by Firepower

Hunting is the realm of males – mainly, adult ones. A rare few women hunt and are of the desirable kind, if attractive.

Hunting is killing and it forces the practitioner to face the reality of killing.
Most woodland snipers were and are hunters. Urban snipers of the kind in most recent (and future) wars are not particularly so; they are mixtures of disciplines. Hunting beasts in nature is indeed like hunting Man in conventional combat, but urban snipery is less so: Think Jon Muhammad, the most fearsome Urban Sniper in Murkan History.

What makes hunting valuable is its Training Of Blood. Getting accustomed to it and the butchering process demystifies gore.

Only childish modern males are morbidly fascinated with bloodshed as a toy. Slasher movies and twisted PlayStation games are produced for cityfolk who vomit at the sight (and smell) of fresh blood. As predicted, these are mostly tender whitebois. Colored boys are more likely to see a pile of their sister’s brains and make a pile or two out of their enemies’. In a degenerating society, this gives them the edge now.

Old time males, foreigners and hunters are not fixated on blood and death. They see it frequently and have no sick need to glorify it as a novelty; blood and killing is simply a condition of existence.  Anyone fascinated with mediated gore has not lived it. That’s why ISIS has so many volunteers for their Head Sawing Brigade. Beheading a live human is …….the same as removing the head of a goat except the human is targeted for justified punishment in the executioner’s eyes. Instead, such men usually revere the animal for its nourishment value and simply dispatch it quickly or use ritual. Indians were the same, which is why they were so “brutal” in their human-killing practices, of which, scalping being the most prominent along with their elaborate tortures.

1990’s Serbs trained their noobs to overcome any fears of brutal killing and initiated the boys by having them kill a pig with a combat knife. Hogs have a similar weight and anatomy to humans. An example is the accurate anatomical depiction of Bill The Butcher teaching young Leo this lesson in Gangs of New York.

They’d take a knife and wrestle the pig into submission then stab it until dead. It came with all the struggle, noise, smell and blood of real killing; stabbing is not like in The Mooo-veez where the target falls dead from one puncture – it is prolonged and messy. Just ask OJ. Humans will fight very, very hard for life until it leaves them

Once done killing the hog, they’d send the initiates to kill the hog farmers and their families – and roast the pig later.

One the best training methods for urban snipers is to hunt rats from youth. Maturing in a filthy environment rife with vermin instills the proper mindset for sensitive types “wondering why” they are killing. A small scoped .22 or pellet rifle teaches marksmanship and bullet placement for the kill. Learning on wily rats teaches much about the stalk.

Successful (EE) Escape and Evasion from HEROCops! getting “man with a g-g-gun!” calls from panicked ghetto dwellers trains the proper planning environment for tomorrow’s Colored Commando Corps. Today’s ex-mil jackbooted SWATZI BIGov thug will drive their patrol car past seventy coloreds selling meth just to harass a white guy taking pics of the local Federale Building/Fort.

Woodcraft, stalking, hunting and what I call “Streetcraft” prompt the glaring reasons why the LN/FFL feels it desperately needs to eradicate NRA Whites as their main threat.

Soviets used women snipers. Russians probably still do, for they learned from thousands of WW2 kills when women target males, they are quite brutal and merciless.  The Wehrmacht, on the other side, was touchy about “killing women” but the specially trained SS was not.

Long ago, someone (I forgot who) posted an example on Eradica of a WW2 Finnish sniper who was shot in the face during a brutal battle. It is a very valuable example of the mental toughness needed – along with proper motivation – to slay many enemies then go eat a burger.

Killing honestly justified to the self as righteous is no more gnawing to the soul than stopping a brutal crime or killing a rat. It’s why blacks feel no remorse when killing whites – even women and children. It’s why cops sleep at night despite the Hollywood/jewish trope that killing somehow damages the killer then “eats at his conscience.” American jews haven’t fought in combat since ancient Babylonia so they imagine how bad it is. Israelis kill the shit out of Arabs from nine to ninety then go eat Falafel Sandwiches; this is also why Murkan jews hate Israelis and their weapons.

