Eradicate The Elite

by Firepower

Little Ioan’s Mum: Miss Caroline Munro


But first, you have to see them.

America’s rotting empire: Billionaires galore and a crumbling infrastructure! Gosh!!!

“A rigged tax code and a bloated military budget are starving the federal and state governments of the revenue it needs to invest in infrastructure!”

You need to see that you get only 50% Truth from LN sources, but likewise just 50% from NeoConTARD sources like FOX.

Salon blames the Murkan deficit on “military spending and tax breaks for the rich” but censors the billions given to coloreds, Miggers and amnesty. FOX fixates on Miggers n’ Welfare – while censoring the ….…..part about military spending and tax breaks for the rich.

This is what we do at Eradica: We include both parts and guide your awakening to the Big Picture, hoping you awaken others: It’s not working.  Murkans on both the Left & Right now fear ugly action; that’s why it takes crazies and Muzz to do wetwork now. The former greatest nation in history that prided itself on “pioneering, action and violence” now games all day, sucks its thumb and rubs its pee-pee dreaming of mommy’s tit.

The only Man who knows Truth – and can be called a Man now – is one who grasps the Big Picture. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime… until he gets WACOed.

America once was Liberty.
The Elite turned Liberty into “capitalism” and cheat everyone.
They do not bear the  blame alone: The Murkan “voter” is bears more blame.
If you walk into a store and it’s a total fucking mess, you can’t get anyone to find you a jug of milk and some bread because it’s strewn all over the floor and the employees are fucking on the floor and passed-out doing METH in the storeroom – is it more their fault, or the PEOPLE that HIRED them? It’s the voters ultimate fault.

Erin thinks it’s all my fault and 10% of her precious boytoy Ryu’s. Is it our fault, or the million readers?

Now that the plutocracy is fully operational, The Elite will not give one iota of control to such degenerating morons. All they give them is enough to keep their bellies full to quell revolt.

The only solution is to eradicate The Elite – and all MINOs.

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  1. It’s hard not to envision Civil War 2.0 right around the corner if the “default elite” does not entertain white Supremacist movement that is inherently separatist and fully aware of the coercive parasitic relationship that each racially cognizant white male is forced to endure to the EXPLICIT benefit of the jewhiteniggermiggerhomodykejihadist collective.

    • That ain’t going to entertain anything, while they can suppress you with your own money. TD

      • Colin…

        Here, I put my efforts towards psychological warfare and easy to swallow memes for those who can stomach them…

        The process of annihilating an enemy always starts with his demonization/dehumanization in the public’s mind.

        “We” have a “default elite…” A “thing” inevitably self-annihilating that will require a “helping hand.” A “thing” that is “elite” BY THE VERY FACT that “it” does NOTHING elite.

        The trick is TO NOT TURN “elite” into a dirty word though so that no one desires to be elite and therefore a “default elite” manifests.

      • Very true, middle class materialism has been the downfall of the white race in the western world.

        “He who possesseth little is so much the less possessed. Blessed be a little poverty!”
        -Friedrich Nietzsche

        Very often do I see profoundly sad Generation Brandons who gave up their chance at living out the greatness of the Fight Club manifesto for so little. A life of being a cubicle slave, an overpriced home in a future section 8 development, and a chance to plow sloppy 100 Brittany’s pussy once a year.

      • There’s people with money, and people without money.

        You and I, and most WNs do not have money. Real money. No amount of “working” will get it. 70K or 100K isn’t alot. Those types put in a ton of hours and buy some expensive junk, which they then have to pay for.

        Those with money live in a different USA. They can buy virtually anything they want. What an average white can buy in the 3rd world, a rich man can buy in America.

  2. If key elites are eradicated the rest will fall into place.

    • No. At first, such a vacuum of Elite Leadership will be rapidly filled by usurpers who jealously hungered for such control for years, but were thwarted by those now dead Kings.

      Think of all US Presidential elections, where swarms of giant douches vie for the power vacated by Our 8-Year King of turd sandwiches. Some say ‘the devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.”

      The grasping lust for power is great in the US – and greater still in its elites – because there’s so much excessive wealth in our sordid playpen.

