Feudal Washington DC

by Firepower

Toldyaso: Every Elite District is segregated by money. They all want to be Manhattan, so they act like Manhattan.

Any place the Establishment Elite (EE) desire, they conquer one way or another.

The more capable of exclusivity, the more worthy the ground. Sun Tzu in reverse – for the rich ruling class.

The darker the grid, the darker yo’ neighbaz.

This is why Rooshi and Roishy have little practical knowledge of coloreds.

This is the same LN fascist Imperial City that throws money at coloreds, imports Miggers, gives them $BIGTAXBUX$ Section 8 vouchers – then orders you (at the point of their SWATZI guns) to welcome filthy coloreds onto your street – while they bask in Sweet Crystalline Safe Whiteness.

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Browning Crime: The Coming USA Terror http://wp.me/p2kmGE-42l
Feudal America: Hunger Games For Kids http://wp.me/p2kmGE-BT
Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1Mn

33 Comments to “Feudal Washington DC”

  1. Reblogged this on CURIOZITY and commented:
    The word “feud” means “fight.”

  2. FP: You’ve been saying this for ages. Now what? We all know liberal centers, especially those in the Northeast has the starkest income equality. Coloreds live in the outskirts, and now they’re living among the White proletariat.

    Again, Manhattan isn’t as elitist as some other places such as DC and SF. Further, because it’s Neew Yaawk, coloreds eat together with their LN masters side by side. And furthermore, housing in Manhattan is very very limited, because there are so many commercial real estate, and not nearly as many residential buildings. The average Manhattanite lives in a closet.

    • The same reason that 9-11 was ALL NYC and DC!

      [yes. the Manipulator Media only mentions the fame of the WTC and forgot about the braver dead in the PA field. no glamor]

    • I’ve been the only one saying it for ages.

      Nobody else created the parallel between Today’s Future Murka and Medieval Feudalism.
      As no contributors volunteer as witness to identify additional feudal cities (even in their own area) I must leave a record listing my evidence.

      As for your ubiquitous defense of Manhattan as being merely a big Cleveland, I propose you do not realize its Feudal nature because you are not part of – and privy to – the Golden Machinery. Yours is the Manhattan of Starbuck’s and Mcdonald’s and all the other pedestrian similarities it does indeed share with the rest of Murka – while The Manhattan Elite dine daily on $400 Kobe steaks and $3,000 Dom Perignon. You must look beyond what you can only see.

      All one need do is compare your credit card receipts for food to see where you fit on the hierarchy. Perhaps you serve these Elite Rulers and it angers you. Just because Oprah pays someone $70,000 a year as a live-in servant to dust her walk-in shoe closet does not mean their shared address means shared wealth and power.

      • you may feel manhattan is Ferguson and Baltimore bc it is 13% colored, but it is not so

        It’s a Ferguson and Baltimore, relatively comparing to San Francisco, San Diego, Beverley Hills, Portland and other ~100% White stronghold of riches, where there are hardly any coloreds in sight. And worse, we now have a mayor who wants to turn the tide with his nigga folk.

      • I’m going to delete this entire exchange as another derailment of a topic I posted.

        If you want to prove Manhattan is not rich and its 13% niggers surpasses all other major murkan cities submit an article to ryu.

      • I never said Manhattan is not rich. I however said, Manhattan is also filled with plenty of sub human dirt. You can delete my comments.

        My exodus out of Manhattan is this: We have a LN mayor who enabling all the filth to breed once again.

      • Also, Manhattan is open to everyone by way of public commuting. Swarms of niggas come to Manhattan from the Bronx and Brooklyn, everyday. We recently had a nigga from the Bronx who came into Manhattan, then walked over to a park and try assault a girl.

      • A nigger did that? Like wow, street life eh?

      • NYC is like Paris, wealthy bourgeoise snobs who live in their expensive penthouses, and yet the streets are littered with nigga filth everywhere, just as your London is polluted with Muzzie dirt on the street level.

      • In defense of JS, I still sense someone genuinely shocked at the real desire amongst the white populace ACROSS all class lines to self-annihilate in such extreme degrees that this then serves as the dizzying center of debate… One class gets to degenerate in the gutter while the other class gets to degenerate in the clouds. And this is really the “nature” of all the uncertainty. These false debates all skirting around the fundamental issue FOR EVERY WHITE MALE…

        Radical autonomy –> self-annihilation–> white Supremacy…

        If step 3 is not taken, step 2 will soon enough be reality.

      • Correct TD. Or being annihilated by an enemy is another one, because they’re so up there. Doomsayers tell us to leave Murka, because it will implode one way or the other.

