The Most Important Characteristic in Leaders

by Ryu

Negative control.

First, do no harm, is what the doctors say. For wns, if things go to shit, you won’t get burned. The professional starts with the proper ending and moves forward. The goal is always to be free and clear.

The primary concern of anyone joining a group is what’s going to happen when things go wrong. WN leaders must think high and deep about opsec. Pressure is the great truth teller; it always reveals….….. what a person really is.

A leader spends alot of time covering the angles. Sun Tsu wrote that the masters of old used to begin by placing themselves beyond the grasp of defeat. Then they couldn’t lose, leaving only a tie or victory possible.

All areas are the same. The most important thing in stock trading and gambling is controlling losses. It’s always far easier to lose than win. The key is to cut your losses.

26 Comments to “The Most Important Characteristic in Leaders”

  1. while all true, perhaps the greatest part of leadership in today’s Murka is realizing there’s nobody left to lead.

    Coloreds, La Razas, Liberal nazis and rioting blacks always win now because they motivate their herds with the spoils of conquest. In that, they are criminal pirates.

    Whites lose bc they try to motivate their inactive followers with pie-in-the-sky promises of (regrettably) obsolete notions of honor, dignity and “right.”

    This has failed (and will fail) as modern Xtianity did.

    There’s always far more happy dealers in a ghetto, than preachers.

    • Coloreds will tell you that White privilege is at work. Nearly no White person in a liberal city is interested in the things on this blog for a simple reason that money buys the 3’Fs that keeps them distracted and happy. If they have no reason to pick up Machiavelli at the bookstore for leisure reading, most certainly, revolution 2.0 isn’t on their minds. It’s all fussing, feasting and ffffing, not reading. Our petty consumerist culture has completely destroy our ability to think differently and question the status quo. It’s not happening, not anytime soon.

      Perhaps the MINOs are correct!

    • I used to wonder how an author could give away a perfect, working plan. But now I know.

      Very few people use it. The book reading public doesn’t practice dramatic and immediate action. A person can do maybe 4-5 things well in his life. It’s just a matter of choosing.

      Most whites today, don’t have space in their lives for this thing of ours. No one can be the best husband, best father, best worker at work, hardest trainer in the gym and all that at the same time.

      • Perhaps Whites have become too sedentary, the 3Fs that FPs talk about, is what makes them lazy.

        I look at history and it’s amazing that the highly feared, rag tag, barbarians of the Northern Steppes of Asia, are able to eradicate/slaughter their enemies in several successions, where they were also conquering different groups of people and empires. It started with the Huns and ended with the Mongols, who both came from the same region.

        Here are 3 code names for any plan to carry out an attack:

        1) Operation Attila the Hun – The plan to eradicate WLNs and Jews

        2) Operation Hulagu Khan – The plan to eradicate Miggers (Niggas, Spics and Muzzies)

        3) Operation Genghis Khan – The plan to eradicate Gookers

        Hulagu Khan was the grandson of Genghis Khan who slaughtered Muslims and destroyed much of the Islamic Empire. As you should know, the Muslims created the 1st Migger empire.

      • Whites are spectators within their own lives. Just look at their hunger for sport fandom.

        I’ve got a great movie for you. It has that Leonidas dude in it. It chronicles Attila’s adventures with Rome.

      • I like your observations resulting in that list.

        I suppose, long after we’re dead and even our grandkids are old, the Chinese will again rise up and thirst for plunder from these very same nations. Coloreds beware.

      • Ryu…

        Not just spectator, but part-time player too…

        At some point, “we” impose wS on the “white” elite and they either fold like cheap suits or they show themselves truly elite.

        For instance, Colin Ferguson, the newest, hottest commodity in the UFC. The betting man sees the rise/fall scenario… Because another comes along… But in the meantime IS the HYPE that acts as a redistribution of wealth from many, many whites to very few jewhites..

        So literally, Colin Ferguson fights for Irish Supremacy, ie., white Supremacy, or he fights for WORSE THAN nothing and is mere paid stooge for a cabal of parasitic jewhites.

