supremacists…

      • I don’t talk about jews with non-wns, Colin. We are generally not allowed to talk about jews in the USA.

        You see, to an American – jew….HOLOCAUST…6 million dead jews…anti semite. Even mentioning jew means racism.

        But with wns, no problem. Hebes, kikes, I’ll call jews whatever.

  4. JS I don’t think there is anything intrinsically wrong with trading with any sub-human race, Be they niggers or sand negroes or the whatever. Within reason.
    In fact there are probably laws, that you have too. Like the laws that you have to bake cakes for faggots if you are a baker. Though I don’t see why this should be the case,

    Only a complete cunt would give them any credit though.

  5. Unless one is studied in phenotypology then the general invisibility of Jews (especially Ashkenazi) in comparison to blacks and browns and yellows goes without saying…

    But the real game is TO FORCE all fodder into preordained playing positions… In other words, one is EITHER a Supremacist (anti-equality) or an anti-Supremacist (universal equality) and his Jewness, blackness, brownness, yellowness, whiteness, etc. CHANGES nothing fundamentally concerning his personal ethos… All that these contextual particulars help “us” do is to understand why each individual took the path to anti-Supremacy (IRL, anti-white Supremacy) versus the path towards Supremacy. For the Jew AND US, it literally begins 2000 years ago in a “supreme” act of irrational self-annihilation NEVER AGAIN replicated. The Jewish Crucifixion of Their Perfect Son screams, “a will to do ANYTHING.”

    A will to do anything is a will to total degeneracy.

  6. ThorDaddy you said, “I still believe “Jewish tribalism” is a media-manufactured myth and the notion of Jews “running the show” . Dude, can you show me one instance of the media trying to perpetuate a “myth” regarding Jews running the show. My impression is that they do everything they can to hide the fact although occasionally someone slips up and spills the beans. They also ridicule the idea of Jewish Supremacy. But I am open to new ideas if you think they are perpetuating the myth somehow.

    And Dude, I will use the word “elites” even though it is not a perfect word because people understand what I mean by it. It means (to most people) the uber-rich and powerful. If you think there is a better simple phrase for me to use for the rat bastards, I will consider it but I’m not going to go on some kind of talking binge with these folks. It needs to be simple.

    Finally, you mentioned that you are having relationship problems with some of your children. FWIW I recommend doing what you have to to get in the good graces of their mother so you can continue having an influence, even if that means toning down the rhetoric a little. Otherwise (unless their mother is a rare gem) you risk allowing your children to grow into Murkans who will stand against everything you believe in and possibly even give you brown progeny. That would be horrible for you.

    • Erin…

      My reference to those that posit “Jewish tribalism” as “running the show” was in regards to the crypto-Jews at the top the “anti-Semitic” “hard right” who are covering up the real cabal of HOMOSEXUAL jewhites that actually socially engineer this mass degeneracy.

      Secondly, I use the term “default elite.” Very straightforward and to the point.

      Third, I already foresaw this temporary alienation from my children both due to the “wages” of my own radical sexual autonomy AND the fundamental struggle inherent to all whites which is a return to the Father.

    • They also ridicule the idea of Jewish Supremacy. But I am open to new ideas if you think they are perpetuating the myth somehow.

      Provide them links to Eradica articles relating to jews.

      1. Using a US Census link to prove to them jews are only 3% of the Murkan population.
      2. Then, show them proof of how many jews dominate and run Hollywood and the media.
      3. Ask them if 3% running 99.999% of Hollywood strikes them as “odd”

      It’d be as if one-legged Ethiopian lesbians controlled the entire US beef production or the perfume industry.

      Have fun with it. Do NOT niggerpickike or use epithets. Let the facts speak for themselves. Then they cannot fall back on the easy defense they’ve been trained to rely on all their lives of simply dismissing you and your words “becuzz they are r-r-racist!”

      Don’t give them an easy out by fighting you; make them squirm by having to fight facts they cannot fight. Sun Tzu their ass.

    • Erin…

      They… Meaning the memestream media ridicule the idea of “Jewish Supremacy” BECAUSE it is actually ridiculous to assert that an anti-Supremacist “nature” can be a Supremacist nature.


      Because there is such a unanimous submission to the false liberal frame, even when “anti-Semitic” “hard right” Crypto-Jews claim a cabal of “Jewish Supremacists,” they ON QUEUE PROJECT this as ultimately a bad thing…

      IF ONLY there were SOME REAL Jewish Supremacists… CONVERTED ONES and no longer “The Chosen Ones.”

      IF ONLY there were SOME REAL Jewish Supremacists WHO BELIEVED in The Perfect White Man… Or even just The Perfect Semite.