      • Overreaction?

        Someone could unlease a biological weapon, germs or worse a nuclear bomb in a suit case, 9-11 x 100. Self automated killer robots are the least of our concern for now.

      • I follow(ed) the robotization of war only so far as it explains my core beliefs.

        The FFL/MMM know full well (even better than we) they have debased whites to the point of imminent failure. White jordies will likely end with the last of them enlisting – the only paying gig besides cutting grass. There appears no end to their stupidity in rushing to volunteer to ‘invade isis’ or invade Iran under the blatantly obvious command of a Negrobama – or Killary. Such stupidity deserves plastic legs.

        Smart whites will engineer and lessers will farm, then utter morons will soldier. Still, the FFL knows this supply of gullible white cannonfodder will be exhausted somewhere in the next 30 years. The only replacements will be the even stupider, undisciplined colored scum with a built-in resistance to fighting typical “White Man’s War.”

        Obviously, STEM type fighter pilots etc. will still be white and they will heap glorious glories upon them to keep their egos inflated. As gooks and dotheads displace white engineer/STEMs, they’ll see an exciting alternative: military pilot. But, most are sissynerds who Mom never let cut the lawn, so that pool will evaporate quite a bit.

        Coloreds can’t even work in mass jobs like auto or aircraft plants without causing trouble and loafing; imagine the fucked-up mess they’ll make with guns and grenades. Cities with copjobs – that any low IQ moron can do – can’t even hire enough niggers because they all have long criminal records, drug “problems” and are all illiterate and lack discipline. Imagine the sophomore class at any innerciddyniggahigh given M4s and grenades being ordered to storm some Iranian beachhead and kill Muzz for Saul Goldberg in Manhattan. I wish* I could see that hyper-Mongolian-Mongoloid Cluster Fuckery.

        Thus, there is an urgent rush to use robots to be rid of coloreds in key war jobs just as there was to be rid of them in US TV factories.

        *faggot mra non-active-activists: NOTE PROPER use of the word “wish”

      • Ryu wants to stay in Murka in the thick of all the insanity. If he really wants to be part of it, he needs to be where the action is. Of course, many of the liberal centers are too expensive for him. They’re not expensive, if he wants to be next to Miggas in NYC or DC.

        I grew up around Miggas, and I know full well how incapable and useless they are. I also had the luxury to live around liberal nazis and also their infected zombies.

        FP: Given Bama will end his lease next year. What are your thoughts of the post Obongo-Murka?

      • FP: Given Bama will end his lease next year. What are your thoughts of the post Obongo-Murka?

        Without being asked specifics and as a general question, the evidence suggests most voters will abstain from the election in the typical Murkan pattern. Coloreds only came out to vote for Our Historic BLACK Ruler and many will abstain from the next, typical LN Whitey Estab candidate whether it be Killary or Faux-cahontas. But, that means the droves of the Feminist Falange wing of the FFL will elect Killary or Warren.

        If the Republican’t Estab puts up yet another weak tool, only FOXites will vote and they’ll again be massively buttfucked by the Left and their Manipulator Media.

        IRL, the browning and debasement of Murka will continue to progress into the LN Elite Feudal State I predict.

        Worse, enormous deficits will necessarily grow to pay for the new Spickaninnies plopped-out daily by all coloreds. BIGov will forever need to pay for this filth in order to keep them from rebelling and attacking NRA-SO76 Whites and igniting Revolution 2.0, which will destroy the nation because no army could control 12 million guerrilla insurgents, saboteurs and partisans.

      • FP: Notice Obongo didn’t visit any niggahood in Manhattan, when he was in town.
        [Negrobama has more in common with jew bankers than coloreds]

        There are still pockets of Migga filth in the enchanted isle. He was strolling through Central Park with his family, just 2 days where a woman was assaulted in the same area by a feral nigga. Of course, he could bash Whites all he want about their racism and live in the safety of their protection.

        You may not agree with me that Manhattan’s swarm of niggas are not a problem. But think again, feral niggas running around a park surrounded by wealth.
        [nope. Manhattan’s 13% of niggers would be a blessing to every other major Murkan city that has 3x as many…]

        I was visiting Queens not too long ago, a borough of NYC with a lot of White ethnics and a few cucaracha stronghold. However, no apeshits are to be found and I felt a sense of relief.
        [Queens is not Manhattan. Just as East LA is not Beverly Hills. Brooklyn is not Manhattan and nor is Bronx – no matter how much Manhattanites LUV to act like it is to get GritCRED]

        This country is a joke, and to end it, the sooner, the better!