      Realistically, your speculation is too far out for such a thing to happen – by a people who can’t even combat Pioneer Coloreds moving onto their parents’ streets.

  3. The only solution is to eradicate The Elite – and all MINOs.

    Yes, which is why your blog isn’t for the faint of heart, and not many comment here, fearing “repercussions”.

    Murka is officially a limping corpse, and anyone who is a true “elite” with an ounce of rationality, would call a spade for what it is, a shit country with exceedingly low standards, and nothing good comes out of it. If a hood rat is called a NASA space scientist, then we must be in a Star Trek Twilight Zone at best.

    [ed note: yes. NOTE the resistance GOP Elites (conservaginas) hurl at Trump for calling a spade a spade and a spick…a spick]

    • I wonder what will the White bourgeoise parasites in NYC think when the colored parasites run their island of Manhattan. For now, they’re menial servants for them. Just look at the USG: Tyrone started out as a mail clerk will soon to run the entire postal service under his helm.

      Miggas will demand the WLNs for more power, not only equal opportunity: “I want to be you”.

      Let the FFLNs fight for over their scraps!

      • White bourgeoise parasites in NYC think colored parasites are the same way as 1955: benign subjects.

        Better yet, instead of “thinking” – white manhatties forgot the black mold of Harlem and the Bronx and how it nearly destroyed Manhattan.

        Gerald Ford – a sainted GOPPIE – bled the entire nation’s big cities dry to save his Manhattan jew re-election bankers from the bankrupt filth that was mid-1970s nyc.

      • One notes that eventually minos do take over.

        Liberal whites give minos some power to suppress whites. The minos accumulate a power base, then elect one of their own. Soon, the minos have their own mino ruling class. From then on in its all mino.

        This happened in California. Don’t see many white male politicians anymore. Everyone is Jesus or Jorge.

        [ed note: SEE: Patterns of MINO Rulers

    • Yep. And in a way, it is our own shit test.

      Writing on a blog is nothing, in terms of revolutionary action. If someone is afraid of mere commenting here, they don’t have the stuff for revolution. This is now the only blog in the US which routinely mentions Tim McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, 2 heros of mine.

      It takes more than just brains and more than just balls. Both are needed.

      • Also, NYC is the best place for the Timmy and Teddy types to practice their craft. If you can take on the LNs and their MINO minions in NYC of all places, then you’re gold in the greatest city in the world.

        Remember, 9-11 didn’t happen in Montana or Idaho!

  4. Re: Patterns of MINO rulers

    Yes, MINOs will take over and their power is fleeting, because they are dumb. But what’s worse, many Whites have become credulous like them and have given the keys to them. That’s the problem!

    Ryu: Many Murkan White males have become pansies and also whores for female whores. It takes very strong individuals who can pass through all the bullshit that clogs the pipes.

    • “Yes, MINOs will take over and their power is fleeting, because they are dumb.” This – stupidity and hubris will be their downfall. Just as it will for their liberal “intellectual” facilitators. More so than any revolutionary act.

      • Who’s “more stupid and hubristic”
        MINOs who take power when it’s stupidly handed right over to them
        …or the 1950s White Fucks who gave it to them?

        Hubris could also be seen in imagineering The Future of MINO Downfall – but when that happens a century from now, what does it matter.

        It’s like an 1840s Irishman suffering starvation and spewing hate on the British, relishing the foretelling of their comeuppance: 110 years later when it finally happened, that moment’s venting didn’t solve a thing.

  5. FP: Yes, benign subjects who occasionally turn against their masters.

    Here’s some liberal cognitive dissonance at work for you. All public schools in Manhattan are infested with MINO students, including those in wealthy White neighborhoods. I was able to see the resentment coming from nigga students, after seeing a few spit on the doorsteps of these homes of the wealthy that are found in Manhattan, where some of them are near the schools with a Migga majority.

    Don’t think for a second that these young miscreants are naive, they know very well what they’re doing. They hate Whites and they resent them, just as the poor resent the wealthy.

