Reader Mail: Non-Active “Activism”

by Firepower

Raaaaaaaabi Shelley Cohenbergsteingold asks: “Just how can the majority of the population be unaware of the ongoing “silent war” against us?!?”

MANHATTAN Quality Poon

Good question: A wise man once said “all analogies are false”… but analogies are helpful tools.

There’s little left to do if whites have not awakened and choose to sleep, going down without a fight.

First (in chronological order) are the stages of awakening from:

  1. newspaper accounts of local colored crime incursions,
  2. Rush L.
  3. FOX News growing tumescent from Xlinton’s Impeachment coverage
  4. Blogging (a waste)
  5. …and now SuperEXTREEM Twitter!

…All that stuff got us was two terms of Our Historic Black President…

If the end result of such effort is TOTE* victory, well, I got some bad news fer ya.

All War has spies, but action is still carried out by conventional forces to project force and harm upon the enemy.  The response to information gleaned from espionage is lessened because capabilities for counterattack are diminished by the damage inflicted. Japs spied on the USA. Germans had extensive spy networks in London and DC. The biggest Russian spy from WW2 to the Cold War was….….. Kim Philby – LIUFY. The real war still carries on. Action is still taken with regards to spies; it is not an excuse for non-action. It is not the main response to attack.  America’s response to Pearl Harbor was to attack Tokyo and the Coral Sea – not send “diplomats” to the Tokyo embassy to see who Hirohito was fucking.  After we broke the Imperial Japanese Navy at Midway, no secrets Jap spies ever dug up on us mattered if their weapons and “force projection” were crippled.

Murka and The West anglosphere flung open wide their treasuries to waves of jabbering Muzz speaking sandnigger with zero accent, yet there are no similar enemy western spies or infiltrators among ISIS; they appeared as a “total surprise” to dundering Western nations.

The LN* targets WN groups for infiltration more than it does ISIS/AQ. It’s PC – and they may even fear WN more – but it is more likely a combination of both.

I agree “hope is not lost” but the slow progress means you, personally, will never see The Victory. Nor will the millions, who think as we, replaced in the future by the thoughtless generations of today.

If you believe they are greater than we, and will produce results, it must be comforting.

*see glossary

41 Responses to “Reader Mail: Non-Active “Activism””

  1. What is more “free?” A sheep that knows of his inevitable slaughter or that sheep who is inexplicably unaware? You protest, “but no sheep can be blissfully unaware of the slaughter all around him!” On the contrary, he merely “sees” black sheep (“white supremacists”) getting the treatment and never sees any wolves (niggers). And he is neither black sheep nor wolf. The masses desire radical autonomy. They simply cannot imagine being a real black sheep as they have helped the “other” play out that very “black sheep” narrative against us white wolves.

  2. Read an article yesterday where it said right wing terrostists have killed more humans in the US than the Muzzies. Our side is just disloyal to our direct action guys because as you have said FP people dont want to get thier hands dirty.

    • The left (LNs) is furious over every recent incident featuring their side doing the mayhem: Ferguson, Baltimo’, Polarbearing, Bundy Ranch – Daron Dylon Wint.

      So, the LN is starving for another White Tim McV to come along and use as a scapegoat/whipping boy…especially in an upcoming Presidential election cycle…

      It appears this predictable Liberal Media backlash campaign will again force whimpy whities to bow down to the MMM. It’s just the way it is. The LN is literally playing “capture the flag” with the Confederate banner; it is purely a symbolic trophy but that still means a great deal to a Party obsessed with emotion.

      As I’ve stated long ago: The LN/MMM will fight like demons to retain power. They will stop at nothing. They will not cower in fear even if 1 Million goosestepping TPNs march in DC; they will respond with every weapon UncleBEAST owns in the MMM arsenal.

      Whomever is the supplicant is the slave.

    • I believe it. And it is good. There is a very keen relationship between the best of the US military, serial killers, and DAAs. They are all white males.

    • Take one thing from TD: a white supremacist sets his own mark, and does not need to answer to others. Don’t allow America’s degeneration to affect you. We answer to a higher power. God’s laws are higher than the laws of man.

