From SO76 to Materialism

by Firepower

Many WNs wns today are still loyal to the USA and still recognize the USG as “the authority” because the original SO76* American concept of “Freedom & Liberty” was replaced with Materialism. So long as they can buy a five-foot plasma for Grand Theft Auto they feel free.

Those grumbling of “Corporatism” blame Elite fat cats, but see only one side of the coin: They ignore the masses’ equally pernicious Consumerism.

Sympathetic foreigners around the globe observe us from the outside and plead for us to awaken – if only to ….… them, as we did a listless France in World War Two – Italy as well. These are/were ancient cultures. So were Britain, China and Denmark. They were so degenerate they did not even awaken and get off their asses to fight for their country; they waited for The Greatest FDR Generation to do it for them.

And today, even we don’t want to get off our asses and save ourselves. Only a nation graced with the greatest wealth in history can feel at ease with itself as it sleeps through its destruction. We’re like France, the storied nation of Napoleon and grand culture, now so rotten it could all fall apart if the right boot came along to kick our ass.

For you see, there is no GI Generation waiting to save us.

Misguided loyalty to UncleBEAST stems from the lust to PlayStation sixteen hours a day. It’s not even a matter of requiring them to re-fight Bunker Hill because a preventative, mass-showing of disapproval would fix the problem. Simply “not voting for” an Obama’s re-election would be a start to replacing Elite DC Scum. A nation re-electing incompetent intrenched incumbents for decades gets decades of decline. If it cannot even use its head to vote, it surely won’t save itself when the chips are down.

It’s Nero at a wine-tasting party – but online, now everybody can be a Nero.

It’s the discomfort of having to make an effort requiring a cut back to gaming ten hours a day that ends it. It’s not just “kids” but 40-year-olds who play all day. Older Murkans may not buttonmash, but they like their five Plasmas: Only in a nation with so much to squander does this capacity for waste become a deciding factor for inaction.

Nobody wants to stop the party because they smell smoke.

WHY You’ll NEVER SEE Manpower of The Revolution
Button-Mashing Faggots
Grand Theft Auto Earns $800 Million in ONE Day


38 Comments to “From SO76 to Materialism”

  1. Sorry to interrupt FP, an interesting statistical post in Zero Hedge.

    • Although our Liberal Busboy Media condemns drawing attention to our Pooor Peepul having air-conditioning and 4 TeeVees, it’s still true: In Today’s MURKA there is even an ersatz pride in being a Welfare State Materialist

      • Murka is officially dead, as a nation without any structural rhyme or reason. It’s now one big gigantic toy store, with grownups fussing, feasting….fooling around.

        Who’s the next politico egomaniac will you be rooting for? C’mon let’s bring it own, cheer and clap!

    • Murka is more of an issue when it comes to this: The synchronous effect of the MINOing of Murka and the dumbing of the White populace. This double downing has turned this country into a complete wasteland.

      There is no reformation, just eradication, if you want to bring about change. The other is an official segregation and secession, which the elite will ensure this does not happen. A big disparate Murka under a central control is more profitable for the powers to be.

      • IIRC, it was you who mentioned ZeroHedge. I’ve read zh for a looong time; good stuff.

        They recently had an article that gave me that unique lightbulby brain tingle upon discovering and internalizing a new, true comcept: It showed the reason for Murka Media ‘Manipulation.

        I’ll post it soon.

      • I used to like ZH too, FP.

        …and I’m still waiting….waiting….wai-ting….for the collapse to come….finally. I think I’ll start selling survivalist stuff and become a billionaire.

        It never comes. The USG has nearly total control of everything in their country. Including the stock market and media.

        Take the primary lesson and whatever else you can from ZH. The simple thing is the US is screwed. And the reason has remained unchanged since the first SPers in the 70s.

      • It’s why I don’t “predict the imminent” death of Murka.

        It will take still more decades.
        I learned it long ago from examples of Rome.
        All we hear about are Roman orgies, the “decline of their family” and their “incompetent” government blah blah. It fell in 555 AD. 350 years since true danger and 500 after Nero.
        So, the richer the treasury, the longer it takes to deplete and collapse.