  6. Ryu: Here is a pic of a typical social gathering or bar scene in NYC. Notice the nigga animals (take note FP). They make great token Tyrones for these credulous, much ado about nothing, White kids. And the bar is also Jew owned.

    You as a WN, how would you react if these people were part of your daily lives? This is what I see everyday in NYC. Day in and day out. These people are not only stupid, but exceedingly obnoxious and one sided, despite their credulity.

    That’s why I recommend the WNs to come to NYC and practice their craft!

    • Ryu: Here is a pic of a typical social gathering or bar scene in NYC

      lol – ONLY manhatties think such a pic – with 3 niggers in it – is “proof” of blacks taking over a city.
      Toldyaso: NYC is ONLY 13% colored; that means it looks like the rest of Murka in regards to blax.

      Baltimore is 63% nigger. LIUFY the demogrfx of colored urban cities…

      • ONLY manhatties think such a pic – with 3 niggers in it

        There’s actually 5 niggas. Look again. That’s a lot of blacks compared to other WLN/SWPL scene of SF and Portland.

        [wow. FIVE WHOLE blacks. a regular detoilet…]

      • The point I was making, is that niggas are a problem anywhere, even token niggas become a problem, you’ll see. And in NYC, and even in Manhattan, we have enough floating turds everywhere. Take away the MINOs, the game changes for LNs.

        The question remains to be asked, since you are all about eradicating MINOs, are those gorillas in the above pic deserved to be just that? My answer is a resounding yes!

      • And FP: All it takes is one huckvard-educated nigga in the White House to unlease his destructiveness!

        Do you get my point?

        [ed note: remember that nigga in da white house GOT there by white females and white lib males. who’s more to blame: the LN nigga racist seeking rulership – or whites that vote him in]

      • TD: I never tolerated nigels in NYC. It’s worse when you dress up one as a “normal” human being, like what you see in the pic. This is the current problem in most “self annihilating” liberal cities, where there was once a stronghold of black mold. They got rid most of them, and push them to the outskirts, but now they’re bringing them back, because it’s the current fad to put “gorilla in suits”.

    • Nothing really jumps out at me in that picture, JS. I’ve not been to a modern bar. I still think of working class, blue collar people and smoke. Not many blacks there though. Those people don’t look very dangerous.

      • But that’s just the point… Black mold looks incredibly innocuous AND YET many understand it to be deadly to those already physically weak… But, most “white” self-annihilators don’t count themselves amongst such vulnerability even though most are spiritually and intellectually dead and thus all that is left to repel the anti-white violence is a sheer physicality that most mock and pathologize. So what one “sees” in that picture is the starting point of a symbiotic regression where the desires to play predator and prey are hushed up, winked at and nodded away to the “benefit” of both “white” and “black” liberationist.

      • But, most “white” self-annihilators don’t count themselves amongst such vulnerability even though

        its not that complex: whites were/are stupefied by usg skool propaganda. they accept it now bc killing is ugly – blood is “icky” – but playtime is FUNZ.

        now that whites are too stupid to even identify a threat, they are thus equally too stupid to investigate how it got that way.

        Add to that unsurpassed material comfort even for poor white trash and you have GENPlayStation.

        zach de la rocha of Rage Against The Machine said it best:

        What does the billboard say?
        Come and play come and PLAY!
        FORGET about The Movement

        …and that was directed 20 years ago to old fart La Raza spicks WHO WON eventually.

      • Ryu: Again, this is what I put up everyday. White Liberal Zombies with their MINO friends, who appear innocuous to them as according to TD (which I agree), but aren’t really harmless. You know niggas, once they get in their apeshit mode, it’s a major chimpout, even to their “White friends”. As a WN type, would live around these people day in and day out? It becomes unbearable, like the people we speak ill about on this blog.

        [ed note: youda LURVED manhatty when it had a Harlem full of coloreds, a Bowery of Bums, a Hell’s Kitchen AND a lower east side full of freakin’ Ricans. you got it made now. you purged 86% of all your previous coloreds.]

      • I’m glad that pic caught the attention of some of you as to what’s going on in Murka. Manhattan is a microcosm of greater Murka.

