Reader Mail: Virtue in War

by Firepower

Loyal Reader Benito Fussy-lini asks a cogent question:

“This is kind of a complicated question: the average white European/American is in general, outgoing and friendly and trusting, which of course is being used against us. Yet also, liberals are also friendly and trusting; obviously liberalism is tearing the country apart, but certainly the trusting aspect is not a ‘bad’ thing, so much as a maladaption at this point?”

First, understand a vast discrepancy exists of friendly and trusting exists between Liberal nazism’s practice versus our side’s.

Secondly, Liberalism is a white euro invention. Combined, they shed a light on the PUA concept of “white knighting.”

We practice it as a matter of honor – to recruit others by ….….displaying our fairness and equitable nature.
LNs are the most vicious party in history. They are friendly to others only after they have surrendered and submit totally to their ideology. That is a winning strategy of victors. It is easy, for they are dominant and control all apparatus of True Power. That others call it “friendly” shows proof that The Big Lie works, if repeated enough.

The maladaptive issue you notice springs from the uniqueness of Murka’s wealth: It is easy to “be nice” and buy hugs with goodies when you force others to pay for them at the point of an IRS Gun: That’s not so very friendly

To be friendly and trusting while you are a hunted outsider simply to gain allies is like being The New Kid at gradeschool trying to make pals by giving away your lunch. It is strategy delivered from a position of weakness – and TOTE senses this – and naturally, wisely, eradicates it. That is the part which you of course see being used against us.

Honor is a quaint and very dangerous notion when a Partisan in a knife fight.
Loyalty Tests must be administered before serious consequences arise.

19 Comments to “Reader Mail: Virtue in War”

  1. It’s interesting to note that the neocons were thrashed for what looks with 20/20 hindsight the most truthful of claims… “We” are hated for our “freedoms” and “we” possess the right of preemptive strike.

    In other words, if the enemy is killing *you* softly, preemption is the virtue of war.

    Dylann Roof showed “us” the legitimacy of the preemptive strike that the neocons established and the super-majority of WN/alt-riters/NS OPPOSED…

    • Well, “rights” don’t come from man. They are either taken, or given from God.

      It’s just something we do to impress other people. It’s not necessary to justify our actions if we are strong enough. I can’t recall ever seeing the Muzz justify their actions to outsiders.

      • Ryu…

        You are missing the point…

        When the radically autonomous neocons were arguing for the right of America to preemptive strike, the SUPPOSEDLY “white supremacist” “hard right” were arguing against the neocons… Essentially, arguing against the right of preemptive strike… Arguing against the right of Dylann Roof… Arguing a hatred for jewhites that is greater than than the love for the principle of preemptive strike. For “preemptive strike” is AXIOMATIC to both wS and RA AND NOT BECAUSE they share an even deeper underlying connection, but because both recognize an opposing evil enemy.

  2. Good observation, FP.

    Many WNs practice suplication themselves. You’ve seen those disclaimers “…we do not advocate for violence or revolution. Only discussion. We pledge to turn in anyone who plans or discusses violence.”

    It comes from a position of weakness, of trying to prove their loyalty to the USG. And I maintain that a simple majority of WN are indeed still loyal.

    • “…we do not advocate for violence or revolution. Only discussion. We pledge to turn in anyone who plans or discusses violence.”

      Remember, Murka has fallen. It is not “falling.” It is not ours anymore. WE are the enemy surrounded by powerful evil that will persecute us by any means necessary: Simply look to Lois Loina’s IRS’g the TParty bunghole with a telescope – and see who got the shitty end of the stick.

      Words cautiously used can be your out. Words used by Revolutionaries like Jefferson & Henry stick in the LN’s craw because they are accepted – for now. Disclaimers that violence and revolution are not universally needed, are dependent on how used. Pledging to turn in anyone who plans or discusses violence is overkill subservience. Walking this line has (ridiculously) become a fine art. It will get worse.

      Note a recent upcoming article of yours: I had to edit it a bit. It’s the first time. See if you can see the subtle changes made transforming it to “acceptable” – immune from persecution.

      We live in a Fallen State run by the FFL and MINO – by their lawyers. There is no free speech anymore; it doesn’t even deserve capitalization today.

      Thus, when in Rome, do as the Romans do. Research the latest travesty of LN fascism done to Reason Magazine.

      • Thanks! You’ve got my back. As we push further and further, I could use backup.

        I want to hold back on the most recent one, and pub the TTD one. I have to use the term in the future.

        [ed note: yw – “4th of july/us revolutiony stuff” has topical precedence until nxt weekend]

      • Thanks! You’ve got my back. As we push further and further, I could use backup.

        It happened that yours coincided with mine up today. Note the tenor of the words in it.

      • FP, could you check your email at your convenience?

      • Thus, when in Rome, do as the Romans do

        This is for Ryu:

        Find me any Murkan protestors, especially the GenBrandons that we’ve seen, who are good as these guys. There aren’t any, despite Eurots not effectively staving off their degenerate elites. If Eurots failed, then Mukans are beyond salvation.

        Now look at our pansies and imbeciles, not to mention coloreds:

        Taking a shit is the best we could do!

      • Clever. I often wondered why American protesters don’t have their own shield and helmets. It seems like in Murka, protesters always get carried out in stretchers. It’s like begging for a beating without giving one in return.

        If I led a protest, we’d have our own overwatch, cellphone and radio blockers, command center, and tear gas. And then while many of the pigs are doing that, we’d put in a few high priority calls to stretch out pig resources. That would leave the good stuff unguarded.

        To me, the purpose of a rally is not to “raise public awareness” or any of that. It is to divert and consume system resources, so that closed targets open up.

      • Despite Uncle Beast having a soft belly, no one is making the moves to pop it. All it takes are a bunch of shock jocks, and the nation will drop their popcorn and look with surprise.

        [ed note: i told ya: murka is The BIG Mall. there’s too much shit to buy, eat and fuck for anybody to act]

  3. FP: Not to derail your discussion further. You must understand that LNs are all about busing colored undesirables with the White middle class. And now that these scumbags are in full force, their colored minions would expect more equality measures at the expense of those who aren’t the elusive 1%.

    • It really has no contextual meaning to the rest of non-skyscraper Murka if 200 coloreds live next to you – if your residence is 100 stories literally ‘above it all’ and your limo parks in an armored parking garage down 3 sub-basements and your $8300 shoes never touch that street.

      • You do understand NYC is a rotting shithole. Yes, the 1% live in their fortresses of skyscraper Manhattan.

        However, the delusional rich who think they are immune to the problems of the poor and the MINOs are just that. Wealthy Roman emperors eventually succumbed to their barbarian invaders!

  4. Was just on Reddit, the Brandons and Justins are bleating their approval of the population replacement process like good Marxists. The helicopter parents oversaw their indoctrination well.

    • GENs Brandon and Justin are identified by how easily they swallow hypocrisy of only the PC Variant.

      Lyin’ Brian Williams is not fired for being the newsman who’s also a Clintonian liar.
      “Rev” Al Sharpton keeps his show after calling for all whites to be killed.

      …But The Donald is fired for saying illegal Miggers “should be” deported.

      The question now becomes: Should the gen protecting such a world
      be given your life as sacrifice to save them?

  5. I’m nearly posistive I asked this question before too

  6. Reblogged this on eradica2015 and commented:
    tell lawrence o’donnell washington’s toughest conservatives say so.

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