ISIS, blacks and Miggers all feel totally justified in slaughtering any Murkan like a hog; that’s why they do. It’s why Murka can’t get enough Jordies to kill ISIS and why whites nervously pace like penned-up sheep when confronted with a Black Killer. It’s why Khris “killer” Kyle got all weepy-McWeepster for his “victims” before Killer Klint put a big fat check in his hand.


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14 Comments to “Killing”

  1. All my televant thoughts about killing came after the seed of my first child bloomed and such thoughts only increased in intensity and frequency with each following child. Not only were my thoughts contextual, ie, in relation to real world phenomena… Er, black on white savagery, but also tactical… How could I protect two, three, four children versus just one or two? I remember seeing a UFC special featuring Matt Hughes and BJ Penn and both men emphatically insisting that having children took the fight out of them, so to speak… They were ready to retire from fighting NOW that they had children. I thought what absolute total bullshit psychops…. One’s children helps persuade one to rationalize and justify killing in the name of a personally known innocence and good. That’s how I’ve seen things since becoming a father. No need for conditioning or persuasion or desensitizing. A profound sense of your child’s suffering at the hands of indiscriminate evil is entirely sufficient in setting correct one’s white mind to the necessity of killing with no moral hesitation.

    • MMA comparisons to warriors makes the same mistaken assumption as calling foo’baw “combat.”

      Fighting for money and play is mistakenly equated with killing for a cause.
      Deliberate killing is either political or profit.

      Self-defense is another sub-category for the sane, and killing for fun is for the insane. One could use captured coloreds as gladiators for spectacle fun – still, that is also political.

      Murka’s fascination with sport is based on its warped fascination with money, fame and sex. Combine that with an illiterate populace degenerating further into standards of perpetual Dillennial Decay and you have the droolers using the same words to describe LeBron-ius-ontay with Khris Killer Kylle.

      Combat for money is sub-consciously interpreted as the usual risk-reward enterprise while combat for a true belief in a cause is perceived as win/lose. No amount of money will bribe then dissuade the true disciple.

      For whatever reasons (most likely the very ones you honestly describe) you are a True Believer in your cause and cannot be swayed. Only time erodes belief.

      It’s why Murkan Jordies lose and ISIS Ibrahims win.

      • If there is a will, there might be a way. Someone will invent small robotic, remote controlled objects that can kill.

        How about a small nimble mice that spits deadly pellets? LNs may want to take heed.

      • You’ve still got to cover the backside.

        Prints on the bots? DNA? Witnesses? Where the parts were bought? Prints on battery? Materials – exotic or simple?

        That’s where the survivalists went all wrong. In war, dead bodies are not investigated. In “peace”, they are. Some dead bodies are heavily investigated.

        It is “human technology” which is lacking. The technology of effort and discipline. No one can eliminate all risk. All one can do is control and channel it.

      • FP…

        I wasn’t making comparisons. In fact, being a ex-football player myself (d1… Preferred walk-on though), I always loathed the game/war analogies. It never sat right with me…


        The real point was the subtle psyche-ops that says one goes soft upon having children. My experience is the 180 degree opposite. Only after children did I get to the business of rationalizing and justifying killing under a myriad of self-induced scenarios. And with such a paucity of fatherhood with these two last generations (X and after), one would believe in the idea of a harder populace of males given the conventional wisdom. Of course, I think the exact opposite is true. Not having children tends to make one soft and cuddly overtime having never to think about real justifiable and rationalized killing.

        [ed note: if that’s the case, then why are Today’s GENBrandonDaDas unilaterally the greatest pussies in history? barring you of course…]

      • Um… The theory goes that they are “pussies” because they are childless/anti-fathers… De facto homos. Most cannot be motivated to hardened themselves IF MERELY fending for themselves AND NO OTHERS… Of course, there is countervailing propaganda that looks like the prison inmate or the gluttonous middle class corporate stooge.with white picket fence. These are the red herrings. One a product of isolated public subsidization that necessitates a procedurally-GRATUITOUS hardening of the self whIle the latter a different form of public subsidization that helps one finance the cost of gluttonous lifestyle.

