MINOs Make Their Own Machine Guns for Killin’

by Firepower

durr…EVEN ISIS figured THIS out…

Guess there are Whites…and Wites

Colored Miggers learn to make machine guns, but white folks can’t. Wimpy Wites can’t even figure out how to make tiny parts that convert plain guns into machine guns.

Luckily, the MMM confiscated all machine tools and rounded-up all white machinists.

Mexico is so much more advanced than Murka.

Coloreds have figured out how to kill coloreds in ambushes. Just wait until they disvover how to kill Wimpy Wites.

Whites are powerless to do these things because UncleBEAST fortuitously confiscated and subjugated all of whitey’s power since Timmay McV.

The Horror….the horror

33 Comments to “MINOs Make Their Own Machine Guns for Killin’”

  1. Why all Dems must be eradicated?

  2. Jewel-you missed the sarcasm. There are plenty of machines and machinists around.

    • Can the cucarachas be persuaded to expel the apeshits with their machine guns? I had a long winded discussion with a Mexican recently about our race problems, he told me he hates the gorillas as much as any WN.

  3. Mexico IS more advanced. And I salute them.

    “Stay out of the computer.” It’s a motto for many criminals in the US. Everything here is cataloged, carded and checked. My car has 17 parts with the VIN on it. A gun has a seriel number. It’s hard to be anonymous.

    It is an impressive feat, far seeing. But the state of the art is more.

    An anonymous gun just covers things related to the gun, like ownership and where it was sold. They’ve got to cover alot more outs to protect themselves properly. A truly amazing advancement would be being able to totally eliminate prints. Prints and DNA are the two biggest system weapons against crime.

    • The Anglosphere is a sphere of softies, which I presume, given the lack of hardcore extremism that translates into violence.

      Even the South, where its general populace who wave the Confederate flag and believe in secession, yet it has not done anything to prove its salient point. Compared to the 1960’s Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ), a terrorist group in Quebec, Canada, who wanted to remain separate from the English speakers. They’ve killed many people, bombed various points, and assassinated a politician.

      • Interesting. Thanks for the reco.

        Looks like they backed off. The purpose of direct action is to actually encourage more system repression. How much will the people take? Tanks on the streets? Cameras on every corner? Warrantless home searches?

        I don’t think ANY “public” supports violence, unless of course someone in a uniform or with a flag does it. THEN, they almost always support it. It’s a strange thing, JS. Power of a uniform.

      • I believe Murka is up for grabs by International Organizations, both legit and criminal. Every 1st world and even 3rd world country know Murka is a done deal, and they know of our MINO problem. I predict a slow creep of a foreign takeover, both hostile and friendly trying to make their way into this country. If our homegrown companies are moving their operations overseas and letting this country dry up to a husk, then overseas companies can certainly come over and crush it, and redo it into their own making.

      • I agree. I like FP’s idea that the US becomes a Chinese colony. Seems realistic. And – those who resist would be opposed by the US military.

      • A lot of MRA and MGTOW, the smart ones, already have an allegiance to a foreign country. They no longer have any loyalty to Murka anymore. I expect these guys to swarm in when the opportunity arises with foreign intervention, and cash in.

      • 1960’s Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ), a terrorist group in Quebec, Canada, who wanted to remain separate from the English speakers. They’ve killed many people, bombed various

        I’ve meant to awaken you to a few things about your Quebecois.

        WNs killed MLK, the Most Perfect-est Man in All of Humanity. SPs bombed OKC. Far, faaaaaaaaaar more stuff than quebbies…who…if you notice…haven’t done shit since 1960s. Thats 50 years bro. Half a century. In that way, they’re like the Black Panthers, lazy – but a bit smarter.

        All that extensive, real action and what do WNs have to show for it? Stormfront and Obama.

        Their past decades are extravaganzas of hockey, poutine and fucking French girls – like the panthers, who just switch hockey fo’ BassaBaw. Ever since Cananddnada got flooded with Murkan Oil Money they’ve stfu’d up totally and gotten fat. Think of the IRA.

        If you move all the way there “for freedom action!” you gonna be most disappointed.

      • True enough. If it didn’t work in the 60s, how could it work today? It’s a horrible thing to live during the wrong time period.

      • JS…

        You are not privy to the countervailing messages received in a LIFETIME of living in America…

        First, white imperialism is a dirty phrase WHILE foreign imperialism has self-evidently been occuring extensively for decades… A century?