        Enemies of Murkan elites don’t attack towns of Montana and Iowa. 9-11 was all NYC and DC. The same with the enemies of LNs.

        [sorry. complaining about 3 coloreds in a yuppie queue at a bar makes you look ridiculous to whites in LA, Detroit – and EVERY other major usa city…it’s understandable bc you grew up in Spain where the last darkie was a Moor in 903 AD. other than that, it’s weird]

      • But that’s just thing… “Whites” who stay in LA and Detroit are de facto annihilated whereas someone like JS hasn’t even acclimated to one nigger in his vicinity. His PURE anti-tolerant stance NEEDS to remain fully intact however it may have come about just to provide a much needed counter balance to the regime of total toleration. There is value in harping on niggers and all the niggerthangs niggers do FOR THE SHEER SAKE of giving “them” life to those whites still environMENTALLY-challenged.

        [ed note: one can still be totally intolerant without exaggerating]

      • ^^^ But that’s just [the] thing… “Whites” who stay in LA and Detroit are de facto annihilated…

      • a Bowery of Bums, a Hell’s Kitchen AND a lower east side full of freakin’ Ricans. you got it made now. you purged 86% of all your previous coloreds

        Yes, but not exactly gone. They’re back as more domesticated animals, who’ve become the Obongo types, ranting to the White demographic about inequality.

        Further, they’re now infested in our institutions as “equals”.

        Sound familiar? Haha…!

  7. It is not true that the elites want to eradicate all whites through the process of immigration-driven population replacement.

    They only intend to get rid of low income prole and lower-middle class whites, and even this only subconsciously. They hate them a lot more than the instreaming hordes of faceless strangers.

    The hipsters, professionals, and middle managers can stay.
    They themselves firmly intend to remain on top.

    • My longstanding position here is whites will be reduced in numbers limited to continue gaming the stock market, growing food for Daquan & Pepe and being a Jordie in the army.

      Read and research before you make such erroneous claims:
      Population of rural America continues to fall
      Bug Farmers & Fly Factories
      Feudal America: Hunger Games For Kids & The Soylent Green Card

      …search the site with the keyword “feudal”

      • Hmmm Thought that would get you going. Maybe Muricans are more screwed than Europeans, Glass half full here m80. Perhaps that American fondness for the hebrews is the problem.

      • It’s no revelation jews go where the money is: That’s america.

        Most jews fled Brittiville when your former current masters decided to instigate two foolish World Wars and shot their balls off becoming a nation of emasculated ponces sucking america’s cock for handout cash.

        Still, Manhattan & LonDon routinely vie and switch places as the world’s #1 “finance center” – so there’s likely just as many kikies meddling in your shit as here…

        lol not much kikery in the auld sod, what with a gdp equal to Mississippi…That only means we’ll be last to fall – long after your grandkids look like Obama – because whereas we “can’t stop” giving citizenship away to Miggers, you Guiness Fans have the same problem with african niggers and paki muzz.

        Still, BOTH irelands will always attract your growing numbers of coloreds as a new place to shit, now that they’ve filled all their former catboxes.

    • The hipsters, professionals, and middle managers can stay.

      Yes, and so who is going to clean up after their shiet, mess, underwear of these parasites?…You got it, it’s Tyrone, Jose and their Migga buddies, hence the elite perverse fascination with importing 3rd world animals into Murka.

  8. No Ireland does not work like that. There’s a North-South divide. Here in the South they are extreme liberals, like sweden but without the snow and the vast numbers of niggers. There are two sorts of Southern Irish. The Dubs who live in Dublin and the Culchies who live in the rest of the country. The Dubs would like a multicultural heaven. A great big melting pot. Whilst the culchies are normal. sons of the swamp.

    Up North things are different. For years they’ve been hating their fellow white man with a vengence, depending on their brand of christianity. They’ve never really had the opportunity to hate niggers, and this is something they have taken on wholeheartedly and with their characteristic enthusiasm, Burning down houses which could be potentially used by the Brits to house them. The Brits would dearly like to use NI as a nigger overspill, and dump a load of niggers up there, but appreciate it could well be a murderous folly.

