Bradley Cooper: Murkan Hero

by Firepower

The greatest way to Show Support For Jordies is to “act” in a “Hollywood Movie” about a hilbilly killin’ muh-sheen and feel all mushy~musing about it.

Then, fly off to Redcoat London for July 4th for a weekend trip and fuck your Muzz sandnigger supermodel gf…

Thanks, Jordies! You really know whom to serve.

The Elite really are better than ya’ll!

29 Comments to “Bradley Cooper: Murkan Hero”

  1. Sure yer man Bradley, is just enjoyin the multicultural and diverse paradise, that is modern Europe. Anyone would think you were jealous FP.

    • O, the irony.
      Who wouldn’t be jealous, being feted as “An American Exemplar” – for acting in a mooovee.

      Then, flying off for usa’s independence day celebration – to the very former Great Nation that enslaved us.
      Whilst, dodging mewling media screeds of impending isis bombs disturbing Our Cookout
      …to fuck your a-rab.

      Ah, Celebrity Celebrations.
      Your Telegraph
      Does our Hollywood

      • Good job they took the plane. There’s a cesspit of uncouth niggers at Calais, awaiting to escape to England’s green and promised land, where social welfare is grown on trees.

        Here’s an amusing video of a Dutch truck driver, having a bit of laff with a couple of sand niggers.

      • It’s all Western Civ that’s rotted and degenerated.
        I write of Cooper only for his lauded Murkan Snipurr bullshit that stunk it up around here.

        There’s just as many fops like he from the Isles.
        Note these fops are rife within Western Civ – what you intellectuals now label “the Anglosphere”

        …yet… none in hardcore places like Russia, China or ISISville.

        This shows you who will eventually Run The World:
        It’s becoming a Viking World.
        Perfumed, sissy monks hiding in fancy monasteries used to banquets shall fall to the savage invaders.

        And that doesn’t mean white guys with boats and horned helmets.
        They had their shot.
        Now the word “viking” implies more of a way of life for tough, hard men.

        We’re not it.

      • There’s no escaping it. Not Europe, or Oz. Even Eastern Europe is getting a taste of it. Good thing about EE is that they have no money, which keeps the immigrants away.

        The old mantra was that Russia was our only hope. Hasn’t changed. “Hopefully”, they stay white enough to wait out the destruction of the USA. When the US falls, we have a chance.

      • FP, your wastral Murka post is good. Now I understand how rich the US is. It’s going to take a very long time to fall. Just one US state is richer than many other countries.

        [ed note: that map’s a true eye opener]

      • Ryu: Yes, but you’ll see, in Murka, you’re all alone. You’re surrounded by imbeciles (just look at the OWS revolutionaries), and everyone around you is mostly socially disconnected. It is the worse of all the Western Civ. Not to mention, miggers are everywhere and you are forced to associate with them one way or the other. So it’s all trouble at all sides.

      • …Canuckville has many coloreds – plus, there are far more white SWPLibs than here.
        It is just like Boston or Seattle: Their kind of coloreds live in zone ghettos.

        Canux prefer to import jabbering muzz and africans. But one of their absolute faves are gookers.
        Thus, you have all three in the “flavour” of London, England.

        The preferred “mix” of a Seattle and Boston.
        …And the politix to go with it…

      • Yes, Canuckiville has coloreds, their favorites are the gookers and dots. Muzzies are more common than nigs, and way more common than Spics, where as here in Murka, the black mold takes precedent than all other coloreds, with Spics coming in 2nd.

  2. Murikan Sniper – I couldn’t be bothered. No disrespect like, but Hollywood Murican Anything tends to be a bit formulaic nowadays.
    Let me guess. He’s a hardened killer for Murica but he’s a sensitive guy with a heart of gold (that’s often misunderstood)
    I liked the Green berets and Apocalypse Now.
    Nowadays soldier films are all about recruiting, thick white boys (and girls) to kill a few sand niggers for your kike overlords. Whatever happened to decent Murican slaughter like daisy cutter bombs and the like? Where’s all the “Shock and Awe” gone?

    [ed note: read the review: Reviews of Movies…I’ll Never See: Murkan Sniper

    • That’s quite a vid, Colin.

      London must be the promised land for Muzz. What a reaction.