        But it is the “nature” of the “white” self-annihilator to simultaneously both lament with the most extravagant of feigned outrage white imperialism AND play “sophisticatedly” ignorant to foreign imperialist invasion…

        The two biggest taboos are actually very straightforward…

        The unwillingness to self-identify as a white Supremacist AND the unwillingness to relentlessly identify the enemies of white Supremacy as self-annihilators.

        And both these bouts of “unwillingness” are rooted in the belief that white man is in no possession of a God-ordained free will. Ergo, he is “unwilling” in every “act” he “performs.”

  4. ***Remember, Murka has fallen. It is not “falling.” It is not ours anymore.
    We live in a Fallen State run by the FFL and MINO – by their lawyers. There is no free speech anymore; it doesn’t even deserve capitalization today.

    Truth. How to create a radical? The USG is expert at it. Take all opportunity away from a man and he will do one of two things. Sadly, in the case of the VAST majority of white males in the States, they generally seem to roll over and take it up the ass for more. The other outcome?

    This scene resonated with me even at the time as a very young man. “It is only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything.” There are very profound words being spoken that were lost on most people.

    Yes, they are coming for your guns. Yes, they will use the weakest of reasons for it requiring something as simple as a passing comment, a post on an internet forum, a text message, anything. Yes they will lie and fabricate to accomplish this. Yes, they will terrorize your family like Gestapo with no knock raids tearing your house to pieces. Yes, they will take what they want well beyond weapons and ruin your livelihood and good name. No, they don’ t care, and yes, WHITE people are the ones carrying out the actions.

    Never forget that last part. There is this pie in the sky horseshit that WN believe which is why I don’t soil myself with those 2 letters that when things get -really- bad, and we are moving more rapidly towards the endgame now, these guys will wake up. They won’t. Ever. They will gun you down in your bed, maybe your family too if they get lippy with them and will go have coffee afterwards.

    • Jay…

      The only real radical is the Supremacist in general and the white Supremacist in particular.

      ALL OTHERS are some sort of anti-Supremacist… Mostly anti-white Supremacist.

      The most dangerous white man is the one with the will to do all right. The most dangerous collective of white men is the one that desires Perfection.

      These ^^^ are the only conclusions to be drawn FROM YOUR OWN ANALYSIS of the liberated enemy in “white” face. There is no Civil War 2.0 that doesn’t explicitly invoke the inevitably of self-annihilation.

    • Millennials once stood a decent chance – perhaps they might have been the last chance for Murka.

      Ruefully, the vast majority did not “get” that scene – nor the movie. Far more didn’t even read the book, which was much darker yet explanatory.

      1995 is now…a long, long time ago…

      Tomorrow’s Grandsons… of Today’s Justin!™ http://wp.me/p2kmGE-2uw
      Fight Club Faggots http://wp.me/p2kmGE-gv

      • The object is to create ONLY two categories of RELEVANT players… The white Supremacist and the anti-white Supremacist…

        The beauty is that REALITY as engineered by the radical liberationists has necessitated the strict categorization…

        “We” must simply follow suit in the most REAL ways possible…

        This leaves each individual white man what amounts to a free reign. But the death knell is the desire for unboundedness and so his EACH AND EVERY ACT must carefully calculated and executed. To be an anti-white Supremacist is to carry no such burden…

        And so one can easily glean why the white mass embrace the latter ethos and reject the former.

        So Baby-boomers AS baby-boomers is as irrelevant as Millenials AS Millenials… It is only Baby-Boomer AS anti-white Supremacist and/or Millenial AS white Supremacist that possesses any relevance.

  5. “I agree. I like FP’s idea that the US becomes a Chinese colony. Seems realistic. And – those who resist would be opposed by the US military.”

    Mysteriously, Baltimore would become a safer place. And remember, there are no strays in Chinatown…

    • Ryu: All it takes is smooth flowing propaganda. An eloquent, convincing, good-looking person, unPC about anything can do the trick.

      • Interestingly, I’ve tossed this idea around. Before, it was not a way to go. But like that movie quote above, remove the barrier of needing to worry about employment, reputation, etc. and things change radically. (Literally)

        Stay tuned…

  6. Only hope for the future is human control software.
    Need a giant electronic library with all forbidden knowledge in simple steps, including how to machine rifle parts.
    Updated version of anarchist cookbook.

    • a giant electronic library with all forbidden knowledge in simple steps, including how to machine rifle parts.