      • ^^^ That should be McGregor… Not Ferguson…

  2. It’s framing and reframing. Many whites are holding onto a old, tattered and dirty blanket with distant memories of warmth and comfort in their minds…

    Do not self-annihilate, ie., negative control… No one to lead… No “men’s” movement ONLY white man’s next move… And criminal piracy is THE WAY of the jewhiteniggermiggerhomodykejihadist…

    Genuine white Supremacist is THEN the default assumption FOR ANY white male with even a smidgen of self-awareness still intact.

    [ed note: happy, fine words. so, if i’m wrong, bring me legions to lead. bring me… someone. your wife & kids dont even post on Eradica, so you also have no followers to ally with mine…i write ‘theres no one to lead” because there is no one to lead. how’s that for reality?]

    • I was not disagreeing with *you.* I was seconding your observation that there is no one to lead… Except yourself towards white Supremacy, of course ASSUMING you desire neither criminal piracy nor self-annihilation.

      PS I was never married and now somewhat estranged from my four children DUE my “crazy” beliefs and visual miscegenating.

      • Then if at consensus, the next step and question necessarily becomes:
        If there’s no worthy followers, does this follower-less leader continue on his righteous path that’s resulted in failure

        …or does he abandon that barren path and spend his efforts on different issues.

      • I’ll answer that. I can kind of do what TD does now.

        The only choice for white men is suicide or white supremecism. There is nothing else.

        There ARE followers out there. But not many; maybe 10 in the USA. The failure of others is not our failure. We’ve presented the case as well as it can be done. There’s very little more that could be done to wake up whites today. And also little one can do with such a small number of followers as well.

        I don’t believe in mass awakening. WN’s history is the history of the few. There’s a direct lineage from Rockwell to Pierce to Covington to us. There will be one or two who take our message to heart, and will carry on.

        The answer is, you spend your WN on things you like. Education is largely a waste, if directed toward others. WS will grow if you do. Once, you gave up TDO and NAJ. But in time you have to give up other things too, like mass awakening at all.

        If you ever wondered where all the advanced WNs of the 80s and 70s, you have your answer.

      • How do you feel about that, TD? Your kids’ actions?

        Often for a WS, his greatest enemy is his own family. Kaz’s own brother turned him in. Similar with many, many other direct action WNs.

      • One can run multiple parallel paths… In fact, if “we” are what we say are, ie., white Supremacists, then we are virtually mandated to run multiple parallel paths…

        Obviously, as a father of four living in SoCal on bouncer’s pay, such ingredients make for contemplating ideas of creating wealth a daily ritual. But then one realizes that all the “legitimate” paths to “wealth” are ultimately ROOTED in the annihilation of the white man and so making money takes a moral twist THAT NEED NOT INVOKE Christianity. So question became how to create wealth THAT DID NOT ultimately lead to white annihilation… MY ANNIHILATION? Can I sell “white Supremacy” in good conscience? That’s like selling fresh air and clean water… Would “we” have to purchase such things in The Land of white Supremacy?

        So there is a facet of radical autonomy as “exercised” by the 1% that revolves around Kurzweil’s “Singularity” and is driven to expanse by ideas of immortality and transhumanism… BUT, there is also a GIANT political/corporate shield that attempts to ensure that these particular life extending technologies do not seep out into the degenerate masses as ALL such technology seems to have done before.

        So there is a race to the “Singularity” and money to be made from those involved in said race…

        Then of course… One must develop a model… A business model not inhibited by the arbitrary “rules” of those that sell “open” competition, but operate antithetically to their pronouncements.

        I’m always searching for human assets… But most are just naturally or unnaturally anti-white Supremacy.

      • What do you want to do with those human assets, TD? I can’t imagine you have found many.

      • Ryu…

        I’m somewhat estranged… Not rejected… Still embraced by the youngest… The eternal battle was, is and will always be “coming back to the Father.” For myself, this obviously has me cast in different roles. I am both seeker and the “aim.” Someday, my children will have NO DOUBT as to what I truly believed. One could die and be content with that.