  3. Silent war against the Shekelstien’s? Is this just the usual incessant whining or are the US tax payers getting wise to their generous subsidies?
    Genuine question.

    • Maybe you micks
      could dust off all those unused
      IRA guns
      and make Belfast and Dublin
      white again.

      You slaughtered your own white britti-brothers for slaughtering you
      Yet neither of you now dare glare
      at a colored beheading a lil’ drummaboi
      and a-rapin’ schools full of hot little pre-pubescent girls in uniform.

      If you think the USA – and much less, Murka – has the capacity to save europe from itself again
      You ain’t been payin attention.

      America is a colored nation now.
      It doesn’t give a squirt of shit about anything but dead colored preachers, racist white freaks, the Confedflag and giving citizenship to Migger relatives.

      • You left out a Statue of Jefferson – had nigger slaves dontchano.

        But yeah its true we have had problems, of late, integrating rich foreign cultures into our own. Our EU rulers are bringing over shiploads of niggers from Africa to help with the process, so that should sort out the difficulties.

        But the kikes? I know you goys gotta a soft spot for them, is this relationship not what it used to be?

      • But yeah its true we have had problems, of late

        ALL western nations have problems of late – colored problems they brought upon themselves.
        This anglosphere may perhaps have reached its end.

        Imploding by its own suicidal hand is actually worse than being conquered by a hated enemy.

        The jew eagerly latched on early to America for its religious freedoms; it’s lack of religious wars.

        Capitalism also provided them with the irresistible scent of their beloved money. That’s two.

        By ww2 they were already well-established here with Wall St. and Hollywood and were able to grease the wheels of evil WASP politicians of DC. Now, they’ve got Marilyn Monroes to jizz on.

        All these still remain true today. Murka is jew paradise. They run it – own it. Now THEY don’t need to bribe DC fatcats because the jew is only 3% of Murka but approx 27% of politicians now. Just like how you Irish took over NYC in the latter 19th Century.

        Now, only Murka and Israel hold the majority of this vermin.

      • FP, what do you make of the USG and their fear of domestic ISIS recruiting? They “seem” worried, though like WN, they cannot form groups in any numbers. The most successful ops are still one man with a gun.

      • first, I’m suspicious of all yahoo articles. It’s run by a feminist and jew. Not the most patriotic of flagwavers cheering for Team FoundingFathers…

        Second, dillennials will produce nothing; they are a void – a vacuum.

        However, this inherent vacuum will be their one characteristic producing results: the NEXTgen raised by dillennials (in a stew of neglectful incompetence) will be no better than animals storming The Bastille.

        All Vibrant Colours of Diversity Hue Rainbow Wonders shall be as Baltimo’ Chimps – burning shit just to see it burn.

        USG fears more its own recruiting shortage of Ooh-Rah Jordie Cannonfodder triggermen, so it lies to itself that Future Coloreds will make great substitute fighter aces and naval admirals, keeping ChiComs etc. at bay.

        Like VRW, “imagining positive thinking!” of goosestepping down Mainstreet DC will not work for them, either.

        USG ponders these more – but never worries – for thousands of instances of this incompetence has brought them no harm:

      • Even the USG knows history is cyclical.

        The incompetence doesn’t last forever. Rome today isn’t as good as it was during it’s peak – but it’s better than it was during the decline. Similar with Greece – far from the peak, but functional. London is still in the decline.

      • FP: We have been discussing the Anglo Sphere on LoftB about its “prole” realm for ages. It’s already a dead corpse. Limey Land and Murka are gone for good. 15 years ago, when I was a very young man, I had a hunch of Murka’s inferiority, just because of the Jew parasite.

      • FP: We have been discussing the Anglo Sphere on LoftB about

        And still it progresses – even though our intelligentsia are aware.

        The west is Feudal again.
        The lowest people subsist and are persecuted for being members of a “seditious” sect ala TParty or Silk Road…

        …and the Elite live in absolute luxury above these laws.

        It is the oxymoron of non active activism.

      • FP, I have the Eradica question of the day:

        What makes us so special? Why did we, of everyone, pass through TDO and JAN when so many have failed?

        It’s very queer. I’m not a snowflake of specialness. Virtually all of WN is stuck in TDO. Are they abnormal, or we?