        Having children MAKES the white man even harder…

        Not having children MAKES the “white” male even softer.

        This is a general theory and not particular to every white man. Some may be self-motivated irregardless of whether they have chosen Fatherhood.

        But make no mistake… One has to be harder AND constantly GETTING TOUGHER to be a white father in our time. That’s how I see it and no one could invalidate this personal observation.

      • err…today’s GENbrandon fathers are the biggest cunt-dadginas I’ve yet seen.

        They lactate honey from their nips.
        Then, cry about
        The “beauty”

      • I don’t disagree… Many are, quite ignorantly, heavily subsidized by the zeitgeist as various types of yes-“men”-ion and thus able to finance a gluttonous lifestyle. I never accepted the “offer.” I could have played any kind executive minion. Instead, I operated outside the zeitgeist as a father of four in a manner more extreme than anyone I knew/know… It’s essentially a choosing of material poverty. There is no material wealth in spreading white Supremacy and there shouldn’t be…

        But the answer to your critique is simply what I sighted. A steady stream of media psyche-ops that associates white fatherhood with the beginning of decline, domestication and resignation. Nothing could be further from my truth AS thoughts of justifiable murder and mayhem played on my mind with the introduction of my children… Nothing has changed other than an increased intensity.

        I said elsewhere… One day, “we” will separate “human beings” into white men with free will and human-like AI of suboptimal output.

      • FP…

        The larger point is that the children didn’t make them soft as much as cushy spots in the zeitgeist whereas those who who are anti-fathers — whether within or without the zeitgeist — to not have the hardening effect of fending for another life outside your own. In the case of those you speak and the prisoners I spoke of, A PORTION of their life is so gratuitously subsidized as to be equivalent only needing to fend for one’s self in the most savage and/or gluttonous ways. What if a prisoner had to actually work and consume like a civilian. How much would he have left to harden himself up? Two sides to the same disenigrating coin.

        [ed note: understand that the change of fatherhood neither toughens up any GENBrandonPussyDad to any significant degree…]

  2. I recall being told a story by an acquaintance, a while back, the last Lebanese civil war.
    He was sat playing cards and drinking whiskey and the what have you, in an apartment, with a bunch of fighters, of one type or another.
    There were a variety of guns and rocket launchers in the room where they were playing. After about two or three hands a guy would get up, go to the window and take a pop at someone, once he put the gun down and went for a rocket.
    I suppose this random and casual approach to urban warfare, helped to keep them hidden and effective. It certainly didn’t involve hard work or numerous push-ups.

    • Yeah, I heard about that too about the Bosnian war. They’d only shoot during certain times of the day. At other times, they’d be having tea or lunching.

      • I saw an old photo essay/report on Bosnia also: Some cute little chick who looked more suited for reading Cosmo (or fucking) got ahold of a Dragunov rifle and used to pop out of her apartment complex rooftop vents a few times a week and pop enemies. She certainly didn’t get “eaten up inside!!!” or go thru Kris ‘Drama’ Kiylle cinematic spasms of self-racking torture. She’s prolly an evil old bitch now, but I still want to fuck her.

  3. The population-replacement-loving Reddit liberals of today are incapable of Step Zero, which is unbound mindblowing hate of their exterminators.


    • Learning is mainly an ability from childhood. Note, it’s one of the few times humans can be coerced into anything. School is mandatory.

      Adults can only be re-educated by force; Communists knew this simply eradicated those who… didn’t do their homework or pass the tests.
      I’m all for using whips and torture to get Liberal nazis to bend to my will but the problem is, Murkans can’t even force Miggers back into the desert to leave. Murkans are not wise, tough – or “exceptional” – they are The Peepul who elect a Barrack Hussein Obama.

      Remodeling Today’s Murkan Liberal into a lean mean Nationalist Logic Machine is like… retraining a Yorkie to realize his inner Wolf.

      You cannot make an Etruscan into a Roman. That’s why the Romans eradicated Etruscans.

      Either liberals are eradicated – or not. If not, they will continually emerge to exert their corrosive influence: It’s easier to control people with luxury than discipline – provided you always have enough of somebody else’s money to afford it…

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