        I wrote an example long ago on how it takes a couple of years for a whale carcass to transform into a pile of bones even in the critter-filled Sea.

        That’s a long time, after death.
        Che Guevara wrote it was hard (if not impossible) for Murkans to revolt with full fridges.

        When the “entitlements” finally run out due to budget limitations, all those future – even more vile – miggers/niggers n’ white trash will take MOG and shove it up DC’s ass.

      • I found this story, FP. Obama’s mixlet daughter is getting into Hollywood. Must have been real hard with that last name.

      • Obama is worshiped as The King of Christ.
        Malia will be President one day if she so chooses.

        Michell0 will be “holy” because she’ll be Our Historic Black Female President.
        Malia will be similarly worshiped for being Our Historic First Black Female Daughter President.

        It won’t stop because the FFOL will never run out of combinations of hands in Racial Poker. They’ll see to that.
        It won’t stop because the Murkan Peepul are so fucking stupid they deserve such qualifications…

        The ethos of Materialism wantonly substitutes intellect for “stuff”, for it it does not, its conscience cannot continue consumption.

      • I call the economic system of the radical social engineers, “propheteering.” Key to understanding this mechanism are the competing axioms and the metaphysical/anti-metaphysical foundations…

        The economics of the “enemy” is STRICTLY liberated. Black market or exponential growth, BUT not “break even.” Self-annihilating and cancerous, BUT not perpetuating.

        So the “propheteers” initiate a vision of a future reality that then legitimates the Black Market and desire for exponential growth ALL at the expense of the “break even” perpetuators. Parasite/host.

        At the macro is Advanced Economy versus self-sufficient economy. By inference, the most advanced economy is one with NO self-sufficient economies.

        This is what we face as individuals in a two-front economic war. Not only is there a “looking-back” global attempt to squash self-sufficient economies, there is a “looking-forward” advancement of Black Market/Exponential Growth “propheteering.”

        Those at the top who build and destroy nations can do so with businesses similar to the way one may handle a bazooka versus a 9 mm. The desire of corporations across the board for radical autonomy thus predicating their annihilation in no way stops the greasy cycle of those at the “pinnacle” of creating and destroying in the material world.

      • I don’t quite get it, TD.

        Exponential growth is not sustainable. Only cancer grows that way. Mother Nature doesn’t permit these super high growth rates for long. A white supremacist is largely self contained.

      • Ryu…

        Exactly… Exponential growth = cancer = self-annihilation… But corporations are not like REAL people… Anyone of these corporations can be “resurrected” if the right people DESIRE such?

        The white Supremacist DESIRES perpetuation and thus “break even” economics. Credit where credit is due. He avoids transacting in the Black Market and pays no intellectual homage to “exponential growth” which he understands as the Advanced Economy.

        But this is just the “thinking” behind the motivation TO BE a self-sufficient economy in one’s self, principally-speaking. Because just as one can take the Advanced Economy to its logical endpoint, one can do the same with a self-sufficient economy. And neither “extreme” gives one any inkling of a Land of white Supremacy. So there has to be a nexus between total self-sufficiency (undesirable if not theoretically impossible) and an Advanced Economy that assimilates ALL self-sufficient economies (also undesirable EVEN IF theoretically possible).

      • Ryu: The entire country is a wasteland. Basically, we are stepping on a landfill with garbage everywhere. So why are people still here? The same reason why MINOs are in their ghettos.

        I really don’t have anything tangible in this country. I will be leaving this dump in a few weeks and will return to pounce on the opportunity when ready.

        [ed note: major canuck cities are the same as Murka. a few less coloreds, a lot less freedoms and no guns for peasants. non]

  2. For some the certainty of imminent homelessness would be the point where they finally decide to go out in a blaze of gasoline and a final bullet.

    • I agree. The courage for that is rare though. Can you stand to be hated? To be the “monster” that the media builds up?

      But IRL, I have met no monsters. Only men.

