Effective Revolution

by Firepower

Ah, the pan-universal movement…

I wrote about this a while ago. Can’t remember when. Search for it. LIUFY

Simply put, such a movement will face initial bloody reprisal from the LN and its MM; they will NOT relinquish the luxurious spoils of Murkan Power and its riches without a fight. Because it’s built on an unsustainable lie, the LN/MM would quickly fall and all would be 1776 again within a short time. The LN/FFOL is based upon the untenable model of breeding coloreds to eradicate Whites and their SO76…with white taxbux. The countering problem is: The enemy – the Right – and most its platform is an equally unsustainable lie.

1776’s Founding Fathers knew they were challenging the beast and the risk meant imprisonment, torture and …..….death from being drawn & quartered.

The problem is we KNOW what to do. There’s nobody to actually do it.

The even greater problem is: UncleBEAST knows this also; the LN/MMM is fully aware whites aredocile sheep.  Thus, the MMM acts accordingly. You see it each day.

Case in point: OWS was the “greatest” modern movement since Hippies. It was touted as The Revolution of The 21st Century!®

Too bad OWS was silly. OWS was one millionth as effective as hippies and a billion times smaller. The greatest “impact” OWS had was threatening to tie up twaffic, leave wots of litter awound and poop on NYPD gooncars. OWS were children. Spoiled, ignorant children. Children once plowed fields with oxen in Medieval England and went to horrific combat in the US Civil War.

The counterpoint to LN/OWS kidz are wn trailerparknazis, Niggerspickiking impotently at the TV, wetdreaming of PeterPanzer. They are the same because they are also of the same GENBrandon!™  They were educated in the same schools as Hipster-Owsers.

Now Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were some righteously effective motherfucking activists. They killed people. They blew shit UP. They killed cops, blew judges up into hamburger.

Look who controls Murka now.

9 Comments to “Effective Revolution”

  1. The soldiers we see, as expressed by direct action, are the soldiers there are.

    It’s an extremely rare gift to soldier without sanction. Almost no one can do it. I estimate the number of DAAs in the US at about 1 in a million or less.

    And I’m sorry about it. You, FP, and many others have presented as good a case as can be done. There’s no one to enact the plans you guys have created.

    • Button-Mashing Faggots http://wp.me/p2kmGE-Zd

      Bill Ayers blew up judges and he walks free and fucks co-eds.
      Some trailerparknazi niggerspickikes an actual nigger and he’s sentenced to 40 years in Leavenworth.

      Who runs Murka?

      • In your opinion, why didn’t Ayers go to prison? A technicality? or do you think he may have had friends in high places?

      • The same reason no one goes to prison when there is a murder on the reservation.

        All the killing IS self-annihilation… No one “pays” for that UNLESS is begets self-annihilation.

        So an Indian kills an Indian who is sentenced to death which kills an Indian.

        Do not kill the Indian who killed the Indian and the is a chance to PERPETUATE Indians ESPECIALLY if Indians are prone to killing each other.

      • Erin…

        Understand the implications of radical autonomy… It is self-annihilating… The Ayers and Dorns of this world WOULD ULTIMATELY kill those closest to them if THEIR OWN logic bore out. Their “friends” and family either understand this with a wink-wink/nod-nod BECAUSE they are of the same mind or their friends and family are completely ignorant true believers?

        When one really pulls back, most of the throat-cutting has been amongst and between anti-white Supremacists each and everytime justifying their murderous act by accusing the other of some instance of “white supremacy.”

        Ayers and Dorn are free as instances of “revolution” against “white supremacy.” One does not pay for that. One is rewarded. It JUST SUCKS for the “white” liberals annihilated in the “process.”

  2. In the psychological war, “effective revolution” = going in perfect circle = redundant phenomenon = SELF annihilation…

    Is it so much who runs America as it is who Murka runs? In circles?

    “We” have had a slew of direct action “whites” not “intellectual” enough to make a connection to an all-white environment as solution to their deep alienation, but nonetheless, struck back with a vengeance at a forced integration that equates to nothing more than their personal abuse at the hands of the “do-gooders” AND their coddled pet vermin.

  3. Suicidal resistance is easier than heroic resistance. Both types of freedom fighters must first reach a breaking point where they become ready to die.

    • That comes in a distant second to be willing to first kill the hell out of your enemies.

      Observe successful military induction/indoctrination routines – specifically Murka’s, bc that’s what we know best.

      Eradican Manifesto http://wp.me/p2kmGE-4Br

      • Slightly out of topic: Don’t know if you or any of your readers here heard about the colored bikers that attacked a gooker family in a SUV in NYC from a year ago? Anyway, the Hells Angels, with their bad ass image of a biker gang, were in the media where they said they couldn’t believe these migger animals were that violent. This alone goes to show you that a wussification of White America is apparent, and we know who has the upper hand in ruthlessness.

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