    For some reason niggers consider England their destination, only a few of them have worked out they would be better off in the Republic – long may it stay that way.

    • Very interesting.

      What Leftist Media Stories arise as propaganda?
      I assume it’s “shameless torching of Pre-African-Irish-Migger settlement” with the predictable “let’s use this ‘tragedy’ to celebrate ireland’s new gowing Diversity” sprinkled on later as the usual Liberal Fairy Dust.

      • FP: Today, a Jew who is a radio talk show host decided to speak the unthinkable PC talk. This coming from a Jew. He asked the listeners out there where the hell all these feral niggas come from, after a recent surge of crime in Maanhattan. It’s been increasingly common ever since de Blasio came to the scene, no doubt. Of course, he had to ask where are all the homeless, rapists, central park muggers suddenly appearing in large numbers (which means the 99.999% black mold).

        I guess de Blasio is coming to the rescue with more “affordable housing” for coloreds in NYC, especially niggas:

        You’ll probably don’t give a rat’s ass to watch the whole video, neither do I, just making a point.

      • FP: Today, a Jew who is a radio talk show host decided to speak the unthinkable

        ALL LN jews will scream a call to arms – when coloreds start invading their safe, segregated neighborhoods and start harming jews.

        This call to arms is the same type of wretched 911 screeching: An appeal to pity and a demand that white hick Jordies come save them with either HEROCop! triggers – or the white military fool’s.

      • That’s the fly in the jew-ointment.

        One day, long in the future, they will run out of white fools or the ones they find will be totally useless. Then the mino hordes will come for them. This is what TD means by “self annihilation.”

      • Surpassingly little, I got the story for the Southern SJW site They use news about de actshuns of de Nordie Prods,. to amplify how racially aware and civilized there readership are. .I think it got reported in some of the Northern media. But the mindset of Northerners does not translate easily to the Brits so their media left it well alone.

        Basically about three houses (you would refer to them as section 8) got burnt out, before they were occupied. If my memory is correct. The Shinners will put a show of liking niggers coz they are just oppressed members of the proletariat like you and me, and only a twat would think they a sub human apes. This attitude buys them votes with liberal Southerners, Though I suspect their rank and file foot soldiers have very little time, for cultural enrichment.

      • Our Elite are the same clique as your Elite.

        They have more in common with each other than they do with their fellow countrymen.
        If they were both offered a choice of saving a million of their “oppressed poor” or eating caviar together at the Monaco Grand Prix, they’d all have black teeth and fishbreath from discussing what to do with those million corpses; it’s what they do anyway.

        These Elites want to eradicate us.
        Here, as I’ve said, it’s for MOG in the hand of SO76ers. A new MultiCultiMOB born out of Confedrate Flagwavers with NRA cards is safer in the eyes of The Banker Class.

        Perhaps with Ireland, it’s more a case of atheistic wealth neutralizing the old, conflicting Catholic Vs Protestant divide with an injection of Muzz and Coloreds to “give ye all something in common” so you don’t fight – but obey that Elite. Today, in all Western Nations, the sight of a White mother with a black baby is the feelgood drug for The Elite.

        When a bunch of future Irishmen finally put down their rocks and guns to celebrate their common African-Irish-Muslim Heritage on “Rainbow Day” you will be more aware of our LN than we are today.

      • No, Northern Ireland is a trump card, It even trumps the need to indoctrinate the plebs on the numerous advantages of a culturally diverse society,
        The Brits don’t understand them, The southern Oirish don’t understand them. Their media leave this sort of stuff well alone, relegating it to back pages and a few columns, without “Liberal Fairy Dust” style comments.
        As I said I only picked it up from the Irish SJW site Broadsheet. They feel the need to boldly tell the truth about knuckle dragging proddy bigots. As part of their “secret” campaign to get Sinn Fein elected to government, in the South.

    • Good info, Colin. But who was in the IRA? I’d have to bet it was the Culchies.

