Fiber Optic Network Sabotage

by Firepower

In Nancy Pelosi’s Kingdom of Manhattan WEST, trouble is afoot: Dirty saboteur rascals have stumped the FIB on how they disrupt & destroy crucial infrastructure.

For, unless you’re a white baby in a WACO compound, they FIB doesn’t have a clue how to cook you.

Last year, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission accidentally released a document outlining areas where the nation’s electrical grid was susceptible to a terror attack.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the data, reported that an attack on ninekey” substations could cause power outages nationwide.

It’s a good thing white people are now totally subjugated by….…. the BIGFed FBI. George Washington’s 1776 revolutionaries would have been stumped on how to exploit such an advantage. Now, only OWS Hippies 2.1 in Berekeleyeye know such super-duper top secret totally unknown strategies.

Thankfully, BIGov has totally censored books on revolutionary tactics from Uncle Ho – they might reveal The Beast.

8 Comments to “Fiber Optic Network Sabotage”

  1. Nothing can be taken at face value. UncleBeast desires total assimilation. Dissemination of internal propaganda is crucial to both UncleBeast AND his foreign enemies ON AN EQUALLY motivational basis: anti-white Supremacy. So it’s interesting to note that the disruption in agit-prop hit exactly where it is LEAST REQUIRED due to a super-majority of Kool-Aid drinkers. This indicates a self-sabotage necessitating stricter controls on all things Intra-Web.

    • Your typical Murkan low brow, circle jerk “intellectual” propaganda, that draws scores of FFLNs and their self annihilating minions/friends:

      Once can say this is Jew Wisdom at its finest, since Jews are our soothsayers today.

      [ed note: this is off topic…]

  2. Hiding in plain sight is actually comically easy once you know how fixed people’s vision is. They see, but don’t see at the same time. It gets easier as each new class of affirmative action minions join the ranks of FedCops, etc.

    Take the above action of disrupting communications and times it by eight cities. Take a second team whose job is to cripple power substations. Take a third team whose job is to watch which can be done on the cheap now for the price of an off the shelf drone package. This can be done with about 30 dedicated people, even less if you want to do say four cities instead.

    These simple tasks could not be accomplished in an eon by nignogs. Muzz? Yes, but it would take lots of concerted effort. Revolutionary minded white men can do this in their sleep.

    You’ve now disabled communications and power in eight major cities. Every FedCop in Murka will be looking for you. You have sent a VERY loud message. We are out here. This is not difficult. We are the ‘early adopters’ and there are many just like us, we are legion.

    Hat tip to FP, because his prophetic posts about Fight Club speak volumes about this very thing. The multi city organization and the whole Project Mayhem idea is not terribly difficult. The fighting was to figure out if you are willing to bleed and hurt and take risk. Most are not, but action doesn’t require most. It requires only a few.

    • 30 people. Who can work together? Today?

      Nope. That was about the size of The Order in the 80s. They had a few guys who wanted out when things got hot, which is how they failed.

      This find of FPs is very interesting. It appears systemic, like a probe. I hadn’t heard about it, because it was not widely publicized.

  3. This is the group of one man or a pair. White males, of course, 16-40 yo.

    I don’t need a roadmap to make a read. The dates of their actions reveal much. They space it out well. If they are out there, I encourage them to study Dr Chaos. His actions, his success, and how he was caught:

    They are getting predictable. Time to change MO, maybe take some time off. They have proven without a doubt that the thing is possible. There is such a thing as “addiction to action.” A man starts thinking a day was wasted unless he’s done something. Something to beware.

    Looking at about a 20 year sentence in the federal system for this. Fines also. They’d better cover themselves well. If the feds are serious enough, they will do some real investigating – footprints, fingerprints, hair/fiber, the works.

  4. Murka is The Land of Radical Autonomy…

    What this means is that this event has an “equal” probability of being the work of some really, real real enemies of UncleBeast AND MAYBE an infinitesimally small likelihood of being ally to white Supremacy OR this is a well-paid gig within the NannyFeast bureaucracy utilized to centralize control of the Intra-web.

    Now, since ^^^ is the standard outline of the default assumption to any event similar to the one being discussed THEN it is CLEARLY NOT CLEAR what action the individual white Supremacist shall take. This is a feature and not a bug. Part of the system’s capability is in neutralizing through psychological paralysis EXTERNAL, imposing intelligences.

  5. Oh noes! I sure hope there will be no terrurist operation this July 4th weekend. I hear there is extensive online chatter indicating major attacks are afoot in _________ and _________, using homemade ___________. Would be absolutely devastated if something like that were to ruin the fucktivities.

    • The true “terror” operation was the USG trying to scare the American people. And the USG the biggest terror organization in this world.

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