      • I have the Eradica question of the day:

        What makes us so special? Why did we, of everyone, pass through TDO and JAN when so many have failed?

        We looked at the fragmented world of oppressed mrms and saw new things in that cracked mirror =>

        We asked the simple question: Why are we outraged. We know things are wrong – but what is going wrong and why does it continue and even grow worse.

        Why have 30 years of Rush gotten us nothing but 2-terms of Our Historic BLACC President.

      • FP: We have been discussing the Anglo Sphere on LoftB about its “prole” realm for ages. It’s already a dead corpse

        Why White Nationalism Will Fail

      • TD is correct.

        Unsuspecting Whites need to be backed to a corner, before anything happens. WNs can just get away from the mess at the moment. Autonomy without segregation is eradication.

      • LNs are dangerous because they “think” they speak for all of us. They do not. They’ve silence the opposition through their American police state.

        There are only two alternatives for whites: slavery, or criminality. I predict all system whites, including rich white liberals, will become slaves. They have to – the LN ranking order places minos ABOVE whites, even rich ones.

        Can you picture their last moments? As the minos cannibalize their posessions and money, they realize that it couldn’t buy safety. You cannot “buy” safety from anyone. It’s a tribute they pay to avoid trouble. But as Machiavelli said, wars should only be avoided to one’s gain.

  4. I don’t feel the pessimism, FP, though I recognize all the same facts. I don’t do wn for others.

    I see a lot of weakness in the US. Particularly, that NY manhunt. Billion dollar budgets, thousands of men, IR, UAVs, NVGs, and a full police state – they still can’t find them.

    In the woods, there are:
    wild turkeys
    bogs and marshes

    Obviously they send in white cops, not minos or women. I can’t imagine a system white enjoying being bitten, chased, hot, with wet shoes/socks. The quality is not there.

    Those 5 man fire teams they send in wearing 60 lbs of kit must make an unholy racket. Must leave a lot of poop too. There’s no way they’ll catch them that way. I bet that those two cons will beat Frein’s 2 months.

    WN is all that remains of what the white race was. And few wns are serious. But that’s no reason to despair. TD’s philosophy shows the answer. We’ll just have to do what the last of the Greeks and Romans did.

    • It’s not despair.
      It is pragmatism.

      Hitler never “despaired” either, even after Stalingrad.
      …So that, makes him a fool.

      All your other words I mostly agree with.

      Research The Definitive Guide To The Mob to get a glimpse of motivation and structure.
      It’s excellent.

      • “Our” real beef is not with those despaired “whites” desirous of Final Liberation, but with that high IQ cabal of Jewhites WHO PREVENT AND THUS PERPETUATE the self-annihilating “other.” The “crime” of white Supremacy is separation = segregation = total black self-annihilation.

    • Right now, all a white man can do is be wS in spirit, heart and mind… But he must also absolutely be the savviest RA on the street. That, or it’s some sort of mountainous monastic life… A basic retreat.

      • The symbology is manifesting in real time…

        wS –> ➰<– S^^…

        The race to the Singularity is actually between a very small clique of high IQ "whites"/Jews/other AND the genuine white Supremacist…

      • I don’t understand “the singularity” in the way you refer to it, TD.

        Technologists refer to it as a point, when technology is able to create more technology without human intervention. What do you mean? Make it so simple a 6 year old can understand.

      • Ryu…

        There are essentially three competing conceptions of a Singularity with the original “black hole” physically debunked, the Kurzweil procedural “singularity” that defies logic and prediction and the forbidden Singularity defined as Perfection and inherently non-duplicating thus providing solution to General Entropy and “infinite regress” for each man willing to strive towards objective Supremacy.

        So, the zero volume/infinite mass “black hole” conceptualized as an invisible “point” has been debunked. The current claim is the reality of The Redundant Phenomenon. There is no “nothing.” ALL space is filled with matter/energy that fundamentally reduces to replicating PROCEDURE… The recurrence of the exact same original phenomenon is our fundamental reality. When “seen” in this manner as a world without singularities then one understands what the theoretical physicist means when he posits quantum foam and the multiverse. These are the REDUNDANT backdrops that ultimately define reality.

