Money Won is Twice as Sweet as Money Earned

by Ryu

Earning money doesn’t have any thrill. There’s no juice, no rush. Today a man has to pucker up and kiss some ass to even get in the door. It’s a humiliating experience.

A man always wants to win. There’s a unique feeling that a man gets when he outwits other men. The elites are bathed in that feeling for years on end. The working man needs to get a piece of that action.

Most of life is determined at birth. For those of us without the connections and background, it takes brains and balls to get anywhere.

Americans love crime and they love gambling. They love the feeling of ripping off the casino. The casinos in turn, love to win money off the lucky amateur but they hate the professional gambler.

The professional gambler is as calculating as the casino. The casino would prefer that everyone rely upon chance. Similarly, the police would prefer that the criminals all be…..….. amateurs who believe in luck. The police hate and fear the professional criminal, who takes his business seriously.

It seems that America has forgotten the conman. But there are more conmen out there today than ever before. The USG runs cons day in and day out – the drug con, the terrorist con, the fiat money swindle.

16 Comments to “Money Won is Twice as Sweet as Money Earned”

  1. I just want revenge, nothing more.

  2. Anyone in the accounting/tax profession is a scammer, who is working for a bigger con man, namely, the IRS. The entire FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) sector is all about siphoning money. Politicians are the oil that enable the flames to get out of control.

  3. Ryu & FP: I betcha you this nimwit would sell guns to migga darkies, despite his stance on not selling them to the muzzie types:

    Again, he has no clue of his true adverseries, like most Murkan Chumps!

    • And just reading the comments on that page, you’ll understand why the elites have basically put a chokehold on every demographic in Murka, who can’t seem to figure out the elephant in the room, which by the way, proves why niggas have been exploited for so long, because of their inherent inferior intelligence.

    • Yeah he’s an SPer. Pro-Israel, anti muzz. Used to be myself, years ago.

      *HE* doesn’t sell guns to muslims. But the USG surely does. The USG is the biggest arms dealer in the world. We armed bin Laden, ISIS and Saddam.

      He’d change after an afternoon with FP or I, but that won’t happen.

      • Yes, FP mentioned Donald Trump as an elite with some sanity. But all of our elites are Jew ass kissers. Trump is pro-Israel and wants to see Iran destroyed. You’ll see, we have no elites in this country who really cares about the future of this country. It’s all about them and their power ego trip!

      • …keyword is some…

        There are only 3 categories of elites, from most to few:
        1. WASPs: old money, Mayflower types
        2. jews
        3. Tech Godz: those who invent the internet, then ship their factories to RED China

        All make money with each other and all only care about money – AND power.
        Such elites only want Miggers stopped because
        as I’ve long said and repeated:
        They want a white Irish/Polish/German lawn boy instead of an eerie foreigner.

        They need a certain white underclass to act as a buffer for their heirs’ Ivy League frathouse neighborhoods.
        The best example of this latter are the Duke Rape boys: I never was “for” them but rather “against” the dirty blackmailing negress. Those Duke richbois wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.

      • If elites hate miggas, so why are they coddling them and importing more of them? Seems like an antithesis of their ideology!

        [ed note: are you asking me, or ryu]

      • Elites hate whites MORE.

        They use the minos to attack us. Maybe one day, if all the whites are gone, they’ll eliminate the minos.

        I tend to think that the more slaves one has, the more wealth one can accumulate. Third world dictators don’t wipe out their own populations en masse, as a rule.

      • Elites hate whites more because MINOs are more controllable.

        Whites threaten Elites.
        Whites have SO76 – the one ideology that can destroy elites.
        Once that threat is eliminated, the Oligarchy will reign with total control.

      • Yeah, it’s a strange thing. So many third world countries in Africa, South America and South East Asia. So much misery, so few revolutions. When there is a change, it’s usually for the worse.

        The real kicker, for me, is seeing that victory is possible but virtually no one willing to do it. I love that Red Cell stuff. They did it. Took over a nuclear sub and air force one.

        There are criminals in the 3rd world. Very many. But they don’t do it to the elites. In any third world nation, the elite are virtually untouchable. They all roll pretty heavy, in “the bubble” like Obama with the SS. The gentleman’s agreement is that crime is allowed, so long as the elite aren’t touched.

        That’s how the elite guarantee their safety. The criminals want more than just the wages of the poor. So, they let them prey, as long as they prey on the right people. The US is like this already.

        Count’em. It’s like watching God go by. 27 vehicles.

      • Look at this picture again:

        We have a trio of LNs in full force, who love hurting the poorer White demographic with their colored subjects.

        This picture is very telling. 3 very powerful LNs standing behind a few housing projects in Manhattan that has a 10000% colored demographic, who are either on welfare or work in some menial job that serves the White Zombies, who do nothing but fuss, feast, ffffs…… their riches all day long.

        Modern day slavery at its finest, and Murka is pretty much rotted to the core, into a degenerate wasteland.

  4. The evolutionary explanation is simple.
    Elites hate inferior (i.e. defective) members of their own subspecies more than representative members of an inferior subspecies.

    • True Elites DESIRE to do elite things.

      “We” are under the yoke of a “default elite” voted in by a mass of self-annihilators and only “elite” by the mere fact of their “luxurious” degeneracy…

      The fundamental equation representing the mind frame of all radical autonomists is thus:

      Supremacy = degeneracy…

      And so…

      The degenerate life = (god)-less.

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