      • I know Queens is not Manhattan. However, Queens lack the negro on the street level. Is that not a good thing?

      • People who don’t vote no longer believe in the American political system. It’s a hopeful thing to see. I think there’s hope for those who don’t vote, if they ride the path for long enough.

      • Dude, the NYC degeneracy comes here too. Every city wants to be like Manhattan. I’ve seen it in the smallest flyover country town. Culture is the biggest internal and external Murkan export.

      • Ryu: If anyone can take on the LNs and the MINOs in NYC, then they’re the king supreme for WN. At the moment, there isn’t even an inch of offensive. Now that FP agrees with me that MINOs don’t disappear on their own, as they are coming back in large numbers in NYC, after a sweep by 2 Republican Mayors Giuliani and Bloomberg.

        Bombing the USG building in tinyville doesn’t garner any admiration or fear.

      • I can vouch for the feudal system being correct. It is now true everywhere. Find me the smokers and the drinkers in NYC. But beer – the cheap stuff.

        The rich live in certain areas. The poor may come there to work, but they do not live there. Just like a king opening up the castle to let his servants in.

        Like King Obama going to Central Park a few days ago. You *saw* who really runs shit there. Damn that guy rolls in heavy.

        You might see servants in the halls or in the garden, but they aren’t dining or recreating. Codewords are “commute” or “being priced out of the areas.”

        There is an invisible class in the USA. The working poor. Who takes out the garbage? Who cleans the shitter? Who sweeps the streets? I *know* someone does that in NYC, and it ain’t Trump or Guiliani.

  3. Fucking Hell JS. If it quacks like a duck.

  4. Ryu: Meanwhile all these self important niggas blame Whitey for everything, as he feels safer among them, than his fellow lower class hoodlums in the ghetto.

    Why doesn’t he tour East New York or the Bronx, where all you find are mostly poor and dangerous miggas? These fuckers are full of shit.

  5. @ Ryu, Robots will be increasing used in warfare, as they are in industry, when they are a good economic alternative. Consider the Reaper drone, which is ideal for use in areas of low target density, this is so much cheaper than using diesel sucking combat jets, with all their support structure. A win win situation, where Johnny Polar Bear would certainly aprove.
    As land robots get more developed, they will also become useful, in areas of low target density, as they become far cheaper than a bunch of troops with all the logistical support that entails. There’s also the plus that robots don’t get bored.

    @ JS America is gradually contracting, this is driven by the elites. Manhattan is a fortress or enclave for the elite. As more and more American jobs are exported across to other continents, the ability of the average prole, to generate wealth and consequently consume, is constantly, being eroded.
    Marx predicted this. Enclaves or fortresses are easier to protect. Oasis’ of wealth.
    The nigger you mention (above) is to be complemented, for his initiative, in seeking out an area that is both target rich, and low on competition. Rather than hanging out in his local “hood”. And they say Murica is no longer a land of opportunity!

    • Colin, Manhattan is a fortress with black slaves, and there are more black slaves now, than before. NYC was full of black criminals, now it is full of black slaves, which doesn’t mean much when these animals stop working and start loafing into trouble. Furthermore, there are also more token niggas than before, because White Zombies love breathing in the black mold.

      What’s really sad! Most White people in our modern day setting are dead souls. They have no insight into the future. It’s quite sad!

  6. Colin: Black mold are useless and they are a plague to society. Enough excuses for them. It’s always Whitey keeping me down and gimme mo…while being destructive parasites wherever they are found.

    • Black mold are useless and they are a plague to society. Enough excuses for them. It’s always Whitey keeping me down and

      C’mon. Elites need a sub-class to rule. Whites chose to abandon their duty as slaves to the elite and niggerized themselves in both attitude and inbreeding with the coloreds. The Elite just chose the largest growing, most abundant and emerging poor segment of Murkan Society. /sarc off

  7. “One class gets to degenerate in the gutter while the other class gets to degenerate in the clouds.”

    You got that right TD.

    But the gutter class will degenerate more swiftly and degrade more completely, ever more desperate to make a living.

  8. Negrobama has more in common with jew bankers than coloreds

    Of course, but niggas voted for him in large numbers despite that.

  9. Elites need a sub-class to rule…The Elite just chose the largest growing, most abundant and emerging poor segment of Murkan Society

    FP: You have a point. There is a plenty of public housing in Manhattan for the lumprenprole coloreds. The apartments will never be given to them where they can profit from it. The elites intend to keep them as constituent voting slaves who get subsidized rent, foodstamps, and mo…

    A picture of a few Liberal Nazis behind some housing complexes in Manhattan with a 10000% colored demographic. Only in Murka!

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