        BUT WHEN *you* LOOK AT “them…”

        You see “nothing.” You see a black hole. A black hole “singularity” is an oxymoron and it has died.

        A singularity IS NOT PROCEDURAL OR comprised of redundant phenomenon.

        A singularity is a unique, one time phenomenon… Never duplicated… Never exactly replicated. Not redundant IN ANY MANNER…

        A miracle, a revelation, A CONCEPTION, a resurrection, an ascent… The Perfect Man… A DESCENT… Satan… These are all examples of singularities as ORIGINATING in The Singularity…

        So the “race” is complex because the definition of The Singularity is still being debated… But a race to Perfection strikes exactly the right chord and puts to rest any notion that a singularity is merely redundant phenomenon. Those who reject The Singularity, reject all subsequent singularities and thus attempt to CONFINE us all to a reality of The Redundant Phenomenon. A real ground hog’s day!!!

        [ed note: you do realize, that this comment – on a post called “Non-Active “Activism” – is the same as handing out Dr. Horace’s GREAT Alchemy Machine! blueprints to a Thomas Jefferson…]

      • So…you believe in THe singularity, one of them. THe first one. That’s it.

      • Lol…

        You do realize that non-active “activism” is right in line with “black hole” singularity.

        But perhaps we both agree that Roof was/is a real singularity whether for ultimate good or ill. And of course, those in the media will attempt to spin him into something quite common and just bubbling under the surface in every white male. In other words, they are summoning to reality his replication. They want to diminish and dissolve his catalystic act into an ordinary, redundant phenomenon. THEY are ULTIMATELY desirous of MORE Dylann Storm Roofs… Essentially coming out of “nowhere,” but entirely foreseeable.

      • …non-active “activism” is a literary trick of contradiction like the phrase “military intelligence” and “limited war” and meant to be as equally absurd. An oxymoron.

      • Ryu…

        I believe that singular, one-time phenomenon occur throughout what “appears” to be a recurring instance of The Redundant Phenomenon…

        The modern scientist DOES NOT BELIEVE in the existence of “things” not measureable and predictable, ie, singularities. Singularities, being NONREDUNDANT PHENOMENON, do not exist to the modern scientist AND SO Kurzweil’s “singularity” becomes an unpredictable “procedure.” A series of phenomena with no foreseeable outcome. This is his attempt to mend the schism and take a “soup” of redundant phenomena and some how forge a singularity.

      • FP…

        Yes… I understand the absurdity of a nonactive “activist” and a “black hole” singularity… But… ONLY as a genuine white Supremacist AND NOT as a radical autonomist. As a radical autonomist, those “things” are not absurd at all. “They” are real!!! *You* and I just helped give those “things” existence. “We” are that deep, my friend.

  5. Now THEY don’t need to bribe DC fatcats because the jew is only 3% of Murka but approx 27% of politicians now.

    Which goes back to my theory that LNs are more of a problem than Jews, because they allow the vermin to fester.

  6. As a commenter at isteve pointed out, the boss of the mightiest empire in the known universe can say nigger because he is an oppressed minority, but a floor polisher at Walmart would be fired for abusing his white privilege.

    • Niggas are losers, spoiled kids. I say bring it own. Let these animals piss Whites even more, and we’ll seeing chaos in this country.

      I already knew Obomba as president means Murka with heightened racial tensions. That’s how blacks operate, and only stupid Whites refuse to see this.

      Either segregation or eradication.

      • Now you’re coming around, JS. Let the liberals and non-WNs get beat down by their pets. They want it, they got it.

        Just watch your 6. Remember: Around blacks, never relax. And the boys in blue, work for the jew.

      • Further, it goes to show how this nation has become pure buffoonery. Nigga pandering at its finest. blacks are boring, unambitious, lazy, with a host of other undesirable traits that one can circle jerk for hours.

    • Orwell noted this long ago in Animal Farm: Some pigs are more equal than others…

      Liberal Nazism

  7. She’s as much of a Raaaaaaaaaaabi as I am a Christie Brinkley.

    Shes one of those “Jews” in the book of Revelation who says she is a Jew but is not.

  8. Here is this, for some cheap laughs and thrills:

    Murkan dumb downed dissonance. Hollywood can’t get better than this!


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