  3. BTW, I like that pic FP. She’s a babe…for now. In an Aryan world she’d be a prime breeder. In Murka, a waste.

  4. major canuck cities are the same as Murka. a few less coloreds, a lot less freedoms and no guns for peasants

    Yes, a few less coloreds. Just as the Northwest and northern flyover states have scant coloreds. By going into a territory with less coloreds means I can do my thing with ease.
    [ed note: there’s coloreds an Miggers overloading Denver. there’s thousands of actual african coloreds in milwaukee. places like Toronto are the same]

    You still believe Manhattan isn’t all that niggaland anymore. Well, from a street view it is, which is the reason why I’m leaving the enchanted isle so I don’t need to see these darkie trolls everyday. Not to mention the delusion fucks who live in their ignorant orbits, paying $3K and > a month for a box, and think that somehow coloreds are equal among anyone else in their fantasy island.
    [you never saw the Manhattan of the 70s & 80s. it was full of ghetto niggs. not so today. its the only city to successfully be rid of them. if you think it’s bad now, view news/movies from that era]

    Anyway, I’m doing my part to convince White youths to stop becoming delusional race equalists, where they drop their kids play and grow up in reality. Look at why Dylaan Storm suddenly turned on these animals, who are supposedly his “friends” from a fictional world.
    [sorry, dylannn stormm was a twisted nerd. a warped buttonmashing faggot. his boner got deflated bc niggs refused to “like” him. he is no heerow]

    My agenda is this, I will be spouting all kinds of race realism from Canuck territory to all the people whom I know down state, because of it has less coloreds.
    [canux live in an even more warped bubble than we, for they hide behind us and don’t expend taxbux on defense; they spend it on partyplaytime. the entire nation is like Boston. you’ll see]

    • Yeah, I hear that Canada was bad freedom of speech laws. Like, they bust people for racism and holocaust-denial. It’s almost like the US with no guns and no FOS.

      I wish you well on the education. Most are not ready to learn. It can be very frustrating.

      • Canada is significantly less afflicted with the black mold and the judaic mosquitoes. Further, the French province of Quebec has become more virulent anti-semitic and anti-black over the years, and I think it will become more of an issue for them in the coming years. They now hate Muzzies the most, because of their large numbers, the Jews are 2nd most hated group, and the niggas are the 3rd.

        To me, the most pestilent of all the pests are of course, you know what. Any place with many niggas signify immediate doom and stark income inequality as proven in research stats.

      • There is something I’d like you to pay attention to, when you go.

        The security. Traffic light cameras. The awareness of the people there. Cameras in every building. I’d bet the Canadian police state is significantly smaller than the US one.

      • Ryu: I will be blogging from there, so you will hear from me!

      • I will be blogging from there, so

        You are welcome to comment/post here to promote your new blog.

        Remember, there’s good potential in linking up people in different nations.

      • I think the key is to play nice, where you build each level of more serious intent. Telling White kids straight in the face that offing coloreds is not a good method of encouragement. They need to be taught first about their current predicament.

    • NYC has 2 million blacks, and they visit Maannhatan everyday. The only non-moldy city in the world, with that many blackfaces.

      NYC is #1 city with 100,000 or more total population and the highest number of Blacks or African Americans. Shitcago comes in #2.

      • nyc has the highest number of every race because 11 million people live there.
        it is by far the most populous city in the usa.

        manhattan is not all of nyc. it is 5 boroughs. manhattan is only one. more nigs do live in brooklyn and bronx, but that is not manhattan – what i’ve said.

        2 million visiting coloreds is better than 1 million residents. just ask detroit

      • FP: Yes, but no city or country becomes great, when niggas are found in large numbers.

        Londontown has the Muzzie germ. But worse….Paris!

        Paris is another NYC cesspool, with its large black mold pollen floating around, with a White degenerate bourgeois who could care less, until it becomes too late and then they flee.

        Ryu: NYC makes the greatest target practice city for MINOs. If you can eradicate colored scum in NYC, then you can do it anywhere with ease. We also have so many LNs too. You can walk from one neighborhood in Manhattan filled with lily liberal pansies to another section in a matter of minutes to see the colored zoo.

        So why aren’t WNs heading to NYC to learn their craft? Interesting question. Also, our NYPD is more MINO now, and less White.

