wastrel murka

by Firepower

To be as ignorant and apathetic as Murka, the vast majority of residents need to be as Paris Hilton: Rich enough to get a well-funded leg up from ancestors and dumb enough to make stupid shit instead of producing a modern equivalent to Henry Ford.

New York state alone is equal to Spain. That’s a lot of money. FYI, Spain is not a backwards olive-growing, bullfighting spick factory. For example, they have much heavy industry including producing and assembling key components for BAE – that’s AIRBUS to you – the only competitor to our Boeing.

Boeing makes airliners; they are our richest export. TAI¹

Only can a Greasy Bear* have the cash from gramps to donate to Habitat Fo’ Humanity an Shee-it, yet still afford not to live within 50 miles of his wasted donation.

Image in Murka is all that counts now; a bastardization of SO76 precepts. It’s only what power that false image can get you that matters.

Timetable For America’s Burial http://wp.me/p2kmGE-LR
Elite Castles In Feudal Manhattan http://wp.me/p2kmGE-1Mn
Why US Cities Fell & New York Thrives http://wp.me/p2kmGE-jm

¹Think About It

15 Comments to “wastrel murka”

  1. Murka is a just a disparate nation with different ideologies resulting from its greedy legacy. Of course, most racial and social conflicts stem mostly from a toxic mixture of substances where money is its source of misery. Are Jews to be entirely blamed for this mess? No, but they were the main progenitors of this cesspool waste, because they are all about the greenbacks.

    There is more hope for Greece than the Island of Migga Rico, or Murka for that matter. No multicultural dim witted babylon has lasted long enough for a rainbow age.

  2. That’s quite a picture. The US collapsing is equivalent to all those nations crashing – almost impossible to believe. We’ve got a long way to go.

    [ed note: GRIST FOR the MILL: http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-census-latinos-20150708-story.html%5D

    • Yes, when murkan “collapse” is visualized through that map, it paints quite the different picture and puts an eye-opening perspective on reality.

      The map advanced my comprehension of this subject.

    • It will collapse by state. Some are heavily in debt and/or ridden with parasites, both MINO and trailer types. They will definitely be the 1st to fall.

      Don’t discount New York, especially Maanhatan. No one predicted the fall of the twin towers during 9-11. Things can get worse. There was also a power black out 2 years ago from a storm, because we have an out-dated infrastructure, where mother nature can just destroy it in a matter of seconds.

      • This is fresh off the presses for you well after I told you about MINOPCanadadia.
        It is not meant to derail another post:


      • Much of Anglosphere Canada (minus the Frenchie Quebec) has problems with gookers who inflate the living costs of the cities where they are a majority. They are the inverse of the niggas who deflate and destroy everything. In a way, gookers are another Jew/Anglo-SWPL parasite materialist, but they work harder and rely more on heavy lifting than heavy glib to feast on their money. Gookers are really an Anglosphere phenomenon, similar to the Jew. They smell money like sharks hunting for prey, which the English Speaking nations have plenty of it up for grabs.

        NYC might be another Vancouver, when the natives are bested in the money department by overseas Ayrabs, Ruskies and Chinks. It would be nice if they could clean up all the Chocolates Paradises and turn them into a Dubai, Moscow and Beijing.

        My view of primary concern are of course the niggas, because they are practically useless in every department of human faculty of all the coloreds and FLNs. Murka’s life support symptom comes from the black mold.

      • And FP: NYC has plenty of the so called “better” niggas, those from Africa that is. Educated “cream of the crop” blackfaces, yet another useless parasite living on gov’t dole like their Murkan species. You’ll find them mostly as public sector workers in hospitals and office admins in the less desirable gov’t agencies like the Food Stamp Division. Now compared them to cucaracha illegal who is a bus boy, or the gooker wok at Panda Express, and you will know why niggas are just a useless bunch everywhere.

    • That’s from “The Newsroom” – I surmise: I do not watch it.

      It has the appearance of urgent topicality, but i’s only the predictable reactionary, far LN/Hollywood view bashing white males. Criticizing ghetto coloreds & Miggers is suppressed.

      • Whatever, And I don’t know. I think it makes the right points, to the uneducated in society. As well as confirming the outlook of the educated. It’s from TED.

        [ed note: you always prefer bashing only Murka to also seeing your video totally avoids blaming coloreds; your usual 2nd place target for bile. as i’ve stated, my philosophy is correct in that it includes both (and all) parties that deserve blame]

    • Colin,

      America was deeply flawed from the beginning. The founding fathers, although intelligent men, rebelled against the monarchy and nobility to replace it with a tyranny of wealth. No longer did proper ties to your king matter in an organic feudal system but simply whatever scumbag who has the most wealth. In the not to distant future a successful child pornographer will have respectability because he has money.

  3. Was at the Tampa area beaches the other day in an upscale area. It is majority-minority right now, about two thirds hispanic, with the rest about equally divided among whites and blacks.

    • I’m developing a suspicion Murka now really does have a temporary pardon and sick extension on its tawdry life.

      Perhaps it can get by on taxing the fuck out of its Soros and Trumps to pay for encouraging its colored filth to multiply.
      It has dumb, ignorant white Jordies to bear the brunt of military defense and the entire world’s money on deposit in its jew banks.

      All the money to party with, guarded by expendable guard dogs.
      Why would a liberal nazi want to change a single thing?

  4. I would be careful with the map–some quick internet checking shows some mistakes.

    The bottom line is the US has 3% of the world population and produces 20% of the wealth per GDP. Russia and China have the GDP of a few US states.

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