How to Dust for Fingerprints

by Ryu

One who works prints is called an ID tech or idents. If you watch these videos, please note the precautions idents take to avoid contamination. For some, contamination is desirable. Scotch tape will work just fine once the print is powdered.

Here’s a job description, and…..…. some videos:

2 Comments to “How to Dust for Fingerprints”

  1. Ryu,

    Resistance to Tyranny, by Joseph Martino PhD, is an excellent primer covering many important topics for revolution that I think you would immensely enjoy.

    • Thanks. I think I’ve read that already, WIF.

      The issue in the US today is that groups fail. Anything over 2 is infiltrated or someone gets cold feet and sings. I have watched and monitored for years now, looking for what works.

      One person works all the time, at least for completing the action and getting away in the short term. Two people also, but often one of them gets scared.

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