Time To Discovery

by Ryu

…aka TTD. It’s one thing that can make a dramatic difference to many direct action activists (DAAs). We’ll be using this acronym commonly in the future. TTD = Time to Discovery.

TTD is the time it takes for the authorities to become aware of a crime. Typically, a civilian makes the find and calls the cops.

The shorter the TTD, the higher the probability of the crime being solved, and vise verse. A time goes on, witnesses forget, physical evidence is destroyed, and computer evidence is dumped.

Most actions today are discovered within an hour. This really lowers the margin for error in an op. While most are indeed successful in the action itself, they fail in…….. the escape. It is an enormous advantage to have a lead in the ensuing manhunt.

Direct Action Activists (DDAs), wishing to maximize their probability of success, ought to dramatically increase TTD from historical levels. The longer, the better.

There is another acronym: TEE – Time to Eliminate Evidence. This is the time it takes to clean up a crime scene and eliminate every trace. This can take a substantial amount of time. The vast majority of criminals who are caught are captured before eliminating every trace.

In all actions,
TDD = TEE (at minimum)


7 Responses to “Time To Discovery”

  1. Should that be TTD not TDD (in the mathematical expressions at the bottom) Ryu?

  2. Why delayed fuse arson and selective sniper attacks are likely to work best against North Korean occupation forces.

    Both however should take a back seat to improvised explosive devices.

    And TTD hardly matters if the activist considers his own expendability a feature, not a bug.
    There is a place for such activists, as they may outnumber the more heroic ones.

    • Every Wounded Worriers ad is also an advert to how vulnerable the giant, clumsy Murkan Jordie Militree’ is to IED’s and snipers.

      • And that is where euthanasia comes in. Both Germanic and Lithuanian Paganism allowed euthanasia. Does the Talmudic ruling of Pekuach Nefesh allow euthanasia?

    • I do not support suicide missions. It is laziness.

      And I fully understand – that planning a good escape is HARD. Almost no living man has done it.

      What seperates the best from everyone else is the ability to get away with it – no luck, no magic. Just solid work, and logic applied to people.

      IEDs have problems on the backside, like everything else. They leave alot of forensic evidence. A competent team can do alot with them.


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