      If Ireland is truly kinder to minos, they will find out. They have a grapevine. In the US, the Somalians send out travelers to assess who will give out the most $$$. They found it was Minnesota, in the North. Initially they were sent to Atlanta, which is full of blacks.

      • Indeed Ryu, there were very few actually in the IRA. It being a military organisation, There people, were culchies, and lately members of the Travelling community (AKA Knackers, gypsys if you will – trailer trash) They would have little time for cultural diversity.
        Sinn Fein, the political wing of the IRA, will play any tune that will bring it power, being a fan of niggers and cultural enrichment, is currently fashionable amongst the Dublin liberal elite, Hence the shinners say niggers are cool. Their foot soldiers would probably have a similar opinion to my own on the subject.

    • Colin, The UK needs to be invaded by Continental Euro Whites. I say give it to Spaniards. The Armada was never defeated. You guys have done a terrible job with the muliticult. It’s worse off than Murka!

      • JS…

        Do not forget that there is an instinctual connection to those men able to endure the most pain and something truly admirable in this elevated theshhold… That this has been twisted into a self-annihilating degeneracy just speaks evermore to the absolute desire of filthy pleasure UP TO AND ALONGSIDE a sadomasochistic tolerance of guilt-induced pain.

      • How right you are JS. The Amada was never defeated – it just came a poor second.
        And whilst the UK may well be worse off than Murika. It does at least make some attempts to defend its borders against illegals.
        Whilst I’m on the subject, I find the notion of giving the UK to the spaniards an amusing joke. The real joke (of course) is you are giving your country to the miggers. You must be one of the Muricans that “don’t do irony”.

      • Colin, For a small place like the British Isles, the percentage of Miggas in your neck of the woods is staggering. Murka is different because we are large country with enough land to flee from coloreds as of now. But yes, that can change very soon, with the rate of illegals and other 3rd world migrants. NYC itself has more blacks than all of the British Isles.

  9. About 2 years ago, I said to a Jew business owner (who loves hiring blacks as his menial workers) that de Blasio’s mayoral tenure, will bring back the elements of the good old crime ridden NYC, pre-Giuliani. He shrug his shoulder and called me paranoid. Well, it appears that now people are beginning to see what de Blasio is all about, basically a LN who turn cities like Detroit into Chocolate Paradises.

    • And he’s not stupid as a politician. He will be the mayor of NYC for another term, maybe even 3 terms. FP take note: This guy has 99..99% of the MINO votes. He’s done all his homework. And NYC is about 60% Migga and 40% White.

      • He will be the mayor of NYC for another term, maybe even 3 terms. FP take note: This guy has 99..99% of the MINO votes

        and thus, as I often state, BDB – who’s actually a German before he changed his name for political advantage –
        is a far more dangerous enemy white than even a pack of coloreds with zip guns

      • Bill Da blackio is more dangerous, because he’s a LN who puts the interest of his nigga folk above everyone else.

        [ed note: white liberals are often MORE a threat to WN than coloreds]

      • That’s right. The problem with a white liberal is that people think they speak for all whites.

        It’s not so. But people think it is. It’s great camoflauge for them.

        [ed note: to further understanding, the next step is realizing people think white LNs speak for all whites becayse the Propaganda Media tells them white LNs speak for all. And, ind a way – they do, because they are the media mouthpiece]

      • I think you need a project, JS. Something to pour your energies into.

        You’re going to drive yourself hog-wild, thinking about things you cannot change. The cure is to either do what you can, or increase your abilities.

      • This runs parallel to the fallacious insistence of the radical “black” collective that the “white” liberal is really just the patronizing “white supremacist.” All these radical autonomists have an unspoken pact that maintains this anti-white Supremacist frame with the firm understanding that it is truly the “ghosts of white Supremacy” whom both the masses and the “default elite” are trying desperately to liberate from… But all the real casualties need to remain in the “masses” category.

      • Ryu: I lived in a city filled with White zombies, as pointed out by TD. Anyway, I will not be here 3 weeks from now.

        And FP is correct, the right wing collective after Nazi Germany has always been mostly a gathering of unattractive losers looking to vent, hence their unpopularity with the mainstream. They don’t even know who their real enemies are. They are no different from the hardcore leftists in behavior and appearance. The only difference, LNs have the upper hand.