      Once it was possible for one to presume (in our “free” country) that this knowledge would not need be separate from any other knowledge.

      Yet, as Redcoat Tyranny has long-returned to these shores, it – amazingly – seems necessary now.

    • The information is out there, Justin. Few are willing to use it.

      The problem is not technology. It’s people. Everyone, including myself, is being changed. Lower attention span in particular. Even the elites are affected.

      “The information age” was a premature prediction. One has to wade through piles of crap to pick up a single diamond.

      I have read one such update. The original was “Steal This Book.” Quite good.

      • Lower attention span and the lack of discipline to dig out the truth are the main problems. America’s Left is America’s Right. Libtards and Conservatards are all the same imbeciles to me.

      • They are the same. Probably anyone who works within the system is the same.

      • If one breaks down the Inter-net (internal web), it has two main functions:

        1. Profiling

        2. Information overload/psychological paralysis/total uncertainty/radical autonomy

        The game of “our” social engineer is predicting the radical autonomy of the masses AND ONLY the inter-net system can achieve this goal.

        Obviously, for those of “us” who wade through the inter-net seeking information valuable in helping “us” make our own profiles and predictions of radically autonomous masses. But this is a new special kind of skill that requires the very real task of mass info assimilation, junk info discard and bouts of info overload and psychological paralysis.

        The seemingly unimpeded rise of the various new right movement is very much due to both their fundamentally corrupt “first principle,” ie., anti-white Supremacy, AND their ability to create a virtual ruckus leading to the psychological paralysis of many, many white boys.

      • 2. Information overload/psychological paralysis/total uncertainty/radical autonomy

        Last week, I wrote an as-yet unpublished article addressing this issue.
        Well, not the ra part…

      • ^^^ Obviously, for those of “us” who wade through the inter-net seeking information valuable in helping “us” make our own profiles and predictions of radically autonomous masses, [the inter-net is a “Wild West” so-to-speak.]

      • Murka is officially dead. Further, the country has always been balkanized. It’s now even more fragmented than ever. When I was 15 years younger, there was a still some itching for integration and the need for common ground. Today, trying to finding common ground is as relevant as the Murkan dream.

        If I leave and tell people overseas about Murka, my answer is that it was a failed experiment and I’m very embarrassed as to what happened.

        I see 2 modes of living in Murka in the coming years, the remaining WNs types still trying hard to find their own hole away from the multiculturalism, and the rest of the population, mostly sheeples, either happy with the status quo or the resistant ones, but can’t resist. A few people can put an end to everything quickly, if they decide to become very destructive.

      • Power is he who moves the most men. With internet technology, ONE can become Multi-Man globally disseminating a single consciousness… Code… Future Plan.

        In many ways, “we” have come full circle and true power is only ever in the hands of one man at a time.

        If one’s words can resonate for 2000 years then we must believe this to be permanent information. That’s what many seek here… To create permanent information that moves white men for 2000 years into the future.

      • TD: Not to mention the average Murkan has no appreciation for knowledge. Just junk info, and the internet is basically a menu of FP’s 3Fs. Fussing, Feasting and Fucking at the tip of your fingertips in lightning speed.

        You have lazytards in NYC, who can’t move their ass for one street block to feed themselves. They need to order food through some phone AP, where a truckload of MINOS come knocking on their door with their stuff.

        Why should anyone have sympathy for these radical autonomists, who pleasure themselves to self-annihilation?

  7. If you move all the way there “for freedom action!” you gonna be most disappointed.

    However, there’s more breathing room up there than any Cosmo-Liberal-MINO Hand&Glove Land down here.

    I’d agree, White Millennials everywhere have not embraced WN and developed a healthy sense of racism. More harm from Miggas is needed for them to rile up and fight back.

    • “breathing room” is what makes The Peepul relent.

      Have another cupcake, skip those Bench Presses – and that 3k morning run.
      Breathin’ Room is the cause of more death than cigarettes.

      Think of Greece, the cradle of all Anglospheria – the mother of us all. The place that is the mother of what was once called The West.

      They had Golden Dawn. They wanted pandering. The got The Pander Bear Tsipras. They voted him in, like what, 3 months ago?
      And now…The Greak Peepul want him impeached.

      Fuck the West. Fuck the Titanic

    • FP: My purpose to be in Quebecois territory is not that. It’s a temporary stasis where I have inhibition to do the things I need to do, which is namely, a starting point to a Murka with fallen MINOs.

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