      IF ONLY there were SOME REAL Jewish Supremacists who were then white Supremacists… If only…

      • Furthermore, White elites and their heirs in Murka cannot enter the realm of White Supremacy. They’ve been Jewified and are not perfect. Further, they lust power via money above everything else.

      • Furthermore, White elites and their heirs in Murka

        It is hereditary. They have the deep satisfaction that their money, power and all luxurious earthly pleasures will be passed to their children and for countless generations.

        White elites have no demand for ws because they’ve already attained the best Murkan version of it.

      • This is where one must be flexible in understanding the competing frames…

        The “white” degenerates of the “default elite” desire to discredit REAL white Supremacy BECAUSE “it” does not validate and exalt their degeneracy.

        White Supremacy CANNOT EQUAL white degeneracy UNLESS one has been to perverted to an ordered reality. A white Supremacist is a white Supremacist is a white man that grants the existence objective Supremacy. The best man CAN STAND amongst us and no law of the sheep OR decree of a “default elite” can deny this.

        At the very same time, whirling in the mind of the mad “white” liberationist IS A REAL CONVICTION that white Supremacists are white degenerates…

        Now enter the “other.”

        He conflates “elite” “white” liberals with “white supremacy.” In other words, this is the other’s mechanism to destroy the RIVAL “white” liberationist WITH public justification by simply making him a “white supremacist…”

        So the “luxurious” “white” degenerates of the “default elite” PLAY ALONG with the other’s notion that “they” are indeed “white supremacists,” ie., the real powerful degenerates of Murka, and thus DEMAND an eradication. Symbiotic regression proceeds.

      • ^^^ White Supremacy CANNOT EQUAL white degeneracy UNLESS one has been to perverted to an ordered reality. A white Supremacist is a white Supremacist is a white man that who grants the existence [of] objective Supremacy. The best [white] man CAN STAND amongst us and no law of the sheep OR decree of a “default elite” can deny this.

  7. FP: Do you know if DC’s elite neighborhoods have niggas? You’ll always find at least one token dark face in ALL NYC elite gatherings, and there are plenty of ape boys everywhere I walk in Manhattan, usually with PC White boys and girls. I look at Murka’s pandering to these animals as a result of the lowering of our educational standards, and Murka’s overall anti-intellectualism.

    Don’t underestimate an outside underdog who could just pull a plug on this country like an electrical blackout, because the masses and our elitists are so dumb!

    • Murkan “Government Cities” are filled with coloreds due to Affirmative Action hiring. BIGov is the largest employer of coloreds.

      With Obongo’s anointing, the hiring of MINOs to increase the swelling staff of all bureaucracies grew, and will continue to grow. After seven years of his rule, pigs like Eric Holder live in the swankiest Virginia suburbs. MINOs rule government now and government – rules you.

      • Hence, the MINOing of Neel Yaawk, including Maaanhattan. I just had a casual discussion with a SPIC today, and the cucaracha, first asked me, where the hell are these “negros” (spanish for niggas) coming from? My answer is that I don’t know, perhaps our liberal nazi mayor invited his inlaws to the Big Apple for a long stay!

      • Coloreds never fade away on their own, they breed increasing numbers then move to fresh white ‘hoods because coloreds destroyed their own housing supply. The only way to reduce colored numbers is to eradicate them.

        Coloreds once flourished on Manhattan – in Harlem. They destroyed the old tenement housing; you can see ravages of the black in any 70’s movie or newscast. jew slumlords cunningly let these buildings rot from Black Mold, but they still kept the land and bequeathed it to Hymie Jr. as a future, long-term investment.

        The black went from Harlem to the Bronx, consumed the white housing and now, moved into greener pastures in B’lyn.

        Not even 25 years later, the jew re-developed these lots at 100x the profit to make gentrified Yuppie Condos. Hymie Jr. grew up and gratefully says a prayer to Jewish God for Granpa Saul’s investment wisdom. In turn, Junior buys up all the burned-out hulks for his heirs in whatever current nigger slum the black destroyed recently in the past decade.

        The jew follows the black chimp troop from rubble pile to rubble pile making $$$$ all the way. Jews learned to profit from colored riots and destruction. Whites just flee to rural areas and worm wranch.

      • FP: Yes, you’ll said it well. Most of the landlords in NYC are Jews. Note: The Jew parasite profits from the black parasite and also the Yuppy parasite.

      • Jews and blacks are intimately entangled in their anti-white Supremacy to a very prophetable extent.

  8. Re:Manhattan only recently fell to the #2 spot of wealthiest per capita city in Murka. It was overtaken by Feudal DC but only because of BIGov’s unchecked, metastasized growth.

    Truthfully, I do think Manhattan will continue to become a wealthy paradise for the richie rich, but not your yuppy wannabe striver. I do see a lot of moving trucks busing away all those White parasites, because Neel Yaawk has lost much of its luster for those who want to live the fantasy lifestyle.

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