      • NYC and DC are expensive. That’s why I don’t go. Working two jobs doesn’t leave one time for anything.

      • Ryu: You can always find a cheap tour package and visit NYC at a discount. Surveying Manhattan is the best thing you can do.

        Terrorists know NYC is a prime target for elites. WNs should know NYC is a great target for MINOs and LNs. I suggest all WNs from elsewhere to come here to survey.

        I’ve known people who met a few of the 9-11 suicide pilots before their horrendous act. They were touring rooftops at the time, when no one had a clue and cared about security. There were also no cameras peeping at them.

      • If there were any actual turrists, they’d have no issues. The USG runs a protection racket against “turrists” that they control or create. Most Americans – hell, most cops today – are too busy on their computers and smartphones to notice the streets.

    • Just imagine all the greatest cities in the world, you name it, has the number of black plaque like NYC.

      The only reason why NYC is able to keep this disease in check. POLICING!

  5. there’s coloreds an Miggers overloading Denver. there’s thousands of actual african coloreds in milwaukee. places like Toronto are the same

    None of these places are apparent as the miggers of NYC, niggas are 15% of Manhattan population; then add the incoming darkies who fuss, feast….from the Bronx, Brooklyn etc.. and it’s a cesspool of black mold everywhere. Over the holiday weekend, all I saw were mostly coloreds roaming the streets of Manhattan and feasting in their low down fried chicken/BBQ joints. The wealthy White Manhattanites were mostly out of town, FFFs in their safe getaways like the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard.

    canux live in an even more warped bubble than we, for they hide behind us and don’t expend taxbux on defense; they spend it on partyplaytime. the entire nation is like Boston. you’ll see

    That’s because they have a significantly lower gathering of nigs than we do.

    [ed note: do realize that whiteness depends quality – not quantity. Frisco and Manhattan are some of the whitest cities around…but also the most SWPLib…]

    • You’re not getting it:
      Coloreds are 13% of ALL of Murkan population.
      MIGGERS ARE 15%

      Magnificent Manhattan was the ONLY place to rid itself of their infested habitations.
      Compare its murder rate of 1975 – to 2015

      • Yes, coloreds as in niggas, the black mold is 15% of Manhattan’s demographics. Then you have what I call the outer borough niggas from the Bronx and Brooklyn, who come into Manhattan to do their thang. Your average day, expect to see more than 20 niggas just walking the streets of enchanted isle.

        [every murkan city over 1,000,000 is half colored. so nyc’s 13% is as i said – far below the norm. no other city has so few coloreds]

    • Manhattan is not as White as you expected it is. You need to visit this place again. Also, ever heard of token niggas? There arent even counted yet, with the ~ 15%.

      Seattle, Portland, San Diego are more SWPL than any Manhattan scene.

      Anyway, I expect to blog about this myth of Manhattan’s Whiteness coming soon. The place is infested with coloreds.

      • Also, remember what I said about Manhattan’s servant class.

        99.999999% of the menial workers are coloreds, many of them are niggas. 99.99999% of public sector workers are all niggas. And now, construction workers, and those in blue collar work are increasingly MINO, with the exception of the firefighters. This will change in the near future, as they demand more darkies to climb the ladders, putting out flames for their hood rat brothers.

        […but…they don’t live there]

      • but…they don’t live there

        but they fuss, feast, d’fecate in the enchanted isle alongside with their White masters. No other city has this arrangement, where Whiteville also becomes a playstation for coloreds, who don’t stay overnight. Wealthy Whiteys in Manhattan love their colored nannies, that’s a very prime example.

        San Francisco has almost completely driven out their black mold, because niggas can’t hack it in tech, and techies are HBD aware of this fact, unlike Manhattan’s Jew and Anglo vampires who need colored servant to clean up their mess after a blood sucking moment. This is the big difference between the 2 SWPLaylands.

      • Do you hear stories of niggas turning on their SWPL masters in San Fran, Seattle, Portland and other SWPLville fortresses? The answer is no, because nigs are nowhere to be found.

        But this becomes a story in Maaanhattan!

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