MINO Machine: ICE Mistress Saldaña

by Firepower

VIVA el Sarah Saldana!

What better way to guard and protect whitebread Jefferson Murka’s borders than to install a Wise Latiña as overseer/boss/czar/czarina of Immigration Customs Enforcement with a name like Sarah Saldaña. Yes, she indeed chooses to use the spick tilde ñ el thingo.

If you note their hierarchy page, it’s also majority MINOs: Miggers, jews and coloreds. Get on your knees, white man bitch.

Hiring a twofer migger feminazi is the perfect way to ….…..bring in more miggers. Her boss is Jeh “African BigChief” Johnson and his boss is black feminist bitch Loretta Lynch-Da-Whitey. One spick and two nigs have real power. They say who can invade Murka – don’t forget their halfrican massa Obongo. Can’t forget The King. It’s good to be da king.

Whites deserve replacement. It’s become apparent. Two thirds are too stupid and lazy to do shit and the last third are too scared.

That means death. Sorry for stating a fact.


10 Comments to “MINO Machine: ICE Mistress Saldaña”

  1. Good stuff. You’ve had a vision of the future, haven’t you? Of the type of whites who would fight back en masse? Not pretty. They’ve got alot of mino in them. But that’s what needed.

    You’ve done well to prove that the USA is truly by and for the mino now.

    • Yes, especially nigs. The problem with FP’s analysis is that he uses big profile MINOs to make his point. Yes, but your average cucaracha SPIC isn’t like your Sarah Saldana, but your average nigga is your Obama, who is tribal, condescending and arrogant. I know this, because I’m very observative. Nigs have the most ill feelings of Whitey of all the coloreds.

      • The point is the MINO Machine (BIGov, USG, etc) IS run by MINOs.

        Few white male faces control the daily operations of USG now. The only authority they have anymore is in the STEM realm where they need an engineer, pilot or accountant etc. to do the real work while the MultiMINOs punch in late and attend “Diversity Awareness” meetings.

        Hell, even the head of NASA is colored now.

        Jews can do much of the accounting/financial stuff now.
        Note the remaining engineering-type work sphere of white influence is now being deliberately replaced by H-1B visas for coloreds.

        There is no “shortage” of white STEMers. There’s actually a surplus: The LN/MMM simply wants to eradicate them and neutralize their power while simultaneously replacing them with coloreds:

        Once colored Miggers replace this White STEM Class, coloreds will have conquered all remaining influential US institutions. This leaves whites’ power reduced to only farming and fighting – and I’m sure the LN/MMM has plans on how to eradicate that, too.

      • That’s good. Scientists and engineers have no real power. Power is power over people, not things. Mostly STEMers take orders, are thrown into the lab, then let out when they make something.

        You think that’s smart? To remove all hope for whites?

        As long as there is the appearance of the “American dream”, whites will funnel their ambitions into making someone else’s money. But if there’s nothing, they might stew. It’s always best to leave an out, an escape route.

      • I found this article FP. It’s about psychologists teaching the USG how to torture. It’s known that medical doctors also helped them, and continue to this day.

        The USG owns virtually all science and medicine today.

      • The recipient getting the #1 dump of usg med research taxbux is Harvard, epitome of The Elite.

      • FP: With all being said, Murka is simply dead, in terms of a great nation. Any entity infested with coloreds means one thing, downhill going forward.

        Again, look at Manhattan, 99.99…% of its menial workforce is MINO, who serves the SWPL class with resentment. It’s only a matter of time that another LN or Obongo type shake up the hornet’s nest about Whitey keeping them down, and they’ll have the last laugh when coloreds start to run NYC’s institutions. If a colored could become a US president or head a space program, most certainly, NYC’s museums can turn into ghetto centers.

  2. FP, do you believe that government assassins exist, in the way that one would ordinarily think of them?

    It is astonishing how hard it is to get away with murder IF the case is investigated properly.

    Obviously not all cases are investigated with equal vigor. If it were possible to politically influence the clearance of a case, it would help alot.

    I spent alot of time reading the case file of JT Ready’s homicide. He was a famous WN. Found dead with 3 others. The official report lists it as a domestic gone bad. Most who knew him say he wasn’t the type to commit suicide.

    “Ear-witness” accounts suggest something else. Two ear witnesses both reported hearing two cars speed away. Also, the crime was commited at about 1300. The case was cleared within a few days by the police.


  3. It’s best to start fostering a narrative that puts this mino-tyro-crats as “human shields” at the time of The Great White Uprising in 20??… Much the same way the hot conservative blondes are “human shields” for the “right” side.

  4. I must admit Mistress Saldaña gets my juices flowing if you know what I mean. Was hoping to invite her for tea and crumpets with Columba and see where it goes from there.

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