      • Yes, no idea why Ryu. They were probably treated to full British hospitality (think section 8 housing [its not called that] with your own private mosque) during the Blair era. And word got back via the jungle telegraph. Germany and Sweden are also popular destinations though.
        As for the Eastern Europeans, a lot of their countries maintain a healthy sense of racism. And I recently saw photographs of the bastards walking through Greece towards Western Europe, so they know that it is a society currently being punished, for the feckless spending of their elites, by the European commissars. Thankfully they have not yet worked out that Ireland is like a liberal version of England.

  3. Ryu: It will take sometime for Murka to fall, but it is no longer a sane place to work and live. And the reason has to do with the White majority being dispossessed by MINOs. They have taken over, and will try to ensure Whitey do not make a comeback. Basically, MINOs are the new petty wannabe elite types. Murka is anti-intellectual, which breeds this kind of arrangement.

    • The flaw in that argument goes like this JS. As America, goes further and further down the tubes, government will look for ways to streamline their services. Sooner or later it will dawn on them that the old system of selection by merit, is the way forward. This has to do with money, which is a more powerful driver than notions of ethnic harmony and equality.

      • The government prints the money, Colin. They don’t have to be efficient.

        However, if “streamline” means to jew down their services and keep doing less for the same price, I agree. Like a dealer cutting his dope.

      • If any one of us can see it in person at our State DMV, Harvard Elite/jew Sociologists working for the fascist USG do too: Plus, they are paid $500,000+ a year to find new ways to fuck peasants.

        jew lois lerner’s persecution of the TParty resulted in her lavish $257,000 a year retirement at the ripe old age of 55. It resulted in the TPs retreating, then re-lubing their ass for even deeper fucking. This was not lost on the MMM/FFL.

        Now, H & R Block plays it The American Way!: Doubling their fees since King-0-Bama started using the IRS as persecutors. The jew taught them well. The hounds to the hunter, as the saying goes. Let loose the Dogs of War

        Even “palsie mom n’ pop” accountants now gouge their clients because they can: The irs caused a flood of new victims.

      • I learned that from 1984. The middle class does all the thinking and work to shaft other middle and lower class people. The upper class always picks a few capos from the poor and makes them a bit richer. That’s the middle class.

        The real kicker is then listening to these guys complain about the state of affairs, which they create. Like a cop whining about lack of political change, or an NSA programmer whine about government surveillance.

      • FP: The H&R Blocks in Manhattan is mostly a colored thing. Would you want to complete your taxes with a tax professional by the name of tyrone. That’s the scum they hire for their workforce. Guess what, wealthy Manhattan residents actually visit their local H&R Block where a nigga plays with their numbers.

      • Murka’s foremost problem is the nigga mold. Nothing else matters, and anything else is just beating around the bush, such as with our politicos talking about illegals, outsourcing and the hollowing out of the middle class.

      • Since Murka is one big land mass, comprising of many states and cities, all varied with their demographics, some are wealthier and more colored than others. I expect the ones with more niggas to implode with chaos, because of their parasitic dependency on the White demographic via welfare subsidies, which becomes unsustainable in the long run when the economy completely falters. Think Detroit. It can happen to NYC, Philadelphia and Chicago as a few examples. The Southern Region is basically a dead horse, lost cause region. An area that has a large concentration of niggas means derelict poverty and crime in their Chocolate Paradises.

      • JS,

        Do not discount the southern white man, (note to Firepower yes, a lot of them are niggerspiccers but I would rather have them backing me up in a bar fight or on the prison yard than your average bourgeoise northerner,the inner character of a person counts much more than purely material conditions. The white in cities you mentioned like NYC and Chicago will fare much worse. Being a Chicago native do you know that their used to be white street gangs here? Gaylords, Simon City Royals, 12th Street Players from the 50s up until the 80s were hardcore racists, now they’re a bunch of wiggers (shows you the inner character of the materialistic northerner).

  4. Firepower,

    Hypothetically, if you were able to some way take over the United States how would you restructure society? What period and cultures in history would you take inspiration from? Would you institute a caste system? What would your religious/spiritual system be if any? In what way would you educate the young? What would your economic system be based on?

    • You ask many complex and interesting questions so I’ll create an entire post to address these issues.

      Here’s a sample:
      Society’s restructure would be easy and apparent simply by noting what went wrong with Murka resulting in today’s current degenerated disaster.

      The only problem is having the guts to eradicate enemies; luckily I’ve developed a strong stomach from smelling Murka rot.
      Today’s Conservaginas won’t even call a Spade a Spade. They won’t even make Lois Lerner sweat; I’d make her sweat blood.