        Murka’s problems will be solved immediately, if secession and segregation becomes an option, and a modus operandi for politicians who dare to bring these issues to the forefront. This is of course, will not happen anytime soon, so Murka is now pretty much a dead duck in the water.

      • As some point the individual white man has to put all his principles, laws, axioms, likes and dislikes in one giant bowl, mix it up and taste what kind of “goodness” he can cook up?

        The default environment is RADICALLY AUTONOMOUS…

        One can cry about it, play with it or seek out those small places where it doesn’t get much radical attention whether REAL or just in your mind.

        No viable entity on Earth is not radically autonomous or seeking radical autonomy SO THE QUESTION OF MEMBERSHIP IS MOOT!!!

        It is only a question of personal taste OR white Supremacy.

        A radically autonomous playing field MANDATES one-man-shows, lone wolf revolutionaries and the just plain nuts to do their thing… But then it’s like the duck shoot at the carnival. So one has to be savvy and that necessitates the skills of radical autonomy AND white Supremacy.

        All the collectives are broke… All require total individual submission to what can only be false dogma as “it” is invariably rooted in anti-white Supremacy and self-annihilation.

        They say that the individual has no identity outside the group, but they never ponder, “what if your group was created by those with no identity?” Or better yet, what if your group simply desires to crush YOU? Or even deeper, what if your group is instigated to crush YOU because you RAISE the standard past those at the top?

        MOST white males would be better concerning themselves with raising the personal standard, ie., striving towards white Supremacy, rather than attempt to lower the degenerates above.

      • You have a point TD. And looking at Eurot, I found this. Germans and Greeks, both Euros, with very different cultures and work products, which is why Greece is nothing but a tar pit of do nothing important, compared to the efficient, hardworking Germans, who still produce a few items of worthiness. Greeks don’t make anything of significance, AND overplay their PIGS lifestyle.

        The lesson I learned, is that a large unified entity doesn’t even work. It doesn’t work in Eurot, and most certainly, it doesn’t work for Murka.

    • We don’t have any miggers JS. And the percentage of apes and camel jockeys come no where close to Murica’s percentage of sub human filth. Then you would have to do a bit of research to know this. That you require land to flee coloureds hardly surprises me (the fleeing bit that is).
      Tell me why did you think the British Isles should be handed over to the Spaniards? It’s OK to call me “Gringo” btw.

  10. One of the most nauseaous aspects of the “default elite” is the pretension that “we are all in this together.” This subtle psychological slight of tongue is no more complex than simple ego inflation of the enumerable masses always to be followed by a plethora of images of how the filthy rich live really filthy as compared to the unwashed masses. This ego deflation then necessitates another round of ego inflation merely instigated by promises of “equality.” Things inevitably come up short, ego deflation. This process then creates small holes in the ego REQUIRING constantly increasing inflation to stay at stasis (more elaborate promises of “equality”). BUT BECAUSE ULTIMATELY one’s own self REGULATES the ego inflation/deflation process through his own chosen modulated media exposure, MOST will not be able to maintain mental stasis. There will be a break from reality BECAUSE once the process of ego inflation/deflation is identified, MEDIA ADDICTION IS ALREADY FIRMLY ENTRENCHED. So now, the brain is squarely focused on choosing the “right” media to HOPEFULLY create mental stasis. The task is almost impossible UNLESS ONE DEFINES his first axiom(s)… First principle. Short of this is total uncertainty. Total uncertainty = break from reality. The inability to know true from false = mental breakdown. These individuals locked in a process of ego inflation/deflation revolving around more and more elusive promises of “equality” are truly manufactured archetypes BEING socially engineered RIGHT NOW in real time through relentless media propaganda for the sole purpose of manifesting a “default elite.”

  11. It is not true that the elites want to eradicate all whites through the process of immigration-driven population replacement.

    Elites are so perverse, that they invite parasites to suck the life out of them. All LNs regardless of race are self annihilators. Yet, the stupid White Jordie allows them to buy more time, before they self destruct.

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