      • Ryu…

        Sometimes “our” politics obscure our vision of those whites that still desire to be bigger, better and stronger. They still certainly exist, but are too spiritually or intellectually deficient to root this desire in wS. Instead, they attach this desire to the “Singularity.” In others words, their disposition towards “betterment” is not to be pushed (by the ghosts of wS), but to be pulled (by their OWN progressive visions).

        “We” can walk the fine line UNTIL “we” obliterate it…

        wS 🔃 S^^

    • I guess FP has a point. Today is a gorgeous day where I’m posting this comment indoors. Plenty of Whites are enjoying the sun outdoors and sipping their iced coffee while they’re at it, while Murka is sinking. So who’s the fool, is the question that begs to be asked!

  3. There was a bit of a kerfuffle over at Reddit.
    The right honorable reverend Jesse Jackson held an online question/answer session for his teeming legions of adoring white liberal fans:

    However, a handful of improperly indoctrinated riffraff asked some not-quite-PC questions. I have never seen anything like it:

    Jesse’s answer had nothing to do with the question. He answered a completely different question.

    Of course Reddit immediately fired the person responsible for the question/answer session, but that caused the situation to blow up into a hullabaloo.
    Now their left-wing racebaiter CEO Ellen Pao married to a gay black race extortionist is stepping down to protect ther shareholders.
    It’s always funny when the liberal Machine spins out of control like that.

    • That which we repress, grows stronger.

      It is foolish for the USG to be so strident in their repression of whites. They just anger us further. Like bottle up steam and allowing the pressure to build.

      Eventually, the various branches of the FFOL will fight one another. As whitey fades into the background, he is not there to fight against. Then the minos see each other as competition for the American pie.

      • It is foolish for the USG to be so strident in their repression of whites. They just anger us further.

        I suspect this applies to Whites – but only those aged mid-30s and up. Most wimpywites under 30 are now BIGov Skool-educated, apathetic sheep yearning for slaughter by the hand of coloreds.

        Few Thomas Jefferson’s will arise from Dillennial Seeds.

      • MINOs have already taken over much of the USG. They started out as menial workers in BIGov, and demanded they attain more power and control. This will also apply to the private sector. Companies founded by Whites, which will be in control by MINOs.

        Of course, blame the WLNs for allowing it to happen and the SWPL class who just want to have fun and ignore the problems, which are outsourced to the proletariat chumps, who also ignore the same issues. The cycle repeats, and the ripple effects becomes magnified. The only problem: problems just don’t go away by themselves.

  4. Operational security, is a tricky one for whites in this day and age. For millenials, how many of you knew more than just your immediate neighbors growing up? How well did you really know them? Did your parents grow up in the same neighborhood? The constant push to move out of your hometown as well the isolating effects of television/internet has caused many whites to not know who they can really trust for operations; who were the tough kids growing up/ the tattle tales. This is the reason the KKK/Mafia were able to exert power in the past, as well as why minos are able to exert power today they all grew up in isolated enclaves and intimately knew eachother growing up.

    • Yes… Key to the American Aryan is desire for radical freedom… Not just movement, but solitude as well. “We” divorced the King and chose to roll solo… Only the strongest Aryans will seemingly survive… Should it be any other way?

      • You can be 7ft tall, 300 lbs of muscle, and be the best fighter in the world; but you still can’t swat away 100 mosquitoes by yourself. Even the Julius Caesar’s, Genghis Khans of the world need their weaker counterparts to help them.

      • All very true…


        The task IS NOT the attempt to swat 100 mosquitoes… Although, visualizing such a scenario cannot possible hurt IF rooted in reality.

        The battle is either refuse to become the 101st mosquito (capitulating assimilation) OR EVEN MORE PRESSING, not to be psychologically coerced into another fad radical liberationist collective THAT deceptively claims to be the real mosquito killers.

        So It’s all well and good to contemplate a coalition of white Supremacists gearing up to rule the day and such a vision should be pressed throughout the virtual reality, but on the day to day, white males must be ready and prepared to swat the one or two unpredictable mosquitoes that really count. So, it DOES MATTER whether one is the biggest, baddest dude around. It USUALLY means the mosquitoes find other blood to siphon.

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