      The #1 problem of note are coloreds: Niggers & Miggers.
      Black people could stay. Niggers must leave and be eradicated by any means necessary. Use their own rhetoric/political weapons against them; it’s Judo. It’s war. For wn niggerspickikers screechifying about “how coodjew keep ALL ‘dem nigras!” the only ones who’d be allowed to stay are approximately the 3%-ers: Those representing the tiny percentage who didn’t automatically vote racially for King Obongoid. That’s plenty enough blacks. We will return to the “separate but equal” doctrine.

      For instance, Thomas Sowell and Justice Clarence Thomas are superior people than most whites. The same might be said of Ben Stein. Either way, there’d be only the 3% of jews left also. That said, vile whites like Chris Matthews and his ilk will be eradicated. ALL white LNs will be eradicated. It will be easy to spot them. The NSA would be re-tasked to ferret out this filth. Any NSA operative showing disloyalty or mere reluctance will be arrested.

      Interracial sex is permitted for entertainment, miscegenation is vehemently not and would be highly illegal. The results would be obvious and a dna test would prove who the culprits are and punishment would be forced sterilization or death. Interracial marriage might be legal if both were sterilized.

      Once whittled down to 3%, coloreds would be fairly monitored for potential outbreaks of niggerish/racial behavior. Such acts will result in swift, harsh punishment. Other than that, if they behave as good citizens they are free to live their lives as they wish – as any white.

      All races have genetic rulebreakers compelled to be criminals. They can’t help themselves. So, to save taxpayer funds the nation would be run like a ship at sea with limited room; there will be corporal punishment for all races – not incarceration. First offense criminals get 25 lashes in a public square and left in stocks for 3 days. Second-timers get 50 and a week; few would survive. Third time is 100 and a month. The fourth time is public hanging. Traitors and murderers get sent straight to the head of the line.

      The only prison space would be holding cells for those awaiting judgement. Trials would be limited to one month.

      • Murka is now a moldy wall. Either let it rot and time will wear it out, or bleaching (eradication) will take care of business once and for all, where it becomes a blank canvas again. Second option might be of the work of the Ruskie, Iranian-Muzzie, Chinkie, tri-complex, once these domains have a complete overhand of the United Shieet States.

      • I like most of that but I’d do away with anyone with more that 1/32 of jew in em. (I’m guessing this might include you FP since you are always defending them-sorry)

        [ed note: no need to take another gratuitous swipe with your erroneous presumptions that I’m a jooJooJOO! I am not. rather than wites effectively think up new solutions, a certain “breed” of them always accuse those they disagree with of jewy-joojoo or being a FED. it’s another glaring example of why you lost and will always lose until you awaken. my guess is, you never will – or it will be in 50 years and by that time, i won’t give a squirt of shit]

      • Whites have failed miserably with their “racial purity or nothing” beliefs. So, we got nothing.
        Unrealistic fantasies are failures and that should be obvious to you.

        If you do not see the wisdom of my ways and still want to stick to your unrealistic 1/32nd of anything then you, are a fool.

        You will get what you’ve always got: A nation of ignorant dawdlers who elect a colored Prez and stand around mooing with their thumb up their ass and 30 guns in a safe – while a bunch of miggers in flip flops wear a path through your ranch.

      • “First make it work, then make it good.”

        Racial purity is an unrealistic expectation from where we are standing now. It’s like a poor man who wants a cool $1 mill, or nothing. 100K isn’t enough, 10K won’t do it.

        Perfect is the enemy of good – its an engineering saying. Means someone who chases perfection often throws away alot of good. Getting things done in the real world involves much compromise.

      • Perfect is the enemy of good – its an engineering saying.

        Very true. I *whish* you could get Erin to realize the truth of an engineering maxim. She should* listen to you…

        Perfect as the enemy of good is also expensive the way making the “perfect sports car” costs the ultimate consumer $600,000 for two seats they only drive once a week.

        If one can afford perfection, than have at it, I guess.
        But when driving a Ford Focus back to the trailer…better rethink that stragety.

      • No one can afford perfect for long. Because life involves many areas, not just one.

        Perfect plans often fail. One has to learn how to deal with real life and improvise. One needs flexibility.

        Much like blogging, in fact. Some need to write “perfect” posts. But they can only do a few that way. I’d rather do “good”, move on to the next thing and get shit done.

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